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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Courtney Coventry Where are they Now ? Pt 433 Amazing Pictures

Sources close to David Cameron have revealed today that an American porn star has been flown to Britain by detectives investigating the sleazy honours sold for cash injections to the New labour party by Lord Levy and his team of influence peddlars.

Glamorous, small, but perfectly formed and pertly pouting porn actress Courtney Coventry, 25, unlike fellow Hollywood hero Arnie hit town , not to meet Tony Blair, but to spill the beans to PC Plod about how sleaze ball, midget Karaoke King, ex personal Envoy for Tony to the Middle East and peddler of honours who funded New Labour at the 2005 election took £1,000 off them at a Hilton Hotel fund raising bash.... and how Jane Hogarth , Lord L's chief assistant chased them for a contribution. (Jane Hogarth was head of corporate relations and fundraising, took voluntary redundancy in June 2006. Darren Milner, the corporate relations manager, (now working for Public Affairs News) and Sairina Ramakrishnan, whose responsibilities include helping to organise gala dinners, are also understood to have left).

After enjoying the company of the charming thespian Lord Patel wrote about her closeness to Tony and Lord Levy, ("My midget gem", she called him) on Sunday, March 25, 2007 Tony Blair - Guilty by Association ..she was even kind enough to add a very interesting and revealing comment to the post.

Slim , self confident Mrs Coventry was delighted to be introduced to Tony Blair by Lord Levy along with her husband who were masquerading (in the way porn stars do) as a real life Count and Countess of Rozel - see above post for all the seamy details.. Jack Straw and her ...well...large chest...etc.,

Yesterday, suntanned and looking fabulous, she was flown into Heathrow from Nice, the sunny home of the Hollywood celebrities and starlets by the Metropolitan Police sleuths hot on the trail of the "Cash for Coronets" gang as Assistant Chief Constable Yates calls them.

Plod apparently dismissed her incriminating information as "valueless". Ho.Ho.Ho.

Curiously (and simultaneously) Newsnight and other sources revealed that the Met super sleuths received a stark warning from Number 10 in January as they were preparing to grill the Prime Minister under caution that Tony Blair would quit earlier if he had been quizzed as a suspect.

The result was , they were warned off and he was dealt with simply as a witness.... so far.

Whew what a relief ... unless of course lovely Courtney (videos of her fillums here) had an interesting tale to tell that the denizens of Fleet Street might possibly have a modest interest in. An ancient story also here.


Yates's supersleuths have kept the retired PM busy today (Thursday) having a leisurely chat with him at a solicitors well appointed officers near Red Lion square where they have previously met him - so convenient.

The CPS have the files of course but there are apparently one or two odds and ends, loose dangly bits to .. just well ...clear up.

One wonders now what GB is doing about Ruth and the other collaboraters in the criminal sale of honours will be doing round the office now.


paul said...

Maybe the police are investigating the baffling case of crafty jack's missing spectacles? Could they have tumbled down that magnificent cleavage as he tried to warm his ears?

Anonymous said...

Try www.courtneycoventry.com

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