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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lord Stevens - a busy, busy, busy ex - "top" cop - making crime pay

My fellow Lord, Stevens of Whelpington, provided a remarkable, and it would appear accurate, detailed insight into the mind of the (what the News of the World was quick to christen) - The Suffolk Strangler.

In his article in Rupe's choice murder rag , Stevens, calling on his years of experience as " the country's top cop" says he, lives just half a mile from where he killed his first victim.

His home is probably within a mile of where he dumped her body too. He still lives there and has a carefully chosen bolthole, a "killing room" where he takes his victims to kill and keep at his pleasure.

He's a clean, relatively smartly dressed man in his 30s with a job and a good IQ, quite well thought of by those who know him, quite possibly married and he drives a presentable car or van .....

People who, behind an amiable facade, are concealing the deadliest rage and hatred — and it usually has little to do with sexual desire, and everything to do with finally asserting control over what they perceive as women humiliating them.

Which on the basis of progress so far looks remarkably prophetic - let's hope that he and the Suffolk police have resolved this truly awful case, and we can all go back to concealing and / or ignoring, the dreadful business of heroin crazed young girls, massage parlours, indifferent policing, pimps and "red light" districts strewn with worthless networks of CCTV cameras and their underpaid, vacuous guardians and operators.

Now having comprehensively debunked the theories of regal assassination last week, and identifying the Suffolk Strangler, my Lord and his team, have turned their attention to the far more important matter of the Football Association and the question of "agent's" bungs.

Quest, ***(website) "The Professional Intelligence Company" , Lord Stevens of Whelpington's corporate enquiry outfit, has examined ( at a modest cost of £750K) nearly 400 trasnfers under FA rules. No names, or deals will be identified but simply a list of recommendations on how the regulation of transfers can be improved to prevent bribery and corruption by cashmere coated, cigar chomping, players "agents".

The Premier League will claim sancta simplicissimus and My Lord will beg for more time and money, (if his Lady Di enquiry is anything to go on) and claim more boodle than most dodgy deals yield.

The FA's chief executive Brian Barwick was quick to get their defence in first yesterday and declared in jaw jutting style, the governing body's determination to get tough ... er ... in future.

"What I would like to say is that I have great confidence in our own compliance unit. We are putting more people and more investment into it in 2007 and this is a compliance unit that occasionally comes under the focus and under the spotlight and comes in for some undeserved criticism.

"Next year we will introduce new agents' regulations, new doping regulations, and our fast-track disciplinary and fit and proper person's tests seem to be working out very well.

"So we will take great interest in the Lord Stevens inquiry. We have helped with it, and if there's any help needed going forward we will be part of that as well. We not only have the people, we are going to get more people."

Which was said to a chorus of stable doors being banged shut by the assembled Premiership Chairmen.

***Quest has an interesting share structure - latest accounts show My Lord Stevens has just 1,389 shares. Slim, lissome, sporting girl, director of communications, Louise Solomon, has 16,663, Sir Harry Solomon, ex Hillsdown Holdings has13,647 shares and MD Nigel Layton, has 14,680.

Many will remember Lord Stevens retired from the Met in January 2005 and 3 months later joined the board of LGC Holdings "the UK's leading independent provider of analytical and diagnostic services, LGC offers chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, DNA testing and genetic screening, research, method validation, consultancy and analytical outsourcing.


Anonymous said...

You may be delighted to read on their news section that "Quest appoints former Mossad Chief

Quest is delighted to announce that the eminent former head of the Mossad, and respected diplomat, Efraim Halevy, has joined our Advisory Board.

Please click here for more information:
". There is a word doc to download if anyone is interesed.

ziz said...

This had passed by Lord Patel's extensive (and may we say, highly paid) research staff. Despite the enjoyable seasonal season heads are going to roll.

It is interesting to note that his appointment (15th March 2005) pre -dates the 7/7 bombings when he was able with such speed to announce to the readers of the Jerusalem Times that the bombing was highly skilled, synchronised etc ... and predict the start of WW III.

No doubt ex Commander Stevens had informal access to information on the "old boys" which might possibly have helped Lord levy's old school chum to pen such an article.

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