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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Daily Mail :Tony Blair - Guilty by Association

The Daily Mail and it's snivelling Sunday stable companion Mail on Sunday are disgusting newspapers. The smell or ordure from their stable reeks, no more than the body odour probably of the people with no conscience or morals who write and edit this bilge.

Today under a screaming headline with the suggestive sub heading, "Lord Levy said 'Not now Tony' and went......."

Mr and Mrs Coventry, like many people with lots of money and a keen social conscience were happy to pay £1,000 for the tickets to a New Labour fund raiser at the London Hilton when asked by Jane Hogarth, who claimed she was head of "public relations and fundraising" (?) for the Party. He is a blameless former travel agent from the Wirral, she a beautiful, talented and very hardworking film actress.

They are also - not that they brag about it, NOT in the search for a peerage because they are the Count and Countess of Rozel.

"Lord Levy introduced us to Mr Blair. We talked about his vision for the future and he praised America's strong leadership." explained Courtney Coventry.(see pic)

The discussion then turned to children. He said he wished he could spend more time with his. Courtney, evidently at ease having found a subject of common interest sympathised with Tony, "I said it must be hard being PM and raising children."

The following day they found they couldn't refuse when Lord Levy pestered them with an invitation to tea on the terrace at the House of Lords, they couldn't refuse his apparent oily charm when offered a long escorted tour of Tony Blair's home at historic 10 Downing Street.

Fortunately Lord Levy was rumbled by the Count and his wife and no more funds will be lining the coffers of New Labour from the Rozel fortunes - you don't pull the jersey over Courtney's eyes that easily my friends!

Lord Levy

In case the people who write this bilge don't know it, Lord Levy has ....

1. Been interviewed by the Metropolitan Police several times
2. He has been released on Police Bail
3. His name has been dragged through the mud for selling Coronets for Cash
4. In another sporting scandal he is said to have "lost" at game of tennis with the Prime Minister to gain favour.
5. He was at school in Hackney with the Head of Mossad
6. His is known as Lord "Stand & Deliver"
7. More that we dare not disclose ...yet

..and these scribblers, filling their pens in the sewers of Fleet Street, drinking vitriol, spewing bile, suggest preposterously and without foundation, that this creature has the ear of the prime Minister, that he can arrange Tea on the Terrace, a private visit round historic No 10 Downing Street ... what utter filth.

Whilst Tony Blair may have his faults ....... his teeth are a bit dodgy, his hair is receding and he is not getting any slimmer these days .. and his choice of ties .. when he wears one! To associate his name with this bouffant haired, stack heeled, karaoke singing midget, with his gaudily ringed fingers in so many pies.... is outrageous.

Of course the Daily Mail knows all about Guilt by Association. Throw enough mud and hope it sticks eh! Rupert Murdoch! We know your game.

Feast your eyes again on the glamorous Courtney Coventry the Countess of Rozel.


Anonymous said...

I do not know who you are,but I just want to thank you,for at least offering another side to this story,rather than the rather nasty,heartful amount of rubbish that has been printed.
I never pretended to be an angel,but my wife trusted she would be given a fair hearing.
My thanks to you.
John Coventry.

Mark Harrison London said...

Yeah! What can you say...
This Government is sleezy at best,rotten to the core,I think.
Courtney was exposing this lot and we should thank her !
She is fantastic to look at and a "Countess" !!

richard hotchins said...

Typical of Mail on Sunday! They have become worse than a tabloid. Lord Levy is sleaze and Courtney just exposed what he is about. Also she is BEAUTIFUL despite how horrible the mail tried to portray her ... I saw the movie Dirt Merchant on television when I was on holiday in the states ...its a horrible movie but NOT a porn movie! They lie about everything!!! I dont believe Blair is guilty of anything other than bad judgement for keeping Levy around and I love Courtney ... beautiful and called Lord Levy out on his sleezy behavior!

Evan said...

I have a feeling things are not going to get better. Lord Levy cetainly has even more issues with the "courtney affair" as I've heard the story you wrote about called, the Ruth Turner letter, the rich businessman who "loaned" labour a large amount on Levy's urging then discussed peerages but claims the two were not connected. Doesn't sound good. Note on your blog story ... throw mud and see what stick ..how true and feast your eyes on Courtney is right , very pretty girl

Nathan said...

nice one Patel
Go Countess go !

Ruth said...

Has the glamorous "Countess Courtney Coventry" told the Police enough to bring down this bloody Government!
What a story,she will have to tell one day !

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