"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Olympic Scandals - Andrew Jennings and the secrets of the IOC - Amazing Pictures !!!

The current brou ha ha about the Chinese Olympics makes one wonder why Andrew Jennings' books are not more widely read and quoted. When Lord Patel wore out typewriters alongside him on the New Manchester Review in the 70's we didn't anticipate his success in inserting his foot and microphone in the door of the many, many crooks who run world sport. More

Try :

1992: The Lords of the Rings was a smash hit translated into 13 languages. The Lords and its disclosures of Olympic corruption and the fascist background of the IOC president changed world perceptions of the organization forever. Published in USA as Dishonoured Games. (Amazon)

Sports Illustrated lists it as one of the Top One Hundred Sports Books of all Time.

1996: The New Lords of the Rings: Olympic Corruption & How to Buy Gold Medals. Top of the UK best-selling sports books list for five weeks and in top ten of all sports books published that year. Translated into German, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese and Spanish. Pirated in Chinese - twice, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in Korean.

To appreciate this book read the on line review by Joe Clark -The New Lords of the Rings: Olympic Corruption and How to Buy Gold Medals - Pocket Books, 360 pages, $8.99 paper, ISBN 0-671-85571-9

2000: The Great Olympic Swindle. The explosive story of organised crime and the Olympics, how the IOC fooled the world into thinking it reformed itself after the cash-and-sex-for-votes scandals - and the secret documents revealing how the IOC spent US$2 million on American spin-doctors to mislead a pliant media.

2006: Foul! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, Vote-rigging and Ticket Scandals. Harper Collins (in English – lots of translations) (Amazon)

'MacDonald's has supported the Olympic Movement for more than 30 years and we share many of the same ideals.'
IOC President Jacque Rogge
Turin, February 7, 2006

Blairs bribing of IOC voting members

So who is surprised the Olympics fester with scandal ? The London bid - a monster deal fudged through in a Singapore hotel room by Gold Medal liar Tony Blair who was handing out "favours", political payoffs in one on one meetings with IOC members and mutual backscratching to get the result he wanted.

London beat Paris by 4 votes and the Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoƫ, was quick to accuse his opponents of bending the rules by continue to lobby IOC members until only hours before the decisive session began. Deeper, darker, dirtier deeds are the subject that swell around what Tony Blair got up to sequestered in his Raffles City convention complex in Singapore as the IOC members (64 of the 100 IOC members met and jollied with Tony and Cherie in those 48 hours) relentlessly filed in and wreathed in smiles and bonhomie, filed out.

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