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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob Quick and Aphrodite Wedding Services - a conflict of interests

Aphrodite Wedding Services = geddit ? Aphrodite the Goddess of Love ?

They will hire you, by the day f0r approx £500 - with driver ..

Even a Jensen Interceptor III whose registered owner is Mr Bob Quick. In fact a stable of cars that would probably stand in the books at well over £100,000.

This is run by Judith who shares her cars, her house (where she runs this business from) and her life with Commander Bob Quick the bovine Chief terrorist at the Metropolitan Police.

When the Mail on Sunday disclosed details of this service today - which they say uses ex police drivers , Bob was Quick off the mark (geddit QUICK off the mark !!) and called the Press Association :

" (This) is an attempt to undermine an investigation which is legitimate. The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in."
A couple of hours later the Conservative party issued this statement in reply:

"The Conservative Party played no part whatsoever in the publication of this story. Assistant Commissioner Quick's claims of corruption and intimidation are absurd and wholly untrue.

A few minutes later Mr Quick issues this statement:

"I regret and wish to retract my comment regarding corruption. The comment was made as I was in the act of having to move my family out of our home to a place of safety following the article in today's Mail on Sunday."
You only have to cursorily examine the bovine face, see how he holds the House of Commons in contempt - Sunday, November 30, 2008 Bob Quick, slow on the uptake and lies to the House of Commns as well to realise what a stupid man he is.

Naturally , even though a company with such impressive assets , not a limited liability company, will be paying all the necessary VAT, PAYE to sub contyractors like ex police drivers, have told the local authority that a car hire business is run from the premises, pays the appropriate rate of business rates, conforms for Health and safety for fuel storage etc., (Looks like a nice little earner and should help to beef up the old Police pension)

It seems odd / hypocritical however that he is happy to hand out leaflets with his home / business address and then raise Cain about it being disclosed. (No stranger to Surrey, Robert grew up in the East of the county where he now lives.)

This man should be relieved of his duties immediately - he is not fit for purpose. Dealing with terrists, real one's , demands care, composure, judgement, a rational balanced approach to thinking ...and also does not need the distraction of running an Arthur Daley outfit from his garage. The man is plainly a buffoon.

PS : There is a cache of the site here which if you find the Admin button on the bottom of the correct page gives you admin access and the ability to edit the pages. Although to do this would of course this would be wrong - not recommended. Ill advised.

Curiously flicking through Yellow Pages ...

Perhaps there is more to Aphrodite Wedding Services .... and their very insecure address details.... here's a map that might help if you need a jensen for that special getaway from it all....

And do NOT look at the Directions putting in say how to get there from say New Scotland Yard, London because you could then see a birds eye view of the Quick spread ... and who doesn't relish the chance of a Quick spread now and again.

Well if you can't resist the temptation expect a visit from highly trained team of lethal killers with hollow point bullets, who will shoot you in the head seven times and then won't be able to remember if they shouted out STOP Police.


Anonymous said...

It is now clear that we cannot leave one of the most pressing issues of our time, the war against domestic terrorism, in the hands of the corrupt, somewhat porky, buffoons at the Metropolitan Police

Do yet more innocent, blue-eyed children have to die before the politically correct fools in Westminster wake up and put some properly trained, properly managed paramilitary personnel on our streets?

paul said...


Anonymous said...

A soon as Quick's statement to the press mentioned the word "corruption", I wondered if any of these vehicles, driven by ex-police chauffeurs, had ever been magically "let off" from speeding tickets, parking fines or congestion charges etc. ?

Have any of these "VIP" vehicles been fitted with electronic location tracking or bugging devices, at the expense of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command or, that of Surrey Police (Bob Quick was their Chief Constable) ?

Will readers of this blog Postman Patel blog article, or the original Mail on Sunday story, now be threatened with prosecution under the newly amended Terrorism Act 2000 ?


Terrorism Act 2000 section 58 Collection of information

or the new (still awaiting a Commencement Order via Statutory Instrument) slightly more specific

Terrorism Act 2000 section 58A Eliciting, publishing or communicating information about members of armed forces etc

which also applies to all former or current police constables, not just those like Bob Quick with anti-terrorism duties.

ziz said...


1. Fascinating thought .. also the mind processes of the CPS brief who is handed a file to review nd has to consider how it would run with a jury that a policemans house can be viewed Birds Eye by simply flicking through Yellow Pages.

2. Which raises the query about rules that were evidently in place at one time (see somments in original Mail story from ex Plods) about the officer / family running businesses from their home address.

A secondary consideration is that Newsnight were handed the story about the ignorant Quick's contemptuous treatment of Parlimanet, who misled them about the actual number of bomb plots they were investigating.

Just imaagine if they had rooted around a bit they might also have found what the Mail gumshoes found.

Who knows what else is to be found ... or happen. Quick's predecessor , Andy Hayman's departure was rather swift after his in house legovers and dodgy credit card accounts were exposed to the oxygen of publicity.

Judging by the comments of some of the lads back in the canteen .....

"One senior Yard source (Daily Mail) said: ‘Bob Quick needs to ask himself whether he is happy that all this is out and about. There will need to be a review, bearing in mind his position. He needs to review all of this.’

Anonymous said...

Quick Bob said that the Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way...

Quick Bob (as head of Britain's counter-terror squad) would know about corruption...

Now it seems that Bob was too Quick off the mark and he has now apologised "unreservedly" to the Torys.

Stef said...

An impartial observer could be forgiven for thinking that the appointment of gimps like Hayman and Quick to the post of top anti-terror cop is evidence of a very sloppy, half-arsed selection process

I'm inclined to think the exact opposite

Stef said...

word verification on my previous comment = 'demendis'


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Irant said...

Bob Quick showed his lack of understanding of the dangers to himself and the question asked by many was "is he mad"? Maybe the answer is not mad - just not very smart.
Then he has top secret documents on display for photographers instead of in a brief case - in fact he has no brief-case. If he were in a business he would now be sacked.
The reason there are these constant blunders is no one ever gets the sack.
When was the last time a minister resigned without being pushed? All politicians are proud to say "I take the responsibility for x, y or z"; often when there is no one else that it could possibly have been at fault but them. But if they are taking their responsibility - they should resign.
The same with the head of anti-terrorism like something out of Rowan Atkinson's "Johnny English".

Anonymous said...

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