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Friday, May 11, 2007

German State crackdown on G-8 Activists leads to street protests

German observers feel that the 40 or more police raids in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere in Germany on Wednesday were aimed at intimidating protesters ahead of the G-8 summit with some commentators claiming that the operation was far too heavy-handed. (Pic the poster says Stop the G8)

German Police raided known leftist organizations across Germany in what was said to be a move to round up activists who are are accused of plotting terror attacks ahead of the G-8 summit in June in Heiligendamm on Germany's Baltic coast.

The raids in Berlin and Hamburg were said to be aimed at preventing violence by anti-globalization activists , presumably to head off displays seen at Genoa in 2001 or Saint Petersburg last year.

The inevitable result was that many thousands protested in the streets on Wednesday and threw bottles and fireworks at police in Hamburg where the high profile left-wing center "Rote Flora," was raided and police confiscated computers and files.

Die Welt said this would be represented by the left as deliberate provocation and demonstrated the need for self defense against a 'totalitarian state.' Although there have been minor events in the area including the burning of a car in front of the home of Thomas Mirow the deputy finance minister nobody has been arrested or charged.

Die Tageszeitung said that it was unclear whether the police had any legal basis for such searches - they doubt whether Paragraph 129a of the criminal code which deals with the training and support of a terrorist organization -- could be applied in this instance at all. The Federal Prosecutor's Office got what they wanted however, which was to demonstrate that they would crack down not only on people planning to disturb or prevent the forthcoming world economic summit using arson attacks and other violent means would be nipped in the bud.

Coming swiftly after the release and non-release of Red Army faction prisoners and the agitators and says the Süddeutsche Zeitung, " Police and law enforcement authorities are using it as an excuse for wide-ranging investigations and fishing expeditions."

Long hot summer in prospect. (poster reads "Ram & sink G-8)

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