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Monday, February 05, 2007

SPOOF Alert - Exposed PLOD fantasy site - Amazing Pictures !!

Spoof sites abound on the web, from honey pots for paedophiles and dissidents run by Gubments to "phishing" by the corrupt and greedy - all left as bait for the credulous. This one is Gold Standard. A1, copper bottomed at Lloyds, 5 star, Blue Riband ...

It was therefore a surprise to see that Famous for 15 Megapixels and Johnny Void have fallen for the wildest spoof yet. Hook, Line, Sinker (HSL) for the comically titled The National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NECTU).

Just look at their headline pics (lifted above) - see the clowns with Plod ? OK so it's difficult to separate Plods from clowns - even professional ones. Inverted US Stars and Stripes ...C'mon you Guys!

This brilliantly Orwellian sounding site not only claims to forms part of the "national policing response to domestic extremism" (WTF?), but forms a a total ALPHABET SOUP together with the National Coordinator for Domestic Extremism (NCDE), the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) and the National Domestic Extremism Team (NDET) and as if that wasn't enough they report ... to ... to the Association of Chief Police Officers Terrorism and Allied Matters – ACPO(TAM).... yeah, yeah, sounds rilly rilly OFFICIAL Guys.(ROFALOL)

Good spoof , guys , it looks professional, slick , smart but - The National Fucking Extremism Tactical Coordination Fucking Unit .... even Plod won't fall for that!

Take a look around this site for some more good laughs...Just look at Terms and Conditions

Governing law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales...... yeah, yeah, and the Planet Zog.

Links to this website

You have to ask permission and receive approval from NETCU to link to this website. Requests should be made in writing to NETCU, PO Box 525, Huntingdon, PE29 9AL..... (ROFALOL) Good one that guys snuck away like that ... You need our permission to let people know you exist !!!! Ho.Ho.

The real kicker is however - and this broke us up down here at Patel Towers ...

Freedom of information

NETCU is not a public authority as defined by Schedule 1 of the FOIA. Therefore there are no obligations on NETCU to disclose information under the Act.


But the best clue is that if you click on these logos (try it here) on the Home Page you get a link to a real hard core Kiddie Porn portal.

They even have a wonderful spoof Glossary


The term 'e-crime' is used to describe computer-based crime and criminal activity, such as hacking, identity theft, the use of websites to incite or promote criminal activity, and so on.

Producing spoof sites like this is no crime, sure makes for a fun time on surfin' the web.


Move along. Nuthin' to see, some folks have serious work to do... Hey and DON'T link to it.OK? ... click on the logo here however.


Anonymous said...

I blame your Auntie
"....welcomed the Home Secretary's establishment of a National Extremist Tactical Co-Ordinating Unit earlier this year. "

Stef said...

What I want to know is this

Where's the link to the porn?

Stef said...

Leicester Constabulary have apparently obtained written permission to link to the netcu site...


Stef said...

According to whois...

Domain name:

National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU)

Registrant type:
UK Government Body

Registrant's address:
PO Box 525
PE29 9AL
United Kingdom

Registrant's agent:
Infinity Developments Ltd t/a IDnet [Tag = IDNET]
URL: http://www.idnet.co.uk

idnet's eclectic client list is worth glancing over


The SFO, De Beers and Ferrero Rocher?

I thought I had done enough due dilligence on this one, which is unusual as I normally do fuck all

As things stand I am now... confused

Anonymous said...

Serious Organised Crime Agency
Serious Fraud Office
National Crime Squad
National Criminal Intelligence Service
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Stef said...

Now here's a site that really does combine clowns and hard core porn


no, really, it does

Anonymous said...

Could the site have been hacked ? No porn links at the moment.

The FOI exemption is also claimed by the Association of Chief Police Officers

Anonymous said...

Infinity Developments ?

You have to hand it to these clowns - isn't that part of Ron Hubbard's Empire where Lois Lane works ?

Looks as though the Animal Activists/Pony Club are behind setting this up, judging by the internal references - clever idea to hide behind an (untraceable) PO Box.

There should be awards.

Anonymous said...

People don’t really believe that NETCU are fake…this is a joke right?

Anonymous said...

There are no jokers on this site.

Anonymous said...

Well ACPO(TAM) is a very real acronym and organisation....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this entertaining article. I quite enjoyed it. :)

I'm certain there ARE conspiracies of some sort floating about, and possibly fake sites and fronts, somewhere...

Unfortunately, Mr Patel,

Your claim that the logos link to a hard core kiddie porn site is just plain ol' BS. Maybe it's a joke on your part, or maybe -- as someone suggested -- the NETCU site was "hacked" and those 3 logos were linked to porn sites.

As they stand today, 3 logos have THREE DIFFERENT and distinct links to the appropriate pages.

The COPY of the 3 logos here in your blog have the link which looks like YOU PUT IT IN:


Let's break it down.
-- news.google.co.uk -- self-explanatory
-- string of "amp;"s = the "&" character
-- other junk in the middle - pass
-- &q=kiddie+porn&btnG=Search
THIS is the part that sets "google.news.co.uk" to Search for (&q meaning Query) the two search terms "kiddie" and (+) "porn".

I'm rather INSULTED, in fact, that it looks like you're trying to pull the proverbial wool over people's eyes here, trying to convince people that links off the NETCU site lead to kiddie porn.

One only has to go to http://www.netcu.org.uk and try clicking the "original" / actual logos to see where they go. (Or, in fact, just "hover" your mouse over the logos and check the status bar for the URL reading...)

Sure, it's an old post (2 years now!), but if anyone's tracking this, I'd like to see what others' thoughts are on the matter, today.

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