"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, October 28, 2006

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Architects of Victory in Iraq

President Bush has not fired any of the architects of the Iraq war. In fact, a review of the key planners of the conflict reveals that they have been rewarded – not blamed – for their incompetence.

Here is the roll call with their current role in trashing the Constitution or any country they can lay their sweaty palms on from .... Think Progress.


Role In Going To War: Wolfowitz said the U.S. would be greeted as liberators ....


As Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Feith spearheaded two secretive groups at the Pentagon — the Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group and the Office of Special Plans


As then-Deputy National Security Advisor, Hadley disregarded memos from the CIA and a personal phone call from Director George Tenet warning that references to Iraq’s pursuit of uranium be dropped from Bush’s speeches.


Richard “Prince of Darkness,” Perle was the chairman of Defense Policy Board during the run-up to the Iraq war.


Remeber his stinking role as a defendant in the Iran-Contra Affair, and he pled guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress.


At the time of the war, Wurmser was a special assistant to John Bolton in the State Department. Wurmser has long advocated the belief that both Syria and Iraq represented threats to the stability of the Middle East. (and don't forget Mrs W either ...)


Shortly after the invasion of Iraq, Andrew Natsios, then the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, went on Nightline and claimed that the U.S. contribution to the rebuilding of Iraq would be just $1.7 billion.


Dan Bartlett was the White House Communications Director at the time of the war and was a mouthpiece in hyping the Iraq threat.


Mitch Daniels was the director of the Office of Management and Budget from January 2001 through June of 2003. In this capacity, he was responsible for releasing the initial budget estimates for the Iraq War which he pegged at $50 to $60 billion. The estimated cost of the war, including the full economic ramifications, is approaching $1 trillion. [MSNBC, 3/17/06]


As CIA Director, Tenet was responsible for gathering information on Iraq and the potential threat posted by Saddam Hussein.


Despite stating in Feb. 2001 that Saddam had not developed “any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction,” .....


Prior to the war, Rumsfeld repeatedly suggested the war in Iraq would be short and swift. He said, “The Gulf War in the 1990s lasted five days on the ground. I can’t tell you if the use of force in Iraq today would last five days, or five weeks, or five months, but it certainly isn’t going to last any longer than that.”


As National Security Adviser, Rice disregarded at least two CIA memos and a personal phone call from Director George Tenet stating that the evidence behind Iraq’s supposed uranium acquisition was weak.


Commander in Chief ... no...no.. don't laugh ...puhlease!

“Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” [Bush, 10/7/02]

Think Progress...... read more about these wonderful American heroes.

Liquid bombers "Storm in a teacup ..or serious danger" asks non-racist Ex CPS Chief Judge Calvert-Smith

No-one can or will forget the press furore amd extravagant claims of global catastrophe when Police arrested a total of 25 people in raids across Britain on Aug. 9-10 after a massive clampdown at UK airports as a result of a much hyped "liquid bomb plot" - or what the CIA fronts at the time called the "Lucozade bomb plot". IN daring countrwide swoops police arrested 25 people and charged 17 of them after uncovering an alleged plot to assemble and detonate improvised explosives on board up to 10 U.S.-bound planes. Paul Stephenson, Deputy Commissioner, media darling of the Metropolitan Police told a n exciteable pres scrum, "this was intended to be mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

Eleven were charged on Aug. 21 with conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism.

They are: Umar Islam, 28; Waheed Zaman, 22; Abdullah Ali, 25; Tanvir Hussain, 25; Arafat Khan, 25; Ibrahim Savant, 25; Assad Sarwar, 26; Adam Khatib, 19; Nabeel Hussain, 22 (now bailed); Mohammed Gulzar, 25, and Mohammed Uddin, 35.

Two others were charged with preparing terrorism: Usman Mohammed Saddique, 24, and Donald Stewart Whyte, 21, who is also charged with three firearms offences.

Ahmed Ali, 24, was charged with failing to disclose information, and a 17-year-old boy, (he cannot be named ), was charged with possessing material that could be used to prepare a terrorist act.

In a pre-trial hearing on Friday 28th October before Judge David Calvert-Smith at London's Central Criminal Court he refused bail to the only woman in the case 24-year-old Cossor Ali. He bailed Nabeel Hussain, 22 and the unnamed 17 year old boy. So far a trial date has been set for early 2008 - but don't hold your breath.

In astonishingly un-judge like language Judge David Calvert-Smith told the prosecution "We must get this trial on."

"Large sections of the population would want to know if this was a storm in a teacup or a serious danger to hundreds of thousands of people."

His words have extra weight as Sir David was Director of Public Prosecutions at the Crown Prosecution Service between 1998 and 2003 and previously Senior Treasury Counsel and Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association . Very famously he is reported as saying In The Sunday Times (23 June 2002), “it is my firm belief that British society is institutionally racist....."

Hugh Mullan a lawyer representing one of the defendents on a conspiracy charge said, little evidence had been received by defence lawyers. "Already things are slipping out of control," he said and claimed that the prosecution has been forced to push back dates agreed at a prior hearing for evidence to be passed to defence lawyers.

For the prosecution Colin Gibbs, acknowledged that the "size, scale and nature" of the case made some delays inevitable, and that the trial date could be pushed back but that Gibbs Ahmed Ali and the unnamed boy could come to trial in May, which would be discussed at a further pre-trial hearing on Dec. 8th 2006.

Gibbs also told the court that more than 500 witness statements had been collected from surveillance operatives, while scientists detailed with analyzing materials seized or found near defendants' homes had yet to provide any firm time frame about when they would be finished.

This post, like the few press reports so far, is based on Associated Press reports - the major media didn't bother to turn up at the appearance in court in Central London of people who planned ..."mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

Meanwhile we all wait with excitement the trial promised in October of the Flour Power bombers of 21/07. See comment from Numeral that this case (R - v - Osman & others)has been adjourned until 11 January 2007 (from scheduled date of Monday 9 October 2006) for the failed 21 July bombings, at the hopelessly overcrowded Woolwich Crown Court, Thamesmead, London.

Kiddies drop the porn charges against the Forest Gate 2

The anti-terror raid at Forest Gate on June 2nd and the subsequent weeks cost Scotland Yard more than £2.2m, including a police overtime bill of £864,000 and another £979,100 on officers' salaries.Re-housing costs of the family as the Police dismantled 2 houses exceed £60,000 .. and rising daily.

Besides shooting Mr Mohammed Abdul Kahar at 4.17 am, June 2nd this year, the police (250 were in attendance) took away a Dell computer, an external hard drive and a mobile phone which a CPS spokesman said 44 indecent images of children had been found in their memory.

Twenty-three images were "embedded" images, which could have been inadvertently downloaded on the back of other computer files. Twenty-one - all on the hard drive and the mobile - had been "deleted". Some of the images were indecent "movies". Deletions of some material could not be determined but some had been determined just days before the raid !

The CPS concluded that Mr Kahar did not possess, or have access to, equipment or the technical knowledge to transfer the images found ,on to the Nokia 3G mobile phone. Well if he couldn't do it ,you can be sure that PC PLod couldn't either, so suspicion switches to either MI6/7/8/9/ or that smart arse little kid at No 19.

We now wait for the brothers to charged for not having a TV license, bald tyres, bald heads, bad breath, a suspicious nature, speaking a foreign language, a bad attitude towards the Police and unsatisfactory sorting of their re-cycled materials...er...and that they eat spicy food.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Hounding of Professor Meadows by the Clark family

Professor Meadows was effectively acquitted yesterday by the Court of Appeal of the charge of serious professional misconduct brought to the Fitness to Practice Panel (FPP) of the General Medical Council (GMC) by Sally Clark's father. So ends a remorseless and zealous pursuit of this honest, hard working, sincere paediatrician by the family of Sally Clark which has wound its way through the highest Courts of the land over several years.

John Batt is a solicitor and family friend who knew Sally Clark as a child, he wrote abook which was published in 2004 " Stolen Innocence: The Story of Sally Clark " which is necessarily a partial account of the murder trial and subsequent appeals and Sally Clark's acquittal.

The whole of the case against Professor Meadows is his naive use of statistics both at the commital hearings and at the trial.

At the commital hearings he said in a witness statement ;

"For example, such a happening may occur 1:1,000 infants, therefore the chance of it happening twice within a family is 1:1m."

What he was doing was simply "squaring (multiplying 1,100 x 1,100), it is now common ground that this sttaistical treatment ... "is only valid if each of the deaths is truly independent of the other, that is without, at the very least, the shared genetic and environmental circumstances of the children being members of the same family."

At the trial he slightly refined the statement in the light of more precise information regarding the incidence of Sudden Ifant Death Syndrome (SIDS) ..."The most recent estimation of the incidence in England is that for a family in which the parents do not smoke, in which at least one has a waged income, and in which the mother is over the age of 26 years, the risk is 1 in 8,543 live births. Thus the chance of two infant deaths within such a family being SIDS is 1 in 73m." .. here he had "squared" 8,543 x 8,543 = 73 Mn.

The significance of this statistical prestidigitation slid past the Rolls Royce mind of Julian Bevan QC (who never met Sally Clark before the trial - and was replaced for the appeals) renowned as a prosecutor, and his Junior John Kelsey Fry, the other medical witnesses and the press as did the need to question Prof. Meadows remarkable statistics, subsequently described by the Royal Statistical Society as “statistically invalid”.

Probably the most outrageous thing that happened at Sally Clark's trial only became evident when the jury had given it's verdict.

At the conclusion of the trial, the judge allowed Robin Spencer QC who led the prosecution to announce that Sally Clark had received treatment at the Priory Hospital for alcohol problems. This had been revealed when Police found receipts for payment for the treatment when searching their house, long before amy charges had been laid.

In a curious agreement approved by the judge, the jury were denied hearing anything about Sally Clark's alcoholism, binge drinking or evidence concerning her character. Julian Bevan QC, that ornament of the Bar, traded with Robin Spencer QC for the defence in pre-trial hearings, silence on the alcohol problems Sally had suffered, which it was agreed had no direct bearing on the case, with an agreement not to introduce character witnesses for Sally. The world of high pay, high pressure solicitors who charge hundreds of pounds per day for their time, expertise and legal and technical skills, where taking half bottles of vodka to work and slipping out to Marks & Spencer for gin and tonic mixer drinks is outside most newspaper reader's experience.

The press of course had a field doy and stories they had been ferreting out and nursing for this day tumbled off the presses...

The Sunday Mirror: “Fall from grace for the woman with everything;” the Daily Mail, “Driven by drink and despair, the solicitor who killed her babies;” Manchester Evening News: “Pregnant days after murdering baby son.” ,”Baby killer was 'lonely drunk” headlined the Daily Telegraph.

Det. Insp. John Gardner, who led the investigation, said he was pleased with the verdicts and hoped that Clark could finally come to accept responsibility for what she had done. It had been the most difficult of tasks, he said, to confront a parent and accuse her of killing her own children. “Most people believe it is an unbelievable act. It is harder to accept when you have a woman who has advantages in life.”

Mr Gardner said of Clark's husband: “I don't know how much he knows, how much he suspects, or whether he has almost turned a blind eye to what has gone on.”

The Manchester Evening News displayed the family home under the headline - The Death House.

However, during the trial there had been a most remarkable intervention in the proceedings by the jury.

On being recalled to give evidence during the trial Dr Williams, a Home Office consultant forensic pathologist was asked to answer questions about blood samples taken from the body of Harry (the second child to die) in a written question submitted by the jury he said “…the chemistry of blood is so unreliable after death as to be of no diagnostic value…”. Of the post mortem blood sample “…it was submitted for toxicological examination and would have been sent for viral studies”.

This was a the jury that John Batt described in his book as “…most in their teens, or early twenties, one man perhaps one woman is over 40. 3 have difficulty reading the oath. They look as if they have been beamed up to an alien planet by Scotty in Star Trek”.

It was these (to Mr John Batt) apparent simpletons, who penetrated the obfuscating fog of legal terms, medical terminology, and pedantic process. It was these 12 peers, good and true, who identified the simple clear need to answer a simple clear question. A question they framed in writing and presented to the judge. Harry died, blood samples were taken, what did they show?

Faced with this clear simple question, Dr Williams, the Home Office consultant forensic pathologist produced a simple response. He lied.

Cross examined by the defence, Williams claims that the appropriate microbiology reports had been provided to the prosecution (and therefore available under disclosure to the defence). This was untrue.

The significance of the question, the actual reports and its findings eventually yielded to years of terrier like digging and pestering of statisticians, pathologists and paediatricians by her devoted and unswervingly faithful husband Steve Clark and legal defence team. On Monday 11th February 2002 the post mortem microbiology report on Harry eventually surfaces from Macclesfield Hospital. It is reviewed by leading pathologists who say that the evidence of 8 sites of Staphylococcus aureus infection in Harry's corpse and the presence of polymorphs within the cerebrospinal fluid show that Harry's death was caused by overwhelming staphylococcal infection and that no other cause of death can be sustained. It later emerges that these samples had been sent at the time to the national reference forensic laboratory at Colindale for further testing. The significance of Dr Williams remarks in answer to the jury's apparently innocent question at the trial about post mortem blood results become crystal clear.

Nonetheless it is twelve months later at the Royal Courts of Justice on January 28th 2003, that the Court of Appeal meets a second time to consider Sally Clark's case. Clare Montgomery QC (who has replaced Julian Bevan QC, that treasure of legal education), explains that there is a clear case of non-disclosure of the microbiology report, that Harry died of natural causes due to Staphylococcal infection. Invited by the court to explain, Dr Williams refuses or at least fails to appear, this is announced by Robin Spencer QC for the Prosecution.

“My Lords, Dr Williams has decided not to appear as a witness…and the prosecution no longer seeks to uphold these convictions… The Crown does not seek a retrial”

Lord Justice Kay (who died recently and was preparing to preside over the appeal of Sion Jenkins who now faces a re-trial) delivers a short verbal judgement, later expanded in written form “…The statistic 1: 73 million is clearly inadmissible in law, could not have failed to mislead the jury, and should have never been allowed in evidence… Sufficient in itself to make these convictions unsafe. Dr Williams is responsible for failing to disclose a material document, which must have affected the outcome of the trial and is a serious matter. The appeal is allowed with costs. There will be no retrial.”

The matter however does not rest there .... The murders were imaginary, apparently the faulty construct of blinkered and obtuse and elderly experts, their apparent causes illusory, the consequences unimaginable to any parent. The capacity the of medical forensic profession for increasing the population of imaginary murders was not however stilled. Earlier, Professor David Southall had seen a Channel 4 programme concerning the Clark case, a colleague of Professor Meadow. He prepared a report which he submitted to the Police on the basis of seeing the programme, stating that Steven Clark, the father, has been involved in the death of his 2 children. This bizarre allegation which he refused to retract, and was repeated to the GMC Professional Conduct Committee was judged on June 5th 2004 by the General Medical Council who ruled that Prof Southall acted in a manner that was “inappropriate”, “irresponsible” and “misleading” in compiling a report outlining his accusations and concerns.

Subsequently on August 7th he was found found guilty of serious professional misconduct after accusing solicitor Sally Clark's husband of murdering their children.

The General Medical Council said the doctor can continue to practise, but has said he cannot work in child protection. He was supported by testimonials from 85 people including surgeons, nurses, social workers and a judge, who praised Professor Southall's work, and who said they believed he should be bale to continue working.

David Hall, professor of community paediatrics at the University of Sheffield, said: "He is a pioneer, a man who pushed the limits and went where others would fear to tread.

"David Southall is totally committed. We need people like him who challenge received wisdom, test new ideas and suggest new approaches."

Professor Southall pioneered the use of covert video surveillance (CVS) to detect cases of so called Munchausen's syndrome.

In an 8 eight-year study, starting in1986, he found that youngsters aged between two months and 44 months were being deliberately injured in cruel and sadistic attacks by their parents or step parents while in hospital.

The most common method of abuse was suffocation, but deliberate fractures and poisoning were also uncovered by CVS. Covert filming led to a total of 33 parents or step-parents of 39 children identified as at risk by doctors, social workers and psychiatrists,being prosecuted.

At the time Stephen Clark issued a statement
in which he stated "the resultant lengthy investigation by Professor David and Social Services totally exonerated Steve, and dismissed Professor Southall's allegations as being entirely unfounded."

This was issued by Sue Stapely a PR professional who had from before the first trial orchestrated the publicity for the Clark family.

Subsequently they published a letter to the Lancet 26/7/05 whose Editor Richard Horton had written in an Editorial "Meadow should not be found guilty of serious professional misconduct', who also opined that, "The crucial error was legal not medical'".

They also issued a statement to the Lancet 1/7/05

The Clark family have been happy to hound Professor Meadows in his retirement (He is now 73) but they have a remedy to the clear , unambiguous, bold, statements of Professor Southall that Mr Stephen Clark killed his two children.

They can sue him for libel.

To date ... they have chosen not too.
Stolen Innocence: The Story of Sally Clark byJohn Batt, Ebury Press 2004 ISBN 0091900700 336 pps. Amazon Books now remaindered £3.98

GMC v Meadow: judgment in full

Neutral Citation Number: [2006] EWCA Civ 1390
Case No: CO/5763/2005

The Honourable Mr Justice Colli

Google Video link to Camp Falcon fires evaporates

In the posting Monday, October 23
Network claims Tactical nuke went up in October 11th Falcon Base Camp.

We linked to the following Google video by JUS of the Camp Falcon fire / explosions which claimed the explosion was a tactical nuclear weapon.


in the light of comments to this posting (Many thanks Lord Stewart) Lord Patel asked his technical staff to check.
This link now returns ;

We're sorry, but this video may not be available.

Try refreshing the page to see this video.

To see more videos visit our home page

The Google link to Euronews still works


Some say it was a Mother of All Bombs, (MOAB) - whatever caused the flash was a mutha fucker all right, if it can take out Google Video Links.

Watch this space.

Israel presses the Armageddon Button

Moldovan born 48-year-old Avigdor Lieberman arrived in Israel in 1978. A skilful and forceful demagogue he now heads the Yisrael Beiteinu party (founded 1999 when Leiberman was elected as MK) - "Israel my home "- which is the mouthpiece of the million Jews who came to Israel after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Yisrael Beytenu won 11 seats (out of 120) in the March 2006 Knesset elections. They had a brief but unsubtle slogan: "Nyet, Nyet, Da": No, No, Yes as a guide for voting for Netanyahu, Olmert, and Liberman, respectively.

Israel's largest circulation paper Yediot Achronot ran a poll which was published on September 21, 2006, Lieberman came just behind Netanyahu to be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Olmert came in 5th.

Influential outside the Cabinet, and a champion of the "settlers" (like Livni) he has now been included as both vice Prime Minister and holds a key ministerial portfolio responsible for "strategic threats against Israel" - Iran and it's hokum nuclear programme. This is a direct result of the quiet dropping by Kadima of its main election pledge to withdraw from a number of Jewish settlements in the West Bank which has been violently opposed by the Russian arrivistes. Yisrael Beiteinu has repeatedly called for annexing parts of the West Bank and redrawing Israel’s borders in several places to exclude Israeli Arabs.

Haartez in an Editorial said ...""The choice of the most unrestrained and irresponsible man around for this job constitutes a strategic threat in its own right," .... this is the guy who was chief of staff to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , removed from Sharon's cabinet and who wanted to bomb the Aswan dam. In May this year he demanded the execution of Arab Members of the Knesset who met with Hamas officials.

Leiberman is said to be advised by secretive gay US Republican advisor Arthur J Finkelstein (who "married" his partner 2 years ago) who was instrumental in getting George Patakis elected against incumbent Mario Cuomo. Much of the finance for his victory was funded by Lauder who employs Patakis' wife on his staff as a "social ambassador". He is remebered for the remark to the Hebrew language newspaper Maariv in November 2004.." Bush's victory not only establishes the power of the American Christian Right in this candidacy, but in fact established its power to elect the next Republican president." He is said to be at work on the "Stop her now" political action committee to put a spoke in Hillary Clinton's Presidential ambitions.

E.U.’s foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, was in Tel Aviv yesterday and met Leiberman and is said to have pointed out the Israeli Government’s obligation to dismantle West Bank settler outposts under the U.S.-led “road map” peace plan.... Yeah whatever.

Minister of Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ophir Pines-Paz responded by saying that "a minister of strategic affairs is a joke. Lieberman is himself a strategic threat."

Deus nobiscum quis contra. The Catholic Lobby does not exist.

The Education Minister Alan Johnson has NOT changed his mind with breathtaking speed about introducing an amendment to the forthcoming Education and Inspection Bill to mandate so called faith schools to take a certain percentage of other or no faith pupils. He has not undertaken a U turn. NO. The Minister has not "climbed down" NO.NO.NO.

The Minister has been involved in an "intensive dialogue" with the Archbishop of Birmingham Vincent Nichols, Chairman of the Catholic Education Service. and has written him a very nice letter. (CES Press release today)

This has nothing to do with the 3 million adult family members of children at Roman Catholic Schools (or C of E even) - mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers or headteachers, teachers, MP's, MEP's sisters, brothers who vote.

There is no Catholic lobby.No.No.No.

However the Archbishop did say...

"I thank the very many members of the Catholic community, schools, parents and others, who took the trouble of writing to their Member of Parliament to make known their views on the proposed amendment. I am grateful to those Members of both Houses of Parliament for the action they have taken in this regard."
The Prime Ministers wife is Jewish. Bears in the woods use toilets.

Trans on request -Deus nobiscum quis contra. God with us, who against?
In Swedish - Om Gud är för oss, vem kan då vara emot oss?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Paris rioters kick off the new season with bus burnings

We celebrate a Roman Catholic attempting to blow up Parliament , the Parisian "racaille" (scum - as Interior Ministry called them) ) will celebrate last year's October riots . On Oct. 27, 2005, 2 young boys of African descent, Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore were electrocuted in a power substation in Clichy-sous-Bois, northeast of Paris, while hiding from police.

In 3 weeks of rioting youths burned more than 10,000 cars and damaged 300 buildings with Molotov cocktails . The season has has kicked off early this year .... and the rules seem to have become more brutal. CBS Times

1. In Montreuil, East of Paris about 10 attackers — 5 said to have handguns — stormed a bus early today (1.00 am local time) and forced the passengers off, they then drove off and set the bus on fire reported the bus company RATP.

2. In Athis-Mons, 16 Km. south of Paris (Essone) , late on Wednesday, 3 people forced passengers off another bus then tossed a Molotov cocktail (petrol, bomb) inside, police reported. The driver managed to put out the fire. (Webcam of Place Charles de Gaulle in Athis-Mons here)

3. Further west in the concrete suburb of Nanterre between 6 and 10 youths herded passengers off a bus set it on fire..see AP pic.

The Nanterre bus line, which passes near Paris' financial district in La Defense, ( a sort of Docklands) and has not been considered at a high risk of attack. Francois Saglier, director of bus service at the RATP, said the attacks happened "without prior warning and not necessarily in neighborhoods considered difficult."

These overnight attacks have changed the face of suburban violence with an escalation from stones, crowbars, and sticks to guns and gas. They appear more pre-meditated and may be synchronised.

Personal contacts confirm that night - time buses in the Essonne region south of Paris have been suspended or curtailed following "multiple incidents," including a tear gas bomb.

Zionism - The goyim strike back

ZioPedia.org is a Sydney based anti-Zionist blog site run by Rebel Media Group a non-profit which also hosts an online encyclopedia ZioPedia.org.

They have kaunched a trademarked ‘Goyim Certification’. Andrew Winkler, founder and editor/publisher of the Rebel Media Group, says this is to help consumers make "nbetter|" buying decision.

Goyim Certified’ businesses, (subject to rigorous certification) can ensure that none of their payments will – directly or indirectly – help Apartheid Israel in their on-going violent and murderous illegal occupation of Palestine.

'Goyim' is a Hebrew word , used by Talmudic jews as a derogative term for non-jews. In the Talmud only Jews are human, non-Jews are regarded as the equivalent of cattle that can be killed and abused unpunished.

Andrew Winkler explains "We consider Talmudism to be at the root of Apartheid Israel's genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people." Questioned whether he wasn’t afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism, he replied, “Not really. In today’s use of the term, all it means is being critical of Israel and her lobby, so it's a good thing.”

If you think you understand Zionism consider these two recent news items relating to the "thinking" of the leaders of this curious religious group who practice a form of sexual torture on their young men, without their knowledge or consent.(But see US news story today)

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics reversed its support of routine infant circumcision, citing questionable benefits and medical and anecdotal evidence that circumcised men have less penile sensitivity.

1. Jewish law forbids Jews from entering churches as Christianity is viewed as idolatry, while entering mosques, however, is permitted. Today Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba rules that Orthodox Jews are forbidden from attending Reform events,or even entering Reform synagogues – deeming them worse than Muslims. There are only 25 reform groups in Israel but over 1,000 in the US.

Rabbi Dov Lior has stirred up trouble previously when some German orthodox groups allowed women to join in prayer and readings from the Torah. He was quoted - “anyone who is truly God-fearing will not join in such a minyan (prayer meeting) since this is how the breaking of Jewish tradition begins. Today they do this, and in the future the result will be women and men praying completely together.Ynetnews 14th June 2006

2. Meanwhile the Jerusalem Post offered on September 13th a fascinating glimpse into the world of Rabbi Yossi Peli, who teaches at the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the settlement of Yitzhar.

He was arrested and interrogated by police about an article he had published and was distributing in which he called for either killing or expelling all male Palestinians in Judea and Samaria above the age of 13. Citing from the Mishne Torah, written by Maimonides, (משה בן מימון) the 12th century (1135 Cordoba -1204) and codifier of Orthodox Jewish law (see picture ofIsraeli commemorative postage stamp) . (the 7th of the 14 faiths is - The immutability of the Torah as God's Law) The Rabbi claims (in a similiar fashion to El Presidente does on armed combatants),"in time of war we are commanded to allow our enemies to abandon the battlefield. However, all men who remain must be killed (thus destroying all traces of a nation)." and he goes on to apply Maimonides views to the Palestinians.

"Let us hope that a truly Jewish leadership will speedily stand up for the Jewish people. A leadership that knows how to fight the Israeli nation's enemies properly and that adopts a strategy based on eternal Torah morality."
Rabbi Peli was released on bail after being charged with sedition and incitement to violence. Nothing more has been reported.

is sometimed called — Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon — calling him the RaMBaM or the Rambam (רמב"ם). See Wikipedia and this Biography site

PS Ziopedia has a detailed, lengthy and through review of James Petras' ( Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York) 'The Power of Israel in the United States' by Stephen Lendman

Petras' concludes : "Israel and its overseas network in the US....(threatens) not only the oppressed people of Palestine (and Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria and any other state Israel takes aim at) but the rights of people throughout the world." He stresses we have mass public opinion on our side nearly everywhere outside the US ........

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Danes get ready to flee Iraq

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaking at his weekly press conference on Tuesday said the situation in Iraq was 'unsatisfactory' although the goal (?) remains the same..

Calling the situation in Iraq 'unsatisfactory', Rasmussen suggested a change of course for the country's participation in the military coalition which Mogens LyketoftLeader of the opposition Social Democrat Party (SD) said at the time of the spring parliamentary elections last year, in a TV debate ...

“I am in favour of the withdrawal of our contingent at the end of its mandate at the beginning of June (2005) since we cannot continue to take part in something that many Iraqi’s consider to be an army of occupation,”… “Denmark will never take part in a war against Iraq that the Secretary General of the UN qualified as illegal. We shall never commit the same error that Anders Fogh Rasmussen committed by entering a war without the UN’s mandate and thereby breaking up European cohesion. We shall not follow the USA blindly as the present government has done. We shall be a critical ally,”

Denmark has had 500 hundred troops stationed in Basra since the early phase of the occupation, which Parliament agreed to extend their mandate to remain there until summer 2007, as public support for Danish involvement and continued presence has waned. (Yes! Their Parliament get to vote on the issue!)

The Danish State and it's people have also been heavily criticised world wide about the publication of deliberately offensive anti-Muslim cartoons - see pic of sacking of the Danish Embassy in Teheran in February 2006 - some Danish companies have also lost a huge amount of sales / profits in the Middle East and Indonesia. Ambassadors in Iran , Syria and Indonesia were recalled.

Rasmussen, shadow boxed on the shape of Denmark's military presence , which he said could take on "a new form" before an actual withdrawal.

'We can be there, but in a more retracted position (?), from which we assist the Iraqi government in situations where it is especially necessary.'


He said any development of a new strategy in Iraq should build on a dialogue with the coalition partners and repeated a call for an international conference that would explore how best reforms can be carried out in Iraq.

Part of the dialogue with the Coalition has included the decision on August 30th 2005 when the Central Intelligence Agency were told that they can no longer use Danish airspace for flights to transport suspected terrorists around the world. Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller said the Danish government has told the United States that it is opposed to the unauthorized flights.

Møller had originally denied that the government had knowledge of transports taking place in Danish airspace that violate “international conventions.”

All this sounds like .... how can we slip through the door in Iraq marked exit as gracefully as possible ?

Bush the Infallible, the Immaculate... does he have divine guidance ?

President Bush, simply ignores the wishes of the elected representatives whenever he wants, either adding signature clauses to bills, undertaking breathtaking breaches of the constitution - use of torture, breach of habeus corpus, making war as he wishes, warrantelss wiretapping and electronic surveillance - Jeffersonian participatory democracy is for export, not home consumption with this bone head.

He is at it again ... Just as he appointed John Bolton to the post of UN Ambassador utilising the Senate recess to deliberately appoint him. His excellency King George has now appointed Richard Stickler to head the Mine Safety and Health Administration in deliberate defiance of the Senate, which he is allowed to do without Senate approval , when Congress is out of session.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was forced to cancel a vote on Stickler's confirmation last June due the lack of Senate support for Stickler's nomination. Then in August, in an unprecedented action, the Senate returned Stickler's nomination to the White House before it went on break. But refusing to take the hint, the President renominated Stickler at the beginning of September. The Senate unamused and unmoved by this direct confrontation on their authroity again returned the nomination to the White House.

Senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd have led the opposition to Stickler, citing his industry background and the lack of commitment to MSHA reform that he displayed at his confirmation hearing. The AFL-CIO, United Mine Workers of America, United Steelworkers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the International Brothers of Boilermakers have all called on Bush to withdraw the nomination.

Kennedy called for a new nominee:

“We are in the midst of a mine safety crisis — 58 miners have already died this year, more than any year since 2002.

Thirty-eight coal miners and 20 metal/non-metal miners have died in the workplace this year which began with the tragic January 2 Sago Mine disaster in which 12 coal miners died."

On his website Senator Kennedy said of Stickler

"Mr. Stickler has spent the overwhelming part of his career as a coal industry executive, focused on profits and production, not on worker safety. In fact, mines where he was in charge had injury rates far above the national average.... During his tenure as head of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Deep Mine Safety, he was well known for granting exceptions from safety rules for mining companies. He even bent critical rules designed to prevent mien fires on conveyor belts and to guarantee that miners could reach safe places to protect themselves from runaway railcars......
...... read on at the website how mining company interests were protected and promoted

Bush as ever , was not listening. His nominee, with an appalling record of overseeing mines with incredibly poor safety records stood for nothing.. nobody was going to tell George Bush what to do. Fuck the Senate - they only represent the people. It was a dialogue of the deaf on his side.

The full story is at the excellent (must read) ;"Confined Space News and Commentary on Workplace Health & Safety, Labor and Politics " and posted last week.

Jeffersonian participatory democracy at work

On yer chest ...

On yer bumper (why do repair shops call them fenders ?)

These and other exciting ways to discourage Republicans and cover your bumper or your chest at www.topplebush.com plus vast library of humorous pics, cartoons, and access to articles about the lies, deceit, dishonesty, crooks, scumbags and snake oil salesmen of the Bush Administration. (both)

Novozymes / Abegnoa - Biofuels market expanding worldwide

Lord Patel has frequently directed his readers to the premier position that Novozymes (and Abegnoa) have in supplying essential enzymes for preparation of biomass feedstocks for fermentation to produce ethanol for fuel for internal combustion engines either raw or mixed with mineral based fuels.

Novozyme shares (NZYM B and the ID code/ISIN DK0010272129) quoted in Copenhagen jumped 20 DKK nearly 5% today on release of Q1 2006 figures which show ;

1. Sales rose by 11% ,Operating profit rose by 14% and operating profit margin was up to 19.2%, compared with 18.6% in 2005

2. Earnings per share (diluted) rose by 5% to DKK 2.97.

Readers are encouraged to read a helpful essay on their website about bio-fuels and Novozymes role as a major supplier to world wide growth in producing so called bio-fuels by Larry Peckous, a principal scientist in Customer Solutions at Novozymes in Franklinton, USA.

"Where will fuel ethanol plants pop up next?"

Briefly ;


Whilst maize (corn) is a the most widely used ethanol feedstock in the USA, in Europe other traditional grains are used and Novozyme have produced Viscozyme® Wheat, Viscozyme Barley and Viscozyme Rye for more Euro specific cereals.

The EU has set targets of 5.75% of energy consumption in the transport sector by 2010 and 20% by 2020. Sweden, Germany, France and Spain are among the European countries that have come furthest towards meeting the targets.

10 fuel ethanol plants where enzymes are used in the process are in production , 7 use wheat, 2 use rye and 1 uses barley. Many large-scale dedicated fuel ethanol plants planned or under construction, which takes some 18 months.

The major player and bio-fuel pioneer is Abengoa, a Spanish company will operate the first plant (180 MN Euro investment) using maize (plus wine alcohol) is under construction (May '06) at Lacq in the south of France capable of producing 200,000 tons of fuel ethanol per year by 2008. The French Government having awarded an overall tax relief on 100,000 tons. Abengoa Bioenergy own 56 % of the operators AB Bioenergy France and the remaining shares are held by Aquitaine Industrie Innovations, Euralis, Etablissements Lacadée, Lur Berri, Maïsadour, Vivadour and Agpm.

Abengoa S.A. is a listed company based in Seville ((ABG.MC) Euro 22.00 close today up from Euro 13.35 over last year = 65%), they have 3 bioethanol facilities in Spain - Ecocarburantes Españoles and Bioetanol Galicia, and Biocarburantes de Castilla y Leon - with an overall installed capacity of 550 million liters per year and export ethanol.

Abengoa Bioenergy is also the fifth largest ethanol producer in the United States with an installed capacity of 365 million liters. (i.e 1 Mn litres per day.) As starch to ethanol conversion efficiencies have improved, Abengoa have lead in the utilisation of soluble co-products (i.e high protein biomass wastes) as animal feedstock has also been improved so improving the unvestment return on installed plants.

Eastern Europe

Interest in biofuels is growing in Eastern Europe , there is a plant under construction in Slovakia. Projects are under consideration in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Ukraine, as well as in oil rich Kazakhstan and in Russia.

South Africa

Construction started on the first (of seven planned) maize based plant South Africa in May this year which will use surplus food capacity.... as millions starve in Zimbabwe.


Manildra are the largest ethanol producers with their Nowra plant in NSW using wheat and sorghum. two other Queensland plants in Queensalnd use Molasses from the sugar industry. Total production is an annual 90 million litres.

The Australian federal government’s target for 2010 is a production of 350 million litres. Four new plants are planned in Australia to process wheat and sorghum.

Manildra US produces industrial alcohols at its facility in Hamburg, IA. USA.


China leads Asia in etahnol production with an output of 3.8 billion litres in 2005 from 4 maize based plants and there are plans for rice straw biomass plants.

In June 2006, Novozymes announced a three-year cooperation agreement with CRAC (China Resources Alcohol Corporation) ( See Lord Patel's report ) to conduct research into developing this new technology based on the enzymatic conversion of cellulose.


The fastest emerging market for fuel ethanol in Asia is Thailand. The Thai government’s goal is to use ethanol to replace the additive MTBE in gasoline.

The Gubment have a fuel excise tax exemption for ethanol and an income tax waiver for investors for the first eight years. Current plans are for 1 million litres of fuel ethanol per day in 2006 2011 target of 3 Mmn litres p, day) , their are 2 cassava root plants and 4 using using molasses. A third cassava plant will come in stream in December 2006.

Licences have been granted for building at least 14 plants using molasses and four new plants using cassava.

High gravity fermentation

There is increasing interest in so called high gravity fermentation. This technology allows less water to be used and as a result less energy is needed for cooling, heating and evaporation which means more compact, less costly plants. Where Novozyme have especial expertise)

BNP Bombers - DA-Notice Press-Gubment collusion works smoothly to supress comment

The Mystery continues. BNP members Robert Cottage, and David Jackson, (now in custody) attended a pre-trial hearing at Preston Crown Court yesterday (24/12) on charges under the Explosives Act and a trial date has been set at Manchester Crown Court of 12 th February 2007.

These bald facts have not been published by any National or Local printed press to date, but have appeared online at BBC, ITV, and the International Herald Tribune carries a very brief online AP report. The Socialist Worker simply publishes the facts.
Libcom.org report the hearing with a comment ....

"Left-wing activists who contacted various media outlets to question the blackout were told by the BBC that "editorial staff always have more news reports than can be fitted into the time available" and that insufficient room was available to publish the story more widely." Pic Jude Abbott of Chumbawumba at Menwith Hill June 2005 advertsing white male terrist.
Currently there are 5 Standing Defence Advisory Notices (DA-Notices which supersede the old D-Notice) in effect which are issued by the Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, (website - which is well worth a visit) adherence to which is voluntary. ( Note that The (book) Publishers Association choose not to be represented , but their members use the DA-Notice system. Links have also been established with the UK Internet Service Providers Association.)

The operation of the DA Notice System is lucidly described by the current Secretary to the Committee, Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance in a speech he gave to the 4th International Conference for Information Commissioners 23 May 2006 - SECRECY VS SECURITY; THE JIGSAW EFFECT. (see website)

Anybody seeking to understand how this system works is well advised to very carefully read and understand what he says. It is worth noting that ;

Stressing that the system is voluntary he disengeniously argues,
"unsupported by any form of legal sanction." he points out that whilst the Government guards secrets ;" .....it is the media that plays the decisive role. It is ultimately they who will judge whether or not, and how widely, information is published or broadcast, and in reaching that decision they face balancing their own rights and interests against their wider societal duties and obligations."
He continues to claim that the DA-Notice system ...
" has delivered a great deal in the protection of our national security simply because it accepts that media-government relations in this area at least must be based on a partnership rather being automatically adversarial."
He claims in a typically class ridden British appeal , "we are all in the same boat" appeal for social cohesion, that this incestuous dialogue ...
"fosters collective responsibility for something of key importance to us all, and it upholds the absolute right of the media to breach the established guidelines without the threat of legal sanction if they judge at any time that the arrangement is being exploited or that a crucial principle is being risked."
Evidently it is impossible to suppress the appearance of people in Court on charges under the Explosives Act in remote Burnley or Preston (way oooop North!) , but it is curious that there has not been a single word of analysis, political comment, or contextual reference. This self imposed purdah is certainly not accidental by the major UK News outlets, whilst the BBC / ITV online sites carry the bald facts, the story of the BNP Bombers has not had an airing on any UK Radio / TV program (unless you know different!) or newspaper / magazine . The lesson is clear , good solid class riddled belief in the status quo and the suppression of any suggestion that it is under threat.

There is clearly a conspiracy of silence, a mutual and carefully orchestrated omerta which is scrupulously observed by a willing and obedient press. So far this stately dance continues - it is therefore both fascinating and revealing of the "official" mind and their their understanding of the public perception of "secrecy" and the State.

For example consider the concluding remarks the Secretary made to the Soho Writers' Festival Civil Liberties Panel 19th November 2002 (on the D Notice website) which displays both a Metropolitan arrogance and the hauteur of an establsihed, civil and very disodedient servant of the public.

"So where does that leave official secrecy? Even before September 11 last year, we all saw how the Freedom of Information Act had been watered down behind the scenes, and implementation postponed. You may not have seen, but I can assure you it is so, that the way in which Ministries now treat Data Protection Act requests is also not as open-handed as when it first came into force. And to end with the oldest Act in question, the current version of Official Secrets Act is now effectively 14 years old.

It was written in a vastly different world, still in the Cold War era, and for a public who then had rather different attitudes to many aspects of what can loosely be described as human rights. Many other aspects of British and international life have also changed in the intervening years, including the style of our government, the international legal framework, and the role of the media, and of course there is the impact of the internet on matters of secrecy. It seems logical therefore to me that, sooner rather than later, the Official Secrets Act will need to be looked at again.

However, this, and other aspects of greater openness, have no high political or bureaucratic priority, nor are the media themselves, individually or collectively, very consistent in pressing for greater openness. Nor, in the view of many in Westminster, Whitehall and Fleet Street, does anyone in the British public beyond the M25 have much interest in any of this. Personally I disagree strongly with such a cynical view. But I am not sure what it will be that will light the blue touch-paper of the rocket of reform."

It will be fascinating to see how the Press reporting is muzzled (or modified) when the trial reaches Manchester in February next year. The address by the D Notice Committee Secretary in 2002 had this illuminating "guidance" on terminology .."The D-Notices do not, for example, consider even the most violent of the current Animal Liberation Front activists to be terrorists.". qv the BBC has described the Northern Irish IRA as "terrorists", but describes Palestinian armed groups as "militants" to this day. The BBC guidelines on the use of the word terrorist (Microsoft Word .doc)are well worth reading as is the Guradian style guide for using the word.

i.e Muslim youths who make ill considered remarks on their mobiles about Man U are "terrists" but middle aged white men , who assemble rocket launchers, chemical precursors to explosive materials, etc., Internet based recipes for same, MOD Bio-warfare kit, etc., are clearly just enthusiastic (if misguided) firework enthusiasts chargeable under the Explosives Act.

For reference the FBI definition is ...Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. e.g invading Iraq, Lebanon etc.,

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Explosives news from Burnley

Burnley has it's share of homemade explosive devices.

The BBC reported
on the 6th April 2006 that a boy John J Ashley of Gordon Street, Worsthorne,had been hurt when he picked up a device in a yard (private property)of the Worsthorne Mini Skip Company in Cross Street near his home at approximately 10 pm. which exploded ....(Lancs Police pic of device after explosion - Lancs Telegraph report 8th April 2006)
Sun report
The boy's father Phil said: "I heard [a] bang and then I heard JJ screaming... He came running in and there was blood everywhere . He was kept overnight at Wythenshawe Hospital and his severely damaged hand (including a cut artery) required 3 hours of surgery. It is hoped he will regain the use of three of his fingers but will require further platsic surgery and sking grafts. (Burnley Express report 11th April 2006)

A second 3 foot long device was found nearby, which police claim a shot gun cartridge inserted in the device exploded when an attached string was pulled or snagged. It appeared to the Police to be some form of scaring device or booby trap to keep out trespassers.

Army and Bomb disposal squads were called out and the area searched.

Peter Smith, 49, and Jack Clarkson, 61, both of Burnley, (skip company owner) were charged with possession of a prohibited weapon also of Burnley, Derek Kokocinski, 55, is charged with making the device. They appeared at Burnley Magistrates' Court on 26 May 2006.

The 3 white defendents appeared again today at Burnley Crown Court (they are not in custody) to register a plea. Lawyers for the defence claimed that the device was not a firearm, a claim supported by a technical witness brandishing a report, and that the defence and prosecution should consult to establish the nature of the device before proceeding. The matter will be adjourned until both sides can agree.

The following points appear of interest ;

1. An explosive device injures a member of the public at random, manufactured to injure (BBC pic) - 6 months after the event the Police / CPS cannot be certain that the device is a "firearm" and therefore prosecution for manufacturing / ownership of a firearm is delayed and may fail.

2. The 3 white defendents have not been remanded, there are no charges under the various Terrorism Acts, and associated recent legislation.

3. Should the defendents claim succeed, it appears that the Police / CPS / Anti Terror Brigade have no legislation under which they can charge the 3 - resulting in their not being charged.

PS. There is no news on the Burnley BNP Bombers who were expected in Court this week..DOH .. as Antagonist points out the appearance was at PRESTON Crown Court and this is covered by BBC and ITV news reports - simply that they will appear for trial 12 February 2007 at MANCHESTER Crown Court. NO application for bail was made.

ON balance glad to cover the Burnley case - serendipity.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Neo-cons vanish up their own arsehole - Official

The Lobby, Unmasked by Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com
The AIPAC spy scandal has many tentacles

"The "good" ship Neocon is a pirate vessel, one that brazenly hoists the Jolly Roger and takes no prisoners: it patrols the sea-lanes in search of victims and, when it finds them, pounces without mercy or hesitation. Up until now, it has evaded all attempts to corner and sink it, and its success is due, in no small part, to its many allies and well-wishers onshore. Yet for those of us who see this crew as a prime candidate for sinking, the neocons' comeuppance on account of the collapse of the Iraq campaign is hardly enough. Their disgrace, properly conceived, has barely begun."

Read on ... this superb article unmasking the neocons, the Israeli Lobby (which doesn't exist) , AIPAC and the authors of of the Great Iraq Disaster, who are taking refuge behind all sorts of rationalizations: we didn't have enough troops, our strategy isn't aggressive and destructive enough, the war is being lost in the hearts and minds of the American people and not on the battlefields of Iraq, the invasion was launched while the moon was in Pisces – the neocons are nothing if not inventive when engaged in the process of covering their asses....

Superb. Keep a copy for your grandchildren! Read it NOW

BNP Bombers fail to appear

No appearance of the BNP Bombers in Burnley Magistrates Court or the Crown Court today but I found this pavement advice outside the Magistrates Courts.

Network claims Tactical nuke went up in October 11th Falcon Base Camp.

From JUS Global Islamic Media Aliance Video (Arabic commentary) - On October 11, 2006, a Tactical Nuclear Device appears to have exploded when fire broke out in an ammunition dump at Camp Falcon (Camp Al-Saqr) 8 miles outside Baghdad. See photos here.

Video from live nightly newscast in Baghdad caught the detonation - miles away - with it's characteristic ENORMOUS blinding white flash, a rising core of fire then a small mushroom cloud!

This video is 5.21 and the explosion is at 4.50 + mins , whatever it is exploding it's a big mutha fucker.If it was a nuke radioactive emissions would be readily detectable.

At the time General Cadwell in a DoD briefing in Baghdad (Oct 12, 2006) made the following statement (there has been a news blackout since).

First of all, I'll take on the Falcon attack. It was caused by indirect fire, a mortar that did in fact hit our ammunitions supply point there, which caused a tremendous amount of secondary and tertiary explosions that occurred throughout the night there. There's that one articular area which fled into another area -- did in fact go off all night.

Very fortunately, no coalition forces or Iraqi security forces were injured, nor civilian casualties that anybody's aware of at this point. We lost some munitions, but took no personnel casualties.

Euronews has another video of the explosion (55 secs) plus shots of damage outside the camp the following day.

TBR News has an excellent report dated Friday 20th which claims 300 dead US soldiers, the loss of US$1 Bn of materiel, including 6 Apache helicopters and a reported 160 Iraqi military amd assorted civilians. Retaliatory strikes killing 120 civlians were made by aerial forces seemingly at random around Baghdad allegedly firing at the source of mortar / rocket attacks.

SF Indymedia has a lengthy report as well confirming huge numbers of casualties carried to Al Habbaniyah hospital in 9 cargo / Red Cross planes.

Global Research has a report dated 22nd October confirming much of the above reports.

Whatever happened that night, we shall never be told, but it has evidently had a massive impact upon the US resolve / ability to fight.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

TV for Tots, 24/7 - Outsource your kid's brain.

BabyFirstTV (BFTV Limited, 34 Horsell Moor,Horsell,Woking,Surrey,GU21 4NJ,Tel:00 131 0 442 9853) is coming to Britain by the end of 2006, and the British television regulator OFCOM is now considering the channel's application to launch a 24/7 channel aimed at young children.

Launched in the US in May this year it is available in the US through satellite providers for about $9.99 per month and is expected soon on cable. Baby First TV will also be available in Spanish by the end of the year. (see WKRN TV news item with video clips) The BabyFirst TV website claims ...

Our mission at BabyFirstTV is not only to supply parents with the best content for their babies, but also to be a reliable and trusted source of information for parents on topics related to the early stages of parenting.

"Baby Basics" is a magazine-style program hosted by leading child psychologist, Lynne Kenney, Psy.D., providing helpful tips for parents with children aged 6 months to 3 years.

“Family Wellness” is an activity-based program hosted by Shawn Killinger, a former anchor and lifestyle reporter for several local CBS and Fox stations throughout the country.

This channel follows the so called diaper demographic ...Disney's ‘Baby Einstein’ and the recent ‘Sesame Beginnings’' but First TV claim they encourage parents to watch TV alongside their children, offering instructional subtitles on the screen. "Brainy Baby" and "Numbers Farm" are designed to kick - start children on the path to the Ivy League as early as possible

White Dot, the international campaign against television, intends to stop them, they claim tha infants need physical activity and human interaction that is removed by TV
- "Shut up and watch "is their war cry.

Links between TV and attention deficit disorder, childhood obesity, poor acquisition of language and aggression are well known and well documented.

White Dot quote the American Academy of Pediatrics,

"During the first two years of life children need good, positive interaction with other children and adults. Too much television can negatively affect early brain development. This is especially true at younger ages, when learning to talk and play with others is so important."

Dr. Donald Shifrin, spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics is quoted, “Using videos and television in this age range is basically an uncontrolled experiment on youngsters.”

The Right Wing Bomber(s) revisited

Two men will appear in Burnley Magistrates Court tomorrow morning on charges under the Explosives Substances Act 1883 . Both members of the BNP, one stood in May for Vivary Bridge ward of Colne.

Chemicals (said to be of 22 types and largest domestic haul ever) a rocket launcher and an MOD Bio warfare suit were found in their terraced houses in Colne and Nelson. There has been zero reporting in the national press of their arrest although it has been covered locally. Nelson News Burnley News

This has echoes of the London Nail Bomber of 1999

The London Nail Bomber , David Copeland, struck three times in Brixton on April 17, Brick Lane on April 24 and on the 30th April in the Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street, a gay bar in Soho in which 3 people died. In total 100 people received severe injuries.(BBC Online has good archive)

After the first two bombs, anonymous phone calls were made by someone claiming to be responsible and claiming to represent Combat 18 a Fascist right wing racist gang of thugs. After the third bomb a work mate of the bomber Paul Mifsud identified him from the CCTV pictures and told the police.

Living in Farnborough it became known that the bomber, David Copeland had joined the BNP in 1997 when he was photographed standing next to the party's founder John Tyndall.

While in the BNP David Copeland admitted he found information on the internet on how to make bombs from fireworks. He also read racist and anti-Semitic literature from extreme right wing Christian groups in America.

At the end of 1998 he joined the National Socialist Movement (connected with Colin Jordan originally and now the BPP see website) and became, a few weeks before the bombing it's regional unit's leader.

His flat in a quiet suburban street had walls decorated with swastika flags and photos of atrocities and bombings from around the world, including some from his own bombings at Brixton and Brick Lane, what he later called his "handiwork".

There were also explosives and weaponry, a crossbow , hunting knives and a gas-powered pistol.

Interviewed by the Police he said, ""My main intent was to spread fear, resentment and hatred throughout this country, it was to cause a racial war," he wrote to BBC correspondent Graeme McLagan denying he was schizophrenic. He claimed that what he called "Zog", the Zionist Occupation Government, was trying to sweep him under the carpet by pumping him full of drugs.

At the end of a remarkably speedy trial which lasted 3 weeks on 30th June 2000 Copeland was sentenced to six life sentences for three murders. The Judge said: "Nothing can excuse or justify the evil you have done... The public must be protected from you and assured that if you are ever released it will not be for a very long time."

Bigots ban burkhas, boxing vests - whilst Christians are killed in Iraq

The horrific murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 and the subsequent revealing of a network of violent Muslim extremists resulted in a backlash in the Netherlands.

On Nov 17 2004 Fok.nl reported this fascinating story : VMBO wil geen Lonsdale na brand moskee (VMBO doesn't want Lonsdale after mosque fire).

Briefly in a small dutch town, Helden, a mosque was set on fire and a local school banned the wearing of Lonsdale brand clothing. In April 2005 an Islamic primary school in Uden was set on fire , the second arson attack against the school since Van Gogh's death. A 17-year-old boy was arrested for the attack.

Lord Lonsdale's name lives on not only as the 5th Earl of the Lonsdale family, but as a leading figure in donating the Lonsdale belt for boxing champions (awarded after three defences of any title) but also the eponymous brand of boxing and athletic sportswear.

In 1979, Paul Weller from The Jam walked into the Lonsdale shop in London and bought some of their T shirts which he wore on tour. The label's cool image down amongst skinheads and punks was established to the astonishment of the brand owners whose brand was more familiar on the chests of Mohammed Ali and Mike Tyson.

However on the Continent the brand rapidly acheived a notoriety for being worn by right wing crypto Fascists, who by careful adjustment of a black leather blouson jacket could reveal the initials NSDA - very nearly - NSDAP - Hitler's NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist Party). Disturbed by this the company sought to lose the Nazi image (with no success) by sponsoring gay pride festivals in germany. The firmalso plans to sponsor multi-cultural events and a football club for Africans in Germany under the slogan "Lonsdale loves all colours".

By this time the cultish teenage world in Holland had adopted the brand and interpreted the brand name as L O N S D A L E "Laat Onze Nederlandse Samenleving De Alochtonen Langzaam Elimineren". which translates to "Let Our Dutch Society Slowly Eliminate The Immigrants" .. which led to it's banning in schools. A Dutch website http://www.lonsdalenews.nl was set up to monitor the anti-islamic activities, invariably attributed to the "Lonsdale Youth".

Now Dutch Interior Minister Rita Verdonk, (AKA Iron Lady) wants to ban another item of clothing. This time the burkha, whose wearing is, claims right-wing MP Geert Wilders, a threat to security.

Already the wearing of face covering scarves, as an anti football hooligan measure is forbidden - a measure which Mussolini introduced in the 1930's in Italy which is being recalled in some towns and is being used to impose a ban on burkhas.

Some Belgian towns, including Antwerp and Ghent, last year banned wearing burkhas in public. France and many parts of Germany have banned the hijab, in public buildings, in particular in schools.

Meanwhile if you want to read about the persecution, rape, kidnapping, killing of Christians in Iraq go to The Barnabas Fund report of 20th October 2006.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish