"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I said the Colts would win the Superbowl. Now if that field goal in the last minute ...... zzzzzz

Steelers ... we wuz robbed.

De Menezes murderers to be set free

The PPC report is finished. It cannot be published until, every last legal case, has been finalised..expect to read it some time around 2012.

But sources(?) say that communications met to the men on the ground were " coincidentally not being recorded"..well that is what the BBC says. Quelle surprise.

Obbo man takes a piss,(just at the right / wrong time) the station CCTV cameras are empty / don't work / bust and now we have no comms recording. being a cop is no joke I tell you mate. All this broken equipment. Lucky for them the guns worked anyway.


removing the Critics

The Fathers protesting about access to their children have shown most successfully how incompetent the Police are , especially the Metropolitan Police. The only people un entertained are the Police.

Who will rid Sir Ian of this Monstrous Regiment of Men.

Why the Police will, just let our Friends on Rupe's rag the Sun that they may have possibly overheard someon in a pub , bus queue, fish shop , sauna, that they were (quelle horreue) going to snatch away the child of Cherie Blair (and her off to defend a British couple who bought land and a house from land stolen from Greek Cypriots by the Tirks ... amply aided by the US 6th Fleet in 1974).

Collapse of Stout Party.

Does the Uk press now how to work this one out ..evidently not.

..and another bit of opposition bites the dust.

The Stumbling Skater

In describing the activities of the US illegal invasion of Iraq I wrote in February 2003 ...

The course is charted, arrogant use of the military is all the US ruling class has to maintain its dominance. After Iraq, asymmetric warfare, "terrorism," will be directed at Americans, American institutions, American targets, and American allies. When the rest of the world recognizes how thinly spread the US military is, thinly spread physically, and economically, because it is not a sustainable institution in its current incarnation, rebellions will occur. Indeed they have already started. The response of the weakening US will be to lash out, often with unforeseeable consequences, just as the consequences of this impending invasion are unforeseeable, and unknown.

Sturm and Drang

Military might is a sign of strength, but the US military is not invincible worldwide. America's use of force as both first and last resort is a sign of profound systemic weakness. Its employment today will destabilize the world, and cause ....

The world has moved on, the invasion is over, the US main objectives have been acheived which were ..

1. Re Establishing dollar hegemony by preventing further sale of crude oil in US dollars by Saddam Hussein .. and effectivelt frightening off anyone elese who wanted to.

2. Establishing military bases in Iraq (as well as Qatar) ...and throughout the old energy rich CIS States.

I vary the metaphor now.

When I was aa cold and impoverished student in Edinburgh in the eraly 60's I used (with many others) to spend my Sunday afternoon perched on the square solid, central heating radiators of the Scottish National Gallery .. the only place open in town. My meagre gas fire literally ate coins (probably faster than the Muscovites today with 35 below and gas supplies reduced) so this warm spot was welcome ... only early arrivals got to sit on the radiators ... threatening a lifetime of piles we were told.

A Scottish painter I was therefore introduced to and admired was the portaraitist Sir Henry Raeburn , self taught and hugely industrious..although he couldn't paint hands. His The Rev. Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch is a wonderful piece of draughtmanship, showing the portly prebendary skating on one leg having just propelled himself across the freezing ice (his unpaintable hands scsreted in a hand muff).. you can see this by going to an odd site ... (http://www.redrat.net/thoughts/buddha/skater.jpg)

It brings to mind the meeting of the beautifuly stupid, deluded Anna Karenina when she meets the wanton , careless and heartless Vronsky at the Moscow Zoological Gardens which starts off Trotsky's tragic tale of love and loss.

I think the US State is like the peerles prebendary, silently swiftly floating serenely .. now they have stumbled.. they clutch blindly whirling , hoping catching, seeking aid and assistance.

Castro and Chavez travelled the Muslim world in 2000 and 2001 (Googling Images for Castro and Khataeimi will provide wonderful images) stiffenening the world wide Anti American resolve ... now bearing fruit in the teasing of Uncle Sam by the Iranian democratically lected President, the tweaking of his nose by Chavez, the nuisance stirred by the newly democratic Morales. A pattern develops.

Relentlessly Chavez .providing free or cheap heating oil in Manhattan, Castro Doctors to the 3rd world, punch the points home.

Silently the sidelines fill with "Old Europeans" Schroeder, whose influnce has not waned, Merkel asking asking awkward questions about Gunatanamo Bay. Chirac remains soi disant, raising an eyebrow over the activities of Bolton;s lap dog mehlis on the Levantine Corniche, Now the Dutchmen have no courage for the fight in Afghanistan.

Far called our Navies fade away.. said Kipling. Far called Uncle Sam's ffriends are left far behind.

Rusia and China of course, regarding the antics of the Iranian leader stay silent but will of course protect their own and better interests. Peres will of course stir the pot.. kindly forgetting that it was the Iranians who (led by Israel) first baombed saddam's Osirak reactors and only ended doing it themselves because the Iranians botched the job.

Of course there is some official support from Denmark, Poland but their electrorates are growing uneasy.

Meanwhile Uncle Sam clatters across the ice.

Lashing out , (the newly uprated Predator destroying families in Pakistan), watching democracy rise like a tide, now in Chile, perhaps with surprising success in Mexico soon.

Do not forget that 400 Mn people speak Spanish in the world . The Spanish Government were happy to suply warships and planes to Chavez and to strip out Uncle Sams compassses and electronics. The US lose 2 fold, they lose a foothold in sales and they let other suppliers in.

Slippin' and a slidin' the stumbin' skater slides across the pond.

You can bet he can (and will) rely on Mr Blair ... for how long.

LUKOIL grow reserves, production, refining, sales

OAO LUKOIL announced preliminary 2005 results last week. From this we can extract
The company hydrocarbon reserves increased as a result of exploration and prospecting to 160 million tone of Oil EquivalentTOE. The major oil reserves growth accounted for Russia (Nenets Autonomous District, Western Siberia and Perm Region). The largest growth was in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The large Nakhodka gas field is now working. Reserves should increase in 2006 by 106 MTOE as the Company has discovered 5 new oil, gas and condensate fields and 6 oil deposits in earlier discovered fields.

Total Oil production of the LUKOIL Group, including equity interest of subsidiaries and foreign projects, grew 4.5% came to 90.1 mln tons, including 86.3 mln tons in the Russian Federation and 3.8 mln tons abroad.

Gas production in 2005 increased by 17% and exceeded 7.6 Billions of Cubic metres BCM. In 2006 LUKOIL plans production increases of gas ofmore than 40%, mailnly from the Nakhodkinskoye field.

Oil exports of the LUKOIL Group in 2005 rose by 2.3% to 46.6 mln tons,…non-CIS countries (40.7 mln tons) and CIS countries (5.9 mln tons).

In 2005 natural, associated and stripped gas sold by the Russian subsidiaries of the LUKOIL Group came to 4.1 BCM, a 17% increase on 2004.Crude processing at the LUKOIL Group refineries (excluding the mini-refineries) in 2005 amounted to 47.4 mln tons, including 37.1 mln tons in Russia and 10.3 mln tons abroad. As compared to 2004, the total refining increased by 8.2%. No increases in refining capacity are expected in 2006.

In 2005 production of EN590 diesel fuel in the Russian refineries owned by the LUKOIL Group reached 4.7 mln tons or 46.5% of the total Russian diesel fuel production, which is almost 6 times the amount of the last year. Production of light petroleum products in the LUKOIL Group refineries rose to 53%, the share of high octane gasoline in the total amount of auto gasoline reached 79%.

Total investment expenditures in 2005 rose 72 % to USD 6.9 Bn
Taxes at all levels levels of the Russian Federation budget amounted to RUR 469.1 Bn or USD 16.6 Bn. A rise of 170% on 2004.

You can now buy GAZPROM shares ...maybe soon .... of Course Chevron have s Director on the Board of LUKOIL.

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