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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fred Thompson President of the US 2008-12 visits the Lady Dame Jane Neville Jones Fan Club

"Disruptions in energy supplies, sharp price increases and thuggish behavior by energy suppliers are threats to all democracies with growing economies."

Fred Thompson the Republican Presidential (nearly) candidate was in London yesterdayat the invitation of the Policy Exchange, home territory of the Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville Jones Fan club. He met Conservative leader the Boy David Cameron and Lady Thatcher, whose estranged grandchildren of her terrorist funding son live in America.

Policy Exchange was the venue for a speech for journalists "Building a Transatlantic Alliance for Tomorrow". (Click for video and transcript of the speech - Video of his views on abortion, cell stem research here)

Wit and Wisdom of Fred at the Policy Exchange....

I’ve thought that America needed a weekly question and answer period between the President and Congress. But in the past few months I’ve decided it isn’t such a good idea.
Evidently a man of deep thought our Fred.

Rupe's rag of record, the Times gives him a glowing report after he was interviewed by Gerard Baker (United States Editor and an Assistant Editor of The Times.) - billed as an exclusive - well at least, his first with a non-US news organization, - excluding the ones he gave in Israel when he met Olmerde and Tzipi recently.

He told The Times that "his presidential bid would be based on his belief that Americans wanted change and that he was uniquely placed to provide it."

I think they perceive the reality and the reality is that perhaps this is the occasion where the man meets the times..." he continued rather modestly.

Apparently he was strongly critical of the conduct of the Iraq war, (who isn't these days ?) and said America would proceed with a greater “dose of realism” in the future, whatever that means.

Nevertheless the original decision to launch an illegal invasion based on a tissue of lies was OK and “just” and claims that the US was right to try to promote democracy around the world.

No mention of him meeting Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Menzies Cambell or any other leading political figures.

Reuters report Fred was 1% ahead of Guiliani in a Rasmussen poll of Republican Presidential hopefuls over last weekend.


Anonymous said...

Stick to what you know. I am not sure what that is but it's not politics, it's not history, and it's not foreign policy.

ziz said...

Thank you for taking the time to provide such a penetrating apercu.

We go to great trouble here to get the facts right and provide links wherever convenient or possible, to justify figures, reported comments, speeches etc., (which my technical staff advise me you didn't click on during your very brief visit).

Should anything be incorrect, and proven so, we are always happy to provide a correction and identify it as such ... albeit we do admit to the odd typo !

Whilst you may regard the claim in the title "Fred Thompson President of the US 2008-12..." somewhat challenging, we note that you write from the Virginian side of Washington DC, USA and therefore may be unfamiliar with the rhetorical nature of irony we apologise however for the, "introducing Lady Dame Jane Neville Jones Fan Club" which is a purely British invention - although not without it's admirers.

If you feel our grasp of "politics, history, and foreign policy" (you fail to state to which country this ignorance applies - it may of course be global, in which case we do admit to some lacunae in our understanding ***) we are always anxious to have our faulty analysis, imperfect understanding and inadequate study exposed and corrected.

Please feel free, when you have found the time to study with care any of the expressions of opinion , matters of scholarship , points of view, detailed exegesis, polemic , and having found fault with them, to give us your considered views.

Not only that we may learn, but also our many readers, thirsty for knowledge and wisdom.

*** For example the persistent support of Israel at the UN by the Marshall islands .. or why the CIA run prisons in Mauretania .. or the nature of the contracts recently made for the Myanmar offshore Shwe and Shwe-Phyu gas fields which are said to contain 10 trillion cubic feet of LNG and which the gas Authority of India (GAIL) appear ti have a very substantial stake... historically of course Burma (the old name for the state of Myanmar) was exploited for oil by the Brits and one of the world's first oilcos, the British based Burmah (of which Mrs Thatchers husband Denis was a Director held a virtual monopoly at one tme.

Until we hear from you we take your welcome advice and will keep on sticking at the things we are good at.

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