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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tony Blair exposes himself to Dubai female students

Evidently our Dear Leader has lost even the last tenuous grasp on reality that he held. prior to his drive by, tour d'horizon of the Middle East this week ..... which it appears he might well have been confusing with Middle Earth.

He addressed the amused and oft bemused ladies of Zayed University in Dubai on his first official trip to the UAE . The Dear Leader was totally non - plussed when asked by one of these smart young ladies a very smart young question.... "was the West was planning yet another partition of Iraq along the lines of the Sykes Picot agreement."

The question had to be repeated and he still failed to understand the proposition or even begin to provide an answer.

Revealing the profound depth his ignorance of the region, it's history and the scars caused by the British Empire.

Perhaps it is as well no-one asked him about the way "Bomber" Harris perfected his aerial bombing techniques of civilians in Iraq - gas, delayed action fuses, incendaries to rip of the roofs followed by HE to kill the occupants etc.,

He was anxious to praise the commercial acheivements of Dubai - presumably refraining from the topic of UK VAT carousel fraud which saw UK "exports" to Dubai double in two months earlier this year whilst the Treasury leaks £400Mn a month (the cost of Afghanistan and Iraq combined) to fraudsters aided by the Dubai laissez faire attitude to international trade - see Lord Patel's postings ad nauseam.

Hey ... but it was a good photo opportunity - pretty girls, coloured girls, headscarves, Muslims, young, atractive, healthy, smiling girls, young ones, presses all the buttons ... er .. Mr Tony these pretty, smart young girls will never be able to vote.

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Anonymous said...

Once heard Douglas Hurd give a presentation to students about his then foreign policy. The students at the time, were expecting similar of Mr Hurd: not a bit of it. The audience was irritated and exasperated at his breadth and depth of knowledge of history. (Note, they were not charitable enough to be impressed).

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