"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Duck Shooting seasons stops in Cyprus

The Greek Cyprus Gubment, (thats is the bit left after the Turks with US help invaded the island and stole 70% of the land in 1984( have ended the duck hunting season in response to the reports of vaian flu on the Turkish mainland.

Meanwhile the "Turkish" Government fails to reply to letters from the Greek Cyrpus Government on the issue and takes no notice or action.

In Ethiopia (pop 74 Mn) they take delivery of over 100 T55 tanks (from Bulgaria) to protect their Eritrean border (pop 4.5 Mn). Maybe the duck hunting season has not been stopped on the border areas ?

Belgian from the ICC may be bemerding the Bolton plan

The International Criminal Court at the Hague, which John Bolton the US UN Ambassador hates with a passionate intensity and has spent so much time and personal effort in ensuring his new found allies in Central Europe faily to ratify as a price for US Military aid have provided a blameless boring Belgian lawyer to take over from the manipulative and dishonest german, Detlev Mehlis.

However Mehlis' work is done, the guilty Syrians are in the frame and the "enquiry" can carry on until Doomsday.

The Syrian pot will continue to happily boil away, whilst attention re-focuses on the evil men in Teheran , who it appears have breached no Treaties, done no (legal) wrongs and cut through a few padlocks.

Remember ! The US is the next Chairman of the Un Security Council, JB will be quietly plotting some thing nasty in his woodshed. At least he no longer has to go and see his friends in jail anymore, now that the lady (!) from the NYP has spilled (?) the beans.

"Bibi" makes his move

Bibi Netanyahu has removed his 4 Likud Ministers from the Israeli Gubment and association with Kiduma, who apparently ride high in the opinion polls published so far in Erutz Israel.

In his audacious move by scuttling from Gaza, Sharon received the plaudits of the bone headed Bush, who happily called the old butcher and war criminal , "A Man of Peace" and the reluctant approval of his people. By erecting his Wall of Peace he has cemented the annexation of war won territories which Israel will never yield and will lead to yet further bantu-isation or cantonisation of the West Bank and had provided a recognisable form of security within Erutz Israel which the cowering population welcomes.

The Israelis do not want to share their land with a bunch of Arabs, They want ... more dollars ... the fighting by 3rd parties of their wars, .. against Iran , Syria at other's expense and cost.

The UK, led by Kim Howell's and with his leader so far up the fundament of the US President he cannot see the light, the Uk majestically provides the diplomatic support and the merest veil of sanctity to the actions of the Washington Beltway gangsters.

Meanwhile, failing to realise the futility of military might, the Anti-American voices become wider, more strident and cheeky, Iran, Castro, Morales, Chavez...and even hints in Mexico.

Quietly lest anyone forget , the US no longer has military presence in Uzbekistan.

Palace of Varieties

Back from their hols and playing Cluedo (was it Ming in the Conservatory with the lead pipe or Hughes in the Billiard Room with the Poker?) the Palace of Westminster jesters are hard back at work.

The Liberals impressed with McCabe and the Young Trhuster Clegg dusting up the Zionist Kim Howells over US rendition of the "bad guys" (as we now have learnt to call them) which the wily Welshman played a straight bat to.

Then a day later TB mercilessly hits both Ming and Hughes for six into the Strangers Gallery.

TB then gives us his ideas on parenting (for a start don't let your under age son be found dead drunk unconscious in Leicester Square while mum is off on a free bee and you are hard at work saving civilization.)...

We have no room to lock any body else up, so , as we cannot remove people's Liberty we will take away their money. Kids truanting ..? Instant fines ! Kids making a nuisance .... Instant Fines ? Unruly families ? Loud music? Uninsured \ Unlicensed parked cars ? Fine, Fine, Fine.... and then lock them up for non- payment !

All this seems possible under the Public Order Act of 1986 .. God knoes what the impact of the Terra Wrist legislation could be if only the Police learnt how to use it properly.

Stalin said Communism was the old Soviet with electricity. If we continue the Energy policies of this lot we will just have the old Soviet.


I formed the Forthcoming UK Energy Deficit FCUKED over 4 years ago to highlight the insanity of succeeding UK Gubments incapacity to understand the at the country was hurtling headlong into an energy cul de sac.

(See excellent Vital Trivia links from here for current details)Mrs T's "Dash for Gas" ensured the UK pumped out the North Sea to boost cheap electricity production , unhindered by the revolting miners. Conoco Phillips and others swilled out the N Sea resevoirs heedless of the Kk Strategic interests (qv Norway ' Statoil's more sensible and PRUDENT policy).

Cpompund this with the Labour Gubments wind energy delusions, now shuddering to a halt as the futility of the exercise, the difficulties of offshore wind farms and the high costs and maintenance and the intractible and costly distribution system required and the future looks bleak.

Lard this with the lamentable record of UK Coal, now being circled by the Int. Coal Group ready to rape and rob the shareholders of their saleable above ground land assets, close the remaining few mines and import cheaper imported coal and rising tides of petcoke from overworked global refineries handling increasing volumes of high sulphur oil. (Pet coke is the residue after refining crude oil for high volatile distillates = trials are underway at Drax the overseas owned power station producing near 10% of UK electricity).

You don't have to apply to join FCUKED (Prop. Tony Blair), just live in the UK you get automatic membership. No member benefits.

Who the hell is behind RosUkrEn-ergo ?

The glamorous "Gas Princess" Yulia Tymoshenko, ex premier of Ukraine's website which publishes the details so called 5 year Russian / Ukraine GAZPROM deal it last just 6 months for gas at US$ 95 per 1K cu. mts. GAZPROM will also pay transit fees of US$ 1.6 per 1K cu. mts. until 1.1.2011.

Some sources claim that niet Russian gas will enter Unkraine and that it will all come from other central Asian Gas suppliers.

The whol deal is moderated by RosUkrEn-ergo formed by GAZPROM and the Austrian bank / Broker Raiffeisen who are said to represent certain Ukraine "interests".

There is no truth whatever that these "interests" were involved in broking deals for Iraqi oil through the 'Babylon' Account in Bank of Dubai with an English oil trader the US now wants extradited.

Watch this space.

LUKOIL expanding in Kazakhstan

Russia's no.1 independent crude producer, LUKoil, intends to expand its operations in oil-rich Kazakhstan, the company's president said Wednesday.

Vagit Alekperov, was in the Kazakh capital to attend the inauguration of the wonderful President Nursultan Nazarbayev. He took the opportunity to point out that said LUKoil had pumped US $4 billion into its the Kazakh economy in 2005.

"We are the fourth largest oil producer in Kazakhstan, producing more than 5 million metric tons of oil a year," Alekperov said. "Now we are considering the projects on developing the shelf of the Caspian Sea."

Vagit also mentioned the difficulties over the 2nd stage of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, who want to build an oil pipeline from W Kazakhstan to the Russian port of Novorossiisk on the Black Sea.

Dancin' in Detroit... before it disappears

Pacers are now set to win the Superbowl in Detroit so the chance to dance to the mid time Stones music has it's allure. Let's hope we have no Justin and Miss Jackson 'wardrobe malfunctions'....

Anyway Mick and I go back a long way, on 26th Jan 1964 I stood nect to him in the Uirnals at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester UK ... I remember it weel, the day after a significant birthday... Mick has probably forgotten about it... anyway to appear with the band to dance I am told when I apply, I have to be under 45 yrs old, be avaiable for 7 rehearsals, one of them 7 hours long ... "to maintain the spontanaity of the dancin' " ..says the man on the end of the 'phone.

Chuck on the other side of town at the downbeat Detroit Motor Show announces discounts across 80% of the range of GM cars ...this after employee pricing all summer! They try to hook in the hundreds of overprices SUV hybrids which will sell in their ...er .. hundreds ?

Will the last person downsized in Flint please switch offfthe lights ?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Home thoughts from A Broad

Quelle suprise! Young (2 yr old) Tanwar, one of the carriers of the London bombs, you remeber, the one with the shiny red Mercedes he left behind toi ride in a hire car to Luton ? Well according to the Daily Torygraph on Saturday he left an estate for Probate of 120,000 Pounds Sterling !

Now here is your starter for 10. What profession does a goatee bearded, bling, bling wearing young Asian with a super red Mercedes, who hangs around a gym do to earn (presumably after paying the relevant Income, Capital Gains taxes etc., ) an estate worth 120,000 Pounds Sterling ?

That should give Commander Clarke of the Met a problem to work on. One minute the bombing costs (relatively) peanuts, then one of them is loaded with moolah, enough to equip a small army at the current price of MIL SPEC explosive and Kalashnikovs in the UK.

It does make you wonder how good the hawk eyed men who watch over the terrorised population are doing at watching the money launderers, when a Colombian Drug cartel has been exposed as shipping 100 Mn Sterling a year for probably ten years to Colombia. Apparently the removal of this gang pushed up the street price of heroin, yeah ! Maybe for half an hour, they never noticed it in Manchester (UK) where it is cheaper (and more readily available)than ever.

GM will be posting for Chapter 10 Bankruptcy soon as they see their share price and bond prices slide more, whilst Toyota, Nissan and Honda win the plaudits at the detroit Car Show 2006. Honda Civic Car of the Year 2006, Silverline SUV Truck of the Year 2006.

Meanwhile queues around the block for Beamers and the mightily succesful Mini, DITTO the Toyota Prius. They say that you put you childs name down for Harvard and a Prius at the same time now.

Ford meanwhile are planning to remove the capacity of 1 Mn vehicles from production. Jaguar are losing money, but Aston Martin have announced a new 4 seater Jimmy Bond 4 seater saloon, for which world sales will easily top 250 in 2006.

Is it therefore any wonder the US $ starts lower today against the Yen, and gold is above US$540 ? Expect the US$ at 1.30 to Euro within a month as German exports soar and the world scrambles for French nuclear power expertise (and COGEMA's Uranium)as the politicians finally wake up to the energy wars and the guys who have their hand on the stop cocks.

Now we here that Dick C is hospital with his dicky ticker again. Will the NDL have their friend in as Veep soon ?

Talking of world leaders in hospital the latest news is Arik is breathing without help. What are the odds that Bibi Netanyahu gets the ticket and we see the Zionist agenda roll out in full throttle. The grip on the prison that the world allows, that is Gaza, will get worse, the restrictions on movement in the West Bank even more restrictive and the building for the "refugees from Gaza" will grow apace.

Another Kennedy gets assassinated. This time in the UK. There are many reasons to get rid of him besides being a drunk. OK thye spoke gainst the invasion of Iraq. Period. Full stop. They have not hounded the Gubment on anything, the lies, the dodgy dosiers, Abu Ghraib, ill equipped UK troops, the Sheer theft of money, the fact that oil sales and electricity supplies are lower than pre invasion, the activities of UK mercenaries like Erinys, Aegis... nothing.

No no card carrying Liberal has appeared on any Anti-War platform anywhere, on any march, nor made any spech that is at all Anti War at any time. They act like an observer of a rape, crying "Rape" and then standing watching it happen, without summoning help.

Who follows in this party of political pygmies is of no consequence. Odds are that the Mingons will triumph and we will continue uninterrupted with the geriatric lawylery response of Ming with his carefully contructed sentences, and orotund caveats and impotent threats.

Let us hope that the arrivist Oaten, and the faux rural prebendary Hughes (Rev. Obadiah Slope if they re run the Barset Chronicles at BBC again) do not make it through. Tony must be rubbing his hands as he tells everyone he has NO plans to retire. You bet.

News of the new arrivals in the EU is mized with tales of Polish plumbers in London and roofers in Hanburg "stealing" jobs. Now we here that the laundry from swanky Berlin hotels and eateries is trucked overnight to Northern Poland to be washed in the latest automatic laundries and carefully (and no doubt lovingly folded) by the Polish underpaid hausfrau to be returned pristine and fresh for the German gourmands and lawmakers. Just like World War 2, the Germans exporting all the dirty work to Poland.

Now the legitimate Cyprus Gubment have discovered they can no longer subsidise the bloated , nepotistic Cyprus Airways and the 5 neotiating unions have reluctanlty agreed to 500 job cuts and they are kept afloat with another "loan". Let us hope Mr Hajiannou (whose yacht appeared in Limassol harbour during negotiations)can get the slots for Easy Jet at Larnaca and Pahos and boost the flagging tourist trade which was falling off in October - November.

Meanwhile the Cyprus potatoe Growers are discivering that a market of 500 Mn (well the housewives anyway) don't want 1 Kg potatoes with a field attached, the supermarkets want washed handy sized easily packed year round supplies of their desired varieties and the Dutch wholesale processed potato market want contracts to make chips, wedgies, child friendly shapes, etc., of very specfic sizes and varieties. Notably the UK Potato Marketing |BOard announced after Christmas that sales had fallen "substantially" in 2006 (no figures given , which is ominous!.

In India the rich Delhi residents have been aborting their female foetuses according to Lancet. By a novel statistical treatment they have shown that the second child M-F ratio drops to 0.759 and even lower on the thrid child when previous children born were female. They calculate 10 Mn killed over ten years.

In places with high Asian populations many hospitals will not provide any sex information after ultra sound examination to discourage such selective sex abortion. Anecdotally any radiologist is aware that it happens on a regular basis, especially in the more properous middle classes.

We will not even mention Gorgeous George Galloway appearing on "ITV Big Brother".

Finally Craig Murray has not been hauled off to the Tower et after releasing documents detailing UK acceptance of information obtained by torture. What was their response to their Ambassadors concerns ? Well they tried unsuccesfully to stitich him up with tales of sex and drinken debauchery, when that fained they paid him off. Now they just ignore him and would be frightened for him to appear in court to spell out in detail,the revolting acquiescence in this wretched trade by all GIubment Ministers.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish