"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gilded Goldsmith - but very heavily tarnished ....

BBC Radio 4 Profile (listen here - available for 7 days) has Guradian columnist and legal writer Marcel Berlins with his beautifully clear, sharp yet mellifluous voice , profiling the hopeless, incompetent, and sinister Attorney General Lord Goldsmith - who amazingly the listener is told, could, before he embarked on his political career, earn £1 Mn a year at the commercial bar.

What will linger in the mind after listening to this excellent, brief introduction , apart from the evident lies he told over the illegal Iraq invasion, and the lies he told the House of Lords over suspending action over BAe's bribery in Saudi Arabia ,was Francis Wheen's story about how this very bright, Jewish solicitors sone from Liverpool, who followed John Lennon to attend Quarry Bank School, ever got embroiled in New Labour politics.

Apparently Tony Blair's , sxhoolboy friend, one time bedmate and flatmate, Charlie Falconer (of Fountain Court Chambers as is Goldsmith ) and Helena Kennedy of Doughty St. Chambers in 1997 organised a £100 plate dinner at the swish, expensive River Cafe, for Labour supporting lawyers. Apparently Goldsmith (then Chairman of the Bar) made such a fuss and threw such a tantrum on being asked for £100 that he demanded to be sat next to Tony Blair. Which he was.

Eventually he was, and spent the evening schmoozing with Tony (whom he had never previously met ) - 2 years later he was ennobled and made (the unelected) Attorney General.

Helena (pic) was transformed into Baroness (Lady) Kennedy of The Shaws and Charlie into Lord Falconer of Thoroton and of the Millenium Dome in double quick time. He was also transformed into the Lord Chancellor (via Solicitor General) and warmed his ample bottom on the Woolsack - which as Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor he does no longer... but his arse and jowls have not ceased their astonishing growth.

The picture is by Feliks Topolski of Fountain Court - the spot in Dickens's Martin Chuzzlewit where John Westlock declared his love for Ruth Pinch. Chapter 45

" Whether there was life enough left in the slow vegetation of Fountain Court for the smoky shrubs to have any consciousness of the brightest and purest-hearted little woman in the world, is a question for gardeners, and those who are learned in the loves of plants. But, that it was a good thing for that same paved yard to have such a delicate little figure flitting through it; that it passed like a smile from the grimy old houses, and the worn flagstones, and left them duller, darker, sterner than before ....."

Criticise this and I will call you an Anti-semite

Video: Interview with child taken as human shield in Nablus from Electronic Intifada
Video, Research Journalism Initiative and A-Films, 7 March 2007 The authors can be contacted at a-films@no-log.org and ripplescross@yahoo.com.

On 28 February 2007, during the Israeli invasion of Nablus (Operation " Hot Winter ") , the IOF kidnapped 11-year-old Jihan Tahdush from her home in the Old City of Nablus.

She was used as a human shield while Israeli forces conducted door-to-door searches in the Old City. Jihan says of the incident:

"They gave me biscuits to persuade me to talk to them, but I didn't tell them anything. When I brought them to the house they told me not to be afraid because they were with me. When I asked to go back to my mom, they said, 'We have to keep you a bit longer.'"
This video-interview was produced by the Research Journalism Initiative and the Anarchist Film Collective "A-Films".

Here are two pictures the first is , a mass grave for the indigenous Indians who were massacred at Wounded Knee (their home) in 1890. In the second picture, some of the civilians who were victims of the Qana Massacre, killed (in their homes) in Lebanon 2006 by the invading IDF .

These illustrate a compelling and legthy essay by Adib S Kawar - The similarity between the ethnic cleansing of The Indigenous Americans and Palestinian Arabs
at Peace Palestine this week.

....Cage them

One of the most striking similarities between the colonizers of the Americas and Palestine is their plan to cage the indigenous populations of the colonized lands, with the aim of exterminating them or at least uprooting them from their land. Black Elk of Lakota wrote: “My people looked pitiful. There was a big drought, and the rivers and creeks seemed to be dying. Nothing would grow that the people had planted, and the Wasichus had been sending less cattle and other food than ever before. The Wasichus had slaughtered all the bison and shut us up in pens. It looked as if we might all starve to death. We could not eat lies, and there was nothing we could do.." L. Frank Baum - Editor and Publisher, “The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer” December 1890

Up till today “Red Indians” are caged in reserves, which are not far from being Zoos, true they are not actual zoos, and “Red Indians” have the privilege of running gambling casinos, and have some tax free commodities, but still they are caged, they are as Black Elk said, they “shut us up in pens”, and they are there so that tourists will come to see the few remaining living specimens of the indigenous “Red Indians”.


One difference between the two acts of colonization in Palestine and the Americas, namely, nobody volunteered to coin a term for those who defend the “Red Indians”. As Zionists, and unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans do when somebody defends the Palestinian cause, and condemns Zionist crimes, those people are called “anti-Semites”, and if they happen to be of the Jewish faith, they are called “self hating Jews”.

Insourcing by Michael Bianco and the US Military - see no evil....

Founded in 1985 , the eponymously named Michael Bianco Inc ,89 West Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, Ma. 02744 ( 47 miles south of Boston) is an American manufacturer of high quality leather goods they also make military equipment, airvests, medipacs etc., They boast of being contract manufacturing for retailers such as Coach Inc. of New York and Stratham, N.H.-based Timberland Co. e.g Leather Duffel set US$600 for Leather Bags in pic.

Apparently on Feb. 11, 2002: The Social Security Administration (SSA) contacted MBI about fraudulent or invalid Social Security numbers. Of the 83 employees, 23 percent have deficient payroll information. MBI failed to respond to the SSA letter or enquiries.

On Feb. 1, 2005: MBI reports having 151 employees. The SSA finds problems with 36 employee records; four had children's Social Security numbers and three had numbers belonging to dead people. In March, the SSA sent a letter about the irregularities.
March 31, 2005: MBI responds, submitting 326 payroll records. The SSA found 142 of those, or 44 %, deficient.

On Feb. 2, 2006: The SSA finds that 301, or 58 percent, of the 521 payroll records MBI submitted were deficient. Of the problem records, 33 belonged to adolescents, and 27 belonged to the dead.

On Aug. 10, 2006: The military awards MBI a $25 million contract for "load carrying systems."

Sept. 7, 2006: A female undercover ICE agent poses as "Yolanda Ramos-Mendez," an undocumented worker from Mexico seeking a job, and meets with MBI payroll manager Ana Figueroa, who allegedly advises the agent to get false identification. Another floor supervisor sends the agent to Luis Torres at the Aries Record Shop. The agent pays Torres $120 for a green card and Social Security card. The same day, the agent meets two undocumented workers from Honduras looking for jobs at MBI. 2 days later after a sewing test she gets a job.

Feb. 1, 2007: A federal agent watches 527 MBI employees arrive at work and recognizes several suspected undocumented workers. On about the same day, MBI submits payroll records for 646 employees. The SSA finds 66 % are deficient. More details here.

The factory was raided on Tuesday 6th March and 300 (out of 500 total workers) people were arrested by Homeland Security and Immigration and Custom Enforcement. It appears that 240 were flown to Texas and will probably be deported.

90 people were flown from Devens Air Force base to a detention center in Harlingen, Texas, on Wednesday and 116 others were flown to Albuquerque, N.M., on Thursday. See AP story for problems of dealing with mothers / children, providing welfare.

Factory owner Francesco Insolia and 4 managers, Ana Figueroa, Dilia Costa, Gloria Melo and Luis Torres were arrested for allegedly running a sweatshop, and a fifth person was charged with helping workers get fake identification. It is claimed the had dark dingy working conditions and faced onerous fines, such as a $20 charge for talking while working and spending more than two minutes in the bathroom. Pay was $7 to $7.50 per hour .

The ICE released a complete run down of the events which included :

Following the arrests, criminal complaints were unsealed today charging MBI owner Francesco Insolia, 50, of 3 Country Club Circle, Pembroke, Massachusetts (also the address of Leather Bags an online leather bag store) ; payroll manager Ana Figueroa, 40, of 150 Thompson Street, New Bedford; plant manager, Dilia Costa, 55, of 43 Sherman Street, New Bedford; and office manager Gloria Melo, 41, of 135 Sprague Street, Fall River, with conspiring to encourage or induce illegal aliens to reside in the United States, and conspiring to hire illegal aliens. Luis Torres, 45, of 500 South Second Street, New Bedford, was charged in a separate complaint with the knowing transfer of fraudulent identification documents. The defendants will appear in federal court today before a U.S. Magistrate Judge.

There is more detail on the charges, possible penalties here.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) said on Thursday it was suspending the company from bidding on future military contracts (they have been supplying since 2004) , but no changes would be made to the firm's current $83.6 million contract.

One contract for US$32.3 Mn is for a Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) for the Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia. Michael Bianco is scheduled to deliver the equipment by August 2007.

Incidentally this extract from voting records is of interest..

NEW BEDFORD, MA Political Contributions by Individuals
Insolia, Francesco (Michael Bianco/Owner), (Zip code: 02746) $250 to BARNEY FRANK FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE on 08/25/04 Kalisz, Frederick (New Bedford/Mayor), ... Barmey is a democrat and has represented 4th Mass. since 1981 , he describes himself "
I'm a left - handed gay Jew I've never felt, automatically, a member of any majority." he is chairman of the chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee supports same sex marriages, and is opposed to internet gambling -"Adults are entitled to do with their money what they want to do." he said confusingly on May 15th 2006. Evidently a man who likes it both ways.

This was evidently a mammoth and well prepared raid ...
Mr. Chadbourne, Boston-based field Director of Apprehension, Detention & Removal for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said it took about a month to prepare the Devens area before the raid. His department is a section of the federal Department of Homeland Security.

About 700 agents were called from all over the country to complete what was the fourth largest such raid conducted in the country, he said.
He also said about 60 percent of those arrested were from Guatemala. The second largest group was from El Salvador, followed by Brazilians. The women outnumbered men arrested 2-to-1.

There is a Forum on the raid by Americans for Legal Immigration.

Kevin Smith - he would have been an interesting guy to have a conversation with.

Kevin Smith , was 47 when he died. He was from Mastic NY. and had 8 children. He was in the Marines for 2 years and became a firefighter when he left . In the early 80's he became a charter member of the NY Fire Department's Hazardous Materials (Hazmat -1) unit. Then, after the first trade center bombing, in 1993, he was detailed to the mayor's Office of Emergency Management and was, says his wife Jerri, trained in combatting terrorism.

"He was a dedicated public servant, a smart man, a street-wise firefighter and fun to hang around with. Those bastards killed a good man", says F Smith, a firefighter who knew him.

"He was very kind-of-military about everything," said Jerri his wife, "He took everything seriously and put 100 percent in everything he did."

The last Jerri heard from him was when he called her at 8.50 am on the morning of 9/11 "He had called to say a plane had hit the World Trade Center and that he was heading over there." (American Airlines Flight 11 a Boeing 767-223ER tail number N334AA hit the North Tower of the WTC at 8.46)

"Anytime there was any large incident in the city, he would call me before I heard about it so I wouldn't worry,"

Kevin Smith is presumed dead in the terrorist attacks, the circumstances of his death remain unknown. A Memorial Service was held on October 6th, 2001

The New York City Office of Emergency Management was formed in 1996 by Executive Order and reports directly to the Mayor, and was based in what we now call WTC7 , or Gingerbread Tower. They are now located at 165 Cadman Plaza East which is the former American Red Cross Building. The current commissioner is a Surpeme Court Judge, lifelong New Yorker , Commissioner Bruno and was Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department on 9/11.

The commissioner led the City's response to the Queens blackout in July 2006, which left more than 100,000 residents without power for several days.


The eagle eyed, sharp brained, aangirfaan kindly points us to this story at 911blogger

The Firefighters' Union is holding a bipartisan election forum on March 14, 2007. They have invited several presidential candidates, but not Rudy Giuliani......

"His actions post 9/11 rise to such an offensive and personal attack on our brother and sisterhood — and directly on our union — that the IAFF does not feel Rudy Giuliani deserves an audience of IAFF leaders and members at our own Presidential Forum.

...and this leads us to the indefatigable David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE Foundation Scholar, Cambridge University "Did Teachers' Banks Sponsor Boeing 9/11 War Games? ... and much, much more.

Including Thomas P Barnett who described 9/11 as the "first live-broadcast, mass snuff film in human history."

Selling birthrights for a mess of pottage

Lord Patel attracted readers on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 with a post - 10 totally fucked and useless highly radioactive UK nuclear power stations for sale - great development potential - to the unique and unrepeatable opportunity to buy the whole share issue of Reactor Sites Management Company from BNFL which included the reactor sites @ Dungeness A, Sizewell A, Bradwell, Berkeley, Hinkley Point A, Oldbury, Trawsfynydd, Wylfa, Chapelcross,Hunterston A.

Lord Patel contacted Richard Guest at reactorsites@rothschild.co.uk. as requested and regrets his none too generous offer was rejected.

The Torygraph today reports that Richard now has a short list of bidders Jacobs, Fluor, CH2M Hill all founded just after WWII, and the biggest mover of radioactive materials in the US, EnergySolutions . The observant reader will note these companies are all based overseas - the United States of America in fact.

Amicus who are to merge with the T&G to form a 2 million member union have expressed concern that no UK based companies will be involved. Dougie Rooney, National Energy Officer is quoted :

"We had hoped this would be an opportunity to follow how things developed around the North Sea in the 1970s. British companies collaborated with Americans and now they can compete on a level playing field."

Dougie regrettably puts his finger on the reason and says that the failure of British companies to participate in the nuclear privatisation was because "we will not have the expertise".

The regrettable truth is that our wonderful education service, schools, Universities have relentlessly cut back education and training in the necessary disciplines of engineering, mechanical, electrical, nuclear to produce the highly skilled staff to design, build and manage the next absolutely essential fleet of nuclear power stations.

Meanwhile our pig ignorant, thick, stupid, uneducated fuckwits like Margaret Beckett and the boy Milliband and our seven New Labour Ministers of Energy (we don't currently have one) have gone round clucking like Chicken Licken that the skies will darken (or maybe lighten), the seas will dry up (or flood us) and sit round bragging about how they can strangle UK industry further by their absurd International pacts on CO2 emissions. .. all this whilst the gormless Cameron sticks a child's windmill on his house inb a futile and utterly useless piece of tokenist politics.

Apparently this job lot of sites for the new nuclear stations will go for £80 Mn pounds - which to the "Sir" Ronnie Cohens of the world of Vulture Capitalism is drop in the bucket - where are they - building industries, growing jobs - without electricity ?

Sir Ronnie (when he isn't closeted at No 11 with Gordie - or playing bridge with the Karaoke King ) might profit from reading the Amicus response to the last Gubment Energy review ( wait around, they are like buses another one is due real soon now)

He should read the whole report but the last 2 points they make are of vital significance to the UK ..
  • Massive investment is necessary in the UK skills base through the creation of adult and youth apprentice schemes. The industry must work with schools to promote its profile and encourage more entrance into science and craft career pathways.
  • High energy costs will lead to high inflation and harm economic growth with the consequence of high manufacturing costs leading to an exodus of jobs and skills from the UK.
Ask why the Rhone valley is full of Brits helping to run some of France's 56 nuclear power stations which produce 85% of their electricity.

Elsewhere the Torygraph reports that "The Alliance Boots board, led by chairman Sir Nigel Rudd, will meet early next week to decide whether to allow US based Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. and Mr Pessina the executive deputy chairman access to the group's books." these 2 are behind a joint offer of £10 per share worth £9.5 Bn for 2,300 UK stores and 350 elsewhere in the world. (Shares up 14% in the day)

If successful it will be the first private equity buy-out of a FTSE100 company.

Sir Nigel Rudd, ...takeovers seem to follow him , as surely as bird flu follows Hungarian turkey meat, notably he recently joined the increasingly Americanised BAe for whom a bid by Boeing shrewd investors might note wouldn't surprise Lord Patel.

Looking through his extensive photographic collection Lord patel discovered this snap inside a French nuclear power station in 1975 at Caderache.

The man with the glasses and very long arms, is my old friend Jacques Chirac and in the centre is Saddam Hussein - the French went on to build the Osirak reactor which first the Iranians with Israeli help tried to bomb.. and then they did it themselves.

At the end of the Iran Iraq war, Iraq was the French arms industry's best customer - Chirac told Lord Patel only recently that the Iranians like to call him "Shah-Iraq". Very droll.


Re the comments about Microsoft and it's grip on NHS software this is a very important article to read in the REGISTER by John Lettice 8th November 2004 - and things have only got worse - i-soft etc., . If you want to see what Google do to attract the brightest and the best read this from the NYT today - http://tinyurl.com/3dmafp ..and Intel , HP, E-Bay


Lucy Sherriff on Wednesday 28th July 2004 wrote in the Register

UK Government spending on IT is under the microscope, with a new report from the Institute of Public Policy Research highlighting significant failings in the multi-billion pound NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT).(the report has since disappeared from their website)

Drawing on an analysis of ICT (information and communications technology) pilot projects, the think tank warns that the programme could be undermined by a failure to consult properly with medical professionals, a dearth of IT skills within the healthcare service and poor understanding of exactly what the health benefits are supposed to be. (Sound at all familiar ?)

The report, which comes just days after an all-party committee of MPs slammed IT spend as 'an appalling waste of money', says inadequate project evaluation means that it is impossible to tell if ICT projects are delivering benefits. Trials of electronic records, for example, have given no insight into whether the system would be more flexible than the current system, improve the quality of treatment, or save money.

...... Nearly 3 years ago

Friday, March 09, 2007

God´s curse on you Britannia for this cruel deed you´ve done/ But god will have his final say when your judgement day it comes

On the day that the NI election results become finally available, Nuala O'Loan the NI Police Ombudsman has announced an enquiry ( interviews have already started) into claims of collusion between members of the IRA and the security forces who have been said to be agents for Special Branch and other state agencies MI5 /6/7/8 Dame Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club.

Initially she will examine 6 incidents over a 20 year period. (Pics Aidan McAnespie 21 (1988) Mary Travers 22 (1984)both killed by the British Government - God's curse on you Britannia)

Alfredo Scappaticci

Four years ago Belfast man Freddie Scappaticci, was unmasked as an IRA informer the dramatically codenamed Stakeknife and was also head of the IRA's notorious internal security unit, which interrogated and killed those it decided were informers, often after torture. He denies he was Stakeknife and anything to do with any informing, killing etc.,

Three IRA members were shot dead by the unit in July 1992, and it is claimed they were killed to protect another more high-ranking agent.

Anthony McKernan

Anthony McKernan from the Markets area of Belfast was shot dead by the IRA in January 1988 and the IRA said at the time that he was an informer, an allegation that Mr McKernan's family has always deniedand they say their father was one of those murdered to cover for Scappaticci.

Mr McKernan's daughter, Sharon Murtagh, has recently said on the popular Nolan TV show that the family believed there was collusion in his killing.

"It would have been in the British interest to take my father out because my father was a member of the IRA.

"He done jail, he was on the run, he was an alleged bomb maker although he was never charged with anything in connection with explosions.

"Our theory is that it would be in their interests to take him out. But we also feel that my father was under Freddie Scappaticci and that they both colluded together to take him out."
It's not everayday that the Brtish State is accused on TV of having colluded in the murder of the a named individual, or by their surviving family ...the equivalent perhaps would be Dr David Kelly's daughter claiming MI6 had her dad killed ... which is (of course) a preposterous suggestion.

The killing of Mary Travers

In another development a former magistrate Tom Travers has caused questions to be asked of the Ombudsman's office when a whistle-blowing former Special Branch officer was arrested by the Police Ombudsman amid allegations of a cover-up in the murder of his daughter Mary in 1984.. He was, with his daughter (then 22) leaving Mass at St Brigid’s Church in the Malone area of Belfast in April 1984 when an IRA gang opened fire on them, he was injured and his daughter killed in front of him.

The officer who had befriended and helped the Travers family - it is believed he told them that he witnessed a cover-up of the killing. The retired officer said another Special Branch officer allowed a member of the IRA, also a police agent, to destroy vital evidence including the murder weapon. The now retired officer was arrested yesterday at 7am, when Ombudsman staff and PSNI officers raided his home in north Down.

They spent several hours searching his home before arresting him for alleged 'neglect of duty in 1984'.

2 arrested for 1981 shooting

In another curious election time action, Police arrested Independent Republican candidate Gerry McGeough (former hunger striker and vehement pro-life activist) was arrested as he left the Omagh count centre last night. Mr McGeough, a fringe Sinn Fein defector and vocal critic of the party, polled 814 votes in Fermanagh.

The PSNI said the operation was part of an investigation into "serious terrorist crime" which is believed to be the assult in 1981 on Sammy Brush, (now a DUP councillor) in Ballygawley, was shot several times in the attack - and was himself at the count in Omagh.

Simultaneously 44-year-old Vincent McAnespie , husband of Sinn Fein councillor Brenda McAnespie was arrested in Aughnacloy. His brother Aidan McAnespie was shot dead by security forces at a checkpoint on 21 February 1988.Charges were initially brought against a soldier for manslaughter but were dropped prior to prosecution. McAnespie's family allege a cover-up by the British state.

The incident was investigated by both the RUC and the Gardai with no evidence of anything other than an accidental discharge being the cause of death - this was raised by Denis Canavan in the House of Commons with the then NI Secretary Tom King on Thursday 20 July 1989. who maintained that ...
"no evidence was forthcoming, on either side of the border, that the incident was anything other than an accident".

Which should the Ombudsman find otherwise, might cause the shifty shit some trouble to his conscience .... no.no it won't.

Just another day in the killing fields of Ulster, really.

Twas on a Sunday evening the sun was in the sky
As he walked his way to the Gaelic pitch never thinking he was going to die
But as he crossed the checkpoint the sound of gunfire came
The news spread through the border town Aidan McAnespie was slain
For years he was harassed by the forces of the crown
As he went to his work every day he left his native town
The soldiers swore they´d get him the reason no one can say
And sure enough they murdered him in cold blood that sunny day

Oh why did you do it?
Have you not the guts to say
You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
You murdered Aidan McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

The people heard the gunfire they came from miles around
They saw that your man lying there dying on the ground
His flow of life was ebbing fast and people they tried their best
That bullet wound it was far to deep it went right through his chest

Oh why did you do it?
Have you not the guts to say
You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
You murdered Aidan McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

Aidans life had ended it was time for judgement day
The soldier he jumped down from the tower and the coward he slipped away
God´s curse on you Britannia for this cruel deed you´ve done
But god will have his final say when your judgement day it comes

Oh why did you do it?
Have you not the guts to say
You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
You murdered Aidan McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

To say it was an accident is the greatest crime of all
To his heart-broken family the worst had `er befalled
A cross it marks the lonely spot where Aidan was gunned down
As he strolled on that sunny evening on his way to the Gaelic ground

Oh why did you do it?
Have you not the guts to say
You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
You murdered Aidan McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

Spring : Lord Patel shoots first Cuckoo

A Sunny spring day beckons and the Torygraph (page 17 today) reports that the ever perfidious Gulbuddin Hekmatyr has renounced the Taliban (again) and is ready to schmooze with Karzai and his criminal pals in what passes for a Gubment in those parts.

They also report the Iranian spy chief Ali Reza Azkari (last seen Istanbul Feb 7th see pic) has done a deal and been "turned" by Mossad with the prospect of oodles of boodle, to spill the beans on his time as Iranian deputy defence Minister... It is a little known medical fact that once having secured the safety of defection, such people undergo dramatic memory losses...although Mossad no doubt has "ways and means" of dealing with this problem , that Lord Patel's previous paymasters didn't.

It is therefore encouraging that the Torygraph still publish today .. and people write letters like the following....

One is tempted to suggest she visit the Upton Park home of the Hammers where she will find plenty of discarded gaily coloured bobble hats, which ,with a little skill and modest effort, and zero cost, can be transformed into a very serviceable and durable item to fit her requirments.

The climate on the climate change crisis is changing

In reply, or by happy coincidence, to the UK Channel 4 TV program "The Great Climate Crisis Swindle" last night Real Climate send us notice of their posting today 9 Mar 2007
‘Cosmoclimatology’ - tired old arguments in new clothes

"In a recent issue of the journal Astronomy and Geophysics (A&G), Henrik Svensmark coined a new term: 'cosmoclimatology' . I think 'cosmoclimatology' is a good and refreshing name for anything combining our cosmos with our climate. However, all other aspects of the article I found very disappointing......

Which appears to be the same vapid academic debate and rearguard action from the dyed in the wool, blinkered Kyoto maniacs.

"There are a number of issues which really make the A&G paper poor in my view. One is the neglect to address old criticism of the hypothesis that galactic cosmic rays (GCR) change our climate by modulating clouds..." and the startling conclusion..."I wonder if Svensmark really knows what he talks about."

For those interested in further reading about how funding on "climate change" is easier to secure if there is no questioning of the current paradigm (or Litany as Lomborg describes it)resulting in a self-perpetuating self-interest by scientists, applauded by an unthinking and unquestioning press they may read with profit Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media by Patrick J Michaels - a far sighted man from a Virginian vale of academe who has been writing on this topic since 1992.

Foreigners soon to have majority stake in US

The US Government has Public debt, this is an analysis of the holdings (US$)
June 2005 Total 4,528 Bn. Foreign owned 41%
June 2006 Total4,797 Bn. Foreign owned 44%
December 2006 Total 4,901, Foreign owned 45%

Now what would happen if the Fed decided to default / delay on redemption of some / all of this debt and simply roll over the debts ?

The chart shows the steady 15% declien over the last 12 months of the US$ against the Euro....see Sept 2002 remarks by that master of misunderstatement Alan Greenspan..

City thriving outwith euro, says Greenspan"

Smatarses will point out the US$ has ben here before, but please notice the strentgthening US$ coming up into the Presidential Elections, from which point is has relentlessly nosedived ... and it needs an irredentist optimist to see any change .. unles Mr Bernanke and his plas put up interest right REAL SOON NOW

Canadian Spectator alerted us to Economy in Crisis about foreign debt levels.

See also Trade Deficit sets a new Record (5/3/07)

BBC Radio 4 "Today" program proves there is no Jewish Lobby

The BBC Radio 4 "Today" program 8.10 am slot is their prime time moment that any politician or public figures craves for. Brash, rough , tough Jewish,wheeler dealer, football club owner, charmless bulying, Sir Alan Sugar (Knighted in 2000) star of the dire Donald Trump look alike BBC TV show "The Apprentice" and "rags to riches" zillionaire with £790 million of assets that gets him 71st place on The Sunday Times Richlist in 2006 was there for 15 testosterone loaded minutes today.

Telling us what a great guy Lord Levy was, how he "blagged" for Tony Blair and the Labour Party ... and Tony Blair should stop the character assassination going on of "Michael". Which sounded awfully like Tony Soprano reminding someone of a loan. He is of course famous for his "You're Fired!" remark.

The Daily Mail figured highly in his list of hits - who of course had stories from his (ex) daughter in law saying what a nasty cove he was including tales of demanding the return of £5 million given in the form of a £1.1 million house, a £280,000 salary and Amstrad shares to his son, Simon. He plainly resented their coverage of his part in Tottenham Hotspur a North London soccer club and the often murky world of professional football, of which he has now only 13%, the rest he sold off to Daniel Levy of ENIC Sports plc who have shares in Slavia Prague and Vicenza - the only Premier League Chairman with a 1st Class degree from Cambridge.

Curiously this interview (?) with James "Jim" Naughtie followed an earlier item , an interview with the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle who said "Lord Levy had been hung out to dry" .. which follows an article today by Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet, of Mill Hill Synagogue in North-West London, in the Jewisg Chronicle (who of course appaeared on Newsnight on Tuesday see Lor Patel's posting re same) where the embattled peer is a congregant, denounces “the blatant nastiness in some of the tabloids and the recent seeming trial by media”. Rabbi Schochet has blamed “sinister corners” for the leaks, and condemned “the mean-spiritedness so prevalent in this country”. He also used a television interview to claim: “The Jewish community is becoming increasingly more sensitive that there is one Jew, who has been called the most dynamic Jew in Anglo-Jewry, seemingly being hung out to dry here.”

This pressure was clearly taking its toll on the peer and his family. Friends remarked that he was suffering from stress. “He has had enough,” said one.

In a statement, Lord Levy strongly denied any wrong-doing and attacked media coverage based on leaked material that was “partial, contradictory, confused and inaccurate”. His lawyer, Neil O’May, said a stream of leaks was “both damaging and highly prejudicial”.

Writing this, Privy Councillors, Malcolm Rifkind and Denis McShane (born Denis Matyjaszek, ) chair of UK cross-party parliamentary committee looking into Anti-Semitism in Britain which reported in September 2006 were both on the same program dealing with James "Jim" Naughtie" , banging on about anti-semitism in the EU (BBC Online) . He is however happy to promote the view "The 10,000 Muslims in my constituency of Rotherham can only benefit from removing the dead hand of ideological Islamism" Torygraph 17/10/2006
and is never shy to attribute any criticism of the Israeli state or Jewish activities as anti-semitism.

Expect extensive coverage next week on the BBC about the stress on Truth Turner etc., ...all in the course of providing "balance" you understand.

EX Sussex Chief Constable Paul Whitehouse in gang busting mode at the GLA

Peter Hetherington wrote about the problems facing local provision of services in Lincolnshire faced by the wave of eastern European workers on Wednesday January 24, 2007 in The Guradian quoting a report " painting a picture of a county where working conditions have returned to the 19th century, with officialdom nationally turning a blind eye to the exploitation of young eastern Europeans, prepared to work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, while living in grossly overcrowded houses, often "tied" to the job. "

On the Friday of that week Paul Whitehouse the new and first Head of the Gangmaster Licensing Authority (GLA) in comment is free in answer to these claims he felt the need to personally explain how 1,175 gangmasters had applied for licensing and 23 applications had been refused. He went on to explain the various ways that the GLA had launched their wok , which Lord Patel had detailed Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Chinese Cockle Pickers - new laws and prizes all round by spending a massive £30,000 radio budget announcing the Labour provider offences introduced 1 October 2006 and Labour user offences introduced on 1 December 2006.

Paul Whitehouse concluded (and implicitly threatened) "The GLA is committed to rooting out illegal activity. I look forward to hearing from Peter Hetherington about illegal labour providers that we can deal with, and then reading about their prosecution in your paper."

Well, good as whis word the GLA yesterday made a visit to a site in Evesham of food processing involving 7 gangmasters and their employees who , as a result have all had their licenses revoked. It appears that the the GLA informed the site owners and asked they did not tell the gangmasters , but it appears that an employee did. Until they have appealed , this has been heard and a decision is made the gangmasters can can continue to trade and supply labour.

The sites visited which were undertaken without police support were the packhouses of a large Tesco supplier, Bomfords at Atherstone, Salford Priors and Pershore some 250 mainly Polish and Slovakian workers were working there. All gangmaster labour providers failed by 30 points or more on a nominal scale of offences and one (Dynamic Workforce Ltd, ) was bad enough to have their licence revoked and stopped from trading with immediate effect...the GLA claimed their workers felt,"threatened and intimidated".

Paul Whitehouse is quoted

"The GLA was set up to curb the exploitation of workers and in the case of Dynamic Workforce Ltd, we had to take action immediately to protect the workers."
The other gamgmasters cannot be named until after the appeal has been concluded.

Offences across all gangmasters included ;

1. Failure to provide payslips
2. Failure to provide Health and Safety training
3. Providing transport for which employees paid and failing to have drivers with a Public Service Vehicle license (PSV)
4. Failure to have records of employees, hours worked, dates, times etc.,
5. Failure to provide Holiday Pay.

The GLA will inform other agencies that Bomfords as employers of the labour , of the contraventions of basic employment law that could see Bomfords become the first fresh produce operator prosecuted since the GLA came into being. The agencies include HM Revenue & Customs, and the Department of Trade and Industry regarding claims about the payment of ther minimum wage.The GLA calculate the minimum rate of £6.41 (Euros 9.48) per hour per worker must be charged to the labour user or the gangmaster cannot meet their legal obligations and are therefore likely to be unlicensed. The UK minimum wage is currently £5.35 (Euros 7.91) for 22-year-olds and above and NI contributions must be paid by employers on employee earnings above £97 (€143.46) per week.

The GLA will also contact Health and Safety officials over the worker welfare allegations, and also contact local authorities to deal with affected workers who need accomodation. (Hackneyed journo pic is of Polish cockle pickers who have moved in and replaced Chinese cockle pickers i Morecambe)

The GLA say they are currently investigating a total of 39 cases, mostly involving labour provided to food processors they have a further 18 cases they are considering . Two companies are facing prosecution proceedings, while a third is being considered for a caution. Using unlicensed labour providers in agricultural and food processing and packaging sectors is a criminal offence and faces up to six months in prison, a £5,000 (Euros 7,400) fine, or both.

Evidence on further 18 cases involving unlicensed operations is being gathered by the GLA that could lead to full-scale investigations.

The Bomfords Group are a substantial group of companies based in Worcestershire and their turnover exceeds £150 million . They claim to employ more than 3000 people in the UK at the peak of the season and more than 26,000 worldwide and deal with major UK food retailers like Tesco and Sainsburys. They currently farms 8,500 acres of salad onions, runner beans, dwarf beans, broad beans, peas and asparagus. You can learn more about their "b-Prepared" products here. No doubt their lawyers Cobbetts will be busy today. Tesco are under assault from Emma Thompson and headlined for selling dodgy petrol , so they will be feeling nervous about these problems from a major UK supplier.

Paul "Gangbuster" Whitehouse

No doubt many will remember Paul Whitehouse as , Chief Constable of Sussex Police, who resigned a day after ( 26/6/01) the (then) Home Secretary, David Blunkett, ordered his local police authority to consider sacking him to restore public confidence in the force. (DB at the time of course was busy shagging another man's wife , rushing through visa applications for her staff etc., etc., activities which eventually destroyed the public confidence in him as Home Secertary)

This decision to retire rpematurely (his name was bandied about as a potential Chief of the Met) related to the operation which saw alleged drugs dealer James Ashley, 39, shot dead by police marksman Chris Sherwood whilst he lay naked in bed with his partner, at his flat in St Leonards 0400GMT on 15 January, 1998. There followed a lengthy litany of events thereafter which resulted in May 2001 , Mrs Justice Rafferty, dismissing the case against PC Christopher Sherwood, 34 of unlawfully killing a man during an authorised raid.

At the time Paul Whitehouse said he alone took the decision to quit and had not been pressurised by the home secretary or the police authority.

He said: "Although people have condemned me, they have never demonstrated with evidence that I behaved improperly. I have always behaved honestly, with integrity throughout."

A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, said at the same time: "David Blunkett is not going to duck making decisions he believes are necessary to make sure the public continue to have confidence in the police."

Paul Whitehouse was interviewed about the raids on BBC "Farming Today" - one suspects we are going to be hearing a lot about the GLA and Mr Whitehouse this summer.

One wonders when someone is going to start lookig at the working conditions of the people who trim and top Zimbabwean Sugar snaps, and stringbeans...and Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Peruvian asparagus etc., etc.,

Of course low food prices keeps the CPI index down, the economy roaring alond and prudent Mr Brown with a smile on his face.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tony Blair and the Karaoke King..are they Homosexual lovers ? Amazing Pictures

"Are Tony Blair and the tiny, bouffant haired Lord Levy, the well heeled, high heeled, Karaoke King of Totteridge homosexual lovers ?" asked the Hairdresser on his way to the bar ?

What absolute nonsense we all say at Patel Towers .... but now you mention it .... he has some very strange relationships with some VERY powerful people.

After all Sir Ian Blair hob nobs with the Karaoke King so it must be all on the square.

"Do you know the Labour party is
virtually bankrupt ?"

"No, but if you sing it I'll hum along"

Bad news for Blowflies, John Reid is a Saint : Amazing pictures!

Blowflies or Home Secretary John Reid - which will cost the sheep farmers of the UK more this summer ?

Simple question - and like all simple questions requires a lengthy answer.... bear with us ....

Blowflies are members of the Calliphoridae and constitute some 1100 species worldwide in 23 genera in the sub - families Calliphorinae, and the Chrysomyina. Known in the neotropics usually as Bluebottles, Greenbottles or Blowflies they include some notorious and costly animal pests. In Australia the sheep blowfly Lucilia cuprina has been calculated to cost the sheep industry over A$170 million a year in stock losses.

The female , who will lay 2,000 eggs in a lifetime, lays clutches of eggs in sheeps wool which hatch in less than a day, 3 larval stages or instars follow rapidly, which burrow into the host sheep using fast acting proteolytic enzymes , as well as the mechanical grinding of tissue with mouth hooks ..theresultant mess is a called a myasis . This may take 8- 15 days and the resultant pupa drops to the ground ,burrows, then hatches and emerges as an adult in another 12-14 days. Useful and intersting graphs of time / temperature of the whole life cycle are available here from the University of Austria. Using this information it is possible to tell with human cadavers the time of death with remarkable accuracy - this is the remarkable and revealing science of Forensic entomology.

In Northern Europe the sheep blowfly, Lucilia sericata creates serious welfare and economic problems and if left untreated causes distress to the sheep and will lead to its death with in a few days as the necrotic myasis sets in and consumes the ailing sheep. Blowfly strike affects over a million sheep and 80% of sheep farms each year in the UK. An average of 1.5% of sheep in England and Wales are infested per annum and around 2% of infestations lead to death.(Note Lucilia sericata has now found it's way to Australia)

Traditionally control was undertaken by the use of insecticides in sheep dips such as DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) Dieldrin and BHT. Since 1990 there has been a great deal of concern over the effects of organophosphate compounds on both agricultural workers and the environment (Stevens et al., 1995; Littlejohn & Melvin, 1991) See ...this and many other more recent studies.

Stevens, R., Spurgeon, A. Calvert, I. A., Beach, J. Levy, L. S., Berry, H.
& Harrington, J. M. (1995) Neuropsycological effects of long-trem exposure
to organophosphates in sheep dip. Lancet, 345: 1135-1139.

Littlejohn, J. W. & Melvin, M. A. L. (1991) Sheep-dips as a source of
pollution of fresh-waters, a study in Grampion Region. Journal of
the Institution of Water and Environment Management, 5: 21-27.

Besides attempts at using baited traps to catch mature adults, control is a secondary and happy coincidence of sheep shearing , which produces wool - and requires a mobile, skilled hard working labour force. In the UK this is traditionally supplied by itinerant antipodean workers (especially Kiwis - principally because oz shearers are too idle) , operating in their native winter season.

Traditionally these guys (and a few women) operate as self employed shearers, working through agricultural labour agencies ..... however their livelihood in the UK has been been dramatically threatened this year:

1. Current world price of wool is the lowest ever (ex farm U raw wool sels for 40 -70 p per kilo)

2. The UK Government are demanding labour agencies demand both registration at £143 per worker plus a PAYE reference number and a National Insurance number - which as people working often based on dual nationality or holiday visias they will not have - or indeed want - or require as the 10 week season is so short it is unlikely they will breach the Income tax annual pay threshhold. 500 Kiwi shearers needed by the UK sheep industry each summer are already making plans to work elsewhere says the British Wool Marketing Board

If left unshorn the UK flock is threatened because the 4/5 Kg of wool on a sheep at the end of summer feeding can, especially if soaked with rain, land the sheep on it's back and result in a rapid death because the sheep cannot unaided right itself and feed.

Sheep dipping , against blow worm and of course the many unpleasant parasitic flukes and worms that sheep are prey to, does however have consequences for the wool industry because it can (despite the use of barrier creams) affect shearers, fleece graders, and other wool handlers. It can also lead to the need for extra scouring to remove residues which has knock on environmental problems of effluents and all the regulation and cost which that entails.

Consequently the advice fom TheBritish Wool Marketing Board to sheep farmers is to not dip up to 3 months before shearing - although the animal's health is paramount in any decision to dip or not.

UK Work Permits

Employers interested in hiring someone who is subject to immigration control are required to obtain a Work Permit for them. A Work Permit is a document issued by Work Permits (UK), which is part of the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate. This document gives an employer to the right to employ a named person in a specific job.

A Work Permit itself does not automatically allow the overseas worker to take up the job. Once issued, the worker must usually then either apply for a visa (if they are overseas when the job is accepted ) or, if in the UK, apply to have their immigration status changed - known as "switching". In many cases, "switching" is not permitted so it is vital that you know the rules on this before embarking on the application process.

In general terms, work permits are only available for jobs requiring high levels of experience and skills. For example, somebody working as a qualified engineer or accountant would qualify for a work permit whereas somebody doing bar work or low level clerical work would not. Skilled tradesmen would not normally qualify for a work permit either. There are however recognised trade qualifications in Australia and New Zealand - as well as Vocational certificates in the UK.

Crucially, an employer applying for a work permit is required to satisfy the "resident labour" test. This generally means that they must have advertised the vacancy and show that no other qualified candidate applied for the job. Home Office guidance for "new hire" type applications requires an employer to provide evidence of advertising and of the candidate's skills and experience

A work permit cannot be automatically transferred. If an employer wants to recruit somebody who already has a work permit - ie. as a shearer moves from farm to farm a new application will be required to be made for them.

Finally, note that it is a legal requirement for employers to ensure that their staff have permission to work. Failure to undertake this responsibility could end in prosecution - Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 : a fine of up to £5000 fine for each employee in breach and the possibility of prosecution of individuals / Directors etc.

The specified list of documents, described in detail in the Immigration Rules which an employee requires to see to satisfy themselves must be originals, and cover 14 different documents - so making the employer an unwilling Immigration advisor.

The Home Office has set up a network of enforcement teams who will investigate employers based on their own intelligence or tip offs from members of the public. Any adverse findings will lead not only to the possibility of prosecution under the 1996 Act but also may lead to closer scrutiny, for example, of any future application for work permits, interest by the HMRC etc.,
The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has asked the Home Office for clarification from Work Permits UK over the New Zealand shearers issue. The NAAC were told:

"In summary, work permits are not issued for self-employment and there are no plans to change that policy. That being so, if your members wish to continue to bring shearers to the UK who are not EEA nationals, they are going to have to do so on an employer-employee basis and comply with all related UK employment legislation, including the requirement to register with HMRC to pay tax and National Insurance Contributions."

There is however some good news because under the legislation that produced The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) sheep shearers are not going to need a gangmaster’s licence which would have cost them at least £2,000 a year.

The GLA has accepted the strong case that shearers should not be included in the Gangmasters Licensing (Exclusions) Regulations 2006, put to it by the NAAC, working closely with the National Farmers Union, the National Sheep Association and the British Wool Marketing Board. This will mean that a contractor supplying shearers and providing the machinery will not need a licence.

The NAAC’s Chief Executive, Jill Hewitt, is quoted “The sheep shearing sector is already a legitimate, well-legislated area of employment that cannot sustain such disproportionate extra cost for what is a very short, seasonal operation. It is the norm for overseas shearers to come to the UK on either a Work Permit – closely scrutinised by Work Permits UK at a cost to the contractor of £153 a shearer – or on a holiday visa.

In the absence of UK based sheep shearers, and the introduction of laws introduced for quite different purposes this will result in either the seasonal influx (they have been coming for 40 years) of antipodean sheep shearers going underground / ilegal or moving elsewhere in Europe.

Resulting in even less sheep's wool, less income for sheep farmers and the increasing susceptibility of the UK sheep flock to blow fly infestation, stock loss and further costs.

British Wool Marketing Board Chairman Frank Langrish ( a sheep farmer) is quoted saying yesterday , he was extremely concerned about the welfare risks to UK flocks if the New Zealand shearers stay away.
"Although our UK-based shearing skills are improving all the time we still need the big gangs of Kiwi shearers to cope with large hill flocks that can number up to several thousand sheep. The best Kiwi shearers can clip over 400 sheep a day and are critical to the efficient management of UK flocks. "
The British Wool Board Shearing Manager Colin MacGregor, with 20 years professional shearing experience, operates a national training schem which has 1,500 students a year, 60% of them farmer / owners, another 30% who want to extend their skills and perhaps income base by some shearing income and he remainder having a taste of the task. This skill base is not in shape to replace the temporary, hard working, antipodeans who will be needed, starting in 6 weeks time in the South of England... unless you of course want to wrestle with 300 sheep weighing about 60 Kgeach a day and give them each a haircut for 55-65 p per sheep? - Fashion Note - you can look like one, by buying "Wool a Way" genuine NZ shearers clothing in the UK here ..or buy a clipper - £250 a time ?

Looks as though the beleaguered Home Secretary had better move fast ... well at least faster than the blowflies ... strange to say Lord Patel had his lunch in the sunshine interrupted by the first two bumble bees of summer.

Anyway that is how the world looked late this morning, so Lord Patel had a word with the Policy Department of UK Visas (and a colleague who only shaves infrequently and carries a sledge hammer in his inside vest pocket had a "word" with Gorbals Jimmy) and... Hey Presto ! This afternoon at 2.30 pm they e-mailed Rob Morris at the NAAC to tell them that, at least for this year shearing contractors will not have to quote a PAYE reference, so clearing the way for (what everyone hopes will be) a normal hiring season.

So that's bad news for the blowflies, 3 cheers for John Reid, (never thought the day would dawn when that was said in these purlieus) and good news for antipodean sheep shearers, and the British wool industry... British wool has a natural and unique springiness - an essential ingredient in anywool carpet mixture.

Now we just sit back and wait for the massed ranks of the Romanian and Bulgarian sheep shearers to arrive, and drive a coach and horses through this welcome, necessary de-rogation of the regulations in our over regulated country.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Zimbabwe : Government prepare to squash unrest.

The Zimbabwe government has cancelled leave for police and army officers and put them on alert to quell protests as poitical unrest develops.

A Memorandum has been sent to all police stations:

"Cancellation of Leave and Placement of Members on Standby", REF : MJ57/2007,

From : Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri:

"All police officers granted leave should return to their respective stations with immediate effect and be deployed as commanded by their provincial commanders.

"The dress order of the day will be full riot gear until further notice and those members who remain at stations should be alert for urgent calls of action."
Gold Price rises. Picture of the then Foreign Secretary - Lord Patel apologises for the quality of the picture the light was very dark when he took this picture.

Levy, Blair and Injunctions by Craig Murray - NO Amazing Pictures !

Sir Ian Blair of that Ilk breaks bread with the Karaoake King, pocket sized, bouffant haired, stack heeled Lord Levy and cost the taxpayer £140.

Craig Murray writes :

Ian Blair's explanation of that charge to the taxpayer was that Levy was a representative of the Jewish community. Now, there are many eminent and worthwhile people in London to whom that description applies, but I don't think that Levy holds any community posts. He is no more a representative of the Jewish community than I am of the Scottish community. Besides, how many one to one £140 meals has Ian Blair had with a representative of the Muslim community? Or the Irish, Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, Polish, Palestinian or Greek communities?

Dr Julan Eden struck off - Internet prescribing scam exposed - GMC acts

If you visit http://www.e-med.co.uk/your_doctor.html you will arrive at the website of Dr Julian (Christopher Paul ) Eden MBBs BSc MRCGP ( GMC Ref No 3294013) (pic)the founder of e-med private medical services (e-med.co.uk). There is a claim on the site that Over 200,000 members, over 1/2 million consultations and that e-med has been successfully treating patients for over 6 years.... "your doctor, wherever you go"

The site is not modest about it's role and utility in providing a remote (but far from free) International Health Service....

The e-med doctor's surgery is a world's first and still the only service like it in the world - see why…

We are a service set up for today's busy people who want:

* to access a doctor straight away as they can't wait
* to build a relationship with the same doctor
* to have access to their doctor, from wherever they may be

We are unique as you can consult with us:

* by e-mail
* by phone
* in person for a face to face consultation if you need
* NEW SERVICE - Skype Video Consultations

Dr Eden apparently qualified in 1987 from Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School, London, UK previously having a Degree in Psychology 1983 (school unstated) and became a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners 1998.

He claims he hosted a weekly radio show "Second Opinion" on LBC 1152 AM, and writes regularly for the The Guradian as their "The Flying Doctor" , The Independent on Sunday , Sport Diver Magazine, Geographical Magazine and also created the hugely successful "Homeless Medipac" after his work with the homeless. (When contacted LBC had never heard of him - but promise to get back)

He states he has over 10 years experience in the UK's National Health Service covering almost evry medical faculty and the last five as a General practioner in Central London (UK) with interests in asthma, skin surgery, antenatal care, child development and Hyperbaric Medicine. he is listed (as of today) at the Hospital of St.Johnand St. Elizabeth , St John's Wood.

This prstigious hospital was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1856 “to help the sick, the dying and the needy” it is today one of the largest independent hospitals in the country. His name appears as a General Practioner with a speciality in Diving and travel medicine & separate MMR vaccines. tel Nos for GP and Diving Clinic 0207 806 4028 MMR Clinic 0207 078 3828

He had originally been consulting by e-mail for over a year, initially with sick SCUBA divers in remote locations and more recently with other patients who find that they haven't got time to come in to the surgery but still need a dependable doctor who understands their problems.

"e-med is an exciting medical use of today's technology. So now if you have a problem that needs some advice or diagnosis you can simply e-mail or call your doctor for immediate help. We will sort out the problem remotely but you have the security of knowing that if your doctor feels that the problem needs a face to face consultation then that can be arranged too."
When the service was launched it was written up in the Financial Times on September 1st 2000 under "Consulting Online" by Nicholas Timmins

" .....E-med does genuinely offer online consultation, but with safeguards. For a £20 annual registration fee and £15 a consultation (£40 if it is judged you need physically to see a doctor), E-med will deal with patients online but has a surgery in Battersea and a telephone contact as well.

New members fill in an electronic form detailing their medical history, which is kept in a secure system, and then go through a symptom checker when they want advice. Dr Eden says he works with about 20 other GPs around the country who can offer private consultations if it is judged that patients need to be seen but cannot go to London."

Rather prophetically the item ended ...
"Prescriptions, where provided, can be e-mailed to pharmacists where they have that facility, or phoned through, although the law at present requires a hard copy to follow. Non-prescription medicines can be delivered overnight by an online pharmacy. Most patients, he says, are younger - 18 to 45 - and comfortable with the service. His critics are doubtless waiting for him to fall. "
BBC also had an online story about
" the first doctor in the UK to offer both a diagnosis and prescriptions to patients over the internet.

He said he set up the website, called e-med, because of growing delays in trying to access a GP on the NHS."
General Medical Council

Curiously if you access the non-public area of the e-med website you can read -

http://www.e-med.co.uk/files/gmc_transcript/transcript_day2.pdf http://www.e-med.co.uk/files/gmc_transcript/transcript_day3.pdf

Which are the full official transcripts (some 180 pages) of the shorthand notes of T. A. Reed & Co. of a GMC FITNESS TO PRACTISE PANEL (PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT) held on Monday /Tuesday/ Wednesday , 13 February 2007 Regent’s Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN - if these disappear from the site, Contact Lord Patel who might know of somewhere where they may be obtained. See how the GMC actually does it's work. These are rare documents.

Which is the official record prepared of the panel's deliberations (Pages 5 -17 on Day 1 simply cover the heads of Charges) into the way prescriptions were issued, how a patient, managed to skilfully forge them and various other matters... of great interest to many people, journalists, medical ethicists and anone who wants to see how Internet prescribing operates - aparently with negligible oversight in the UK.

On the 20th February 2007 BBC Online had another story about Dr Eden -Internet drug GP suspended by GMC
A doctor who prescribed large amounts of dangerous addictive drugs over the internet has been suspended from the medical register.

A General Medical Council hearing was told Dr Julian Eden adopted a "cavalier attitude". Dr Eden, medical director of the online service e-med.co.uk, was suspended for nine months. The GMC upheld a string of charges against Dr Eden, whose private clinic is based at the St John's and St Elizabeth Hospital in north west London.
The British Medical Journal this week - 3rd March 2007 (Vol 334 page446) also reported "Internet doctor is supended for irresponsible prescribing" and stated that Dr Eden admitted "irresponsible conduct"

The Guradian also had a report on 21st February 2007

Internet GP gets nine-month suspension ..... and reported that ...
"A Sun reporter obtained Reductil - for which blood pressure and heart rate should be taken - merely by lying about his weight, and a journalist for the Independent on Sunday was offered Viagra less than two minutes after submitting an application." they also reported that he "once wrote a column for the Guardian travel pages."
The Scotsman had a very detailed story here e-health insider here the York Press (one drug addict considered in evidence by the GMC was from York) here

The British Sub Aqua Club Diving forums also have a discussion here "the Dodgy Doctor" and those members who knew him seemed to speak well of him.

Access to the List of registered Medical Practioners shows that the Fitness to Practise panel on 20/23rd Feb 2007 he was suspended, but that the suspension is not yet in force. He has 28 days to appeal the decision. If he does not appeal, he will reappear before a Fitness to Practice Panel after the nine months suspension in relation to his registration.the GMC registers also show that he is not in the Specialist Register and is not in the GP Register .

This means that Dr Eden would not be allowed to see patients without explaining that he was NOT a registered doctor, which is particularly important for patients, because his medical indemnity insurance wouldn't cover him him, so if anything went wrong there would be limited redress available to the patient.

Subsequent to the excellent Shipman Enquiry the GMC are, under proposals in a White paper issued on February 20th "Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century" to lose their regulatory powers although they will maintain disciplinary authority.

The Minister of Health, slim, lissom, bright eyed and bushy eyebrowed, Patricia Hewitt says ...
"professional regulation needs to sustain the confidence of both the public and the professions through demonstrable impartiality. Regulators need to be independent of government, the professionals themselves, employers, educators and all the other interest groups involved in healthcare."
You may read the initial GMC response here ""We believe that the proposals in this White Paper provide the basis for effective regulation in the future. "

The signature that launched a thousand prescriptions ... 6 years in operation ... more 200,000 Members and 1/2 MN prescriptions... £20 annual registration fee and £15 a consultation ... that is some mazoooma .. read the GMC transcripts and see how he did it until a small mistake .... a nosy pharmacist in Wales and a good old fashioned cop with a stickler for accuracy .... could make a good fillum.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish