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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Woolmer Murder Mystery - Plod plods : Amazing pictures

"Now Ireland has her madness and her weather still"
W H Auden Muse des Beaux Arts

Lord Patel had reason to employ a private detective. He chose an ex Greater Manchester cop with excellent Masonic credentials - he had retired from the force after having returned from UK Home Office secondment the Caribbean to interdict drug supplies using the island as an entrepot port on the way from South America to the USA and Europe.

He told Lord Patel how he arrived and discovered a history from his predecessor of missed arrests, arrivals too late to catch the the smugglers red handed, unexplained losses of evidence, documents ..

Bright eyed and bushy tailed he set to work and soon the captures soared and a few boat drivers and low lifes were cooling their heels. London were thrilled.

Interrupted one day , some 6 months into his 2 year contract, by a phone call from a man with a direct manner, but courteous and with a distinctively South American voice, he was pleased to be congratulated on his success. His surprise caller then went on to detail his wife and children, the schools they went to, their cars, their routes to school, trips to the beach.

"What did you do ?" asked Lord Patel inocccently.
"Well, what would you do?" he said.

So 18 months later having done what Lord Patel would have done, he returned to the UK, with a sorry tale of missed arrests, arrivals too late to catch the the smugglers red handed, unexplained losses of evidence, documents ..

All of which makes one wonder about Deputy Commissioner Mark Shields in Jamaica, (Shields of the Yard) from the Met., 6' 6", square jawed and masonic in outlook who took 5 days to discover Bob Woolmer had been strangled to death.

“We’ve been speaking to the doctors and we think it is either stress or a heart attack,” Russell Woolmer, his elder son, said on Wednesday. “There was a lot of stress in his job and it may have been stress that caused it.”

The Times reports today (Saturday) (pic AFP date 19/4/07)...

" .....a struggle of such violence that, when he finally lay lifeless on the white-tiled bathroom floor, the walls were splattered high and wide with vomit, his body was surrounded by pools of blood and excrement, and a bone in his neck had snapped."

"Last night Jamaican police were focusing closely on a possible match-fixing connection." says Mr Shields said that results from an examination of tissue and fluid samples removed from his body had yet to be delivered to police, refusing to be more specific, " looks like the pathologists don't jump to conclusions either.

Another report just in says ...2 hotel maids from the 16th Floor, have been sent on holiday and have been told by Police not to talk to anyone about what they have seen.

Readers will recall Lord Patel remarked early in the week, upon the proximity to sunny Jamaica of bookie Khwaja Arif Pappu who is a man who has frequent contact with gangster Dawood Ibrahim... and the clearly organised mobs in Multan, burning effigies of Woolmer and Imzi and calling for their death.

Dawood Ibrahim

Tricky customer yer Mr Dawood Ibrahim - Wikipedia will give you a life, but don't believe too much. Anyway he may be 5' 4'' tall and have a "mole on his left eyebrow" and that he is also "involved in extortion, forgery and cheating".

His early life is fuzzy and he has been connected to the Mumbai underworld don Karim Lala in his early years with the mob. Taking over he is claimed to run multi-billion dollar vice empire covering prostitution, gambling and drugs.

He has been blamed for the Mumbai bombingsd in 1993, when 257 people died and over 700 others were wounded. The bombings were believed to be carried out in revenge for the deaths of hundreds of Muslims in riots in 1992 blamed on the right-wing Hindu Shiv Sena party.

He also runs Bollywood - nobody has refused an invitation to star in one of his fillums.

His Bollywood connections were on open display when he was seen on television sitting with a number of leading stars and watching international cricket matches in the Gulf city of Sharjah in the 90's - but no photographs seem to have survived.

If this were not enough he is also a (according to the FBI / CIA / MI6 and THE Lady dame Pauline Neville Fan Club) a leading light behind Al Quaeda. What is certain is that he was certainly behind the massive VAT carousel fraud which caused Dubai's £200 MN jump in exports to the UK in 2006 starting in May.

Javed Miandad

The former Pakistani cricket captain is remarkably close to Dawood Ibrahim. Simply his son, Oxford educated Junaid Miandad married Mahrukh Ibrahim in Karachi / Dubai in July 2005 (BBC) It was the cause of comment that the President pervez Mushariff snubbed the wedding party - through whom he had connections through his deputy Aziz, a frequent companion of Dawood at the racetrack.

For those anxious for deatil which can be relied upon , the marriage proposal was first mooted in December 2004 by Dawood's wife, Mehajabeen alias Zubeena Zareen, to the Mrs Miandad. "We Muslims believe that marriages are made in Heaven and we don't challenge destiny" Mr M was to say later. An offer she found impossible to refuse and it was swiftly followed by a low profile engagement ceremony in Karachi.. The engagement was not made public since Dawood Ibrahim is not meant to be residing on Pakistani soil after being declared a globally designated terrorist.

This liason was certainly fated because the 2 families have had close connections for decades. Mr D had invested (laundered) a huge chunk of his black money in the business and industrial ventures of the filthy rich Sehgals of Karachi, good old Javed Miandad's in laws.

The Sehgals strongly refute having been involved in any business deal with Dawood .. naturally .
Dawood's underworld connects and business ventures are extensive, and he sublets his name in Pakistan, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries, to franchises in the fields of drug trafficking and gambling dens.

Dawood got involved in match-fixing over a decade ago, and had many Pakistani cricket players were on his pay rolls , who earned and gambled huge sums of money.

His interest in cricket apparently remains undiminished and after his glamorous appearances in Sharjah one-dayers when he had top Indian actors and actresses at his beck and call, Dawood now calls the shots in Pakistan.

With Dawood's backing Miandad was able to survive as captain of the Pakistan cricket team for a long time despite facing tough opposition from other players and his being named in several match-fixing scams. The committee headed by Justice Qayyum, had established a direct link between Dawood and many of the Pakistani players.... but of course did fuck all about it.

Javed Miandad - gave evidence and was asked why he quit the job abruptly before the World Cup after guiding the team to victory in Sharjah. He then claimed that during Pakistan's second match against England, he got a call from someone (whom he did not , or did not want to want to name), who told him the game was fixed and that Shahid Afridi, Moin Khan, Azhar Mehmood, Salim Malik and Inzamam-ul Haq had taken money to throw the match.

Miandad told Qayyum, that "he was so angry he forced Akram to talk to the man immediately."

Akram, in his evidence before Qayyum, admitted he did talk to someone called Dawood Ibrahim on the phone and was told the match was fixed. Miandad asked Akram to make the players take an oath on the Koran, but Akram did not do so because it was not available at the ground.

Miandad has deposed that he was furious at the team during the break as England, who were struggling at 40 for five wickets and had scored 206. He also said before he realised what was happening, five Pakistan batsmen were out and the team was bowled out for 144 runs in the 35th over.

Passions run high in Asian cricket and amongst it's followers... there is a All India Anti-Terrorist Front and when the Miandads and the Dawood marriage was to happen they sought a ban on the entry of Javed Miandad

"If ever Miandad enters India, the Front will take its own course of action to stop him. The Front warns the Indian Government that Miandad should never be allowed to enter into India,"
It might also be worth remembering that when Woolmer was brought in 3 prominent Pakistani cricketers objected ... Javed Miandad,(married into the Mr D clan) Imran Khan, (“What could be the motives for killing Bob Woolmer? he said to Reuters) and Sarfaraz Nawaz. (who was claiming on Monday it was a Mafia backed murder, part of a match-fixing plot)

The Times ... again ... "Yesterday police were studying CCTV footage of the corridor leading to Woolmer’s room in an attempt to learn who killed him and why. Mark Shields, Deputy Commissioner of the Jamaica police and a former Scotland Yard detective, conceded to The Times that it was proving inconclusive."

.. but maybe they have some good pictures of a murder by Police in Stockwell tube station perhaps.

Anyway, they have taken the DNA samples from the Pakistan team and they are free to escape return to Pakistan... let's just hope they don't lose them, or get them contaminated, or mix them up.

The ICC, and the Boycotts, and the Aggers, like to present the image of a clean game for the paying public .... but to choose at random, West Indian swashbuckling and electrifying batsman Marlon Samuels was key to the West Indies' fortunes at the World Cup.

He was recorded talking to an Indian bookmaker who was already under surveillance for his links to a renowned Indian gangster ... well , well, well it was Dawood Ibrahim.

Transcripts show Samuels revealing details of the make-up of the West Indian team, including that he was to be bowling in the "17th or 18th" over of a one-day match against India in the city of Nagpur.

Samuels, was allowed to play (by the ICC !) in the World Cup and he vehemently denies ''match-fixing'' .... the Windies unexpectedly beat Pakistan.

A notorious gangster, Bab - loo Srivastava, has appeared on one of the many Indian TV channels on Thursday and said Dawood Ibrahim, was behind Woolmers's murder. "The Pakistan-Ireland match must have been fixed," Srivastava said. "The D-Company (Ibrahim’s gang) may have lots of money at stake. Woolmer may have got an inkling of the fixing and hence he was killed."

Now Lord Patel is founder of Sceptics Anonymous, " he may not know much about cricket but he knows when something is not right". Woolmer was there, and knew a lot of what went on during the match fixing scandal in which Hansie Cronje was nailed and named and shamed his colleagues. The King Commission never called him ..... yet his team were taking bribes amounting into 100's of thousands of US$'s

Fixed fixtures, bent batsmen, ball tamperers, they seem to dog his tracks ...

.. and now we have the "painstaking patience" of Shields of the Yard.....

A ragged urchin, aimless and alone,
Loitered about that vacancy; a bird
Flew up to safety from his well-aimed stone:
That girls are raped, that two boys knife a third,
Were axioms to him, who’d never heard
Of any world where promises were kept
Or one could weep because another wept.

September 1, 1939
W H Auden

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