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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Francie Molloy, Sinn Fein / Deputy Speaker NI Assembly named as paid informer / spy / for NI Police

If you go to the SinnFein website you will see that Francie Molloy is a member of Sinn Féin's Ard Chomhairle (National Executive) and on the party's negotiations team.

During the 1981 Hunger Strike , Francie was Director of Elections for Bobby Sands and Owen Carron, both of whom won a Westminister seat in Fermanagh/South Tyrone. Carron was agent for Bobby Sands for the April 1981 Fermanagh and Tyrone South By-election. Sands, a Republican prisoner on hunger strike, won the election, but died soon after. Changes in election law made it impossible to nominate another prisoner, so Carron stood as the "Anti H-Block/Proxy Political Prisoner" candidate.

Francie is a member of and Deputy Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly . He was elected to the post on May 5th this year after nomination by Gerry Adams who said ;

"Go raibh maith agat, a Cheann Comhairle. Déanaim comhghairdeas leat, a Cheann Comhairle. Molaim Francie Moloy do phost an LeasCheann Comhairle. Ba mhaith liom cúpla focal a rá faoi Francie.

Mr Speaker, I congratulate you on your elevation to the post of Speaker.
I nominate Francie Molloy for the post of Deputy Speaker. Like you, Mr Speaker, he is stout. [Laughter.] He is an Armagh man who represents Tyrone. It is a source of great pleasure to me that he has been involved in our struggle since the early days of the civil rights movement;.."

In his biography on the NI Assembly website he claims to have been a Full time Political Activist since Hunger Strike in 1980 and Bobby Sands election. First elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1998 he was re-elected in 2003.

Last week the Sunday Times published an article by Liam Clarke ,"DUP prepared to name prominent SF member who conspired in murder and then turned informer ". It claimed that David Simpson, the DUP MP for Upper Bann, is "considering naming" a member of Sinn Fein in the House of Commons who conspired in the murder of a former RUC officer and was later recruited by the police as an informer.

David Simpson's cousin Frederick "Eric" Lutton, 40, (see pic ) a former part-time member of the RUC reserve who worked as a caretaker for the National Trust, was shot dead as he got out of his car to lock the gates of their premises at Argory House in Moy on May 1st 1979. The shooting occurred just 100 yards from wher Francie Molloy was then living.

Apparently several police officers have told DUP researchers that Lutton was targeted by a Sinn Fein politician and helped remove weapons after the attack. They also claim , somewhat vaguely that he was recruited as a police agent about two years later partly because of being caught in a sexually compromising position and partly , "for other reasons ".

Some dissident republicans claim this related to an incident in a caravan the party was using as an election vehicle in Coal island, Co Tyrone, shortly after the 1981 hunger strikes.

Gerry Adams is quoted as saying at a Sinn Féin rally in Belfast last weekend, that British agents who worked within Sinn Féin or the IRA should be investigated and he said..."The British recruited, blackmailed, tricked, intimidated and bribed individual republicans into working for them and I think it would be only right to have this dimension of British strategy investigated also."

Meanwhile on the wall that runs along Beechmont Avenue in Belfast, a 48 foot stretch has been chosen to prepare ,"The Collusion Wall". The mural,a project of the Mid-Falls Commemoration Committee (MFCC), will have a mix of telling the story of collusion between the British security services and loyalist paramilitaries. On 4th June last yera a special garden and two plaques were dedicated on Beechmont Avenue to pay tribute to deceased IRA volunteers and Sinn Féin activists from the area. (pic. mural of Bobby Sands by Conaan FitzPatrick)

Central to the piece will be images of more than 100 murder victims who died as a result of collusion. Much of it will feature the results of Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan’s investiagtions into collusion between the Special Branch and the Mount Vernon UVF.

Ms O’Loan found collusion had occurred and that police paid UVF double agent Mark Haddock £80,000 of public cash over a 10-year period, despite the loyalist being involved in 16 murders. "We want tourists, or anyone else for that matter who looks at the wall, to see the full story of collusion." says MFCC chairman Paul Murphy. (But it probably won't include the deaths resulting from Republican double crossing.)

Anyway Francie Molloy has been named as the Sinn Fein traitor / collusionist that Simpson threatens to expose, by Cryptome (amongst others) and Francie says .."I am talking to my solicitors about it and they are handling it. I have no comment to make at all. These are allegations.

Denis Donaldson, friend of Bobby Sands and long time republican was appointed Sinn Féin's group administrator in Parliament Buildings for the Northern ireland Assembly. In October 2002, he was arrested in a raid on the Sinn Féin offices as part of a high-profile police investigation into an alleged Republican spy-ring — in what came to be called the Stormontgate afair. In December 2005 the Public prosecutor for NI dropped the spy-ring charges against Donaldson and two other men on the grounds that it would not be in the "public interest" to proceed with the case.

On 6th December 2005 , Gerry Adams announced to a press conference in Dublin that Donaldson had been a spy in the pay of British intelligence. This was confirmed by Donaldson in a statement which he read out on RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, shortly afterwards. He was found shot dead in a remote cottage in Donegal on April 4th 2006 , where he had been living.

The killer(s) were never found. ... but then probably nobody was looking too hard.

The fruits of UK Government / MI5 lies, deceit, dishonesty, supply of weapons and bombs, and the payment of murderers, concealment/destruction of evidence, will be with us all for a long time yet.

2 recent articles in the Belfast Newsletter ;
I will name the Sinn Fein killer, vows MP
Identity of Sinn Fein 'spy' revealed on blogs

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