"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Westerners not wanted in Highgate ?

To stop motorists from turning right off busy Highgate High Street into a side street called South Grove, Camden Council (London) erected the NO ENTRY sign shown here.

A council CCTV mobile unit driver monitoring the site said: "It's going very well. We've just started and caught two in the first ten minutes. Drivers get hit with a £50 fine. If they don't like it then they can call the council."

A Camden Council spokesman said the sign was intended "to protect pedestrians and drivers at a dangerous junction"."Our mobile CCTV car was there to enforce traffic contraventions in the area and local residents have been very supportive of our recent enforcement action."

The Council will replace the sign with a standard NO RIGHT TURN sign. Apparently it was not directed to only aid road users with Middle East origins and any confusion only arose from those unaware of their East from their West.
Camden resident, playwright, wit and raconteur Alan Bennett said, " It certainly has it's amusing side", and smiled bleakly.

Air crashes in Afghanistan - Maintenance worries

6 April 2005 - 15 US soldiers and three civilian contractors die in helicopter crash in Ghazni province
28 June 2005 - 16 US soldiers die in Chinook crash in Kunar province (pic from US Chinook in Kunar on nice day AP)
16 August 2005 - 17 Spanish soldiers die when Cougar helicopter crashes near Herat
25 September 2005 - 5 US soldiers die in Chinook crash in Zabul province
11 November 2005 - Civilian cargo jet from Bagram crashes killing 8
24 April 2006- 5 die when US anti-drugs plane crashes in southern Afghanistan
6 May 2006 - 10 US soldiers die in helicopter crash in Kunar province
27 July 2006 - 16 people of multiple nationalities die in helicopter crash in south east

2nd September 2006

Twelve RAF personnel, a Royal Marine and an Army soldier were among those who died in the crash in the southern province of Kandahar on Saturday. An emergency call was made before the crash which it is believed up to press to be due to a "technical" fault.


The British Defense Ministry said the crashed plane was a Nimrod MR2, a long-range aircraft that can carry up to 25 people and a crew of 13 for reconnaissance and communications missions - which makes one wonder how on earth the original story of a Chinook arose.......

The aircraft, believed to be a Chinook, belonged to the Nato-led force which has been fighting the Taleban.The "aircraft was supporting a NATO mission. It went off the radar and crashed in an open area" about 12 miles west of Kandahar city, said Maj. Scott Lundy, spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force.

There have been major concerns about the maintenance of the heavily used UK Chinooks (only 6 in theatre) , availability of maintenance crews, spares and facilities. More have been promised.

This is what the BBC said about helicopters in the Iraq theatre....

"RAF helicopter squadrons which could be hours away from dropping British troops into Iraq are having to undergo thorough maintenance after sorties.

Every time the Chinook and Puma helicopters land and take off their rotor blades suck in huge amounts of sand causing immense damage."

In the North poor weather regularly closes Kamdesh to Chinooks and other U.S. supply helicopters, cutting it off from vital supply routes for several weeks at a time.

In the region of Helmand in the clash on Friday, insurgents attacked a police checkpoint, killing five officers and wounding seven in the Grieshk district about 250 miles southwest of Kabul, said Ghulam Muhiddin, the Helmand governor's spokesman.

Kodiak home of bears , wild salmon , bald eagles and ABM target missiles

Bruce Gagnon posts details of a trip
2 years ago to Kodiak Island to the launch site for Sundays target missile, on a far-flung part of the island that was known for the best beach,large nests of bald eagles and salmon swelled rivers. They told me about the Kodiak bear and the native Alaskan villages that would be within range of any rocket that went haywire after any aborted launch.

Kodiak launches would be friendly satellites to help get better cable TV and the like.

As it turns out there has yet to be a civilian launch from Kodiak. All launches so far have been tests for the Pentagon's Star Wars system. The very first launch had to be aborted after lift-off and plunged into the clean waters of the ocean - where some of the very best salmon fishing in the world is located.

New launch centers are now being built in New Mexico and recently Bruce has heard from activists in Nova Scotia who said one is being contemplated there.

Bruce says that Poland and the Czech Republic, because of citizen opposition, are backing away from volunteering to host a U.S. "missile defense" base in their countries. Bruce reckons that the UK led by shadow dictator Tony Blair and japan have pencilled in sites already.

Bruce also points out that defence contractors / major oilcos stock prices July 2003 to July 2006 have risen as follows ..

- General Dynamics from $27.53 to $69.93
- Lockheed Martin $52 to $75
- Boeing $33 to $77
- ExxonMobil $36 to $65
- Chevron $36 to $66
- Halliburton $22 to $74
- Fluor $34 to $87

Anti Ballistic Missile works this time ... well sort of ...

20 years have elapsed and billions of dollars sunk into the pockets of space vehicle contractors since Ronnie R launched his vision of anti-ballistic missile defence (ABM) or Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) on March 23, 1983.

True to the signatories of the PNAC the first Dubya gang in it's desire for control of space. The US withdrew from the ABM Treaty with Russia (they gave 6 months notice on December 13, 2001 and it became effective On June 13, 2002), the US withdrew from the treaty.and to the wild cheering from the defence lobby and the neocons Rummy supercharged their efforts to build a defence shield in space.He was of course Chairman of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Threat Commission in 1998, that demanded full-spectrum space dominance and the the development of the current star wars program... which evolved into the National Missile Defense program.(More on ABM treaty details here)

Before seizing power Rummy had said “[the ABM Treaty] ought not to inhibit a country, a president, an administration, a nation from fashioning offensive and defensive capabilities that will provide for our security.” It's a philosophy we have gotten used to since.... The President , as Commander in Chief can do any damn thing he wants ... and he's got a raft of lawyers who tell him so.

Critics warned that this withdrawal would be a "fatal blow" to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and would lead to a "world without effective legal constraints on nuclear proliferation." (see Chirac remarks later)

In theory ground based interceptors from Fort Greely in Alaska (with ten 54-foot-long missile interceptors installed and another due) and Vandenburg Air Base in coastal California would, prompted by a worlwide web of detectors, radars (some in Menwith Hill and Fylingdales in Yorkshire) be launched to fly at 18,000 mph and smash a 155 pound "kill vehicle" (that's a bag and half of cement) into the speeding and incoming rocket.

This is how Boeing described the success of the flight in their news release ...

  • An operationally configured interceptor was fired from an operational GMD site;
  • An operationally configured interceptor tracked a ballistic missile;
  • A newly upgraded missile-warning radar at Beale Air Force Base, Calif., provided target data to an in-flight interceptor;
  • The mission-control center at the Joint National Integration Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., controlled a live GMD engagement.

The Bush gang wants to locate an interceptor site in Europe that would protect the United States and parts of Europe from missiles launched from the Middle East. The administration is seeking $126 million this year to build the site and the interceptors, which could be in place in 4 years if Congress provides the money, General Obering has claimed.

Don't expect such a site to be located in the land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys where President Chirac has said that he remained supportive of the "constitutive elements" of the ABM treaty and insisted any changes could weaken attempts to prevent weapons proliferation or damage the "strategic balance".

He said at the time it was essential to reinforce efforts to prevent an arms race and prevent the spread of nuclear, biological weapons, and underlined the neccessity of the "non-militarisation of space".

In the previous 2 tests the interceptors remained in their silos. The control system halted the firing sequence before the interceptor missile left its silo. General Obering explained these "setbacks" were due to "minor glitches" in software and workmanship by contractors that had "nothing to do with the functionality of the system." Which is a fairly complicated way of saying the system didn't work. More here

In yesterday's test (not from the Marshall Islands as previously)an interceptor from California "shot down" a test missile from Kodiak Island ,Alaska.The "test missile" was claimed to represent in speed, size and other characteristics the Taepodong 2 North Korean long-range mu;tiple stage missile, which ignominiously plopped into the Sea of Japan in a much heralded test firing in July this year.

This was said Lt. Gen. Henry A. Obering III, the director of the Missile Defense Agency, “ ..... a huge step in terms of our systematic approach to continuing to field, continuing to deploy and continuing to develop a missile defense system.”

In the real world, ICBM's are designed to rain down in fleets (From China and Russia not the DPRK) , they have a massive array of decoy features, multiple war heads, and now some reach supersonic speeds. Not one duff DDPRK firecracker.

Rummy was as ever peddling his Polyannerish views...“Successful tests such as these increase confidence in the approach to developing an initial missile defense capability,” he boasted.

"While today’s test was a success, the test program is by no means complete. Tests will continue (and money poured into black holes) , some of which will be successful and some will not.”

No Nukes North have a report and pictures of Rummy in Fairbanks and the minute of booing he endured before being able to speak at the dedication on Sunday 27th of August from to a memorial to lend lease in WWII.

Pic above is from the demonstration in Fairbanks last Sunday by No Nukes North. Many more here


At the ceremony Rummy met Sergei Ivanov, the tough , no nonsense Defense minister of Russia, he did not directly criticize the American system, but he called for "transparency" by the Bush administration, which is supposed to mean that the Russians are woried about extensions to the present very limited network.

Ivanov is also said to have raised Russian concerns about U.S. plans to remove nuclear warheads from some Trident long-range missiles aboard submarines and replace them with conventional warheads for potential use on short notice against terrorist targets.

The Start II Treaty limited the number of Strategic nuclear missile boats to 14 . So in September 2002, Electric Boat (part of General Dynamics)were contracted to convert the USS Ohio (SSBN 726),Michigan (727), Florida (728) and Georgia (729). The submarines are being refitted with up to 154 Tomahawk TLAM (land attack) or Tactical Tomahawk (Block IV) missiles and will also be capable of conducting special operations missions with accommodation for Northrop Grumman Advanced SEAL delivery systems (ASDS), mission control centre and 102 special operations troops.

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems is modifying the Trident fire control system for the Tomahawk weapon control. Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems is adapting the missile launch tubes, developing a Multiple All Up Round Canister (MAC) which will provide storage and launch of up to seven Tomahawk missiles from each of the submarine's 22 missile tubes.

USS Ohio conversion was completed in January 2006, when the ship rejoined the fleet following sea trials in December 2005. USS Florida began the SSGN conversion in July 2003 and rejoined the fleet in April 2006.The remaining two should join the fleet in 2008.

Sign up for a No Nukes North newsletter visit the site or e-mail info@nonukesnorth.net


If you were concerned about the lethality of these Ohio class Tomahawk shooting submarines you might like to know ...

Yes, Electric Boat is certified under ISO 9001, the international standard for Quality Management Systems; , the international standard for Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001,; and the international standard for Safety and Health Management Systems OHSAS 18001. In July 2003, EB was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) for implementing an Environmental Management System designed specifically for the shipbuilding and ship repair industry.

Yes, the folks in Groton who make them, work under internationally recognised standards , for, Safety , Health and the Environment.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

C.A.T. oil AG shows profits jump of 86% since IPO, shares unmoved.

Austria-based C.A.T. oil AG (O2C, ISIN: AT0000A00Y78), have announced their first half year results since their recent IPO. (See previous posts by Lord Patel)

C.A.T.oil increased Total revenues in the first 2 quarters of 2006 by 29.8 % to EUR 89.4 million (2005: EUR 68.9 million). EBITDA rose from EUR 14.6 million in the first half of 2005 by 66% to EUR 24.2 million. C.A.T.oil also increased EBIT by 98.4 % to EUR 19.9 million, compared with EUR 10.0 million in the prior-year period. The Group thus almost doubled its EBIT and improved the EBIT margin from 14.6 % to 22.3 %.

Cost of sales rose slower than revenues in the first half of 2006 to EUR 59.8 million, compared with EUR 51.7 million in the first half of 2005 (+15.6 %). Gross profit improved by 72.6 % in the first six months to EUR 29.7 million, as against EUR 17.2 million in the prior-year period.

Net profit for the period was up by 86 % to EUR 13.8 million (previous year: EUR 7.4 million). Earnings per share were EUR 0.32.

CEO Manfred Kastner, said "We achieved new records in all regions and business areas, especially in the second quarter. Despite a further sharp increase in demand for oil fracturing jobs we also performed more sophisticated specialized activities, such as coiled tubing or inclined drilling, than ever before. The increase in gas fracturing jobs also deserves special mention: In the second quarter of 2006, we performed three times more services on our customers' natural gasfields than in the previous year. The strategic partnership with Burgaz ( part of Russian State owned Gazprom) that we agreed in July will help us further expand these services in the future."

He also said,""We are expecting above-average results in the second half of the year as well. Demand from the Eurasian oil and gas industries for stimulating methods and other additional services to increase well output is growing continually, and we are excellently positioned - not least due to the proceeds from our IPO - to exploit the major growth potential offered by this market."

CAT oil Share price since IPO ......

Baghdad Street Music

The 80's hit from Survivor, "Eye Of The Tiger" is my diplomatic friends tell me, the top download in Iraq. That is when there is electricity ... and a Government who are on a month long holiday at present.... and the gas queues stretch ...

Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds 'til we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive


Risin' up, straight to the top
Have the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive


The eye of the tiger (repeats out)...

There is a clever Starbucks TV ad which the Survivors did using the song ... the message is, I guess the same for the Baghdad survivor. You can see it here

...but Starbucks haven't opened in Sadr City ...yet.

Google News quotes CIA covert website as news

Do a search in Google News on


You will currently get this as 3/4/5th item

Wide Awakes Lucozade Bombers: Let’s Talk About Root Causes
Wide Awakes - 11 Aug 2006
... strength. Thus, today, one of leaders of the Muslim Council of Britain (our CAIR) had this to say about the Lucozade bombers: “There ... plus a little pic taken from the site of someone with a Hamas flag.

This site "The Wide Awakes" which Google includes in its news search has an interesting history as detailedin the previous post. Now how does such a site get included by Google ?

Here is the start if the Whois www.wideawakes.net record

Domain ID:D105520217-LROR
Created On:05-Jan-2005 00:49:01 UTC
Last Updated On:21-Dec-2005 11:15:23 UTC
Expiration Date:05-Jan-2008 00:49:01 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Wild West Domains, Inc. (R120-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-09503101
Registrant Name:Registration Private
Registrant Organization:Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Registrant Street1:DomainsByProxy.com
Registrant Street2:15511 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province:Arizona
Registrant Postal Code:85260
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.4806242599

There is of course the information @

And this site also includes information of use and interest

Meanwhile here is a lead to some VERY interesting information about websites registered through this address,+Ste+160,+PMB+353&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=20&client=firefox-a

about somebody called Fifthnail.com

CIA websites unmasked

On Monday Lord Patel posted a story about the NYT story revealing confidential details of the London bombers.

“Interestingly a CIA sponsored US site posted ( The Wide Awakes - www.thewideawakes.org ) which was mirrored at a story on the 11th of August "Lucozade Bombers: Let’s Talk About Root Causes" (http://thewideawakes.org/archives/2006/08/11/lucozade-bombers-lets-talk-about-root-causes/) ostensibly a right wing site that refers to "Koranimals" etc., one wonders how they got to use the name of Lucozade so quickly and authoritatively when it hasn't appeared elsewhere in relation ot the terror plot until today. Also of interest Google News used the site as part of their News web ..... Hmmmmm.”

This Lucozade bombers story on 11th August story was also cross posted at Rottweiler Puppy http://rottypup.com/ ….. which you will find an interesting protest today about being so identified.

Well here we are so far in investigating The wide awakes
You can to have the full story go here


or here

Whois for intelligencecorps.co.uk:

Domain Name:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
Trading As: Domains by Proxy, Inc.

Registrant's Address:
15111 N Hayden Rd.
Suite 160 PMB353

Registrant's Agent:
Global Registration Services Ltd [Tag = GRS]
URL: http://www.globalregistrationservices.com

Relevant Dates:
Registered on: 23-Dec-2004
Renewal Date: 23-Dec-2006
Last updated: 23-Dec-2004

Registration Status:
Registration request being processed

Name servers listed in order:

WHOIS database last updated at 11:30:01 27-Dec-2004

(c) Nominet UK 1996 - 2004

For further information and terms of use please see http://www.nic.uk/whois

Do a whois and this is the same address as thewideawakes.org ! and www.rottypup.com ! ... and some other sites of interest...get digging.

Now here is a story ...

The British Army Intelligence Corps website and name has been taken over by a " former" British agent. (Do they ever retire /) He now owns the lot. All emails have been going to the former agent, and he now has the power to do what he wishes with the web site.


If you click the link and go to Careers, click on Officer and scroll down to send an email. The email address now goes to him at a private domain, officer@intelligencecorps.co.uk.

Which takes us back to where we came in.

Which makes you wonder why they knew about Lucozade being the sports drink of choice of the workers at the "bomb factory" immediately and it only was revealed this Monday in the NYT.

Know any more anyone out there ?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

UK is biggest threat to US security says Republican magazine

The magazine New Republic has just put online..
Kashmir on the Thames.
London Broil
by Peter Bergen & Paul Cruickshank
Post date 08.25.06 | Issue date 09.04.06

London, England

On New Year's Eve in 1999, Islamist militants had plenty to celebrate. At the Taliban-controlled Kandahar airport, a planeload of hostages was being swapped for terrorists held in India. The hijackers--Kashmiri militants--had managed to secure the freedom of three key allies. Two, Maulana Masood Azhar and Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, were Pakistani; but the third, a man named Omar Sheikh, was the scion of a wealthy British Pakistani family and had studied at the London School of Economics.

That a British citizen figured so prominently in the Kandahar hostage crisis was disturbing but far from anomalous. The eleven people charged this week with conspiring to blow up planes using liquid explosives are all British citizens. So were the terrorists who attacked London in 2005, almost all of the plotters who allegedly conspired to detonate a fertilizer bomb in England in 2004, the suicide bombers who attacked a beachfront Tel Aviv bar in 2003, and an alleged Al Qaeda operative who, along with would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid, planned to explode a plane in the fall of 2001.

Besides holding British citizenship, most had one other thing in common with Omar Sheikh: They were of Pakistani descent


All of this should raise two concerns for American officials. The first is that American Pakistanis could pose a similar threat. "Homegrown terrorists may prove to be as dangerous as groups like Al Qaeda, if not more so," FBI Director Robert Mueller warned in June. There are reasons to worry that he is right. Two and a half months ago, an FBI affidavit contends, Syed Haris Ahmed, an American citizen of Pakistani descent, traveled from Atlanta to Ontario to meet with a terrorist cell. The FBI alleges that Ahmed, now in U.S. custody, planned to attend a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. In 2003, Iyman Faris, an American citizen born in Kashmir, pleaded guilty to helping Al Qaeda plan attacks in the United States. Faris admitted to meeting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed--the mastermind of the September 11 attacks--in Pakistan to plan those operations in 2002.

In the wake of this month's high-profile arrests, it can now be argued that the biggest threat to US security emanates not from Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather from Great Britain, our closest ally.


According to a recent poll, a full quarter of British Muslims consider the 2005 London bombings justified. And anyone who doubts how dangerous the intersection of such sentiments, Al Qaeda, and Kashmiri militants can be should consider what became of Omar Sheikh, the former London School of Economics student who won his freedom on New Year's Eve in 1999: Two years later, he was under arrest for orchestrating the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Peter Bergen is a senior fellow at the New American Foundation and the author of The Osama bin Laden I Know. Paul Cruickshank is a fellow at New York University Law School's Center on Law and Security.

How long before the UK waiver scheme is stopped ? Now in whose interest is it to foment unrest about Muslims (3% of the population) in Britain ?

This article is a straw in a wind which will rapidly become a maelstrom.

Monday, August 28, 2006

How and where to drop an Atomic Bomb circa 1945


E.O. 11652, Secs 3(E) and 5(D) or (E)
NND 730039
By ERC NARS, Date 6-4-74

25 July 1945

TO: General Carl Spaatz
Commanding General
United States Army Strategic Air Forces

1. The 509 Composite Group, 20th Air Force will
deliver its first special bomb as soon as weather will
permit visual bombing after about 3 August 1945 on one of the
targets: Hiroshima, Kokura, Niigata and Nagasaki. To
carry military and civilian scientific personnel from the
War Department to observe and record the effects of the
explosion of the bomb, additional aircraft will accompany
the airplane carrying the bomb. The observing planes will
stay several miles distant from the point of impact of the

2. Additional bombs will be delivered on the above
targets as soon as made ready by the project staff. Further
instructions will be issued concerning targets other than
those listed above.

3. Discussion of any and all information concerning
the use of the weapon against Japan is reserved to the
Secretary of War and the President of the United States.
No communiques on the subject or releases of information
will be issued by Commanders in the field without specific
prior authority. Any news stories will be sent to the War
Department for specific clearance.

4. The foregoing directive is issued to you by direc-
tion and with the approval of the Secretary of War and of
the Chief of Staff, USA. It is desired that you personally
deliver one copy of this directive to General MacArthur and
one copy to Admiral Nimitz for their information.


General, G.S.C.
Acting Chief of Staff

copy for General Groves


This is the official Order issued to General Spaatz to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan. It is clear that the actions of Alvarez et al related in the posting earlier yesterday about the bombing of Nagasaki was contrary to the Order. It is worth recording that Spaatz wanted to carry on and drop an atomic weapon on Tokyo.

"This original of this document is believed to be in the public domain. Its transcription and formatting as an e-text, however, is copyright 1995-1998 by Gene Dannen (gene@dannen.com)."

This is the most preposterous copyright notice ever. Documents such as this belong to mankind even if only as a record of their folly. Another document posted by the same asshole is of a meeting of the atomic bomb target committee. The concept of men sitting down deciding how and where to kill ten of thousands of civilian Japanese is chilling - just as theIsraeli cabinet sat down recently deciding how to kill Lebanese civilians and how to destroy their economy.

NYT article - criminal attempt to subvert UK justice.

Today is a Public Holiday in the UK. An ideal day for the UK Gubment to allow a "leak" that "emerged" in discussions with "high ranking British, European and American officials last week" by Don Van Natta Jr. Elaine Sciolino and Stephen Grey of the New York Times Pages A 1 / A 8 in pole position in the top left front page. Thus continuing the dishonourable method of subverting the UK court proceedings against alleged conspiracy for murder, bombing aircraft etc.,

The blatancy of this attempt is made even more apparent by the boxed warning on Page A8. See pic above.

So those "high ranking British, European and American officials last week" knew exactly what they were doing. They also knew that by releasing information to the Press that they had gained from their employment without approval was a breach of the criminal law, their employment terms and conditions and would also prejudice the trial proceedings of the defendents currently charged.

As such they should be investigated and charged under disciplinary rules and by the courts for subverting the course of justice in a criminal case.

But they won't be.

Here is the start of the story and an analysis of it's contents, the full story is available at Lord Levy Kidnapped Please have patience, Lord Patel whilst travelling does not have access to a scanner and is a crap typist.
This article was reported and written by Don Van Natta Jr.,Elaine Sciolino and Stephen Grey.

London Aug.27 - on August 9th in a small second floor apartment in East London, two young Muslim men recorded a video justifying what the police say was their suicide plot to blow up trans-Atlantic planes: revenge against the United States and its "accomplices" Britain and the Jews.

"As you bomb, you will be bombed; as you kill you will be killed," said one of the men on a "martydom" videotape, whose contents were described aby a senior British official and a person briefed about the case. The young man added that he hoped God would be "pleased with us and accepts our deeds" read on .... Posted by Picasa

The article claiums that after 7/7 and 21/7 bombings the "police were tipped off by informers". a "former British counterrorism official then working for the UK Gubment, said several "working class angry young Muslim men" were identified living in the London suburb of Walthamstow, where more than 17,000 Pakistani immigrants live.

A 24 hour surveillance operation began on 12 men .. bugging apartments, tapping their phones, monitoring their bank transactions, eavesdropping on their Internet traffic and e-mail, even watching where they travelled, shopped and took their laundry..."according to senior British officials".

The leader was an unemployed man in his 20's who had twice travelled to Pakistan in the past year.

In June a 22 year old,Walthamstow resident among the suspects arrested on August 10th (no sex given or if they were charged with offences) paid US$260,000 (approx 160,000 Pounds Sterling) cash for a 2nd floor apartment in a house on Forest Road.

6 young men were regular visitors to the flat which became known (at least by Plod) as the "bomb factory" according to " a British official and the person briefed about the case."

2 of the men, were conducting a series of experiments with chemicals, said the "person briefed on the case".

MI5 agents installed video and audio recording equipment inside the apartment, "2 senior British officials said". "A British official " said that twice one of the "leaders"nd a man in his 20's met to discuss the susoected plot, as MI5 agents secretly watched and listened.

On August 9th hours before police raids in 50 locations the 2 men conveniently met to discuss the plot and record a "martydom video".

The ominous language of the seven martydom tapes (which is a term which seems synonymous with recording s on hard disks of computers and also memory sticks) is among new details "that enmerged from interviews with high ranking British, European and American officials".

Details included

1. Receipts for cash transfers from abroad
2. A handwritten diary that appears to sketch out elements of a plot
3. Martyrdom tapes including eseveral suspects statements of their motives.

5 Senior British officials ( the ones who revealed the above or different ones is not detailed) said the suspects were not prepared to strike immediately.

6. It is claimed that the arrest in Pakistan of Rashid Rauf on August 9th precipitated action as "British officials heard from intelligence sources" (ther's a solid journalistic source) that one of his associates had "tried to contact" some of the suspects in London. " plotters received a very short message to, 'Go now'" said Franco Frattini the EU security commissioner and the only named source in the story, who had been briefed by John Reid in London. "I was convinced by British authorities that this message exists". Hmmmmmmm.

In searches the police discovered
1. The necessary components to make a highly volatile liquid explosive known as HMTD
2. Jihadist materials
3. receipts of Western Union money transfers
4. 7 martyrdom videos made by 6 suspects
5 The last will and testament of a would be bomber One suspect saying that he had been motivated to act because of the "war against Muslims" in Iraq and Afghanistan.
6. The key to the "bomb factory" was held by an unemployed 20 year old who lived in a modest flat on Government benefits and also helped in making martyrdom videos.
7. A memory stick was found "indicating" that one of the men had looked up airline schedules for flights from Londoin to cities in the UNited States. Anybody can of course obtain from the airlines printed flight schedules, which available also at any travel agent and many public libraries.
8. 2 of the suspects had apparently no passport and had applied (no date provided) for expedited delivery ... which is available as a standard overnight service for a replacement passport.
9 In the flat at Forest Road, the police found " a plastic bin ( atrash can ?) filled with liquid, batteries, nearly a dozen empty drink bottles, rubber gloves, digital scales (the sort no doubt used by drug dealers) and a disposable camera (note the singular definite article) that was "leaking liquid".
10 a diary possessed by the man who had the memory stick was "interpreted by police as a step-by-step attack plan and included items such as batteries and Lucozade bottles. It also helpfully included a reminder to select a date for the attack.

The LUCOZADE bombers

US and other overseas readers may not be familiar with the product Lucozade. (now a brand of Smith Kline Beecham) .. originally (i.e 1930's) called Glucozade. This was and probably still is, simply a solution of glucose in water which was clear but the bottle was wrapped in transparent yellow cellophane wrapping and given to children when they were ill in the 50's in the absence of antibiotics .. it had apparently magical properties. It is still sold in this format in Africa according to Wikipedia.

Lucozade is now marketed very cleverly as a "sports drink" in smaller plastic bottles with a shink wrap orangey / red opaque sleeve (as are many similarly packaged products) with words like electrolyte, isotonic to fitness jerks. Wikipedia claim it contains ...Ingredients (Energy Original Flavour) Carbonated Water, Glucose Syrup (26% !!!!!!!!!), Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Flavourings (including Caffeine), Preservatives (Sodium Benzonate, Sodium Bisulphate), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Colour (Sunset Yellow). i.e it is flavoured coloured sugary fizzy water. It's use in making bombs is zero.

Interestingly a CIA sponsored US site posted a story on the 11th of August "Lucozade Bombers: Let’s Talk About Root Causes" ostensibly a right wing site that refers to "Koranimals" etc., one wonders how they got to use the name of Lucozade so quickly and authoritatively when it hasn't appeared elsewhere in relation ot the terror plot until today. Also of interest Google News used the site as part of their News web ..... Hmmmmm.

"While officials and experts familiar with the case say the investigation points to a serious and determined group of plotters, they add that questions about the immediacy and difficulty of the suspected bombing plot cast doubt on the accuracy of some of the statements made at the time. (e.g John Reid said "attacks were highly likely" and could, "lead to loss of life on an unprecedented scale".

"In retrospect," said Michael A Sheehan, the former deputy commissioner of counterterrorism in the NYPD, "there may have been too much hyperventilating going on ".

It is increasingly evident that this plot, was managed, massaged and manipulated by official sources through planted narks over a lengthy period (at least 12 months) and that at every step and stage they knew who was doing what, the finances, purchases, meetings, videos ... and above all what a bunch of nerdish wannabes they were.

No wonder Mr Ryanair wants compensation for this farrago which cost the arline industry untold millions in direct costs, delays, public confidence and future business.

Even now the nonsense goes on ... there have been, abc TV says, 11 alerts on planes in the air since alert levels were dropped from "critical" but none (apart from drunks) previously.

Perhaps the UK authorities hope that NYT's deliberate attempt to sabotage the UK court proceedings will be sufficient for the defendants lawyers to force a dismissal and save them the embarassment of explaining how exactly the 'Lucozade" bombs were going to work.

Time will tell. They certainly don't seem anxious to prosecute the "flour power" bombers of 21/7, even though they have the "bombs" as evidence and all the players locked up behind bars.

Perhaps they have learnt something from the "Ricin" plot.

Kentucky aircrash - a Queens connection and a coincidence.

Only the co-pilot James Polehinke survives after a Comair ( part of Atlanta based Delta airlines) CRJ-100 jet, Flt 5191 bound for Atlanta, Georgia, crashed and exploded in flames in woods about a mile (1.6km) from Lexington's airport at about 0610 (1010 GMT).He was dragged from the blazing cockpit by rescue wrokers from the airport.

It took off from Runway 26 (1,051 m) not Runway 22 ( 2,100 m) wwhich it would ned to get airborne as it would need at least 1,350 metres to the point of rotation.

There were 47 passengers and 3 crew, all except James Polehinke have been declared dead. The flight recorders have been recovered.

Polehinke had been with Comair since 2002 and was based out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens... a coincidence of no significance whatever .. but a memory jog.

This is the worst US air accident since November 2001, when American Airlines Flt 587 Airbus A300-600 No N14053 mysteriously crashed in Queens, New York, shortly after takeoff from JFK airport, killing 265 people. The second deadliest aviation accident in American history.

The official NTSB version in their report claims the A300, which took off on the same runway as a Japan Airlines Boeing 747, flew into the larger jet's wake, an area of very turbulent air. The co-pilot, Sten Molin, attempted to keep the plane upright with the rudder, but pushed the rudder too far to one side and then overcorrected too far to the other. The strength of the air flowing against the moving rudder stressed the aircraft's vertical stabilizer and eventually snapped it off entirely, causing the aircraft to lose control and crash. According to the NTSB, the crash would not have occurred but for the co-pilot's use of the rudder.

The aerodynamic loads placed on the vertical stabilizer due to the sideslip that resulted from the rudder movements were beyond the ultimate design strength of the vertical stabilizer.

"No law enforcement agencies provided any evidence that the accident may have stemmed from criminal conduct. The Board said that witnesses who reported observing the airplane on fire were most likely observing misting fuel released from broken fuel lines, a fire from the initial release of fuel or the effects of engine compressor surges" .... which is why no doubt the Chairman of the NTSB could say with certainty hours after the accident that no terrorist action was involved...even though the Hudson tunnels were closed, UN locked down and the Empire State Building evacuated.

There is no memorial to the victims at the site of the crash, (filled in in 7 days) which has now had houses rebuilt on it.A US$8.5 memorial site should be finished by fall this year at the junction of Beach Road and the ocean, including 2 comfort stations.

Todd Wissing is an Airbus A300-600 First Officer and in evidence to the much stalled enquiry said..."Finally, a fellow pilot of mine, points this out regarding wake turbulence, and he says 'if you consider all the places in the world where aircraft take off that are behind other aircraft and you consider that these airplanes have been taking off one behind the other for 50 years…large commercial airplanes…and you consider that Kennedy Airport is probably one of the best airports in the world with the most highly trained air traffic controllers…and you consider what's being speculated here about over-control in reaction to a wake turbulence event that is likely felt a lot by pilots, and I certainly have felt it many times, and you consider what we're being asked to believe that these pilots mis-controlled this airplane and caused structural damage…and go back 50 years [and see that this] has never happened before…it seems to us that they [NTSB] still need to do some work."

No Airbuses were re-called, none grounded and no statements have been made about the accident by Airbus.

Huge chunks of the plane were recovered (NTSB photos, engines etc) as were all 256 bodies.

Prison Planet has more information ... start here
and watch the video of an eyewitness fireman who saw an on board explosion and subsequent fire before the plane split up and crashed. In August 2004 a supposed Al-Qaeda operative told Canadian intelligence that a Montreal man who trained in Afghanistan alongside the 9/11 hijackers was responsible for the crash. Rense had another theory about sabotage.

UPDATE 27th July 2007
If you have found this as a result of following up the NTSB hearing on Wednesday go here

Where are they now ? No 236 Mad Prof behind Beagle 2 space probe

Prof Colin Pillinger , the be-whiskered and bewildered Open University Professor who burst upon our Yuletide TV news screens 3 years ago trundling a copy of the European Beagle space probe through the streets in a supermarket trolley. This suburban expedition was to demonstrate some scientific principle (not that you could buy one at Sainsbury's) I forget which , and I am sure the made professor has forgotten also.

Prof. Colin Pillinger, who is/was (?) the Head of Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute, at the UK's Open University also ran a course S198 - "Exploring Mars: Beagle 2 and the search for life" which must have been a trifle anti-climactic for it's participants - it was fully booked.

An Internal 6 month investigation could not identify failure but .. a leading theory (and entirely unproveable ) is that a pocket of unusually thin air, possibly caused by turbulent dust storms, disrupted the descent and landing systems. ...as a result Beagle 2’s parachutes and cushioning airbags may have been deployed too late, causing the craft to crash.

Several other potential system malfunctions could not be eliminated, including electronic glitches, a gasbag puncture, the failure of Beagle 2 to deploy its instruments, damage to the heat shield, and a broken communications antenna.

Undaunted, the mad professor wrote to NASA to ask if they could piggyback the Beagle probe on their Mars lander. He had written a letter to senior NASA officials and spoken to the agency’s chief of space exploration, Admiral Craig Steidle.

Speaking at the launch of this report over 2 years ago he said "I haven’t had an answer from the top echelons of NASA. If I don’t get an answer soon, I’ll ring them up and say are you taking me seriously?"

It appears they didn't.

The Beagle 2 website's last posting ( relic of this preporterously underfunded adventure) is dated 26-May-04 8:30 GMT and is a Statement from Prof Colin Pillinger following the ESA/BNSC Inquiry into the fate of Beagle 2 during which he ...."He asked Lord Sainsbury to ensure that money became available for a reflight from the Government review of science spending and to give the country a lasting legacy in the form of a British Space Agency."

Since then there appears to have been silence from the mad professor....however the BBC reported Monday, 29 November, 2004 that NASA scientist Dr Everett Gibson has named Asteroid 15614 after Colin PIllinger ... and said memorably "A piece of Professor Pillinger now moves between Mars and Jupiter." Professor Pillinger is reported to have said, with a touch of whimsy and not a little sadness : "It's nice to know something named after me will be existing for the next billion years."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

WARNING - a stay in hospital can kill you - inadvertently

The Sunday Telegraph reports brethlessly and in tones of shock, horror, amazement...

A total of 2,159 people died after serious lapses in care by hospitals, family doctors' surgeries, ambulance trusts, and in community and mental health care last year. A further 4,529 patients suffered severe harm because of avoidable mistakes, the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) said.

This is not news, and the levels of adverse events were known of years ago ... in fact "An annualised UK assessment indicates 5700 deaths of the 3.8 million acute hospital admissions per year"

13/07/04 Good News on Adverse Events? By Edward Teague

1 in 10 patents entering NHS hospitals will experience an “adverse event”, and 1 in a 100 will die as a consequence writes the Editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) this week.

The piece also reported on ..

Now Dr Munir Pirmohamed and colleagues in Liverpool report the consequences of admitting patients suffering from adverse drug reactions (ADR) in 2 Liverpool hospitals (BMJ Vol 329 3.7.04. p. 15-19). They studied 18,820 patients admitted over a 6 month period in 2001 over 16 years old, excluding all patients with deliberate or intentional overdosing and women with obstetric or gynaecological problems, a total of 1225 admissions.

This was the largest such study undertaken in the UK

Briefly this study showed ..

1. Up to 6.5% of all admissions were related to ADRs, with a median age of 76 yrs compared with 66 yrs for all admissions and with a slight bias to females.
2. The median bed stay was 8 days or 4% of theoretical bed capacity (equivalent nationally, to seven 800 bed hospitals) involving, at average bed costs of £228 per day an annualised cost to the NHS of £466 Million.
3. 72% of the ADRs were by their definitions “avoidable”.
4. 2.3% of ADR patients died as a direct result of the ADR which is equivalent to 0.15% of all admissions, broadly equivalent to reports of US experience. An annualised UK assessment indicates 5700 deaths of the 3.8 million acute hospital admissions per year. If ADRs subsequent to admission are added, this could indicate a total greater than 10,000 deaths per year. The authors indicate that deaths resulting from ADRs not admitted to hospital in primary care are probably equivalent in number.
5. The drugs responsible are in common and widespread use and are mainly basic drugs that have been in use a long time in general practice for many common conditions and include analgesics like aspirin and Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like diclofenac, diuretics, steroids such as prednisolene and blood thinning warfarin. Adverse effects may result from single use or in combination.

Remarkably the 1 Mn people employed in the NHS fuck up from time to time, they are humans. As a result some people are ill, some recover, some, mainly the elderly and the very young die.

As far as can be ascertained, the rate of adverse events is roughly equivalenty in the USA and the UK, as is the rate of infection with antibiotic resistant strains of some bacteria.

The TB bacillus is becoming resistant to the armoury of antibiotics, so called Multiple Drug resistant TB MDRTB is on the increase and is prevalent inmany of the new EU states where needle exchange HIV is rampant, especially in prisons.

Not many people are taking much notice of that either. Perhaps the Sunday Telegraph will run a piece in a few years time when it has taken hold in the UK.... although there have been two major (and enormously expensive) outbreaks in London hospitals in HIV units.

The Nagasaki Bomb survivor - and a, little known secret message to Japan from American nuclear scientists

Today I met (see pic) the only survivor of the bombing mission that dropped the 2nd Atomic Bomb , "Fat Boy" (a plutonium weapon unlike the uranium bomb droped on Hiroshima) on Nagasaki on August 9th 1945.

Bill Barney was a young radar operator on the crew of Fred Bock's C-13 crew. Their plane "Bockscar" V - 77 was used to drop the bomb and was flown by Charles Sweeney and Fred Bock's crew flew Sweeney's "Great Artiste" V - 89 to monitor the explosion. I met him today. A clear eyed , deeply nice guy - proud that he did the job he was assigned ,which was to drop three instrument carrying canisters with pressure gauges and radio transmitters deployed with parachutes to be dropped at the same time as "Fat Boy". Operating on three different frequencies these would display shockwave profiles on cathode ray tube oscilloscopes and photograsphic records made. This was Bill's task.

Luis Alvarez had designed the testing equipment as he had invented the concept of measuring the atomic blast in kilotons of TNT. Using a linear microphone from Caltech and FM telemetering transmitter and receiver this was first tried out on the Fat Man test at Alomagordo and also used to monitor the Hiroshima bomb using the same observation plane but with a different crew.

The scientists Robert Serber , Luis Alvarez and Phil Morrison had inserted a letter to Professor Ryokichi Sagane of Tokyo University (who had once met them at Berkeley) warning of the dire consequences for Japan if they did not surrender and asking him to convey this message to the Japanese General Staff. Alvarez drafted the letter and three copies in his handwriting were attached to the three canisters.The canisters miraculously were recovered and the letter can be seen in the Nagasaki International Culture.

The letter reads ..

..9th August 1945
Professor Sagane

From 3 of your former scientific colleagues during your stay in the United States.

We are sending this as a personal message to urge that you you use your influence as a reputable nuclear scientist , to convince the Japanese General Staff of the terrible
consequences which will be suffered by your people if you continue this war.

You have known for several years that an atomic bomb could be built if a
nation were willing to pay the enormous cost of preparing the necessary
material. Now that you have seen we have constrcuted the the production plants,
there can be no doubt in your mind, all the output of these factories working 24
hours a day will be exploded on your homeland.

Within the space of 3 weeks we have proof fired one bomb in the American desert, exploded one in Hiroshima and fired the 3rd this morning.

We implore you to confirm these facts to your leaders and to do your utmost to stop the destruction and waste of life which can only result in the total annihilation of
all your cities if continued. As scientists we deplore the use to which
a beautiful discovery has been put
, but we can assure you that unless
Japan surreenders at once, this rain of atomic bombs will increase manyfold in

Of course "Fat Boy" being a plutonium bomb was less costly and easier to manufacture than the uranium "Little Boy" and this last remark may well have been true. No further Unranium bombs were made in the US. The letter is a remarkable and to Lord Patel a previously unknown part of the fascinating history of the bombing of Japan as it included material of the utmost secrecy - which it is impossible to believe could have been sanctioned officially.

On the plane with Bill and his crew were Lawrence "Larry" Johnston (designer of the essential exploding bridgwire detonato and the only person to see all three atomic weapons explode) and Walter Goodman of Project Alberta to help monitor the blast recording equipment. William Laurence of the New York Times was also on board - who was to tell his readers that "Great Artiste " had dropped the Nagasaki bomb.

The original target was Kokura the site of Japan's greatest weapons dump, but due to bad weather the went to the second target , Nagasaki, site of the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms workls and at 11.58 local time dropped the "bomb. Bill didn't see it as he had to run the radarscopes and only saw the photgraphs later.

Later photo reconaissance showed 4% of the city was destroyed.

The day following the bombing the Japanese started making arrangements to surrender.

A recent and very readable history was recently published " Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima" by Stephen Walker Publisher: HarperCollins (July 26, 2005) ISBN: 0060742844

"The 509th Remembered" is a an illustrated history of the 509th Composite GRoup who dropped the 2 Atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945.Compiled by Robert and Amelia Krauss (who I met with Bill) with over 350 photographs (many never seen before) for the 59th Re-union in Wichita Kansas in October 2004. You can buy a copy here
http://www.enolagay509th.com/remembered.htm Posted by Picasa

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