"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Friday, March 17, 2006

DANGER Zionism at work

The BBC have an on line brief biography of Labour fundraiser (Mr Cashpoint they call him) I quote directly " Michael Abraham Levy, now 61, has never forgotten his working-class Jewish roots or lifelong commitment to the Labour Party.

In 2000, the prime minister made Lord Levy his personal envoy to the Middle East, with an office inside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Currently president of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Lord Levy has said he will stop fundraising for Labour when Tony Blair goes.

The peer has also worked for Jewish charities, consolidating several into Jewish Care.

He and his wife Gilda have a son, Daniel, who used to work for former Israeli justice minister Yossi Beilin, and a daughter."

You may wish to read in the latest London Review of Books ... "The Israel Lobby” by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.

UPDATE 20.3.06

"The Israel Lobby" is a brief version of a Harvard Report of 83 pages which you can read here (PDF Alert) e.g

The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on the U.S. Congress. Open debate about U.S. policy towards Israel does not occur there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world. Thus, one of the three main branches of the U.S. government is firmly committed to supporting Israel. As former Senator Ernest Hollings (D‐SC) noted as he was leaving office, “You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here.” Small wonder that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once told an American audience. “When people ask me how they can help Israel, I tell them—Help AIPAC.”

Livni - the past remembered

Israeli Foreign Minister, Livni, speaking at the foreign ministry offices in Jerusalem, claimed that the Jericho operation was carried out because Abbas is powerless, and that the operation mainly depended on “Abbas's actions and shortcomings“.

She also claimed that the operation was not co-ordinated with Britain and the United States, in spite the fact the the U.S and U.K guards left the prison compound and went out of Jericho before the army carried in attack.

In a defiant and vote catching reminder of the struggles of the heroic founders of the nation and as a reminder to the British of their role in strangling the birth of Israel she added ....

We did not decide on the timing of the departure of the guards”, she added, “Unlike in 1948, we did not ask the British to leave


Thursday, March 16, 2006

US air attacks kill 11 Iraqi civilians

Reuters reports that 11 members of an Iraqi family were killed in a U.S. raid on Wednesday, police and witnesses said. The U.S. military said two women and a child died during the bid to seize an al Qaeda militant from a house.

A senior Iraqi police officer said autopsies on the bodies, which included five children, showed each had been shot in the head. Community leaders said they were outraged at the killings and demanded an explanation from the U.S. military.

Picture shows the dead, go to the story for further unpleasant detail of aerial bombardment, killings, blowing up house and details of morgue / burial and capture of alleged Al Qeaeda "go-between" or "facilitator" .

Don't fuck with Tony Blair Dromey

I have always thought that Jack Dromey should go through a degreasing department before he steps out, the thought of this ugly, sweating oik conjoined with the luscious limbs of Stepford Wife / Blair Babe, Harriett Harman is too much for my sensibilities.

I was mildly seething therefore when I was brougt quickly to my senses when the said lard bag complained on BBC Radio 4 news about the "loans" from assorted crooks, fraudsters, gangsters upright citizens that "Lord" Levy had arranged "loans" to the Labour Party and nobody thought of telling the elected Labour Party Treasurer.

My first thought was , well this is not news but JD is breaking Party ranks, and his delightfully fragrant wife a Minister to boot.

I turned to the web and in minutes the Scotsman had a story at 10.40pm in which a Downing Street Spokesman is quoted

"The day-to-day management of the Labour Party finances are a matter for the general secretary. We can confirm that at the time the loans were taken out, the party treasurer was unaware of them."

In other words JD, we run this party, you can fuck off, we will accept loans even engineered through non elected people like "Lord" Levy and I will propose Knighthoods to whoever I wish ... which by the way you and the missus can forget ever getting one.

I note that JD, has tonight discovered his savoire faire and shut up.

It's Dr Patel I feel sorry for £1.5 Mill down the tubes. As my old man used to say ..."Never trust a white man".

Iraq explained

Read Aaangirffan here

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

US knew that Israel planned to raid Jericho Prison

US knew that Israel planned to raid Jericho Prison
By NATHAN GUTTMAN Jerusalem Post
Washington 9.21 pm

"Israel briefed the US on its plan to raid the Jericho prison a short time before the IDF forces reached the area and kept the Americans updated on the progress of the raid. Diplomatic sources in Washington said Tuesday that the briefings were done both through the US embassy in Tel-Aviv and by the Israeli embassy in Washington."

So either Jack Straw doesn't know what the fuck is going on or is a fucking liar.

Jericho - prison camp or holiday camp ?

Zionist Organisation of America June 4th 2002 has an interesting report about the actual detention conditions and the monitors at Jericho prison.

Paul Martin, an investigative reporter for the Washington Times,
reported (June 4, 2002) after visiting the Jericho facility:

"Few guards and little more than a hedge confine Ahmed Saadat and five fellow prisoners to a Palestinian Authority jail under a U.S.-brokered deal five weeks ago...Imprisonment of the six men was to be supervised by the United States and Britain. But there was no sign of any Americans or Britons during a visit last week to the cluster of low, brown buildings [in Jericho]

...A few young men, towels slung over their shoulders, walked unconcerned through the
yard, separated from the main road into the city only by a few scattered bushes...

[They] later returned to unlocked cells...where a prison officer lay fast asleep, barefoot but uniformed, on a bed in his office.

"Mr. Saadat and [Fuad] Shoubaki [a senior PA official involved in the 'ship of terror'] appear to occupy the second floor of a wing in the prison described by a stenciled sign in English as 'General Security HQ.' No one answered when a reporter rang a bell next to the brown wooden door.

"The reporter then wandered around the building opening doors at random, without finding a single prisoner in his cell. Only three of the cells were locked."

Recent blogs on same topic here

The Israeli voice of reason ?

National Jewish Front leader Baruch Marzel said that instead of the IDF operation, the prison in Jericho should have been bombed.

"They should have bombed the prison and not risk soldiers' lives with this operation. Better to have a thousand dead foes than one dead soldier," Marzel stated.
Pic Netanyahu today.
Y Net News Jerusalem

Bush weeps

Gospel of John, Chapter 11:35. "Jesus wept"

DANGER Perfidious fucking Albion at work

IDF Nahal Brigade troops, in addition to the police's special anti-terror unit (Yamam) entered the Jericho jail ( designated operation "Pay a Visit") where the killers of former tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi were being held.

However, the main target of the operation, was Ahmed Sa'adat, the secretary general of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) believed to have masterminded the 2001 assassination,killers of former tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi

IDF tanks, which fired rounds into the prison, combat helicopters flying overhead, and artillery, which fired shells at the prison from afar, where all part of the force laying seige to the prison. A D-9 heavy bulldozer began tearing down the walls of the prison in order to flush the six suspects out. An IAF helicopter reportedly fired a missile at the compound as part of the IDF's continuing effort to force out the prisoners.


Announcing the withdrawal of monitors from Jericho Monitoring Mission, in a House of Commons statement, on Tuesday 14 March, Jack Straw said:(Posted at UK Embassies worldwide see Oslo

'I would like to inform the House that the UK and the US withdrew our monitors from the Jericho Monitoring Mission on 14 March. As I made clear in my statement to the House on 29 April 2002 (Official Report, column 668 see FOOTNOTE), it is the prime responsibility of the Palestinian Authority to ensure the personal security of the United States and United Kingdom monitors. Over the last months it has become increasingly clear that the Palestinian Authority is unable to do this.

'The UK and the US have repeatedly raised our concerns over the security of our monitors with the Palestinian Authority and urged them to meet their obligations under the Ramallah agreement. Unfortunately, there has been no improvement. We therefore issued a joint US/UK letter to President Abbas on 8 March 2006. This letter said that we would have to terminate our involvement with the mission if the Palestinian Authority did not immediately either fully comply with the Ramallah Agreement (which sets out monitoring arrangements) and make substantive improvements to the security of the monitors or come to a new agreement with the Government of Israel. As required by the Ramallah Agreement we informed the Israeli Authorities that we were delivering a letter in these terms. I have placed a copy of this letter in the Library of the House.

'The Palestinian Authority has consistently failed to meet its obligations under the Ramallah Agreement. Ultimately the safety of our personnel has to take precedence. It is with regret that I have to inform the House that these conditions have not been met and we have terminated our involvement with the mission today, 14 March 2006.'

The Jerusalem Post online report ...Mid day GMT. (See for more details)

"An IDF officer explained that at around 9:30 in the morning, soldiers at the checkpoint to Jericho noticed the US and British monitors leaving the city, and that was how the IDF found out that the monitors were gone."

FOOTNOTE J Straws Statement April (excerpt)

At the same time, six Palestinian men would be removed from the compound to a Palestinian facility in a secluded location in the occupied territories. Of these six, four have been convicted by the Palestinian Authority for involvement in the murder last October of Israeli Cabinet Minister Rehavam Zeevi. One is secretary general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the group that claimed responsibility for Minister Zeevi's killing, and one is being detained because of alleged involvement in the Karine A arms shipment in January.

Under this initiative, Britain and the United States have agreed to provide a small number of supervisory wardens to oversee the men's detention. The wardens will be unarmed. Let me make this clear: it is the prime responsibility on the Palestinian Authority to ensure the physical security of the facility and the personal security of the United States and United Kingdom wardens.

A British scoping mission visited the region last month. An advance party of experts from the United Kingdom is due to arrive in the region this afternoon to begin to set the detailed arrangements in place and to satisfy themselves as to the personal safety of the wardens. The United Kingdom wardens all have experience of working in similar capacities with the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.


It is difficult to believe that this was not cooked up when Foreign Minister Livni was in Washington recently glad handing the Whore on terror. The incident has been contrived deliberately to convince the electorate of the need for firm military action on Gaza. It is impossible to believe the result will not be a right wing Likud / Kadema Government led by Livni and Netanyahu.

According to the Times online there was a gun battle, I swear I saw those prisoners driving tanks.

Jerasulam Post reports later ....
"While the forces were not deployed at Jericho's front door, they were on standby and succeeded in arriving at the prison compound within a matter of minutes after the foreign guards withdrew. Senior officers, including OC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair Naveh told reporters Tuesday night that Israel only made its final decision to act after soldiers stationed at the IDF checkpoint at the entrance to the Palestinian city saw the prison guards pass through."

Not well planned and co-ordinated then ?

Expect more of the same ....." some IDF officers predicted Tuesday that Jericho-like operations might need to be carried out now on a more frequent basis."

US/UK/IDF Ultimatum letter and plot revealed for assault on Jericho prison.

On March 8th 2006 a joint letter from the US / UK to President Abbas (copied to the Israeli Government) presented an ultimatum to the Palestinian Authority claiming they were concerned about the safety of Prison monitors. It was stated that of security of UK / US staff did not improve, the monitors would be withdrawn.

Monitors were withdrawn today and immediately (although it is claimed the IDF were not directly informed by the UK Government) the Israeli defence Forces assaulted the prison to seize four Palestinian prisoners.

This pre-meditated and clandestine act was a deliberate move to justify the Israeli assult... it is not impossible to believe that the Gaza sacking of the British Council etc., were fomented by Israeli based agents provocateurs.

Jack Straw is to address the House of Commons later this afternoon with a statement he has probably been preparing for several days.

Pearl Harbour Jericho 2006 - re-run of Sharon's Al Aqsa mosque provocation

Israel is now gripped by the forthcoming elections. TV screens reapeatedly show the youthful Sharon sitting at the feet of founder David Ben - Gurion. Likud are laying into Olmerts as a friend of Hamas.

The result is that Likud / Kadema want an external threat to justify the apartheid wall, the Gaza killings and the clampdown on West Bank movement.Save Israel ... vote for the palach's return ... a new Pearl Harbour threatens our state.!!!!

Predictably now the IDF have stormed a jail in the West Bank town of Jericho, killing a Palestinian police officer and wounding another man, according to police reports... all on the pretext of arresting alleged assassins. (EDITOR This sounds like a re-run of the Sharon storming of the Al Aqsa mosque)

Dozens of Israeli troops, flanked by jeeps, tanks and a bulldozer, entered the Palestinian Authority controlled town this morning, calling for the surrender of six prisoners held in the jail, who Israel believes were involved in the assassination of Israeli tourism minister, Rehavam Zeevi, in 2001.Meanwhile the US and UK monitors melted away because they felt they were "under threat".

A gunfight broke out when the prisoners refused to give themselves up, with Palestinian security forces reporting that a police officer was killed in the crossfire.

Five of the prisoners eventually agreed to give themselves up, but the most prominent of the six suspects sought by the Israelis, Ahmed Saadat, head of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine group, has refused to do so.

At 1.pm GMT BBC is reporting tank fire at the prison, and heavy gunfire within the prison.

To add the international aspect the UK (along with the US having removed UN monitors) have thrown fuel on the fire and have immediately issued an alert advising Britons about travel to Jericho and the West Bank.Britons have been advised not to travel to Jericho because of threats of violence and kidnap.

Palestinian militants have warned US and British citizens to leave Palestinian territories or face kidnap in response to an Israeli raid on a West Bank prison.

Palestinians have set fire to a British Council cultural centre in Gaza and there aappears to be trouble at their offices in Ramallah.

The new advice UK Foreign Office advice states: "We advise against all travel to Jericho. The potential for Palestinian internal violence elsewhere also remains high following the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council that took place from 22-25 January 2006, the potential for Palestinian internal violence remains high.

(The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has confirmed that it had ordered UK monitors out of the jail as it no longer believed that the Palestinian authorities could guarantee their safety.)

"We advise against all but essential travel to West Bank apart from Bethlehem. You should be very careful about, and confident of your personal security arrangements, particularly in major towns and cities."

The Foreign Office also advises against all travel to the Gaza strip because of the security situation and continuing threats of kidnap of foreign nationals.

It also advises against all but essential travel along Israel's border with Lebanon and close to the Israeli side of the Israel/Gaza strip border.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Killing the fucking Arabs and fucking Palestinians

Aangirfan points out that the The Daily Telegraph report
"After three months in Baghdad, Ben Griffin told his commander that he was no longer prepared to fight alongside American forces.

Ben Griffin told commanders that he thought the Iraq war was illegal

He said he had witnessed "dozens of illegal acts" by US troops, claiming they viewed all Iraqis as "untermenschen" - the Nazi term for races regarded as sub-human.You could almost split the Americans into two groups: ones who were complete crusaders, intent on killing Iraqis, and the others who were in Iraq because the Army was going to pay their college fees. They had no understanding or interest in the Arab culture. The Americans would talk to the Iraqis as if they were stupid and these weren't isolated cases, this was from the top down."

Predictable and predicted before the war started.....
CounterPunch published this letter which was sent to every meber of the UK Cabinet and has never been acknowledged or answered....

February 26, 2003
An Open Letter to Tony Blair
Stand Tall, But Tell the Truth


Wrote that ....

"Nobody gives a shit about Iraqi people--expendable as, Ruandans, Matabele that Mugabe slaughtered (with North Korean mercenary help) in 1,000's, everyone stood back whilst millions of people lost lives in Iran/Iraq war.

Therefore your policy is not only wise but the only sensible one available."

He also added ...

"Be careful however that, if on the "fog of war" the Israelis decide to resolve the Palestinian problem, a la Sabra and Chattila camps."

Gaza is simply Sabra and Chattila on an industrial scale.

Predictable and Predicted.

Blair - Goldsmith gets in Early Defence

It has "emerged", reports the Press today that Sir Ian Blair of that Ilk recorded a telephone conversation with the Attorney General Sir Peter Goldsmith (Liverpool Sephardic Jew, Gonville & Caius College Cambridge) without informing him prior to making the call. (Well might it be said , "my brother Esau is an hairy man, but I am a smooth man" .. of the unruffled Peter G)

One may imagine the circumstances on Saturday when this happened...

At one of the glittering social occcasions which thrust the leading policeman , fresh, bronzed and confident from the ski slopes into the company of the leading lawyer together....

"Ah Goldsmith !" qoth the breezy Plod, "Whilst dressing I couldn't help mulling over what you said in our telephone conversation on the afternoon of 27th September 2005 at 3.47 pm when you said regarding the use of intercepted phone conversation in evidence..... "and went on the detail the Attorneys thoughts on the matter at the time.

Goldsmith one imagines took a restorative sip on his Vega-Mite wholly Kosher Energy Drink, and said "I cannot recall saying...."

[EDITORS NOTE "Recall" is the greatest word in the vocabulary of dissemblers,liars, fraudsters and cheats ranging from , "I am a very busy man and speak to many people on the telephone and cannot be expected to remember ...etc to a world weary, t'was long ago, and far away and besides the girl is dead.It can also be the product of having washed the walls of the urinals of the House of Lords with the proceeds of too many pre - breakfast bottles of Chivas Regal as well]

"Well Goldsmith" breezed on the cheerful Plod," My lovely lady wife, helping me to dress, had been reading out to me the transcript of that conversation and helpfully remembered to tuck into my pockets the transcript most efficiently made by WPC Jones at 4.05pm that day and signed and testified as a true and correct record by three colleagues and handy passing Archbishop of Canterbury ... " with that the worthy policeman proffered the sheaf of notes releasing no doubt the heady, unforgettable and easily defined aroma of "Esprit d'Amour" which graced the Blair's boudoir, into their conversation.

Goldsmith's nose will not only have wrinkled at the smell but the thought that this smiling buffoon had trapped him ... yes, he recalled now the joshing about the lies he told about the war's legality ... no doubt he smiled , left headed for his office and the facts "emerged" as the Westminster gastrointestinal afflatus machine whirled into action over the weekend.

Repairing to his own office , Sir Ian Blair of that Ilk, carefully sought to remind others that telephone conversation had been recorded..with the Chairman of IPCC ... On Monday as they picked up their papers and turned on to the "Today" program , everyone who had had a convertsion with Sir Ian would be hastily "recalling" their conversation .. not a few would be calling for their lawyers.

Like a good lawyer , Goldsmith has his defence in early.

Blair (Christ Church Oxford University) was betrayed by Cressida Jack (Oxford educated say the press ... means she went to school in Oxford) who sent a trained death squad beyond wirelss range and out of control... and his head is on the block.

Blair is a twat (that is not arguable) , he is not however, without power, privilege and influence. CH. Ch. "The House" is a network that the legal profession is riddled with in England, Blair is not without supporters who see POlice death squads trained by the Yids (who know a thing or two about dealing with vermin dontchano .. nudge nudge ...wink wink as they say in the purlieus of St James's) roaming the streets, Section 30 of the Terrorism Act hoovering up any dissenting vicars, and Sect. 59 for banging up any students unwise enough to brag to their mates on their mobile, about having downloaded how to make TATP from the FBI official website, or of the US Official State Patent for the process for producing ricin from castor oil beans.

The press, will be deflected from the IPCC report , Blair will eventually go, trousering immoderate sums of the taxpayers money , an Earldom and half of Hampshire ( Lady Blair will recall in later years the impulse that drove her to stuff those notes into Ian's pocket, he friend Cherie says it would make a good novel) the transcripts of those telephone conversation will already be shredded and the tapes "lost."

The nest of vipers, cheats, shits, fraudsters, financiers who have gained their temporary control over the levers of power will move on, another soiled body or two in their wake.

"What is Truth" quoth jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

More "facts" will "emerge" during the day ... keep watching.

Meanwhile the Attorney General is, we are told, "cross".

Final Thought on tapping conversation ...is this a re-run of that highly successful group, Telephone BILL and the Smooth Operator ?

A Solicitor writes - it is not illegal to record your own telephone conversation without informing the other person. Disclosure, publication is another matter.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lord Patel. A statement

I wish to make it clear that my forthcoming peerage Lord Patel of the Internet is not in any way related to donations to the Labour Party, property owned by Tony Blair and his delightfully fragrant barrister wife or the Mr Tessa Jowell "Get out of Jail Free card fund".

Delays in the official announcement are entirely due to the disputatious staff at Buckingham Palace who point out that The Internet , is not a place, state, terrotory, domain, demesne or part of sovereign territory over which the Queen holds control.

Lord Allenby of Armageddon was ennobled for such a territory and nobody has complained at the time or since.

I note that the decidedly disputatious Dr Chai Patel, Ex Kenya Rangers Football Club, whilst sensiblt refraining from being offered any such Title has bruited it about that loans have been made to the Labour Party.

That anybody would loan that bunch of shits, liars, wife beaters,turds, whelps, running tiger dogs, malcontents, anti-royalists a penny is beyond comprehension.

Redemption would be a fantasy and be rated at Fitch or S&P, Moody's at Treble ZZZ.

Blair energizes the Nuclear option

Vital Trivia has excellent article on Nuclear Britian(sic)although he does miss the Scottish dimension - i.e those skirted , short sighted tartan lovers North of the Border whom we cheated and continue to cheat (they say) out of THEIR oil, gas, virgins.

Required reading to provide a good detailed sensible background to current and planned (as at present) UK nuclear capacity.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish