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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Michael Todd - Dead Men tell no Tales - The living are silent as well ... what happened to cop who investigated UK collusion in CIA Renditions ?

At 5.00pm on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 BBC4 "PM" programme broke the news that Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Michael Todd had been found dead on Snowon. AT 5.06 pm we posted EX Met , GMP Police Chief Michael Todd found dead near beauty spot after long solitary countryside walk

We immediatelt reported that Michael Todd had been leading a probe into claims that CIA 'extraordinary rendition' flights had been landing in the UK, on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

We pointed out that "On 19 December Liberty held a meeting with Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Michael Todd. Chief Constable Todd has confirmed that he will look into “extraordinary rendition” flights on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). According to Chief Constable Todd, the police have begun initial inquiries and will follow Liberty’s recommendations for further questioning." UN Convention in Torture UNCAT Vol 2 160/6 Page 166. House of Lords report 26thMay 2006

Shag Happy top cop

Since then the UK press have revealed that a much admired cop had been, as they put it in the cateen in Stretford GMP HQ..."Puttin' it abaht a bit" and beyond a straighforward reference to his role in the "Rendition" enquiry framed the stories of an unhappy copper / troubled marriage / suicide letters (eventually denied)/ texts to ladies revealing a stressed man torn between desire and duty ... oh and a bottle , half empty / empty of "spirits" / gin.

Hidden agendas and conspiracy theories

The vast bulk of readers / viwers simply do notbelieve that the State and it's organs have a policy of killing people. Despite the lengthy catalogue of state employed assassins / bombers / double agents in Northern Ireland, Police collusion with terrorists / drug dealers over many years meticulously deatikled and published by Nuala O'Loan the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman in her 7 year term of office. Her first report into death of Raymond McCord junior beaten to death by the Ulster Volunteer Force in north Belfast in 1997 gave details of at least 15 murders directed by a Police informant with Police approval and frequent their help.

Kevin Fulton, the pseudonymous agent has published a great deal about his experience working with MI5, how they helped obtain arms and bombing devices from the US - also his contacs with Jonathan Evans (now Head of MI5) or "Bob" and the Force Research Unit (FRU) - which may yet be revealed in court as he sues for a promised pension and new identity from MI5.

Therefore we tried to provide a possible narrative of events that led to the murder of Michael Todd, the discovery of his body, and the motives behind it ...Thursday, March 13, 2008 Another bloody silly conspiracy theory - Dead Men tell no tales Part II

Briefly, Todd had been passed over the the top Met job after Sir Ian Blair becaus of his shagging the troops (prejudicial to good order an ddsicipline) - precisely the reason he was asked to do the "rendition" enquiry by X Home Office lawyer Sami Chakrabarti of Liberty. In the way John Stalker (with his flawed connections to the Manchester underworld) could be dragged off the NI "Shoot to Kill" enquiry 20 years earlier.

Passed over and pissed off, he became a loose cannon and threatened to reveal how the UK Gubment colluded in the us of UK airports an airspace and how UK forces never "arrest"any likely lads in Afghanistan or Iraq but pass them on to the US forces for them to handle - so Mr Straw can weasel his way out of "any evidence".

Todd agreed a meeting (as did Dr Kelly) at some place, time, way as yet unknown , was transported to the mountain with clumsily contrived props, the mountain rescue were sent ona wild goos chase and then providently in the worst gale in 10 years some walkers "found" his body.

Today's Mail on Sunday and more evidence
Alan Rimmer and Andrew Chapman filed a story 'Suicide' police chief: Why didn't they call us earlier ask rescue services? in today's Mail on Sunday.

It isn't the intention to precis the article here but it reveals some fascinating details which can help update, improve and justify the theory that Michael Todd was murdered because of his involvement in the "rendition" enquiry.

1. Mr Walker, 52, head of Llanberis Mountain rescue says they were called in hours after Todd was first reported missing.

2. The pair of hikers who found what is said to be Todd's rucksack containing personal items ( and at approx 1 pm made a 999 call) were male and female , both young and one was from Brighton. He took them after they had been helicoptered in to the Mountain rescue Centre - " before long they were whisked away by a squad of police. I don't know where they went to".

3. A standard rescue involves a 36 man team, a proven method ... but at the insistence of the police they wanted a very small team.

"They used only three men and a dog, which is totally against normal practice," he said. "Thirty-six people and all the dogs are normally called out to any incident. The three men have been sworn to secrecy by police."

4. Todd's Range Rover was parked almost outside Walkers house in Llanberis - standard procedure is to locate the lost person's vehicle and break in to get sniffer dogs to raise a scent and follow it. It was only subsequent to finding the body this became apparent and GMP officers (operating on someone else's patch ?) and NW Police interviewed neighbours and villagers.

5. The helicopter that brought down the 2 walkers then took up ..."a local police officer and a member of our team flew back up the mountain in the helicopter to Bwlch Glas where the rucksack had been found. They found Mr Todd's body almost immediately.

"Mr Todd was found face-down covered in snow. A half-empty bottle of gin was found by his side. His winter jacket was also found discarded in the snow a few yards away. "

"Someone told me that they also found a bottle of champagne in Mr Todd's rucksack, a strange thing to take up a mountain. I don't know whether it was full or empty."

6. The main party of rescuers reached the body at about 3pm. By that time the weather was really closing in.

"To make matters worse, a huge Chinook helicopter suddenly appeared and tried to make a landing. It made two attempts, but it was impossible and it soon pulled off. No one had a clue where it came from.

"Six men at a time were used to carry the stretcher in relays with Mr Todd's body strapped to it down the mountainside. "

7. The rescue party eventually reached the bottom of Snowdon by 7pm on the Tuesday.
Mr Walker added: "Men in dark suits were swarming all over the place. They were not in uniform. We took it they were spooks, Government agents. They weren't normal plainclothes detectives, and they didn't introduce themselves to us."

Pushing aside requests to rush to Heathrow and solve the problems terminal 5 and re-acquainting 15,000 pieces of luggage with their owners , our vast technical staff are attempting to revise the Bloody Silly Conspiracy Theory to take account of the above.

It will be fascinating to have a chat with the two bemused young walkers who providently stumbled across the drunk ? shagged out ? hypothermic ? but definitely dead body of Michael Todd at "approximately" 1.00pm on Tuesday March 11th.

How very odd that they have remained silent - as no doubt will the 3 members of the search team sworn to secrecy.

Let's not forget that one person has already been murdered who was reluctantly involved in approving a CIA kidnapping / rendition in Denmark ...Of course the Bromma airport incident in Sweden on December 18th 2001, is the most interesting of cases where approval was given because the lady (Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh) who gave the approval for the kidnapping was murdered in public nearly two years later (curiously she died on 11th September 2003 at about the time that details of the incident were surfacing publicly) – by a Kosovan hit man (Mijailo Mijailović he confessed in Jan 2004). See -Monday, December 12, 2005 - CIA prisoners Diplomatic Cover - questions to be asked - and hopefully, answered.

PS : There is of course an enquiry into the activities (extra and intra mural shagging) of Michael Todd by his fellow ACPO Vice President Sir Paul Scott-Lee, the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, which will take a (very) long time, demand secrecy, destroy evidence and silence witnesses. (qv 3 members of Mountain Rescue Team)


Anonymous said...

Yes, unfortunately most people in the UK live with their heads in the clouds. Talk to someone from abroad and you get a much more realistic picture. Murder, intimidation and blackmail are all tools used by the UK government to hide state crime. Look at Andrew Ramsay who ended up in the Firth of Clyde after a series of interviews with Customs about carousel fraud. Somebody didn't want his connections in Belgium revealed during trial. I wonder who?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Watkins-Burton is a name to conjure with regarding the giant VAT frauds.

Anonymous said...

According to the Costello Affidavit Watkins-Burton was setting up companies to evade duty on the instructions of officers of the NIS and that the operation was being conducted on a large scale for 'official' purposes. I've been told the investigation into the Affidavit by the MPS was seriously flawed. Yet the Court of Appeal accepted their conclusion.

ziz said...

Anon plse get in touch.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few people who have been set up in excise and carousel frauds would be interested in information concerning Watkins-Burton. Do you have any? I'm asking the anonymous who wrote at 6.15am.

Anonymous said...

Fact of the matter is, the Costello document is a poor work of fiction produced by one desparate Barry Beardall!

Anonymous said...

the costello documents was not prepared by one desparate Barry Beardall and was actually in evidence in the Liverpool Appeals before Judge Devlin long before Barry Beardall even heard or saw a copy of the costello documents. This was proven in the Appeal Court. Before rushing to print l would suggest that check your information carefully or you could yourselves land in court

Anonymous said...

If the document was in fact correct as you suggest, why was it disregarded by the Appeal judge? It would seem to be a strong indication that NIS were working outside their remit and as such, any case involving the players mentioned therein would be suspect. Why is it that HMRC & NIS seem to be so influential?

Anonymous said...

A Watkins-Burton was jailed in Belgium for major fraud, afterwards sended to HM prison in Winchester. Was also suspected to be involved with the murder of an officer of the law in Belgium. Before that he worked for the european commision in Evere(Brussels)under the wings of Mrs.Emma Nicholson (MP).

Anonymous said...

Wow! How can that happen in this day and age? Seems to be a very well-connected chap on all levels! More sinister is that contributors making accusations on this blog remain "Anonymous"!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are really that scared of him or what might happen if you reveal your identities?!

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