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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Michael Todd - A death has been reported - Curiouser and curiouser - Woolmer heart Attack ? Send for Jamaican pathologist, quickly.

The Press Association report approx 1300 hrs GMT

That Michael Todd was found dead next to a half-empty bottle of gin. His coat had also come off and some of his clothes were discovered nearby.

An unknown source is quoted ..... "The body was found next to a half-full bottle of gin, slumped face down on a gentle slope some 20 minutes from the summit of Snowdon. There was no evidence of any pills or tablets but that is something the coroner will have to look at. Members of the team covered his face as a mark of respect.

He added that it was possible Mr Todd was suffering from hypothermia, saying: "He would have had mobile reception up there, probably. There were no signs of slit wrists, I believe." The Mail report a source saying, ""There are no obvious injuries compatible with a fall from height."

"I have seen suicide cases on the mountain before where people have taken alcohol and pills before taking their life. It is conceivable he drank too much and that hastened the onset of hypothermia.

"No-one would have survived conditions on Snowdon on Monday night - it was horrendous."

Mr Todd's suspected suicide is being linked to his alleged extra-marital affairs, it has been suggested.

His car (Range Rover) was found in Church Road, Llanberis, 5 miles from weher he was found. He was 20 minutes from the summit when he died

The Times report the same circumstances but say that mountain rescuers were searching for over 12 hours in completely the wrong area for the officer.

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team received a call from North Wales police at 1am on Tuesday to say that they were concerned about Mr Todd’s well being.

A cell site analysis was carried out on his mobile telephone and the full rescue service was directed to the Menai Straights and Port Dinorwic - 10 miles from where he was eventually found.

The coast guard, search and rescue dogs and the North Wales police helicopter fruitlessly searched for Mr Todd until about 1.30pm on Tuesday when walkers found “personal items” that were identified as belonging to Mr Todd. His coat was missing which is still being searched for.

He had a backpack with a change of clothing and a mobile phone which was working and which should have received a signal.

Similiar reports in the Mail who also say he had returned from a "make or break" holiday with his wife and repeat suggestiions that he had had at least one affair with a senior female police officer. Apparently The chief constable had recently been on a month-long detox and fitness regime and had told friends he was looking forward to spending another two years in his job.

Report in the Guradian which apart from a wonderful type where they refer to David Davis as the "shadowy Home Secretary" adds that ..."Dewi Pritchard-Jones, the coroner for North Wales, said tomorrow's inquest would last longer than the usual opening and adjournment so as to deal with all the rumours surrounding the case, some of which were "absolutely incorrect", he said." Which is an odd thing to say. get the Press attention on him though.

Of course you realise this is all bollocks.

The BBC News BBC 4 "PM" at 5.00 pm GMT made the odd announcement that Michael Todd sent texts to freinds on Monday afternoon which gave rise to concern that suggested danger to his life and that of the recipients . (This wording was slightly revised on the 6 o clock news)

Sounds as though those texts will make very interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

If one were to postulate that Todd was 'suicided', the question is: What was he at risk of disclosing/revealing/not going along with?

ziz said...

If one was in a position to give a definitive answer to that question ......it would probably be a sensible policy to remain silent.

Chief Constables can find themselves in hot water ... eg Paul Whitehouse at Sussex.... now after resigning just before he was about to be shown the door, enjoys a £50K pension and a handy job being the Chairman of the Gangmaster Licensing Authority.

Not to put too fine a point on it, there is an awful lot of illegal mind bending chemicals pass from the streets through the bodies of Manchester citizens from which some people enjoy a very substantial income ... who find it necessary to carry loaded guns.

Or maybe the rendition enquiry ....

I think going out for a nice qiet walk in the country whilst a force 10 gale was blowing and the temperature was way way below freezing, and having drunk half a bottle of gin (every backpack should have one) ...bending over to tie a loose shoe lace and crash bang wallop.

Probbly what we doctors call a Woolmer Heart Attack.

Stef said...

Oh dear, I see the conspiracy ghouls are out in force already

Personally, I think that any continued speculation about the circumstances surrounding this tragic death will serve no other purpose that to inflict needless additional suffering on his friends and loved ones

Why can't people simply accept that Todd took his own life, surrounded by a mound of suicide notes/ not surrounded by a mound of suicide notes, by drinking half a bottle of straight gin (no tonic) and slitting his wrists/ not slitting his wrists and was clearly in a disturbed state of mind/ not in a disturbed state of mind in the days leading up to this tragedy - as already established so clearly by the media?

Anonymous said...

What is it with this lot and 'walks in the hills/woods'?

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