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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lebanon - UN's 10th useless fucking report on Israeli murder of Hariri and the NATO/US base at Qlieat is coming along just fine.

Canadian and French speaking Quebecois prosecutor Daniel.A. Bellemare took office on January 1, 2008 as Commissioner of the International Independent Investigation Commission and has just produced the 10th, 4 monthly report on what is comically called "progress" on the death of Rafiq Hariri and 22 others on February 14th 2005.

Few will be moved or even iterested in the conclusion that "Commission can confirm, on the basis of available evidence, that a network of individuals acted in concert to carry out the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and that this criminal network or parts thereof are linked to some of the other cases within the Commission's mandate. "

You don't say ?

The "other cases" one assumes refer to attacks targeting members of Lebanon's security forces, On December 12th , 2007, the Head of Operations of the Lebanese Armed Forces, a Christian Maronite , Brigadier General Francois Al-Hajj ( posthumously promoted to Major General)- and his driver were killed by a bomb which injured 9 others at Baabda/Yarze which is the HQ of the Lebanese army and presidential palace. On January 25th , 2008, the Head of the technical section of the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces, Captain Wissam Eid ( posthumously promoted to Major)- was bombed with 5 others leaving 42 injured.

The Commission is providing technical assistance to the Lebanese authorities in their investigations of these bombings.

This report is worthless and pointless.

"Investigations of this complexity cannot be rushed"

" Given the need to preserve confidentiality in its investigations, the Commission will not be disclosing any names."

"It (The Commission) has drawn up a revised schedule of priority interviews and re-interviews and implemented new procedures to streamline the process. "

"While the Commission is independent, it cannot operate in a vacuum"

"Confidentiality is key to any investigation"

Here is the critical part ..

Paras 25 and 26

25. The Commission can now confirm, on the basis of available evidence, that a network of individuals acted in concert to carry out the assassination of Rafiq Hariri and that this criminal network the "Hariri Network" - or parts thereof are linked to some of the other cases within the Commission's mandate.

26. The Commission has also gathered evidence establishing that

(i) the Hariri Network existed before the Hariri assassination;
(ii) it conducted surveillance of Rafiq Hariri before the assassination;
(iii) it was operative on the day of his assassination; and
(iv) at least part of the Hariri Network continued to exist and operate after the assassination.

Three years well spent then.

PS : Daniel .A. Bellemare is an avid collector who is forever looking for antique furniture (he also enjoys refinishing antique furniture himself), fountain pens, cuff links and police forage caps. His police hat collection is one of the most extensive anywhere and contains dozens of samples from every continent...

.... of more interest is his "tirelessly promot(ing) active cooperation between Canadian and American prosecutors, especially along the Canada-U.S. border ... "His efforts culminated in the joint National District Attorneys Assocciation Summer Conference "United States and Canada: Partners in Crime-Fighting" held in Vancouver, British Columbia, in July 2004." ... Good contacts in US then.

PPS : It is essential to understand that the bombings of have absolutely nothing to do with Jeffrey Feltman, the US ambassador in Lebanon, who has just moved on to Turkey. Feltman was an acolyte of British born Jew, Martin Indyk when he was US Ambassador to Israel for the 2nd time from January 2000 to July 2001 (the 1st and only non US born US Ambassador ever) . Indyk started out as a research director at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and is now a Senior Fellow and Director of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy in the Foreign Policy Studies program at The Brookings Institution.(Who paid for Shrillary's lesbian palalong Huma Abidan's trips to Israel)

Feltman, through Indyk is said to have been closely linked to Ariel Sharon. he is also said to be associated with Karl Rove, is an associate of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans that created the false evidence and "mushroom cloud" intelligence used to justify attacks on Iraq.

All this of course has nothing to do with the "US-Lebanese Center for Rehabilitation of the Army " (AKA NATO "The Lebanese Army and Security training centre") scheduled to be located at Kleiaat (Qleiat),Bibnin Akkar airport which Hariri was so opposed to (he wanted to develop a freeport) . Which is also remarkably close to nearby Syrian Port at Lathikiya which the Russians are developing as a naval centre.... but ideal fora NATO/US base on the lines of the Qatari monster El-Udeid base, for covert operations against the Syrian regime and to safeguard the oil pipelines of Baku-Tiflis-Ceyhan and Mosul-Kirkuk-Ceyhan... and oddly the brain child of Ariel Sharon. (Whose amputated legs are being preserved to be buried with him) . UPDATE 1/4/08 - Naturally it will also usefully provide cover for the Iran / Turkish drugs routes.

This non-existent and entirely illusory base for "training for the Lebanese army and security forces fighting Salafi, Islamist fundamentalists and other needs" has been recently visited by Eric Edelman, the US Undersecretary of Defense for policy ( who followed the wonderful Douglas Feith ( “Dumbest Fucking Guy on the Planet.” ) , with a hefty parcel of Pentagon planners (Edelman was a recess appointment as his selection was stalled in the senate) . Edelmans large party also met Fouad Saniora, Defense Minister Elias el-Murr and the US 's favourite Army General Michel Suleiman who could be said to have benefited by the untimely demise of Major general (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj in December.

Interestingly VP Cheney's acolyte Edelman was Ambassador to Turkey 03-05 where Feltman is headed and was described as ""Edelman act(ed) more like a colonial governor than an ambassador... (He) is probably the least-liked and trusted American ambassador in Turkish history, and his reputation is not likely to recuperate."

Nor has this anything to do with Elliot Abrams and others such as AIPAC staffer Rachael Cohen who said , "“We need to get this base built as quickly as possible as a forward thrust point against Al Qaeda and other (Hezbollah / Hamas) terrorists"

Nor has this anything to do with a recent visitor to Qleiat by fluent Arabic speaker David Welch , US Ambassador to Egypt 2001-5 and now US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. He made a surprise visit to Lebanon on 14th December last year - almost simultaneously with the untimely demise of Major general (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj .

Nor has this anything to do with the Lebanon's two main political factions having agreed to nominate Army Commander General Michel Sulieman as the country's next president who so benfited from the untimely demise of Major general (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj , and whom the US appear to admire so much.

PPS : None of this is to suggest that the US Embassy in Beirut/ US State Department / had foreknowledge of the untimely demise of Major general (posthumous) Francois Al-Hajj

"عوكر تحكم لبنان بالسياسة والامن. ومن لم يصدق هذه الحقيقة، كان عليه ان يتابع الاتصالات التي كان يجريها السفير الاميركي في بيروت جيفري فيلتمان وفريقه، امس، مع قوى الاكثرية، حول ادق تفاصيل الاجراءات الامنية في بيروت." : PPPS

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