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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

IT was the SUN wot did it

This is the front page of the Sun today - which readers might think bears a strong resemblance to Lord Patel's story LAST Saturday. It does, the lame attention grabbing headline is the same but last Saturday's story was more informative, but is also accurate.

The Italian Job - Spaghetti Trails
Postman Patel November 25th

Mario Scaramella a professor at the University of Naples, was a consultant to the Mitrokhin commission (1)an Italian Parliamentary commission of inquiry into KGB spy recruitment which was was headed by journalist Paolo Guzzanti - and remarkably (?) a senator from former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia and fount of wisdom and icon of probity and Truth.A surprising view of commission members was that Romano Prodi was the "Kremlin's man in the EU and Rome"...........

Read on ....Comments on the Mitrokhin commission and most interestingly the connections between Mr Blair, Mrs Blair and Mr Berezovsky....with pictures.

The circumstances in which the ex President of Chechynya, Mr and Mrs Litvinyenko and indeed Mr B, plus his many other pals , henchmen, football fans, drivers, obtained UK citizenship would probably bear (or probably not) very close examination.

Pic C/o the the soaraway week behind Sun. This is a pic of the disarmingly beautiful Mrs Anna Livityenko who appears to have, not only alluring eyes but also emits alpha radiation.

As does Mr Scaramella, various seats on certain BA planes and now possibly an Easy Jet plane upon which Mr Scaramella plopped his bottom as he has been shuttling (scuttling) back and forth from London to Milan.

It is beginning to sound as though the initial smuggled samples of Polonium were carried in a container used originally for Dust'n'Vac.

Lord Patel has updated the story and has a lot of travel advice for those intending to visit Russia and an amusing comment here

Meanwhile Lord Patel who has written previously about the quasi State Armies of Aegis and Erinys (not fogetting Hakluyt) , who obtain stunning contracts in Iraq and have over 20,000 employees in that poor country have only figured very briefly in this tale, so far , is still following some fascinating (and possibly futile) trails. The radioactive HQ of Erinys is handy for Mr Berezovsky ( and employee Litvinosky who "popped" in (and many would have us beleive left a trail of Polonium) but their registered office is the charming Wiltshire farmouse of their founder and friend of .... well quite a few very interesting ex British Armed Forces officers who regularly are trotted out at Royal United Service INstitute (RUSI) "conferences".

e.g General Sir Roger Wheeler , Knight Grand Cross of the Bath , CBE was CGS1997 and 2000. Sir Roger is the current 'Constable of the Tower of London'. He also joined the Aegis Board at the same time as Lord Inge .. and is also a Board member of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (AKA National Police Service in embryo) . Another chap who makes his own modest contribution is Fatty Soames, MP happily joining Aegis at the same time who is also a member of Council of the RUSI.

Want to know more? Simply search Lord Patel's dominion by inserting "RUSI" in the top left search box - keep a spook happy for weeks.

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Stef said...

"Mrs Anna Livityenko who appears to have, not only alluring eyes but also emits alpha radiation..."

definitely the line of the week

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