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Monday, February 13, 2006

Kevin Warsh a man for the Fed with a fascinating family

President George W. Bush has nominated a bright 35 year old white, White House aide and Republican , Kevin Warsh to the Federal Reserve (Average age of these wise men =58).


The nominee graduated from Stanford University and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995 and spent the late 1990s working on mergers and acquisitions for Morgan Stanley in New York, where he provided financial advice to technology companies.

Warsh gave $1,000 to Bush's 2000 election campaign and $1,000 to his 2004 re-election bid.

Warsh is married to Jane Lauder, a granddaughter of cosmetics pioneer Estee Lauder; Jane Lauder's father, Ronald Lauder, was U.S. ambassador to Austria under Reagan and has donated $104,000 to the Republican National Committee since the 2000 election campaign, according to records compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, a research group in Washington.

Warsh was hired by the White House in 2002 and began work immediately on Sarbanes-Oxley, the corporate-governance law that placed new restrictions on companies after scandals at Enron Corp. and WorldCom Inc. He has also served as the White House liaison to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, the Banking Committee chairman, said in an interview with Bloomberg that he expects an easy confirmation.

``He's very smart,'' he said. ``He'll sail through.''

Pic shows Warsh and his pretty heiress wife socilising in Washington at a party in company of Jeff Bezos, Morgan Fairchild, Candace Bergen, Ben Affleck and the exotically named Prince Wenceslas of Leichtenstein.

Kevin's father in law is a mighty influential guy ..."He is the former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, President of the Jewish National Fund, and Treasurer of the World Jewish Congress. He is a trustee or member of the board of: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Anti-Defamation League Foundation, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and the Abraham Fund. He is a member of the International Society for Yad Vashem and the International Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum. As Chairman of the Jewish Heritage Program of the World Monuments Fund, he is involved in stimulating the restoration of landmark synagogues across the globe." says his Foundation at their website

Informative post here at Forward about how Ronald Lauder has conflicting views on ownership of Holocaust art ... he is himself a major collector and has many items by Schiele. The first of which he bought with money from hus bar-mitsvah.

George Patakis's wife (Governer of New York) has been on Ronald Lauder's payroll since her husband was elected in 1995. Ronald Lauder was of course a major source of funds for his election.

As Chairman of New York Governor George Pataki's Commission on Privatization, Ronald Lauder is the key individual who pushed the privatization of the WTC and former Stewart AFB, where the flight paths of the two planes that hit the twin towers oddly converged.More

Ronald Lauder is known (along with Las vegas casino owner Steve Wynn) as a financial supporter of Ariel Sharon and Bloomberg (Jan 4 2006) has a story about developments in the corruption scandal raging over his inert body about Austrian brothers James and Martin Schliff's role in sending $3MN to Sharon's son.

Ronald Lauder also owns Central European Media Enterprises, and its partners operate 10 stations in six countries.He has intersting views he expressed at the Wharton Business School recently which you can see here.

Those interested might like to follow leads on the Inter Disciplinary Centre (IDC) in Herzlyia, Israel, (allegedly closely tied to the Mossad. The IDC has a "research institute" headed by Shabtai Shavit, former head of the Mossad from 1989 to 1996, called the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism.

The IDC also has a "Marc Rich Center for the Study of Commodities, Trading and Financial Markets" and a "Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy." founded by Ronald Lauder. Marc Rich was of course famously pardoned by President Clinton in his leaving pardons.

Interesting family background for a Fed Board Member.


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Looks like a nice path to be the next Republican U.S. Senator from New York.

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