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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Copy.Right ? J'accuse cries Lord Patel

The entangling cash for Coronets affair gets more bizarre every day. Surely if, (as is alleged) Truth Turner writes a memo which simply resides on her computer (or even that of her employer) it is copyright. A copyright which has very effectively been breached.

By whom this copyright has been breached it is difficult to determine because :

1. (it is alleged) She supplied a copy to her lawyers, (it is alleged)
2. Plod were either supplied with a copy by her lawyers or (as is further alleged) or Plod's hired hackers retreived one (and maybe much else) from Downing Street data storage.
3. A Judge in the High Court has disclosed details in the High Court in an action brought at the insistence of Plod and that ornament of the Bar , Lord Goldsmith.
4. Maybe Truth has a copy wich has been mislaid (not the only thing in this complicated tale).
5. Maybe her employer has the Copy. Right. ... and someone has throwin it in a trash can , elecronic or more corporeal.

These leaks / disclosures are now well and truly in the public domain - the intended recipient of this "letting of of steam" , Jonathan Powell, the guy in the next office, the fact that the fall other guy my Lord Levy, the perfumed and talented Labour Party Fun raiser attempted to seduce her - if only to tell lies, (rather than remove her clothing and lie down and think of Israel etc., ) .

We even know her contribution to what must now be seen as the modern Dreyfus Affair - the hounding of a Jew in public - commences (it is alleged) with the word "Fuck" - which seems an unlikely start for this pretty, pert, elfinesque and demure lady to utter.

In the Dreyfus affaire one must remember that much importance was attached to the notorious bordereau retrieved from the waste paper basket of the German military attache Major Max von Schwartzkoppen by an Alsatian cleaning lady (in the absence in those days of electronic hackers) who was employed by the French counter-intelligence to stoop to such low tricks. This bordereau (it was alleged) offered future and further access to secret French military information ..... however the handwriting was disputed and it was evident that it's secrets never reached anyone.

Eventually it transpired that the bordereau was in fact a fabrication procured by or had been hand written and delivered by an unpleasant and insufferable, Grade A1 shit, and serial liar, a French-born officer of Hungarian descent Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy (see pic) - who in turn proved to be a French traitor and a German spy and that his claim to his ancient Austro-Hungarian Title was bogus. He eventually fled to and died in England.

In his famous letter, Emile Zola, finished with the flourish ..."Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and investigate in the full light of day!" ...which they did , he was sued successfully for libel and he had to escape like Esterhazy to England.

What effect all this has on preparing a case by Plod to prove a conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice (thoughts of raising charges for Cash for Coronets is firmly outta the window - NOBODY wants that ) remains to be seen. Lord Levy's claque (consisting solely of Sugar and his Rabbi currently) tcertainly have raised the spectre of anti-semitism, the reflexive action of any guilty Jew - although no-one is suggesting in any way that he pint sized Lord Levy is guilty of anything - apart maybe some dodgy singing at the Karaoke bar at the White Horse (Known apparently in the local argot as the Sloaney Pony) .

Lord Levy, or Mike to his many, many friends who are deluging the press, TV and airwaves with letters, speeches and declarations of support is a man of undoubted probity, integrity, honesty, indeed the TV chat shows are wall to wall with his rabbi. Mike has an easy, cheesy charm, and is well endowed with both charity and business acumen and why Truth Turner describes him in the way she does, and his actions is a mystery (well in our copy of said document - although we entertain doubts as to authroship because a woman like Truth wouldn't mispell certain gyneacological expressions that way). You naughty girl, you need a good spanking... and if what they say about the newly selected Labour candidate for a Northern constituency you have probably already had one. (The previous Labour candidate was beaten and quite coincidentally now runs a Jewish lobbying outfit, whilst hubby is off fighting the Fuzzy Wuzzies on their behalf.

A cynic might suggest however, that if anybody had wanted to scupper any possible legal proceedings, they couldn't have done a much better job in muddying the waters, putting the proverbial spanner in the mills of the law, sufficiently anyway to give the boneheads at the CPS cause for some thought. Notwithstanding the Attorney General (passé BAE bribery in Saudi) deciding that a decree of estoppel might be needed or as m'learned Civil lawyers at Fountain Court might say "non concedit venire contra factum proprium"

Meanwhile the industrious Mr McTernan is kept very, very busy organising the fast disappearing Labour vote in Scotland. We can only hope nothing serves to distract his effort and industry. Especially as it was a filthy Scotsman who set this particular hare running.

NB Bordereau Fr. A detailed memorandum, especially one that lists documents or accounts.

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