"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Due to ....

..re-location beyond the reach of Inspector Knacker there may be an hiatus in proceedings.

May we indulge your patience.

Abnormal service may be resumed.

NHS Direct has exciting new balloon - re-brandedNHS is due !! Hold back the crowds of grateful patients.. staff, consultants, car park wheel clampers

.... and you wonder where all those taxes go ? Well here's a little something they prepared earlier you might have missed in your busy day.

On 22nd July 2008 , Sheila Mitchell, the Department of Health's director of marketing, said the health service was ‘changing hugely'. She added that as the brand now covered a multitude of services, it was time to reassess it.

The announcement follows the unveiling of a fresh brand identity for NHS Direct. Thompson Brand Partners, the Leeds based brand communications agency, created the symbol following a strategic review.

The agency was appointed in January 2008 after a four-way pitch managed by the Central Office of Information's (COI) Publications team.

The blue balloon will now be used as part of NHS Direct's press and outdoor advertising, which runs throughout the summer. It will show the blue balloon in a series of real life situations; snapshots of our normal daily lives.

The campaign positions NHS Direct as being everywhere - whatever your health worries, wherever you are, you can reach them, they are there for you, they can help. ... the campaign intends to show that NHS Direct is everywhere ... now isn't there something faintly Biblical about that message ? Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.... let's hope our many ethnic / religious minorities don't find anything wrong with THAT message.

The supporting message is:

For life's little health emergencies
For help making the right choices
For health advice, right now
For reassurance, 24 hours a day

Thompson Brand Partners has introduced a blue balloon to the logo, as well as the line ‘We're here'. It will be used as part of a press and outdoor ad campaign to position NHS Direct as a fully accessible service.

Ian Thompson, Creative Directorat Thompson Brand Partners, added:

"A balloon is the perfect carrier for our message, it is optimistic, honest and approachable. Above all, a blue balloon is simple and iconic and works to get across our message that NHS Direct is everywhere."

They also go BANG !!!

Just in case you feel this is a fantasy here is the NHS Direct meeting minutes... approving the unknown expenditure

For meta analysis of the comprehensive nature of re-organisation that predicates this change and re-organisation please see Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine "A surrealistic mega-analysis of redisorganization theories " http://jrsm.rsmjournals.com/cgi/content/abstract/98/12/563 with thanks to the Jobbing Doctor

Regrettably we cannot furnish you with such a balloon (or even a picture of one) with or without the web address in the same font size as the telephone number.

Except if you access the NHS Direct website the front page does have this fine picture...

We trust you will agree this is all money very well spent. We couldn't find any others on the site ,even surprisingly on how to use a condom

How to make a Supermarket label wine - anywhere in the world

Ever puzzled why all those £7.99 - special offer this week £4.99 wines at Tesco / Sainsbury / Waitrose wines all taste alike ? Why that Chardonnay or Shiraz tastes the same whatever the name on the bottle, Hardy's , Stowells, Jacobs Creek, Lindemann ?

It's very simple ... they all use bog standard grape juice and give Mauri a call. Mauri who ?

Associated British Foods is a huge diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with sales of £6.8 billion and 85,000 employees in 43 countries.

The ingredients section has two organisations, AB Mauri and ABF Ingredients.

Mauri Yeast Australia manufactures active dried yeast and provides integrated fermentation solutions for the global wine and beverage market. One of the popular brands that many winemakers have come to associate with is maurivin™ active dried wine yeast.

Due to its ability to enhance varietal aroma, flavour and colour, Maurivin B is recommended for red varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Pinotage, Grenache and Pinot Noir.

Maurivin B is highly recommended when wanting to lower a wine’s ethanol content, as the case may be when fermenting high brix musts and juices. Maurivin B is popular also with winemakers wanting to reduce L-malic acid levels during primary fermentation.

For example they will sell you a dried yeasts strain - Maurivin B - this is a medium vigour yeast with the capacity to consume high quantities of malic acid during primary fermentation .

You can view all the varieties available here

AWRI 796
Isolated from South Africa, this strain ( AWRI relates to - The Australian Wine Research Institute ) is used extensively for its ability to allow the full expression of varietal fruit and good palate structure. Popular for varietal red wines such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot and varietal white wines such as Chardonnay, Semillon and Riesling.

If you want a simple guide to how these dried varietal yeasts enable Aistralian winemakers to provide those Jacobs Creek and Hardys plummy Shiraz wines try this fascinating article
Yeast contributes to Shiraz aroma and flavour - Anthony Heinrich Technical Sales Manager Maurivin Yeast, AB Mauri anthony.heinrich@abmauri.com.au
Thomas Walsh School of Science, Food and Horticulture,University of Western Sydney, Australia. Geoff Skurray School of Science, Food and Horticulture
University of Western Sydney, Australia

This chart will help you select the yeast to give you the spicey / blackberry / plummy taste you want you want

You can also use their expertise based on the grape variety you use ...

Choose your Grape - say ... Cabernet Sauvignon

This worldwide red varietal is known for its distinctive blackcurrant flavour with hints of mint and menthol. Cabernet Sauvignon also handles oak with relative ease, displaying cedar and pencil shaving-like aromas after barrel, along with excellent tannin structure.
The following are the yeasts we (AB Mauri) recommend for best results with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes:
AWRI 796
AWRI 1503
BP 725
Maurivin B
Sauvignon L3
UCD 522

Wood chips with everything

Like to add the flavour of oak barrels to your wine ? Easy peasy just use wood shavings .. everyone does it .. the French Government allowed vintners in France to do it from April 2006. " Wood chips can be added to wines to give them an oak flavor without using expensive wooden barrels. Such cost-cutting tactics are already common across the rest of the winemaking world, including Australia and the Americas. " . It had already been authorized for use by the European Community.

Wood chips are available in several types of oak (French, Hungarian, American), in several "toasts" and sizes ranging from sawdust to 1/2 in cubes.

We have to make wine for consumers, not wine that producers dream of," Bernard Pomel, the author of a wine report commissioned by the ministry, told le Figaro newspaper.

Sulphites / Sulphur Dioxide

This is labelled as a content on wines in the EU - it's use is universal. It is best known to most as the food additive 220 or 202 or chemically as SO2. Although it is naturally produced in small amounts by wine yeast during alcoholic fermentation, most of the SO2 found in wines has been put there by the winemaker. It is added at most stages of the white winemaking process, from crushing through to bottling. It is used less liberally during red winemaking, but with an almost mandatory addition being made following the completion of the malolactic fermentation of these wines. SO2 is added in the form of a powder, or is directly fed into the wine as a gas from a dosing gun.

Sulfur dioxide plays two important roles. Firstly, it is an anti-microbial agent, and as such is used to help curtail the growth of undesirable fault producing yeasts and bacteria. Secondly, it acts as an antioxidant, safeguarding the wine's fruit integrity and protecting it against browning.

One less known but important property of SO2, is its ability to bind with acetaldehyde. This compound has an unpleasant smell of bruised apple or rank sherry, and is produced when wines undergo some oxidation. When the SO2 and acetaldehyde molecules bind to each other, the resultant substance is odourless. The SO2 effectively strips the wine of its oxidative character.

Channel 4 Dispatches had Jane Moore with unfeasibly large breasts in a tight white blouse two sizes too small explaining very coyly without naming names what muck is in your wine . Their page is showing an error. You can watch the programme for 1 week. Free catch up here

Bone up on Italian wines - and their intricate labelling structure at this excellent website here ...eg

Italian wines are distinguished with the following labels in increasing quality order:
Vini da tavola
Vino da tavola (VDT)
Vino da tavola con indicazione geografica tipica (IGT)
Vini di qualità prodotti in regione determinata (VQPRD)
Vino a denominazione di origine controllata (DOC)
Vino a denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (DOCG)

Place names are based on Italy's wine laws. Within these laws, there are three main categories: DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata, roughly translated: protected place name)

DOCG (Denominatzione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, roughly, guaranteed place name)

IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica, typical place name.).

The DOC designation is given to over three hundred Italian wine growing areas. This designation governs such things as area of production, permissible grape varietals, maximum yield of grapes per acre, minimum alcohol content, aging requirement, and such vineyard practices as pruning and trellising. In addition, to be eligible for a DOC designation, wines must pass a taste test and a chemical analysis. DOCG has a stricter set of guidelines than DOC.
IGT wines must also meet geographic and grape varietals requirements, but the standards are less stringent for this designation. There are about 120 IGT areas in Italy.

Grape varietals are also found on Italian wine labels. Italy's unique climate suits grapes that are not often produced in other areas. Grapes such as Chianti's Sangiovese, Barolo's Nebbiolo, Corvina, and Arneis are most commonly found in Italy.

Some words found on labels indicate the type of wine produced, such as spumante (sparkling,) chiaretto (rose,) bianco (white,) dolce (sweet,) secco (dry,) or rosso (red.) Other words have to do with the winery: vigna or vigneto (vineyard,) tenuta (estate,) or produttore (producer.)

Labels can be forged of course. They often are.

If you want to read Jancis Robinson OBE , rave about Robert Mondavi, Woodbridge Chardonnay 2006 California on her personal website 16 Sep 2008 ... this is (read what she says very carefully) " almost certainly the most widely available wine I have ever made wine of the week." If you click on the Find this wine link you will see stockists all over the US and UK plus Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and all over Europe. I just hope everyone gets the same blend as I have tasted (twice now) in the UK.

It’s cheapest in the US. Brits have to cough up about £7 for it chez Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Thresher, Waitrose and www.everywine.co.uk, the online outfit that tries to offer every single wine on sale in the UK.

It may not be wine as you know it - it may be a carefully made chemical cocktail- but, if it gets you there.........

Martin O'Hagan's murder to be cleared up ? Murky world of LVF / UVF / Police assassinations may be uncovered

The name of Martin O'Hagan, hardly rings any bells these days. He was an unconventional Northern Ireland journalist who had been an IRA activist and twice been imprisoned.

He was interned in 1971 and spent more than a year in the Official IRA compound at Long Kesh. After he was freed in 1973, he was jailed for seven years for transporting guns, and was released in 1978.

Martin O'Hagan was shot dead in Lurgan, Co Armagh, aged 51,on September 28, 2001.

He was a principal source for material used in Channel 4's 1991 Dispatches documentary, The Committee. This exposed what we now know is without any doubt , that there was an Ulster Central Co-ordinating Committee, a group of loyalists and security forces members who conspired to carry out sectarian assassinations.

The RUC and mainstream loyalist paramilitaries derided such a concept as the result of fevered journalistic imagination.O'Hagan had been paid ... therefore he was incapable of delivering the Truth. The programme led to a prolonged series of prosecutions and libel cases, some of which remain unresolved.

Channel 4 was fined £75,000 and made to pay huge legal costs for failing to supply the RUC with information about the allegations in the programme. The Guradian has a good Biography at the time of his death here.

Martin O'Hagan's murder was "claimed" by the Red Hand Defenders a nom de guerre used by the Loyalist Volunteer Force.

We now know from the activities of the Police Ombudsman that the Police did indeed collude with paid assassins to kill, run guns, drugs and benefit from the proceeds of crime. BBC ONline Jan 22nd 2007 "NI police colluded with killers "

On 6th April 2008 the Sunday World (Documents here) published the name of Robin "Billy" King (who lived/s in Lurgan and ran the LVF) as the killer and asked pointedly why the PSNI had not arrested and charged him with the murder. In the same issue the newspaper ran a story on the unveiling of a plaque in memory to Martin at Belfast's Linenhall Library.

Today BBC Online report..."Four men are to appear in court charged in connection with the murder of journalist Martin O'Hagan.

Two men are charged with his murder, one with attempting to pervert the course of justice and the fourth is charged with assisting offenders. "
See excellent Amnesty story

UPDATE Monday afternoon : The Retrospective Murder Review Team is headed by Supt Alan Skelton and Dt Chief Brian Murphy. Their brief includes re-examining many unsolved paramilitary-related killings, including that of Martin O'Hagan.

Skelton and Murphy reopened the O'Hagan murder file last year.

Today 28-year old Neil Hyde of Princetown Avenue, and Nigel William Leckey,of Bowens Lane who is 43, both from Lurgan, Co Armagh, were charged with murdering the Sunday World reporter who was shot dead near his home in Lurgan 7 years ago. Leckey was also charged with possession of ammunition.

They were remanded in custody to appear again by a video link at Craigavon on 10th October.

A third defendant charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice was also remanded in custody until the same date.

A fourth person charged with facilitating the concealment, and or the disposal of a motor car used in the attack was granted bail to appear again at Craigavon on 10 October.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that one of those arrested has turned Queen's evidence as his family has been taken into protective custody.

However the man who pulled the trigger and is Prime Suspect Mumber 1, Robin "Billy" King , now a born again Christian, who has recently had a nice holiday in Mexico, runs a car business AKA drugs running outfit in the Netherlands and has criminal associates in Eire has done a runner from Lurgan and the PSNI cannot find him.

THis has to be a good case of a Monday being a good day to bury bad news.

Scenes you see very infrequently . . .

Uncle Sam to provide needy Israel with 1,000 GBU-38 Bunker Busting Bombs - useful in Gaza .. apparently

The US hasn't run out of money just yet, well it hadn't by September 9th, which is the date of the note Condi Rice sent us and only received by pigeon post in the last hour.

Sufficient money survives to spend US$77Mn on about 1,000 bunker busters (GBU-39's to the expert bunker buster bomb experts - The GBU-39 can be used in adverse weather conditions and has a standoff range of more than 60 nautical miles due to pop-out wings - which makes it sound moe like a pantie liner) to the nation that tops US aid table - impoverished Israel.... and maybe a few pairs of Condi's favourite Ferragamo slip ons.

These handy weapons of awesome destruction could be used apparently against underground arsenals in Lebanon or Gaza.... but not say expert bunker buster bomb experts to even tickle the Iranian nuclear program.

The experts said they doubted, however, that the bombs could be used to deliver a crippling blow against Iran's nuclear program.Yiftah "Bunker Buster" Shapir, a from Tel Aviv's Institute of National Security Studies and Bunker Busting says improbably , possible targets would include "Katyusha launchers in Lebanon or Qassam (rocket) launchers in Gaza, armoured SUV's , motor bikes, prams, kettles."

These high precision weapons Condi explains in her note to us, cause les, ... far less collateral damage than heavier munitions, because they are so accurate.

Well, hey that's a relief.

Old Yiftah "Bunker Buster" Shapir says "this bomb is going to be the general-purpose bomb of the next generation." A view re-inforced by his military comrade in arms Shlomo "Bunker Buster" Brom, who was Israel's former chief of strategic planning, who says that in his retirement he has noted noted an increasing tendency to place weapons underground.Typical of Arabs no doubt, hiding their weapons.

Brom says Israel has also asked for 150 mounting carriages, 30 guided test vehicles and two instructors to train the air force in loading the bombs on aircraft.

The GPS-guided GBU-39 is said to be one of the most accurate bombs in the world. The 113 kg. bomb has the same penetration capabilities as a normal 900 kg. bomb, although it has only 22.7 kg. of explosives. At just 1.75 meters long, its small size increases the number of bombs an aircraft can carry and the number of targets it can attack in a sortie.... and at US$77,000 a touch must be one of the most fucking expensive as well.

Brom said that when they ceaselessly bombed Lebanon for 22 days whilst the West watched they realised ," one of our problems had been that they put many of the rocket launchers in bunkers and fortifications underground ." ..." So we used cluster bombs" ...See PS.

They even... hey you won't believe how shifty these Arabs are.. they even had a bunker where that bastard Hezbollah chief Sheik Hassan Nasrallah,hid and he survived .... but he has been in hiding since the war.

Except when he keeps appearing to cheering crowds in public.

But don't worry says Condi, this is just to keep the Iran pot on the boil and try to distract headlines from the fucking disaster being played out with what'sleft of your pension plan in downtown Manhattan right now (pic).

PS : AP report September 3rd 2008 "A Belgian sapper with the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon was killed Wednesday while clearing unexploded ordnance from Israel's 2006 war with Shiite militant group Hezbollah, UN and Belgian officials said." He died on the spot.

"A member of the UNIFIL demining unit was killed by an explosion on Wednesday during an inspection and demining operation in the village of Aitaroun in the Marjayoun region," said Yasmina Bouzayane, spokeswoman for the UN Interim Force in Lebanon."

Monday, September 15, 2008

HPV - armed and dangerous. Another alarming NHS advertisement

This ad appeared on Page 8 of the Guradian Body & Soul Section on Saturday 13th September (and no doubt elsewhere) it is designed, published, and promoted to support the rushed campaign to vaccinate the cohort of 12 to 13 year old school girls (Year 8) in England. (Click to enlarge text is reversed out of brick wall Guradian printing and half page size ad)

It is misleading. The bold copy line , "Armed for life" , whilst partially explained away in the reversed out text..."will help protect women for life" is untrue. "The new HPV vaccine , which protects against cervical cancer" is again untrue ...it provides partial protection only, and none against genital warts which the competing vaccine, Gardasil does.

The vaccine chosen, Cervarix ® supplied by Gaxo Smith Kline , a British company, affords limited protection for an unknown period (certainly not for life and probably for no more than 10 years - but we won't know how successul it is for many years) against strains (HPV 16 & 18) of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which are now considered to cuase some 70% of cervical cancers.

Whilst HPV is principally transmitted during vaginal intercourse, it can also be transmitted by other complicated routes anally, orally (however configured) , in same sex activity and on sex toys.

At a direct cost for the 3 stage vaccine of approximately £250 per girl, the total cost for the UK's 300,000 Year 8 girls (not boys) will this year be in the region of £60 Mn. plus administration, staffing, advertising etc., It must be remebered the Cervical smear policy will continue to detect cervical cancer in women - a service not available to women younger than 25.

A cute tattoo is featured which provides what might be considered as a novel way of lightening an otherwise pretty grim sbject for 12/13 yera old girls to handle - and is guaranteed to upset some parents. The schoolgirl receiving the vaccination can of course decide themselves to provide consent, parental consent is not required. .. Indeed the information on consent is very confusing... "It is your choice whether to have the vaccine or not ........ If you are in school, and aged under 16, your parent, or carer, is being asked to sign the consent form. Parental agreement is always advised, although it is not always necessary. If you are aged 16 or over it is important you sign and return the form yourself.

There is a website www.nhs.uk/HPV or you can call a helpline 0845 602 3303....@ 5p per minute plus. .. although the website confusingly directs you to a FREEphone number !

The hasty use of this vaccine for mass vaccination is ill considered, and amounts to a vast and needless experiment on our youth, principally for the commercial benefit of GSK. The choice of the British made vaccine which provides less protection than the US Gardasil ® vaccine looks highly suspicious and prompted by commercial motives.

On Friday, January 19, 2007 in a post Hooked ? .... or Horrified ? we brought readers attention to an NHS ad to promote the (then) current "get Unhooked" anti-smoking campaign in a nationwide £8Mn promotion. The ads attracted 774 complaints for the campaign created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy which ran across television, poster, national press and magazines, and online. The most complained of advertisement of 2007 - see Wednesday, May 16, 2007 Hooked ...Line and Sinker by the Advertising Standards Authority

If you agree and think the ad is misleading you can complain to the Advertising Standards Authority here .

For more information look at previous posts going back a long time here you can also look here www.nhs.uk/HPV ...evidently aimed at parents not children "the safest way to protect your child" due to regional differences (explained in the very, very small 5pt type on the ads) the ON Line ad has different sections for Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland.

Why ?

Well, the Scottish part of the website has a Glossary - it covers Consent..."Consent is a formal term for giving permission or agreeing to something." but not condoms ... that's because the Holy Roman Catholic Church has asked them not to mention condoms in the literature.... although condoms do raise their ugly head in at least one section. see post - Sunday, August 17, 2008 Vaccination of schoolgirls for HPV using Cervarix ® should be stopped. NOW

Whilst the website is large and has a great deal of information , nowhere does it mention Gardasil ®, the extra protection it affords, the greater experience in use, or the fact it has been available for use in the UK for nearly 12 months privately.

PS : The Department of Health 25th February 2008 appointed Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO to handle the ad campaign for the introduction of the new HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccination programme - across TV, radio, press, digital and PR. . (3 way pitch including CHI & Partners and WCRS)

The Department of Health On May 6th appointed Consolidated to manage a PR campaign to raise awareness of the new HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccination programme ..

PPS : NHS don't seem to learn or they have terrific loyalty, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy are still doing anti smoking ads, this time NHS - Smoking, Don't Keep it in The Family http://www.visit4info.com/advert/NHS-Smoking-Dont-Keep-it-in-The-Family-NHS/60022

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lehman - let's not forget the good times...

Forbes - December 1th 2007 Lehman Brothers reported total compensation of $9.5 billion for 2007 , a 9.5 % increase over last year, and bonuses of $5.7 billion. CEO Richard Fuld Jr. received a $35 million stock bonus. According to Forbes, Fuld’s five-year compensation total, excluding this latest bonus, is nearly $312 million.
Five other top executives at Lehman received a total of $58 million in stock, according to separate filings. President Joe Gregory was awarded $29 million and Vice Chairman Thomas Russo was given $9 million.

Times Online - December 14, 2006

Lehman Brothers in $8.7 billion bonus payout
Tom Bawden, New York

Lehman Brothers said it would pay its average member of staff $335,441 (£170,933) this year as it reported a record fourth-quarter profit of $1.0 billion, capping its most profitable year ever.
The US investment bank is paying its 25,936 staff a total of $8.7 billion in salary, bonuses and other benefits for 2006 on the back of a 23 % rise in net income to a record $4.0 billion.

Mind you those shares won't be worth a lot in the morning.

Not forgetting this lady who reached the door marked Exit just in time ...

Air Force LInk back reporting Air Power summaries - Nangalam get special treatment

Air Force Link reported 74 missionsover Afghanistan on 13th September 51 missions on 12 th September and 81 on 11th September ...they did of course bomb our allies in Iraq who are all subdued now but nonetheless on the three days reported 131 close support missions were flown - missions were also reported on 7th/8th/9th and 10th of September. This was totally proportionate .e.g Sept 9th - Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs dropped general purpose 500-pound bombs, guided bomb unit-12s and fired cannon rounds onto anti-Afghan fighting forces using small arms fire from a building in the vicinity of Nangalam

The on-scene joint terminal attack controllera declared the missions were successful in every single case reported in detail . Indeed in years of reading reports we have yet to see a "close support mission" where JTAC reported an unsuccessful one.

The excerpt at the top of this post is from a blog From cow pastures to Ksosovo with a post dated earlier this year Sunday March 9th 2008 ... it continues " The reason that we conduct the Nangalam patrol so often is to become familiar with the locals and to make the locals of the village more comfortable with us,” said Staff Sgt, David Dzwick, 30, of Traverse City, Mich., a squad leader with 1st Platoon.

In order to monitor traffic in the village of Nangalam, and make sure that the enemy is not making the village their home, Soldiers of 1st Platoon enrolled the local shop owners and villagers into the Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment System to make sure that they are not wanted by the local police or government. "...."The Afghans of the village recognize these Soldiers and greet them warmly by welcoming them into their shops and cooperating in every way possible when asked to help. "
Perhaps there is a disconnect here ... ? One minute glad handing the next bombing the shit out of them ?

There is a well illustrated article by embedded journos Sebastian Junger with pics by Tim Hetherington of the 173rd Airborne in action in this area in Vanity Fair October 2008

Lehman left to sink

Who next AIG ? WaMu ? See FT

Sir Ronald Flanagan, GBE, QPM, Home Office Chief Inspector of Constabulary for the United Kingdom and the Omagh atrocity

Sir Ronald Flanagan, GBE, QPM, is the Home Office Chief Inspector of Constabulary for the United Kingdom excluding Scotland. Flanagan was previously the Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland since its creation in 2001 to 2002, and had been Chief Constable of its predecessor, the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) until 2001.

On Saturday 15 August 1998 a terrorist bomb exploded in Omagh killing 29 people and two unborn children. It was the worst single terrorist incident since the start of “The Troubles” in 1969.

The Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) immediately established an Omagh Bomb Investigation Team. The Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan gave a strong commitment to see that “no stone would be left unturned until we bring these people to justice”.

Nuala O'Loan the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland made a statement on her investigation of matters relating to the Omagh Bomb on August 15, 1998

Para 18 Page 10 :

The Chief Constable welcomed the Police Ombudsman’s investigation and assured it full co-operation. During the course of this investigation, it is of considerable concern that some critical information was not provided in the initial disclosures that were made to the Police Ombudsman’s Investigators.

At senior management level the response to this enquiry has been defensive and at times unco-operative.

Special Branch and the Chief Constable were reluctant to grant access to their material to Police Ombudsman’s Investigators and failed to inform those Investigators of a computer system where intelligence, vital to the investigation, was held.

There was a failure to reveal intelligence, which led to a request on 21 September 2001 fordirect access to intelligence systems in order that the Police Ombudsman could have confidence that all relevant material was made available to Police Ombudsman’s Investigators.

A hiatus in the investigation then occurred while the Chief Constable then considered this request.The Chief Constable did not agree to this request until 9 October 2001 and access was not achieved until 17 October 2001 when computers were made available for Police Ombudsman’s Investigators.

Unbelievably the lying fucker, Sir Ronald Flanagan, GBE, QPM, is STILL the Home Office Chief Inspector of Constabulary for the United Kingdom .

Anybody in public life who fails to call for his immediate removal from office is colluding in the cover up of the true authors of the Omagh atrocity.

More >>
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