"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, July 26, 2008

John Hemming MP - The greatest threat to family life in the UK - a loathsome ,despicable and dishonest man with no merit whatever

It all started here - Sally Clark Part 1 21/07/04 Stolen Innocence: The Story of Sally Clark Reviewed. Stolen Innocence: The Story of Sally Clark by John Batt, Ebury Press 2004 ISBN 0091900700 336 pps.

Much had (and has) been made of the faulty statistical evidence provided at the trial by Professor Meadows, a professional medical witness, pediatrician and originator of the diagnosis in mothers of "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy".

Mothers do kill their children to attract attention he said. An unremarkable conclusion but one that met fiery antagonism by the raging feminist wing of of the burgeoning "New Women" who, like Sally Clark , a high powered solicitor at a blue chip lawyers, want both babies and careers.

As long ago as 1951 a doctor, Richard Asher described in The Lancet, the self-harming, wannabe patients who fabricated histories, signs, and symptoms of illness to gain hospital access and treatment after the fabulous Baron Munchausen who told wild traveller's tales.

Many years later in 1977 Professor Meadows of Leeds University borrowed the term to describe how mothers harmed children, indeed sometimes killed them. and called the condition "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy" (MSbP). The Royal College Of Paediatrics and Child Health have since 2002 preferred the more anodyne and less theatrical term Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII).

Meadows claimed at the Sally Clark trial that the chances of two children dying of natural causes was ;
1 At the committal hearings 1: 1 million.
2 At the trial he said it was 1: 73 million.

A massive difference , that went unchallenged by the defence and it appears slid easily past the Rolls Royce mind of Sally Clark's brief, Julian Bevan QC renowned as a prosecutor, and his Junior John Kelsey Fry. Statistical claims the Royal Society subsquently described as invalid. (Meadows was struck off for presenting this evidence by the GMC then re-instated).

Recalled by the jury to explain what had happened to the blood samples from the children the Pediatric pathologist Dr Williams explained “…the chemistry of blood is so unreliable after death as to be of no diagnostic value…”. Of the post mortem blood sample “…it was submitted for toxicological examination and would have been sent for viral studies”.

Cross examined by the defence, Williams claims that the appropriate microbiology reports had been provided to the prosecution (and therefore available under disclosure to the defence). This was a lie.

At Sally Clark's second Appeal January 28th 2003 (after 2 1/2 years in prison) Dr Williams was called to give evidence about these blood samples (which had been found and many leading docters said could suggest the first child died of a staphylococcal infection). He did not turn up. Sally Clark was immediately released. Desite popular belief Meadows nonsensical claims had nothing to do with the success of the appeal orchestrated by the fragrant, high powered and immensely well paid Claire Montgomery (who also acts for Mr Bernard Berzovsky when he applies for citizenship), although they were mentioned in the judgement.

By this time a most bizarre and unexpected intrusion had been made into the case of the death of the 2 Clark Boys. Channel 4 had made a film and broadcast it, prior to the appeal. Amongst the audience was Dr David Southall, a pediatrician with wide experience of FII.

He complained to the Police on the basis of seeing the programme, that Steven Clark, the husband and father (who had appeared on the original charge sheet but removed), had been involved in the death of his 2 children.

Dr Southall prepared a dossier but no action was taken. The Clark family complained to the GMC and eventually, after he refused the opportunity to recant, he repeated the accusation, so the GMC placed certain restrictions on his activities with children and parents.

Whilst Mr Steven Claark has had his fill of courts and family deaths, he has not yet taken steps to sue Dr Southall for libel, for publicly calling him a murderer.

Lord Patel has many hobby horses and the activities of pediatricians is way down the list , his interest in the Sally Clark case was the incompetent lawyers and the scandalous way the Defence and Prosecution , with the connivance of the judge withheld evidence in the trial.

During their searches of the Clark household Plod discovered evidence of payment for treatment of Mrs Clark for alcohol related problems, witnesses also spoke of her daytime drinking.

In a curious (presumably legal but nonetheless dodgy) deal it was agreed no evidence would be called about Mrs Clark's treatment and the need for it and as a quid pro quo as we lawyers say, she would not be able to bring character witnesses - denying, family, friends, work colleagues , nursing staff, doctors, domestic staff, employers, the opportunity to attest to her good character.

As this deal was unknown to the jury we can only speculate what they thought about a senior lawyer who could not produce a single character witness in her defence.

Anyway the saga has a long and wriggling tale which acheived some finality this week.

The Solicitor General Vera Baird, made a written statement to the House of Commons.

In February 2007 the then Attorney-General, Lord Goldsmith, announced a review of criminal cases in which Dr. David Southall had been a prosecution witness. It was said (not least by David Hemming MP) that in cases where he was a witness a hoard of 500"secret files", these Special cases (SC) files had been secreted and denied the defence.

"Dr. Southall provided all the SC files he held—a total of 4,344 files—in accordance with his undertaking to the GMC. " The review team (at what cost ?) found, "On reviewing these files in depth, the team found no grounds to suggest that there had been a failure to comply with the prosecution’s obligations of disclosure to the defence. "

A redacted copy (to preserve patient's anonymity) was placed in the House of Commons Library. So is effectively inacessible to the general public without considerable trouble.

In looking deeper, it is apparent that there is (and has been for many years) a small and dedicated group of anti-medical, anti Dr Southall activists with extraordinary Press access who have poisoned the public well of trust in doctors and social workers by relentlesly (and pointlessly) hounding Dr Southall.

The whole sick and sad story is detailed at NHS Expose

The leading light and most vocal critic is a lady called Ms Penny Mellor, She has served one year in prison for aiding and abetting the abduction of a child. She styles herself a “child advocate” and boasted in 2006 she had personally made no less than 30 complaints to the GMC against Professor Southall alone .

At her trial the exasperated Judge Whitburn in sentencing her said ;

Impervious to debate, convinced you are right, you have traduced, complained about and harried dedicated professional people working in this difficult area.I do not punish you for that, let me make it clear, however tiresome and eccentric your views are, the toleration afforded to you who expressed them, by those who hear them, is part of the price we gladly pay for living in a liberal democracy.

To this must be added complaints to the RCPCH, the Central Council for Nursing, Social Services, the Police, the NHS Executive, the Chief Medical Officer, the Health Minister and the Prime Minister. She has also made, or assisted other members of the pressure group to make, complaints against at least 22 doctors and other professionals, all of whom had spoken up for or otherwise supported the beleaguered Professor- or, at least, had challenged Ms Mellor’s view of him.

The GMC is not a civil court , it is a professional regulatory body. Had Ms Mellor brought so many failed complaints before the civil courts, Professor Southall would have long ago been entitled to ask the Attorney General’s office to consider making an application to have her declared a vexatious litigant.

The GMC cannot do this at present.

As a creature of statute, it is bound to follow the terms of the Human Rights Act 1998, which enacts into English law the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. Article 6 of the Convention sets out the Right to a Fair Trial, and R v GMC, ex parte Toth [2000] 1 WLR 2209 (QBD) clearly shows that the GMC is obliged to follow this requirement with respect to medical practitioners, at least.

Ms Mellor is, a skilled and expert press feed, and has been hugely successful in her anti-Southall crusade . In this she has been assisted by her long-time associate, Mr Brian Morgan. Mr Morgan, is described as a journalist and vice-chairman of the Cardiff and SE Wales NUJ. he appears always ready to leap to Ms Mellor’s aid when awkward questions loom, and is frequently to be found posting messages in support of Ms Mellor on internet discussion forums.

This is a list of known complaints in the last 10 years by Mrs Mellor and associates.
Click to enlarge.

The same goroup have made endless complainst to the same group of individuals to:
Research ethics committees who have passed research projects
Universities who have supported research
Editors of journals in which papers have been published
Conference organisers
Various police authorities
Civil servants
Ministers in HM Government
Media organisations

Of the last group, one unpleasant person sticks out. John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley) (LD) is ever in the Vanguard and managed a spectacular (and of course privileged outburst ) in the House of Commons November 16th 2006.
Roy Meadow, who followed in the tradition of Matthew Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) , and David Southall, who shared that ancestry and that of Joseph Mengele combined, should have to account for the misery that they caused
John Hemming is a fascinating man. A family man , he has a wife and 3 children. He also fathered after a 6 year affair a child by his researcher Emily Cox in 2005, a fact he managed conceal when he was elected . MP shags researcher is hardly a story but Mrs Hemming's reaction was. She told the Birmingham Post "He started having affairs about four to five years into our marriage." Her children aged 5,12,14 at the time would have been able to read that she also said that their father had as many as 26 affairs in 23 years.

On the subject of the pregnant Emily Cox, Mrs Hemming said: "She came round to the house about six months ago and I made it clear she was one of many and was unlikely to get him to herself."

This loathsome Lothario is so full of chutzpah .In October, a few weeks before the child was born, the MP voted for himself in the News of the World's Love Rat of the Year competition.

The above quote from Hansard is only one of many misquotes or unpleasantnesses about David Southall he makes under the cloak of privilege... he also calls social workers "child snatchers" a phrase wisely adopted by the Daily Mail.

His record of veracity is well document in a superb website, John Hemming MP The Truth behind the Facade , for example Lord Justice Nicholas Wall in June 2008 in a case in which Hemming was a witness for a woman whoswe child had been taken into care said:

"As to Mr Hemming, my judgment is that his self-imposed role as a critic of the family justice system is gravely damaged.
"Speaking for myself I will not be persuaded to take seriously any criticism made by him in the future unless it is corroborated by reliable, independent evidence."
"Mr Hemming has been willing to scatter unfounded allegations of professional impropriety and malpractice without any evidence to support them," he said.
Lord Justice Wall also referred to criticism Hemming levelled against a clinical psychologist identified by the initials HJ - He said the allegations represented in his judgment "a wholesale and entirely unwarranted attack on the professional integrity of HJ for which, once again, there is no evidence what so ever."

Soon after the birth of his love child, Hemming was back in the headlines, this time telling the Mail on Sunday that "Gestapo" social workers had "harassed" Ms Cox as she went into labour, because she had told her doctor she had failed to register a stillbirth when she was a teenager.

Birmingham City council then discovered it was to be sued by one of its own councillors.

In December, Hemming MP issued a writ alleging Ms Cox had been "defamed, tortured and assaulted" by social services, who had, he claimed, breached her human rights. He was seeking £300,000 compensation, part of which he wanted to be paid personally by the individual social workers concerned.

It is almost impossible to believe this lunatic was elected or remains a member of the Liberal Democrat Party. The Cost to the public purse of this Neanderthal , his Justice for Parent and the self styled children's advocate Penny Mellor is incalculable.

But the incurious mainstream press fall for it - the Daily Mail ("Councils making millions in incentives after snatching record numbers of babies for adoption") or the Daily Telegraph ("System taking hundreds of babies for adoption") lapping up what Hemming has had to say on the subject, which has ranged from allegations of "social engineering on a grand a scale" to claims that "A thousand kids a year are being taken off their birth parents just to satisfy targets". Mother-to-be flees as social workers warn her they will take her baby away at birth
Daily Mail
21 November 2007 - an article that quotes Hemming ,"Mr Hemming is chairman of the Justice for Families organisation and believes councils are now taking more babies to meet Government adoption targets."

Also visit Cot death, infanticide & child protection a site run by Jonathan Gornall which has an extensive library and is described as a " site [that] serves as a repository for those articles and as a source of information relating to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, infanticide and the campaign against UK professionals working in child-protection services.

Justice for Families have a website and also here this happily reproduces speeches of David Hemming in the House of Commons 19th december 2006 where he says "The problem is that over decades he (David Southall) was allowed to continue to do research just as damaging as that of Josef Mengele, without proper action by the authorities. "

Those who have the patience can go the John Hemmings blog where for some curious reason he fails to post anything about the statement by Vera Baird about the investigation into the activities of Dr David Southall as a prosecution witness. ..."On reviewing these files in depth, the team found no grounds to suggest that there had been a failure to comply with the prosecution’s obligations of disclosure to the defence. " was a result which lying, devious, dishonest people like John Hemming cannot deal with.

Meanwhile we wait for Mr Steven Clark to sue Dr David Southall for libel for calling him a murderer. All it needs is a phone call to Schillings or Carter Fuck.

Does this look the sort of man who would shoot his lawnmower ?

Lawnmower man - all is explained at BBC Online.

Norwegian street art

London Transport Oyster payment cards cracked open again ?

STOP PRESS Saturday 26th July Transport for London apology Transys Links provided by Watching Them Watching Us of problems caused again for users of the Oyster card (initial cost £1.2 Billion) on Friday 25th, this was blamed on " incorrect data tables being sent out by our contractor" , whatever that means.

See post last Monday , July 21, 2008 Oyster - a lesson in obsolesence - a cracked technology and money will leak away through the cracks for details of problems with the RFID chip on the card which meant they had to replace 35,000 cards.

Report of problems on Friday in Guradian who say the problem started at 5.30 am , with the pay-as-you-go system. It meant that barriers had to be kept open throughout the busiest period in the morning at a cost of many tens of thousands of pounds in lost fares to Transport for London (TfL).

The BBC Online report talked of losses of over £100,000 to TfL which would be claimed from Transys. The Daily Telegraph has a headline , "Oyster card failure gives London commuters free travel" - a spokemans for TFl said, ""We believe that this problem, like the last one resulted from incorrect data tables being sent out by our contractor, Transys."

The Register says ,"TfL has denied this (the hacking of the RFID chip) has anything to do with the two recent failures but it has been suggested that security updates to try and protect the system against cloned cards caused the problems."

Slashdot IT pro The Independent

There has been remarkably little informed comment about the hacking and publication of the NXP/Philips' MIFARE chip used by Trnsys - and other transport systems, access control etc.,

Two principal ideas emerge ;

1. Some people / users are trying hacks and just screwing the systems.

2. Patches and updates to defend from attacks are screwing the systems.

The fact that this last manifestation resulted in free use for many users would lend suport to the idea that someone wants to make some political / social point.

Of course all this gladdens the heart of any No2ID member. Lord Patel confidently predicts more problems and a certainty that CCTV cameras watching transaction points / barriers are working and being watched very, very carefully.

Happy Birthday Mick - Free Bus Pass and a Pension

It's frightening that West Side Story is 50 years old. Lord Patel was a spotty teenager who had regular access to the Opera House in Manchester in September 1958 and saw the premiere. Note this first showing was in Manchester NOT London .. we also got to see the memorable first night of TWANG !! at the Palace Theatre. A disastrous Lionel Bart musical with Anthony Newley, said to have been based on the story of Robin Hood. It lasted a seemingly interminable 3 hours.

Brought up on wholesome diet of Oklahoma! and Gilbert & Sullivan light operas, the effect of this bastardized story of the Montagus and Capulets was stunning., especially the transformation scene when the female chorus sing America!

Gee Officer Krupke!, was a revelation.

Lord Patel at the time had a Saturday job re-arranging sheet music at White & Swales . This was a tiny music shop in Grafton Street, Altrincham. The partners were pianist Noel White ex chairman and director of Altrincham FC, Liverpool FC one of the architects of the the Premier League and now Chairman of the powerful FA International Committee. Peter Swales was very fond of the odd drink or two and was, at his peak Chairman of Manchester City he died in 1996 aged 64.

This was the THE place to be on Saturday afternoons to riffle through the boxes of 78's and listen in to the booths, ogle the girls and act cool. They expanded into white goods and TV's with multiple shops throughout the NW and sold out to Curry's for millions.

Lord Patel seized the opportunity to write down the words from the sheet music and learn them, principally to shock teachers ...

Gee, Officer Krupke,
We're down on our knees,
'Cause no one wants a fellow with a social disease.
Gee, Officer Krupke,
What are we to do?
Gee, Officer Krupke,
Krup you!

The last line of which became our secret oath which mystified our guardians. We were also singing Rock around the Clock , Hound Dog and Good Golly Miss Molly !! .. as no doubt Sir Mick Jagger did at Dartford Grammar School. He is 65 today.

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The Independent have asked coprophagous Mark Oaten 49, to consider the problems facing Max Mosley. He has a wonderfully cheeky line..

It's frustrating, to say the least, and, while I have thicker skin these days, it isn't easy to turn the other cheek.

Israel Maskiot settlement new building is an affront to Palestinians and snub to Prime Minister

The Boy David has issued a Press Release..

Commenting on plans for a new Israeli settlement the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband said:

"I was dismayed to learn of plans for new settlement construction in the Jordan Valley. These are clearly outside Israel's Roadmap and Annapolis commitments. At this important moment in the peace process all sides need to take steps to build confidence and ensure practical progress. As the Prime Minister spelt out clearly during his recent visit to the region, settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories represents a real obstacle to peace. I urge Israel not to approve these plans. We have made our views clear directly to the Israeli government."

Quite evidently the words of our craven prime Minister last week to the Knesset have had no effect ..

And to deliver this historic hard won and lasting peace, it is vital also that both sides now create the conditions for a final agreement:

#the Palestinians acting with persistence and perseverance against the terrorists who attack your country;
#Israel freezing, and withdrawing from, settlements ------ and like many of your friends, I urge you to make these decisions.

"We are currently in the process of constructing 20 housing units in the Jordan Valley settlement of Maskiot," a senior defence ministry official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's spokeswoman Michele Montas said " Ban had repeatedly stressed that "settlement construction or expansion is contrary to international law and Israel's commitments under the roadmap and the Annapolis process."

"The Secretary General urges Israel to heed the call of the (Middle East peace) Quartet to freeze all settlement activity, including natural growth, and to dismantle outposts erected since March 2001," she added. This Christian Science Monitor article from January 2007 shows how this was being done then - Israel eyes West Bank growth

There has been oposition to this move from the Leaders of the left-wing Meretz party.

There has been no let up in the land grabs, evictions and construction of settlements since Annapolis - ther are now over 470,000 Israelis living in West Bank setllements, 200,000 of them in East Jerusalem. This "Jordan Valley" site is the English version for settlers about living in the Jordan valley. They have an uncompromising view -

"The region is considered crucial to Israel’s security because it serves as the eastern defensive shield against attack.

The Jordan Valley Development Fund provides for the welfare of the people who live in the various communities in the Jordan Valley and N. Dead Sea area by supporting programs and activities in the fields of education, social welfare, development, security, health, cultural, environmental and Jewish identity for the different communities, strengthening them and the eastern border of Israel.

Nothing new here - Al Jazeera report from 20th February in Maskiot on the 20 hectares of land being used that has been illegally taken.

For an analysis of aggressive and rapacious Israeli policies on the settlements see the MideastWeb Middle East Web Log for 6th March 2008. Maskiot Settlement tells us about realities of Israeli Policy

"Actions, however, speak louder than words. The new settlement of Maskiot tells us that that Olmert's governments may not be the government a lot of Israelis thought they had voted for, and Olmert's policies may not be precisely what he sold to the Americans. Maskiot is probably the first new settlement to be created outside Jerusalem, with full government approval, since the Oslo peace process began. Its establishment violates two undertakings to the United States:

1. Not to establish new settlements
2. Not to settle settle evacuees from Gaza in them.

True, the settlement existed as an army base, and Israel may claim it is only "firming up" an existing settlement. However, that is clearly not the case. "

Who were the ,"unidentified group of people hostile to Max Mosley". News of the World and their world of blackmail.

Tony Hatfield casts his expert forensic gaze on the judgement of Justice Eady in the case of Mosley v News of the World which the BBC have kindly provided on line here.

Tony ask the question ..."Did the News of the World really try blackmail to get evidence against Mosley?"

If , as he suggests , you search on the word "blackmail" in the judgement, you will find two sections , paras 82 - 87 when Editor Colin Myler (who BBC4 gave a handsome "Profile" repeated 3 times last week) and chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck were cross examined, that Justice Eady isolates to demonstrate that that is indeed what they did.

In this case the soon to be ex Editor and reporter were blackmailing the highly paid ladies who indulged Max Mosley in his strange fantasies... and who went on to print spurious , misleading and dishonest statements , the ladies were alleged to have made.

Perhaps more intriguing ,is the reason for the activities of the News of the World in the light of what was said (at para 225) ..

In this particular case, the evidence is that the Claimant had received a warning from Lord Stevens that he was being watched by some unidentified group of people hostile to him. This was at the end of February. He had also received a similar tip from Mr Bernie Ecclestone in January. He had taken the matter sufficiently seriously to arrange instruction for himself in spotting or avoiding surveillance.
It is worth noting the ante-penultimate paragraph of the judgement No 234..

It is perhaps worth adding that there is nothing “landmark” about this decision. It is simply the application to rather unusual facts of recently developed but established principles. Nor can it seriously be suggested that the case is likely to inhibit serious investigative journalism into crime or wrongdoing, where the public interest is more genuinely engaged.
The judge must have chuckled as he assembled his statement ... it is not without some droll observations ..

30. It is fair to point out that any parts of the photographs revealing anybody’s private parts are discreetly blocked out – including in one instance by a chequered flag.

65. It was put to the Editor and Mr Thurlbeck that the reason why Woman E was only paid £12,000 after she delivered the video material, despite having been offered £25,000 previously, was that they had been disappointed by the lack of Nazi content – a pertinent question. This was denied and the editor gave the reason that they like to renegotiate downwards, when in a strong bargaining position. They were affected by the credit crunch like everyone else.
One is left wondering what sort of depraved people do like to strut about in Nazi uniforms ....
When they do, there is always, it seems, one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers ready to print the pictures.

How Ministers lied about Trident weapons systems and misled Parliament

Hypocrisy and lies about the UK nuclear arsenal is stock in trade. This time the perpetrators of the lies have been caught with their trousers down, thanks to CND.

David Gould, ****then (since 2004) chief operating officer at the Defence Equipment and Support Organisation (previously CEO of the hopelessly incompetent Defence Procurement Agency which preceded DESO) made a speech to what the MOD describe as , "200 very senior representatives of industry" on 27th June 2007 at a conference, chillingly entuitled "Future Deterrence industry Day."

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament have finally obtained under a Freedom of Information request notes of his speech that day the the cream of the global military industrial complex. Originally redacted they have now been revealed to show that ""The intention is to replace the entire Vanguard Class submarine system. Including the warhead and missile."

This may not be a surprise to many people but it shows the Government have quite deliberately misled Parliament.

Whilst the Commons voted last year to replace the submarines that carry the UK's nuclear warheads on Trident missiles, the White Paper and repeated ministerial statements since then have claimed that no decision would be taken on replacing the explosive warheads themselves until the next Parliament, expected to be 2010 at the earliest.

Kate Hudson, Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said: "This document destroys any remaining credibility in the Government's claim that it has not yet made a decision on new nuclear warheads. Staffing at the Atomic Weapons Establishment has grown by a third in the last five years, with billions spent on new facilities, yet throughout this the Government has been telling MPs and the public that it would be years before any decision was needed. It is a disgrace that the MoD is secretly telling the defence industry one thing, whilst Ministers are saying quite the opposite to Parliament."

She continued, "The explosive warheads are the destructive core of the UK's nuclear weapons system. But they are also at the political core of the issue. Building newer, potentially more advanced warheads will breach our commitment to disarm under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and will send out a destabilising and hypocritical message to other states, both with and currently without such weapons. A decision to go ahead with new warheads will have a much greater impact than the plan for new submarines, which merely provide the launch platform for these terrible weapons."

The Atomic Weapons Establishment has seen huge investment over recent years, with staffing growing by a third and capital costs going from £24m in 2000/1 to £420 in 2007/8. In the next three years £1750m is budgeted for investment there, the vast majority coming from the MoD main budget. There careers section on the website boasts .."With over 4,500 employees and more than 2,000 contractors based at two neighbouring sites"

AWE also have fascinating ways of introducing children to their deadly business .. a recent Press Release ."13/06/08 AWE’s SCIENCE COMPETITION IS A BIG HIT WITH CHALK RIDGE PRIMARY SCHOOL Basingstoke Ever wondered what life is like on another planet? This was the ethos behind an AWE competition for 10 and 11-year-olds to come up with a blueprint for an extraordinary planet, encouraging youngsters to explore the fun, adventurous side of science and technology...

Curiously nothing about designing, making, building, new superior targetting nuclear wardheads.

With the current state of the art,a single submarine on patrol will be prepared to launch an attack with all its 14 missiles and 48 nuclear warheads - targetted on Moscow this will kill 3 million people.(see here) Please don't tell the kids at Chalk Ridge Primary that.***

So, whilst the craven Prime Minister can speak to the Israeli parliament , boasting on our behalf ..." the UK will continue to lead - with the US and our EU partners - in our determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons programme," he , a well known enthusiast for Trident, has already decided to press on with the UK arming with even more lethal nuclear warheads ... and lying to Parliament about it.

**** David Gould speaks fluent French and Italian, has homes in Bath and Puglia, is a keen member of the Avon and tributaries Angling Association, the Morgan Sports Car Club, and is a passionate supporter of Bath Rugby.

David Gould Consultants Limited have a website on which you can view a video of David talking about How Defence Industrial Strategy will be delivered. Fascinating.

*** Mrs Shave , Headteacher has a school poem...This poem by Dorothy Lawe Holte reflects the school’s philosophy and underpins everything that our school strives towards.

If a child lives with criticism, He learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility, He learns to fight.
If a child lives with ridicule, He learns to be shy.
If a child lives with shame, He learns to feel guilty.
If a child lives with tolerance, He learns to be patient.
If a child lives with encouragement, He learns confidence.
If a child lives with praise, He learns to appreciate.
If a child lives with fairness, He learns justice
If a child lives with security, He learns to have faith.
If a child lives with approval, He learns to like himself.
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
He learns to find love in the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

US field superb young team for Peking

2 Hoosiers 16 year old Samantha Peszek who has been at DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics in Fishers Indianapolis for the last 13 years, and Bridget Sloan, 16, Pittsboro who trains at Sharp’s Gymnastics on the Northwestside are off to Peking

That's the good news.

The community is chipping in as we speak to help the parents of Samantha go to Peking to see her in action after her dad lost his job today.

US men's national team coordinator Ron Brant said he expected no problems with Morgan Hamm's participation on the U.S. team. USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee reaffirmed his membership on the team last week, in the wake of a public warning by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency after he tested positive for a prohibited substance at nationals.

The International Gymnastics Federation has the right to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Obama's trumpet sounds an uncertain note - bringing down the walls .. or putting them up ?

The Victory Column in Berlin commemorates the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian war, the defeat of Austria in the Austro-Prussian War (1866) and France in the Franco-Prussian War (1870/1871), in what came to be called the Unification Wars. Hilter had it moved (and thereby saved it from Allied bombing) as part of his grand plan for Berlin.

As an Ambassador for Erutz USA , Obama must have felt at home with this as his podium and a backdrop ... however his admonition reported by AP was best kept for Berliners, more used to tearing walls down, rather than building them ...."The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians and Muslims and Jews cannot stand." he said. Brave words. Braver than those of his tawdry, craven warm up act in Jerusalem , by Zionist lickspittle Gordon Brown. see - Stop the Wall Latest News

For those who think Obama wants to shrink the US military footprint, read Renewing American Leadership by Barack Obama -From Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007 ournal of Foreign relations , especially the section "Revitalising the Military" ...

"We should expand our ground forces by adding 65,000 soldiers to the army and 27,000 marines. Bolstering these forces is about more than meeting quotas. We must recruit the very best and invest in their capacity to succeed. That means providing our servicemen and servicewomen with first-rate equipment, armor, incentives, and training -- including in foreign languages and other critical skills. Each major defense program should be reevaluated in light of current needs, gaps in the field, and likely future threat scenarios. Our military will have to rebuild some capabilities and transform others. At the same time, we need to commit sufficient funding to enable the National Guard to regain a state of readiness."

No doubt when he appeared in front of 100,000 Berliners , after having bent Angela Merkel's ear about sending some more NATO troops off to a certain death in Afghanistan he must have felt his trip worthwhile.

Unfortunately the citizens of Europe don't vote and the most concern US TV viewers have had this last week, has been the fate of Greg Norman in the British Open.

Meanwhile McCain called into a German restaurant , waiting for his moment.

UPDATE Friday : 'Siegessäule', victory column, where Obama appeared is also the name of the premier gay magazine in Berlin. The mayor of Berlin, Wowereit, is openly gay.

Is Dr. Dragan Dabic a hoax ? - like his website - a riddle inside an enigma inside a puzzle

If we do a whois on www.dragandabic.com ....

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server: whois.enom.com
Referral URL: http://www.enom.com
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 22-jul-2008
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Expiration Date: 22-jul-2009

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UPDATE : Let's just hope that he doesn't try and run away and get shot in the process...like a bulldozer driver.

UPDATE : 2.00pm BST Mark Easton from the BBC blogs about the above hoax- exposed strangely enough by the blogistes and not the MSM. He then launches into an immoderate tirade against hoaxers (AKA blogistes) and how the BBC never get hoaxed (They have been on a training course) . David Davis anyone ? Osmium tetroxide anyone ?, Ricin poisoning anyone ? WTC 7 anyone ? No. No. No the BBC never get hoaxed - well only by Government, SIS , MI5, MI6 etc., .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

White Man speak with forked tongue, especially British Diplomats - Don't fuck with the FO Radovan

"Karadzic was no fool; he spoke the diplomats' language, and, in return, Britain, France and the UN led the prevalent international policy of calculated refusal to stop him, thereby advancing his aims. The governments of Britain and France especially - as well as the United Nations leadership - saw in Karadzic not the war criminal they call him today, but a fellow politician with whom to do business. Karadzic dealt - directly or indirectly - with Lord Peter Carrington, Malcolm Rifkind, Lord David Owen, Cyrus Vance, Douglas Hurd and Dame Pauline Neville-Jones as an equal, deserving full diplomatic protocol."

Ed Vulliamy The Guradian, Wednesday July 23, 2008 "The Edge of Madness"

"Politicians in the West then stood by during the Foča massacre and the Prijedor massacre before UN troops were committed: to defend the international airport. The rest of the story is essentially the story of Western politicians' utter inactivity: a refusal to name what was happening as genocide in order to avoid the legal and moral responsibility to act, and literally standing by while massacre after massacre occurred." Bob from Brockley

These were the result of trials and the Convictions handed down by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia: for the events at Foča
Dragoljub Kunarac (28 years in prison)
Radomir Kovač (20 years in prison) - While four girls, were kept in his apartment, the convicted Radomir Kovač abused them and raped three of them many times, thereby perpetuating the attack upon the Bosnian Muslim civilian population. Kovač would also invite his friends to his apartment, and he sometimes allowed them to rape one of the girls. Kovač also sold three of the girls. Prior to their being sold, Kovač had given two of these girls, to other Serb soldiers who abused them for more than three weeks before taking them back to Kovač, who proceeded to sell one and give the other away to acquaintances of his.
Zoran Vuković (12 years in prison) - served his sentence in Bodø, Norway and was released in May 2008, after serving half of the sentence.
Milorad Krnojelac (12 years in prison)
Dragan Zelenović (pleaded guilty, 15 years in prison)

Convicted by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Radovan Stanković (20 years in prison; escaped from prison recently)
Neđo Samardžić (24 years in prison)
Gojko Janković (34 years in prison)

The head of Foča police forces, Dragan Gagović, was personally identified as one of the men who went into detention centres to take women out and rape them. He was charged but found not guilty.

This is but one small element of those covered by the ICTY of atrocities See Para 570 "The Trial Chamber is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that there was an extensive attack by the Serb forces targeting the Muslim civilian population in the area and for the period covered by Indictments IT-96-23 and IT-96-23/1. The attack encompassed the municipalities of Foca, Gacko and Kalinovik. " The UN, everyone sat and watched. ITV filmed. Everyone gasped.

Curiously as the news broke on Monday night of the capture of Karadic, the BBC newsnight was able to assemble telephone interviews with General Rose, David Owen , Paddy Pantsdown and of course Lady Dame Jane Barones Pauline Neville Jones.

In the endless game of securing the assets of the Caspian region the break up of Yugoslavia was (and is) critical. A statelet of the US run by Albanian gangsters now runs a small lump of territiry which now houses one of the most important strategic US overseas bases at Camp Bondsteel.

A puppet government supported by the West now presides in Belgrade which we had to bomb into submission - they can now join the Common Market.

Meanwhile the ITCY Hague Tribunal trial of three former Croatian generals, Ante Gotovina, Ivan Čermak and Mladen Markač, indicted for war crimes committed against ethnic Serbs during and after Croatian Army's 1995 US organised Operation Storm carries on.

Croatian veterans meanwhile are forming a Zbor Udruga or Assemble of Croat Associations which they want General Ante Gotovina to lead when he is found inoccent and released. For the time being they are left to listen to controversial singer Marko Perković Thompson, criticized for his pro-Nazi lyrics and iconography - he's going easy on the Ustashe songs currently - too much trouble results. See here how the US backed the Croatian ethnic cleansing of the Serbs in the devastating Operation Storm. Tuesday, December 26, 2006 Perfidious Clinton / Hollingrooke /Galbraith / CIA New Year 1994 - Lest we forget

As ever the US backed both ends aganist the middle - and allowed Ante Govina a long leash until they hauled him in, just as they have done with Karadic, who they could have nabbed anytime they wanted. see Thursday, September 14, 2006 Where are they Now ? Pt 322(b) General Ante Gotovina

The Murder of Dr David Kelly - an Anniversary missed

On Thursday, July 17th 2005 some time between 3 and 3:30pm, Dr. David Kelly started out on his usual afternoon walk. About 18 hours later, searchers found his body, left wrist slit, in a secluded lane on Harrowdown Hill, near his home.

Page 722 The Blair Years A Campbell Diary entry July 18th

"Then Tom told me the body had been found. This was getting more and more grim...then TB came on the plane. I said I'd really had enough. He said we should have a judicial enquiry now. I said I really wanted to go and I felt I should do it now.I had been determined to clear my name .... I was clear it had all gone too far ..."

Touching scenes as Pope apologises in Sydney - blessed Commemorative T shirt now available

Vista is a crock of shit : Part 234

History is littered with shattered dreams, vanished illusions, mirages of hope, simply, there are times when the orthodoxy of the masses was just plain wrong -- that the the Sun revolved around the Earth, disease was caused by an imbalance of the humours, when we thought reality TV was a passing fad, global climate change was anthropogenic. Microsoft is painfully aware of, if not a consensus, a widely held impression of Windows Vista as bloated, slow, annoying and not good at playing with other items such as scanners, printers ..... and it's about to spend some $300 million to convince us otherwise.

Yes Folks .

Microsoft's naive VP of Vista marketing, (there must have been the shortest queue in the world for that job) Brad Brooks, told the freeloaders and liggers at a Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference on Tuesday that the next few months will see a major advertising push that promises to "free the people" through what Vista has to offer.

"You thought the sleeping giant was still sleeping, well we woke it up and it's time to take our message forward,"

Yeah. Well take this message Brad. Vista is a crock of shit. 37 processes must run before you can login, the hard disk chatters away all day and night when there is no-one there. It freezes..... and well here is our favourite Vista experience ever.

Can't get Trainz2006 running (odd Error mesages)

i recently upgraded to vista and trainz2006 was a nightmare to run.
but now it works perfectly including download manager
what i first done was uninstall the old version of trainz 2006.
then updated drivers for my videocard (radeon 1300) i then installed a
newer version of trainz 2006 (its called trainz railway simulator it is
actually trainz 2006 and is released by focus) i found a copy on
amazon.co.uk for £8 and it is vista compatible, install it and at the
end of the install it will ask you if you want to intall directx 9
click no, it will then intall netframework 2. after install go onto
microsoft website and download netframework 2 service pack 1 (40mb)
install update, go back to desktop and on the trainz 2006 icon right
and select run as administrator. when trainz menu comes up put in your
details (username etc) then run content manger.

hope this helps anyone having problems with trainz 2006 and vista

East Peasy.

PS : Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 (TRS2006) sets new standards of realism and immersion in operating a virtual railroad. (see website)As Gemma Garrett says, click to enlarge.

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"Next Year in Jerusalem" ..Gordon Brown heaps praise on the Zionist thugs and their apartheid state and calls it a democracy

"And to those who believe that threatening statements fall upon indifferent ears we say in one voice: that it is totally abhorrent for the President of Iran to call for Israel to be wiped from the map of the world."
The Prime Minister, in a sickening and sycophantic speech at the Knesset repeated, re-inforced and gave legitimacy to the often misquoted remarks of Mr Ahmadinejad when quoting Khomeini .

The Government's voice, BBC Online provide a snippet of video , again repeating this solecism, provided, as Craig Murray points out, by busy revisionist speech writers in the FCO. For good measure the BBC not only mis-quote Mr Ahmadinejad when quoting Khomeini they mis-quote the Prime Minister ... as saying " to be wiped off the map".

The cloying phrases of the Prime Minister reflect how his childhood was steeped in a romanticised view of Israel advocated by his father, blinded by the socialist ideals, and the prodigious energy and toil of the early settlers - which you can read about in Gold Meir's autobiography My Life "We cannot afford any more victories".

Lord Patel was fortunate enough to be simultaneously toning his buff physique at the gym and watched the complete speeach , the first given by a British Prime Minister to the Knesset, on Sky TV. It was watched in a relaxed silence , with much anxious wrist watch glancing, sly reading of notes and nervous tics manifesting themselves in a variety of scratching, nose poking, ear tugging ways.

Surprisingly his explanation of his youthful admiration for their land and it's people and Parliament raised neither a cheer nor an eyebrow...."My father was a Minister of the Church who learned Hebrew and had a deep and life long affection for Israel. For three decades he was a member of - and again and again Chairman of - the Church of Scotland's Israel Committee. And he travelled back and forth to Israel twice every year, often more.

After each trip, he would roll out the old film projector ....I will never forget those early images of your home in my home and the stories my father would tell.

So as I learned to listen and to read, I followed the fortunes of an age-old people in your new country. And there was never a time as I was growing up that I did not hear about, read about or was not surrounded by stories of the struggles, sacrifices, tribulation and triumphs as the Israeli people built their new state. And I am proud to say that for the whole of my life, I have counted myself a friend of Israel. "(speech at No 10 website)

As he learnt to listen and read , he evidently also never learnt that you do not start sentences with a conjunction... "I have counted myself a friend of Israel. " a phrase that would have lifted the roof at AIPAC , had Tzipi Livni , the daughter of one of the original gangsters, whom David Ben Gurion sent to Europe to assassinate political leaders, carefully straightening her stockings.

As he learnt to listen and read he must have also missed out on the tales of ethnic cleansing, the land grabs, the terrorism, the Nabka, the occupation, the refugee camps.

Gulping in the curious way a beached fish does, our anxious to please, semi-autistic Prime Minister was certain and sure to idolise, Father of the Nation , David Ben Gurion ("We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”) who he reminded them had said .."in 1948 said it was not enough for the Jewish state simply to be Jewish, it had to be fully democratic offering equal citizenship to all residents: a democracy not just of one people but of all your peoples..." and founded an apartheid state separated not only by an obscene and divisive wall but also by the coralling of 1 million refugees. As in some mediaeval siege they are systematically starved, shelled, refused food, medicines, electricity, access inwards or out at the lazy will of their military overlords , shot like fish in a barrel. ( see Free Gaza)

It was therefore unsurprising that this nod towards the state's illustrious founder was immediately followed by a paen of praise for the chief gangster , the capo di capo "I think of Menachem Begin - who reached out to Anwar Sadat" .. after a lifetime of terrorist savagery, proprietor of the Irgun gang of heartless butchers and bombers , that murdered British citizens and statesmen alike, and whose state thugs extended their operations beyond the shores of Israel... and who also dandled the child of his fellow thug, Tzipi Livni on his knee. He also said after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine.."Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever." He also said after winning the election in 1977 and becoming Israel's 6th Prime Minister ; "the Jewish people have unchallengeable, eternal, historic right to the Land of Israel the inheritance of their forefathers", he came from what is now Byelorussia and also ordered the bombing of the Iraq nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981.

This received a warm round of applause and polite banging of desks.

The peroration was sickening..."Then 'Next year in Jerusalem' will mean not only home at last but free from war at last..." "Next year in Jerusalem" the heartfelt cry of the diaspora at the end of every Passover seder. "Next year in Jeruslaem" carries a resonance - Psalm 137 is the well-known lament of the Babylonian Jews who wept "by the rivers of Babylon" and declared, "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither."

The speech was long, too long. As the pound of flesh demanded, by the superb bargainers they are, it will have secured adequate funding for the Nu Labour Party for the next Election.

There are repeated demands in the US , in Senate, in Congress and the myriad Jewish / Zionist lobbies for the US to move their Embassy to Jerusalem. If the FCO were happy to endorse this stocmach churning, arse licking, fantastical view of the dystopic Zionist state then perhaps the Ambassador will follow ..." Next Year in Jerusalem"... now that would get them dancing in the aisles.

As Craig Murray pointed out .."For Gordon Brown to stand craving approval from the assembly that controls the World's largest illegal arsenal of nuclear weapons, without mentioning that fact, is craven." In popular political parlance, this is the "gorilla in the room", the inconvenient truth, the skeleton in the cupboard, it is also a fact that the BBC will never utter or accept. (Although they reported Jimmy Carter saying Israel had 150 nukes)..they also reported "He also described Israeli treatment of Palestinians as "one of the greatest human rights crimes on earth".

It is also precisely why Iran wants to arm themselves.

The Jewish state is the cuckoo in the Arab nest. The cuckoo chick is primed genetically , and built physically, and it's hatching timed, so that it can eject it's competing fledglings in the nest.

Hegemony in the Middle East is their ultimate goal, supported by gross financial aid from the US , which exceeds all the other overseas aid that the US provides, they want military dominance and control of trade routes and resources.

Iran thinks they should be stopped.

Mr Gordon Brown, has made it clear that he and his colleagues are firmly behind the anti-democratic, apartheid state of Israel and it's gang of Zionist thugs, they are , with their sanitised , blinkered and romantic views, with the settlers.

PS : Just to be on the safe side, Gordon also popped round the back and had a word with that nice Mr Netanyahu (First of all, Arafat is wrong. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, will never be divided, and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, the capital of the Jewish people, for ever and ever) - well it makes sense seeing that a recent poll showed that of those who voted whom they would choose for the next Prime Minister voted 37% - Netanyahu 20% - Barak 10% - Olmert

UPDATE :We have been asked to list the outstanding Creditors of the Nu Labour Party ;

Richard Caring, close friend of Philip Green: £2m. The loan is under review on 180 days' rolling notice.

Rod Aldridge, chairman The Aldridge Foundation, was Chairman of Capita and resigned when loan became public knowledge: two loans, each for £500,000.

Nigel Morris, co-founder of Capital One: £1m loan. Was due for review in June 2008.

Derek Tullett, stockbroker: £400,000. Was for review in March 2008 then rolling six months' notice.

Chai Patel, chief executive Priory Healthcare: £1.5m loan. Due for review in August.

Andrew Rosenfield, director of the Minerva property group: £1m loan. For review February 2009.

Sir Gulam Noon, founder Noon Products. £250,000 loan. Due for review in October 2008.

Gordon Crawford, founder London Bridge Software: £500,000 loan. Indefinite.

Barry Townsley, businessman: £1m loan. Due for review in October 2008.

Lord Sainsbury, businessman, Labour peer: £2m loan. Due for review in September 2008.

Sir Gulam Noon, Barry Townsley, Sir David Garrard and Chai Patel were nominated for Peerages , the House of Lords Appointments Commission raised "concerns"

Charles de Menezes - remembered - murdered in an act of state sponsored terrorism - then whitewashed covered up

Cousin Alex Pereira said "At the inquest we will be able to ask questions and find out the truth," he said. "(The police) have to explain why they lied and everyone will see that a crime was committed here. Whoever did this should be punished for it. We feel we have to come back and fight but sometimes it's difficult for us."

Witnesses appearing before the Inquest, so far scheduled for September , have already been assured of their anonymity.

Nick Hardwick has been re-appointed as Chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission it was announced by the Home Secretary on 27th March 2008.

Deutsche Bank's role in questionable tax shelters - fire destroys bank and records - LMDC and it's interesting people

Subsequent to the recent interesting activities exposed of UBS bank this interesting article about interesting things is published in its entirity for those interested people interested in such interesting matters. Some emphasis has been (mis?) placed.

U.S. widens Deutsche Bank inquiry By Lynnley BrowningPublished: Thursday May 18th, 2006 International Herald Tribune

NEW YORK: A U.S. investigation of Deutsche Bank's role in questionable tax shelters has widened to include a broader array of shelters than previously known, according to people briefed on the inquiry.

The largest German bank has been under investigation as an outgrowth of the criminal inquiry into the accounting firm KPMG, but the investigation has recently widened to include the bank's links with other firms, and to include shelters not covered in the KPMG case, specifically shelters known as digital options. Digital options involve complex offsetting trades in foreign currency options to produce losses.

Deutsche Bank has been in talks with U.S. prosecutors in New York over its tax shelter work. In August, KPMG reached a $456 million deferred-prosecution agreement with prosecutors and admitted criminal wrongdoing over four types of shelters, some of them ones that Deutsche Bank worked on. A smaller German bank, HVB, has also settled with prosecutors. But Deutsche Bank's extensive role in the creation and sale of questionable tax shelters may complicate its negotiations.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment. The bank has said in the past that the transactions it arranged for tax shelters were regular and ordinary.

Prosecutors are examining how Deutsche Bank helped to make and sell a digital option shelter called Cobra to more than 1,100 wealthy investors around 1999 and 2000, according to the people who have been briefed on the inquiry. The prosecutors are also looking at the bank's similar role in making and selling a shelter similar to Cobra known as Homer, which was sold through Bank One, and at a related shelter called MLD, for market-linked deposit.

J.P. Morgan Chase, ( who snaffled up Bear Stearns) which acquired Bank One in 2004, declined to comment.

Many aggressive tax shelters look alike, and from the late 1990s through recent years different promoters had various names for their own shelters, although they were typically updated versions of existing shelters.

Cobra (currency options bring reward alternatives Ho.Ho.Ho.), Homer (hedge option monetization of economic remainder Ditto ) and MLD are all regarded by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as variations of a widely used abusive tax-avoidance strategy known as Son of Boss. The IRS has never considered any Son of Boss shelter valid for deductions and had banned them by September 2000. Deutsche Bank has been accused in lawsuits of continuing to promote shelters that were variations of Son of Boss after that date.

Details about these shelters are outlined in internal documents that have emerged in civil litigation against Deutsche Bank brought by wealthy investors who bought the tax shelters.

David Deary, a lawyer in Dallas who has filed lawsuits against Deutsche Bank in U.S. District Court in Manhattan and in a Texas State court, among others, on behalf of wealthy investors who bought digital options shelters, said: "Deutsche Bank was the driving force behind every tax strategy that involved digital options. And without Deutsche Bank, none of these tax shelters could have been sold and implemented."

One internal document that has emerged is a PowerPoint presentation of Homer from October 2001 that outlines the steps Deutsche Bank and the law firms White & Case and Jenkens & Gilchrist took to put the shelter together for individual clients. The document, eight pages long, breaks down the shelter into nine stages, each containing multiple steps like "pretrade" document creation, "options to trust" and "partnership liquidation."

The document indicates that the core workings of Homer revolved around Deutsche Bank's arranging trades and loans that were intended to lose money. The tax agency considers such transactions to be a hallmark of an abusive tax shelter. The document also describes how Deutsche Bank transferred the losses between trusts and partnerships, to generate artificial losses. Over all, the document depicts, through a maze of boxes and arrows, how Deutsche Bank worked side by side with the law firms to carry out the shelter.

Amazing fire hits Deutsche Bank and their office records : No Amazing pictures

Reading this alongside another intersting news story is helpful to those intersted inthese interestingmatters go to link for rest ...

Just short of the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks which destroyed the World Trade Center, a seven-alarm fire raged through the half-demolished Deutsche Bank building at ground zero, killing two firefighters on August 18.

The building at 130 Liberty Street had been irreparably damaged when the south tower of the Trade Center collapsed into it on September 11, 2001. (but strangely enough for airplane resistant Manhattan Towers did not fall down like WTC 7) However, the building had stood shrouded in black netting for the past six years, oddly untouched by the cleanup and demolition efforts that had immediately gotten under way on the rest of ground zero.

Demolition of the contaminated building did not begin until February 2007, when in tandem with environmental regulators, workers finally began disassembling the 41-story building from the top down, using acetylene torches to slice though the steel beams and disassemble the structure. They had reached the 26th floor when the fire broke out. More see also appointing Bovis " Consultants to the corporation have confirmed that the tower has excessive levels of asbestos, dioxin, lead, silica, quartz, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chromium and manganese."

On June 14th 2007 Mayor Bloomberg and then Governor Eliot Spitzer announced that JPMorgan Chase had won the bid to buy and build the new tower at 130 Liberty Street to replace the Deutsche Bank Building

Readers are also directed to learning more about the LMDC (Lower Manhattan development Corporation) set up to revive the city centre after 9/11 and their Directors. Intersting people such as John C Whitehead former Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Director of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Harvard Board of Overseers, Haverford College, . He is presently Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Foundation .

Michael Balboni is Deputy Secretary for Public Safety and has day-to-day responsibility for managing homeland security affairs, emergency preparedness and response, and law enforcement. Prior to this appointment he was the Chair of the Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs. He was the author of the state's Anti-Terrorism Law of 2001 that mandates severe penalties for those who commit terror acts, make terror threats, or render assistance to terrorists. He also authored a 2002 law that helps protect the state's water supply from terror attacks. In 2005, he authored the Chemical Plant Security Act, the first of its kind in the nation. In 2004, Mr. Balboni was appointed to serve on a national task force reviewing allocation of federal money for homeland security measures. In 2005, he was named Senior Fellow at the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University.

Interesting people.

Also interesting is a news release from LMDC 30th April 2008 MILESTONE REACHED ON 130 LIBERTY STREET

The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) announced today that another milestone has been reached at 130 Liberty Street (see above) and that the final stages of work on the abatement and decontamination have commenced. Since the tragic fire of August 18, 2007, the LMDC has worked closely with federal, state and city agencies to enhance safety conditions for first responders, workers and residents and to make modifications to the plan for abating the building.

Facsinating and must read blog post from the time of the fire here Samskara-Mandala’s Weblog
"The recent fire of the Detusche Bank at the former site of The World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York, might be cause for some re-examination of a myth that just won’t die. That is of the real reason for the destruction of the twin towers at what is now called Ground Zero. " etc ... etc ...

Tosser Jowell says Regeneration Plans for Olympic Swimming Pool in Hackney ahead of schedule - Plan A

Click to enlarge - best seen on a 42" plasma jobby.

Nu Labour cafe culture on the skids - kids take over the streets as Police fail to control landlords

A new alcohol strategy, “Changing our Drinking Culture” will be unveiled today by the thinking man's bit of crumpet, the glamorous, chatty, cheerful Dawn Primarolo, the public health minister. This will fail to catalogue the dismal response by the populace to develop Nu-Lbour's cafe style culture - and to develop a legless, drunken, violent, city centre ,night time, culture instead.

Apparently 6% of all NHS admissions are now related to drinking alcohol, and the number rises 10% per annum.Office for National Statistics say in 2005/6, hospitals admitted 208,000 people with diseases caused by drink. That was double the figure 10 years before.

Officials estimate that the true figure for alcohol-induced admissions last year was 811,000.

Alcohol is thought to cause about 17,000 cases of cancer a year and £2billion of NHS money is spent every year treating patients with alcohol-related diseases.

A Department of Health source said: “It is important that we get the real figures so no one is in doubt about how widespread and potentially damaging alcohol-related illnesses are. The action can only be taken when the full scale of the problem is known.”

Supermarkets now sell water that is higher priced than beer and cider. Unimagineably Ministers think cigarette-style health warnings on bottles and cans, a ban on “happy hours” where bars sell cut-price drinks and rules outlawing supermarket discounts will remove this pervasive alcohol fuelled social life.

As if " Smoking kills" on cigarette packest stops smokers, smoking them at huge cost to their pocket and their health.

There will be no change in young people's drinking unless, as in the US drinking is forbidden in public under 21. The culture is such that family barbecues, will not have alcohol if children are present.

What will happen ? Nothing .. but we will get lots of late night TV ads telling us drinking is bad for you - if you are sober enough to follow them.

See post Tuesday, May 06, 2008 UK Police ignore section 141 of the Licensing Act 2003 as public drunkeness soars. and also Sunday, March 23, 2008 Police refuse to implement Law (s.141 Licensing Act 2003) to stop sales of alcohol to drunks

Mark Hoban MP on Wednesday 19th March asked the Home Office how many prosecutions for sale of alcohol to a drunk person have been pursued in each criminal justice area in each of the last 10 years; and how many resulted in conviction.

They provided this information via Vernon Croaker Minister at the Home Office in a Written Parliamentary answer ;

The following table provides information on the number of defendants proceeded against at magistrates courts and found guilty at all courts for sale of alcohol to a drunken person, under section 141 of the Licesing Act 2003. The data has been broken down by police force area.

Data is provided for 2004 to 2006 only as prior to the Licensing Act 2003 coming into force, data for the offence was not held to the level of detail required.

In addition to court proceedings, the offence was added to the penalty notice for disorder (PND) scheme on 4 April 2005.Number of defendants proceeded against at magistrates courts found guilty at all courts and the number of penalty notices for disorder issued for the sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk under the licensing act 2003 section 141, by police force area, England and Wales 2004 to 2006( 1, 2)Proceeded against at magistrates courtFound guilty at all courtsPenalty notices for disorder issuedPolice forceData has been provided for the number issued by police force area in 2005 and 2006.

Avon and Somerset
British Transport policen/an/an/an/an/an/an/a1
Devon and Cornwall11
Greater Manchester3
London, City of
North Yorkshire1
South Yorkshire1
Thames Valley11
West Mercia2
West Midlands1
West Yorkshire11
Dyfed Powys
North Wales5
South Wales
England and Wales213247

n/a = Not applicable.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish