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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Friday, November 24, 2006

Matrioshka - The Russian enigma, a riddle inside a mystery

Element 84 , Polonium was discovered by Maria and Pierre Skłodowska-Curie in 1898 . It was named after Poland which was then no longer a Commonealth and under the domination of Austria and Russia. They hoped that naming this newly discovered element would identify the plight of their homeland.

It appears that the radioactive isotope Polonium -210 killed ex (?) FSB spy Alexander Litvinenko who was (allegedly) sent to London , to kill Jewish oligarch Boris Berezofsky, he died a British citizen.

BB has been provided with a safe haven in the UK - the the FO he is of course known as Platon Elenin ("Platon" being Russian for Plato, and Elena , his beautiful wife's name) a name he adopted legally in 2003. He has business connections with Neil Mallon Bush, Dubya's younger brother (Silverado S and L scandal). In the Torygraph BB accused Putin of poisoning (and now killing) Litvinenko.

Litvinenko entered hospital on November 1st and it is only in the last few days that there has been much fevered and highly inaccurate publicity and information about, how he was poisoned and what with. Polonium is reported to have been found in his urine and alfa radiation detected at his Muswell Hill home, a central London sushi bar where he ate shortly before falling ill, and a hotel where he had met two Russians that morning. It appears a clumsy way to kill someone - especially with the Russian state's track record of violently rubbing out opponents.

Mr Litvinenko's numerous media savvy supporters have made claims that he was killed because he was investigating the murder in Moscow last month of journalist and fellow Putin critic Anna Politkovskaya. They say that he was "about to come into possession" of documents proving that Putin had ordered the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, but such doucments remain undiscovered.

The role of Boris Berezovsky, in the Beslan massacre has never been made clear - but there is a growing belief that Litvinenko's silence was sought my people other than Putin and the shadowy SVR, Russia's foreign intelligence service. Litvinenko of course published a book claiming the bombing of apartment blocks in Moscow were the work of the FSB (whose agents were found laying the hexagen explosives but escaped) and a false flag operation to justify the final assault by Russia on the Chechens. As if.

Putin at the Finland Station

President Putin, currently in Finland has brushed off the claims that he is behind Litvinenko death -on the curious grounds that because it was not a "violent death". He is in Helsinki to discuss a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, a fundamental text defining trade and other relations between the EU and Russia to replace an existing agreement that soon expires. The EU takes more than 50% of Russia's exports and gets 25% (and rapidly rising) of its natural gas from Russia. Negotiations can only start after EU provides a united front which Poland won't agree as Russia has banned their meat exports. It is in Russia's interest to evade the need to make an agreement jointly with the EU on energy sales - picking off each nation individually.

Remember what Putin told the 2003 EU summit in Rome "Only by acting together can Russia and the enlarging European Union direct the process of the formation of a new world order, common values and interests."

"How weightily the voice of Europe will sound in world politics, economy and trade, in security matters depends on coordination of action," Putin said.

Poland - Polonium ? Someone trying to say something ?

See "KGB Back at Power: The Spies' Coup in Russia" ...."ex-KGB men took an appreciable place in the Russian economy. Up to the middle of the Nineties there almost did not remain any the large company where there would be no former employees of the KGB in the management."

Lord Patel posted on Wednesday, June 7 2006 Putin's siloviki consolidating ....

Lord Patel also previously posted Thursday, February 16 Putin's team consolidates
"Marx's pamphlet the "Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" demonstrates how the class struggle in France forced Napoleon to create himself as head of a state run by the security organs and the bureaucracy. "Bonapartism" has been used to describe a government that forms when a military, police, and state bureaucracy intervenes to establish order.

Putin is forming a Board of Directors composed of friends and KGB ex work colleagues, who set the agenda for Russian energy policy and in fact control the country's vast energy resources.

Their influence should not be underestimated."
Litvinenko's death co-incides neatly with the final putsch on the demise of Ichkeria. See previous and recent posts.

Is Putin's rendezvous with destiny unfolding ? (No. Ed.)

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