"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

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Bernie Ecclestone and his sex scandal fantasies. Amazing pictures !!!

Totally gorgeous Starfucker (well Boris Johnson fucker) Petronella Wyatt interviewed pint sized Bernie Ecclestone in the Daily Mail on 15th April which came out as "Why I detest democracy, why I gave Labour £1m - and what my wife said when I asked for a mistress, by Bernie Ecclestone"

Amongst many other things he said ....

He asks me if I know what is really wrong with Formula One? Before I can reply, he declares: "There are not enough sex scandals."

Be careful what you wish for Bernie.

Wikio - THE news feed

Have you connected to Wikio yet ? This is a free European based news aggregator which knocks Google News sideways. Over 55,000 news sources including blogs are included - News, Blogs, Shopping, Video or a Live Feed of every news item that is added to their database in real time.

This very good video tutorial will take you through it.

John and Susan Ann Szepietowski, rich but poorer now the ARA have relieved them of £5.3 Mn. Greedy dishonest bastards.

Solicitor Mr John Szepietowski and his former building society manager wife Susan Ann lived in some style at their palatial home, Ashford House, Four Winds Park, St George's Hill, Weybridge Surrey.

Until one day as ARA interim director Alan McQuillan explains : "This case started with an initial investigation into the alleged laundering of the proceeds of drug trafficking from Turkey through an offshore trust which owns assets in the UK. "

"Mr Szepietowski was the solicitor who set up that trust for a client and also acted as trustee. "

"When ARA opened an investigation into the trust, the receiver soon uncovered a separate and complex web of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion by the Szepietowskis over a period of 15 years."

The agency alleged the Szepietowskis, obtained property by fraud and through the widespread use of false identities to conceal true ownership which they have consistently denied. It also alleged that the Szepietowskis benefited from a phoenix fraud scam, involving the publishing of adult magazines, but have nonetheless agreed to hand over £5.375 million in assets on 15 January 2008 , relating to the Merchant Taylor Company Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands, Cobham Investments Limited and Cobham Investments Leisure Limited.

Although they have attempted to slim the claims down ,unsuccessfully and thereby established a useful point of law for the ARA in recovering assets as a result of crime in ivestigating their property empire said to be worth £33m, naturally they deny any wrongdoing. Somehow in some way David Gale (also known as David Moore) and Teresa Mandy Gale formerly of Christchurch, Hampshire were involved with John Szepietowski in his capacity as director and company secretary of Countess Investments Limited and trustee of the Heritage Investment Trust. (?)

The ARA has been forced to defend itself against lawyers testing whether it breaches human rights, exceeds its powers or freezes too many assets.

The Anti Noise from Aircraft website pays great credit to "John Szepietowski is a successful property developer and investor " who has provided, "generous donations and continued support" he has also financed the Cancer at Large website

On 18th March 2008 John Szepietowski registered 3 petitions on the No 10 website
Reduce the Civil Service by 10% by December 2009 Reduce the number of flights by 30% by December 2009 ban all night flights across the UK between the hours of 2200 and 0700 The 3 petitions raised 19 signatures before closing.

More successful than Lord Patel trying to get Gordon Brown to stop the CIA organising riots against the Chinese treatment of ethnic Tibetans althopugh he has recently had one refused - "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Reduce the frequency and length of advertisments on Satellite Television".

He has however had a little more success because he wrote to the Times online on March 13th 2008 about the Heathrow incursion recently ..."It is sad to see that someone has had to resort to such tactics to express their anti airport expansion views. However, the BAA and the Government need to wake up and take notice of the very real opposition to Heathrow's expansion."
John Szepietowski, Weybridge, Surrey UK

The Daily Telegraph reported in September 2004 that Dennis Publishing, which bought The Erotic Review (“the world’s most intelligent sex magazine” ) from its Editor Ms Pelling in July 2003, sold it this month to Alton Russell International(ARI). One of Alton Russell's directors and main shareholders is listed as Deric Botham, the editor of Penthouse UK one of the key lieutenants in the former porn magazine empire of the Express Newspapers owner the loathsome Richard Desmond, before he quit to set up as a pornography publisher in his own right (they publish Penthouse ) - what the Torygraph failed to mention was that the Chairman of ARI is John Szepietowski. They eventually sold the ER and it found it's way back to the original owners.

A man with a finger in many things -

UPDATE : 6th April . This Guradian article "Solicitor saga highlights problems facing cash recovery unit" by David Leigh & Rob Evans on Friday September 2nd 2006 provides some fascinating details about more of the the Szepietowski's activities, including their contacts with the colourful Freemason Lord Shannon, Eddie Soar, a wanted man using an alias, allegedly linked to a heroin trafficker in Turkey and Gabriel Bivolaru, a colourful Romanian politician and expert on tantric sex and at one time charged with sex with minors, since jailed for corruption.

Lord Shannon was attempting to divest himself of ancient baronial titles and Lords of the Manor which he consigned to Strutt and Parker to sell in November 2003. Lady Chichester intervened as her family held some of these titles ... the result was that Five lots, including the Barony of Barnstaple - 4, 8, 15, 28 and 41 - were withdrawn before the sale, half the other lots did not reach their reserve, and strangely there were no successful bid for Lots 5 & 25 ...the Lordship of the Manor of Monkstown - Lot 5 - and the Lordship and Territorial Barony of Barnahely - Lot 25 .

Leigh and Evans in their article write ..."Lord Shannon, who used Mr Szepietowski to help him sell off a portfolio of his own lucrative "lord of the manor" titles, said he was stunned by the ARA's move. He had always found the lawyer "very charming".... but then rogues invariably are.

Coroner appoints Police Enquiry team into the death of Chief Constable Michael Todd.

North Wales coroner Dewi Pritchard-Jones has appointed Det Insp Gerwyn Lloyd,to a member of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team work out when Michael Todd parked his Range Rover in the town of Llanberis, which route he took to get to the mountainside, when he arrived there and when he sent text messages to two women, which prompted the search for him.

The coroner will be trying to establish whether more could have been done to save Mr Todd who was found dead on the lower slopes of Mount Snowdon in North Wales.

Mr Pritchard-Jones said: "I am looking at what he did in the three to four days before he died. I will examine the text messages to see if they reveal any suicidal intentions or not.

"I have met with a team with specialist knowledge in mountaineering, including Inspector Lloyd, and members of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team. They are putting together the chief constable's last movements.

"I have asked them to put together a timetable of where he was at certain times and where he was going and what he was doing, to try and find out why he died."

North Wales police Chief Supt Christopher Corcoran ( specialist on computer crime and Chair of the All Wales eCrime Steering Group see also and ***) who is leading the enquiry will scrutinize the communications between Greater Manchester Police and Welsh police and mountain rescue services.

The coroner has now obtained medical reports and established a cause of death. It is likely that a full inquest will be held in June.

Police are said initially to have identified the location of his mobile phone/Blackberry (it is claimed this was flawed information, but radio location in mountainous areas is notoriously unreliable) in an area close to the Menai Straits, near Port Dinorwic some 10 miles from where his dead body was found.

In the early hours of March 11 just three members of a mountain rescue team and a dog were dispatched to look in this area but had to postpone the search due to blizzard conditions.

Later that morning two hikers ( 1 male 1 female, names, origin, reason for being on mountain not known publicly ) found a rucksack containing Mr Todd's personal items. On contacting the police by a 999 call, they mysteriously and highly unusually despatched a helicopter to pick them up to brief the small rescue team (sworn to secrecy by the police) who helicoptered up to the site of the rucksack soon found Michael Todd's dead body at approximately 3.pm.

Several questions spring to mind.

1. Why not investigate Michael Todds actions / activities / contacts / movements for several weeks prior to driving (it is said) to North Wales on his own.

2. Use the Police national Number Plate recognition camera database to track the movement of his vehicle for the weekend and the trip to North wales.

3. Surely the possibility of foul play should be considered, if only to eliminate it - had Michael Todd upset a jealous husband or other relative / a boyfriend / girlfriend ? Had he upset the CIA/MI5/6/7/8/9 ?

Codshit has some rambling pieces with some nuggets of information to satisfy any conspiracy theorist.

**** Chief Supt Christopher Corcoran was involved in the arrest of John Damon Gizzi of Rhyl who went down for 5 1/2 years in January 2006. A notorious and violent criminal he was caught after his Bentley COntenental was bugged and CCTV surveillance cameras were used to track him and his gangster crew - he was said to have made £6,893,268 from his many and various crimes and the available recoverable assets were £2,618,874 which is still being collected.

There will be a memorial service at Manchester Cathedral next Friday April 11th when 1,000 police will attaend, plus (up to press Jacqui Smith who is described as the Home Secretary, and Gordon Brown described as Pime Minister) - his many and several girl friends will probably not be there.Lord Patel will be in the front pew snapping away.

Ladies Day, Aintree

Friday, April 04, 2008

Torture - that has been done in your name - by statesmen, politicians, generals, psychologists, doctors, and curiously obedient "hands on" torturers

This is the complete post from Abu Noor Al-Irlandee - Unrepentant Fenian Islamist today to be read in conjunction with Khaled Abdu Ahmed Saleh al-Maqtari, "ghost detainee" tortured, renditioned, released without charge

Vanity Fair: The Green Light by Philippe Sands - an international lawyer at the firm Matrix Chambers and a professor at University College London.

There is an important article in Vanity Fair which details how the Bush administration with the urging and justification of its top lawyers embarked on a concerted plan to engage in torture of Muslim prisoners. The article focuses especially on enemies of God and humanity such as George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Douglas Feith, David Addington, and Alberto Gonzales. May Allaah (swt) forgive all of us for allowing it to happen in our name and not being able to do anything to stop it. May Allaah (swt) grant his aid, support, and assistance to the victims of torture all over the world. As none of the major architects of this specific plan have ever told the truth about what they did nor ever expressed any remorse for what they did but instead of continously lied about it…May Allaah (swt) give them what they deserve. I do not pray for their forgiveness.

Here is the article describing what was done to Mohammed al-Qahtani (Detainee 063):

“We talked about the methods of interrogation. “In terms of their effects,” she said, “I suspect that the individual techniques are less important than the fact that they were used over an extended period of time, and that several appear to be used together: in other words, the cumulative effect.” Detainee 063 was subjected to systematic sleep deprivation. He was shackled and cuffed; at times, head restraints were used. He was compelled to listen to threats to his family. The interrogation leveraged his sensitivities as a Muslim: he was shown pictures of scantily clad models, was touched by a female interrogator, was made to stand naked, and was forcibly shaved. He was denied the right to pray. A psychiatrist who witnessed the interrogation of Detainee 063 reported the use of dogs, intended to intimidate “by getting the dogs close to him and then having the dogs bark or act aggressively on command.” The temperature was changed, and 063 was subjected to extreme cold. Intravenous tubes were forced into his body, to provide nourishment when he would not eat or drink.

We went through the marked-up document slowly, pausing at each blue mark. Detainee 063’s reactions were recorded with regularity. I’ll string some of them together to convey the impression:

Detainee began to cry. Visibly shaken. Very emotional. Detainee cried. Disturbed. Detainee began to cry. Detainee bit the IV tube completely in two. Started moaning. Uncomfortable. Moaning. Began crying hard spontaneously. Crying and praying. Very agitated. Yelled. Agitated and violent. Detainee spat. Detainee proclaimed his innocence. Whining. Dizzy. Forgetting things. Angry. Upset. Yelled for Allah.

The blue highlights went on and on.

Urinated on himself. Began to cry. Asked God for forgiveness. Cried. Cried. Became violent. Began to cry. Broke down and cried. Began to pray and openly cried. Cried out to Allah several times. Trembled uncontrollably.”

Read the whole Vanity Fair article here.

Helicopter money shores up the Dow.

The Federal Reserve reported yesterday that Big Wall Street investment companies averaged $38.1 billion in daily borrowing over the past week from the new lending program. That compares with $32.9 billion in the previous week and $13.4 billion in the first week the lending facility opened on March 17th.

The Fed, for the first time ever has agreed to let big investment houses temporarily get emergency loans directly from the central bank. This mechanism, similar to one available for commercial banks for years, will continue for at least six months.

On top of this new wave of liquidity..

Banks also stepped up their borrowing from the Fed’s discount window. Banks averaged $7 billion in daily borrowing for the week ending April 2. That compared with $550 million the previous week.

Where is all this borrowing going ?

Simply to shore up equities.

Tools for urban terrorism ™ #3

It was announced recently that Metropolitan Police Commander John McDowall has been promoted and made National Co-ordinator of Terrorist Investigations.

He will take over from the Chief Terrorist at New Scotland Yard. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarkeknown in the shady world of spooks and spookery as "The Sphincter of the Yard" ... never seen without his trademark Tupperware bomb container. (see pic)

Famous for "This is sound intelligence" Forest Gate ......that was your favourite phrase which we will all remember you for." We must guard against blame, recrimination, speculation or myths taking the place of solid public information." that was another.

"In case after case, the hand of core Al Qaeda can be clearly seen," that was another which was often repeated as " the hand that stirs the TATP in the bathtub rocks the world" ... a reference to the well known and well established fact that Al Qaeda use military explosives wherever they act in the world - except in the UK, where the preferable route is Lucozade and boot polish and ideally in the confines of an airplane toilet.

There has been a break however - consider this ....

There it all is ... the tupperware containers, the orange juice, the marmalade, the tools all carefully (and innoccently) laid out....

and the clincher is ....

... a portable wireless remote control.

All disguised by a fairly innocuous bunch of flowers that you might find in any bombers flat in Walthamstow.


This Bomb factory sensationally revealed by Lord Patel is Buckingham Palace ...home of the murdering Duke of Edinburgh who killed his daughter in law !!!

We can now sensationally reveal - (now that the Duke has gone into hospital hiding, ) The Duke of Edinburgh, Head of the Illuminati, Grand Master of the 35th 33rd Arch and Beelzebub, is none other than Osama bin Ladin ! Just compare these 2 pictures ....

IslamoFascist transatlantic airplane toilet terror liquid exploding baby bomb plot and an explosion at Bacton Gas teminal

"Bacton Gas terminal explosion and fire

On Monday, 8 January 2007, the BBC reported that .."Armed police to guard gas plant" ....One quarter of Britain's gas is handled at Bacton.

Armed police are to guard Bacton Gas Terminal against a possible terrorist attack, Norfolk Police has confirmed.

Which was not a surprise but on Sunday, December 03, 2006 we reported in a post Energy security - Blown up out of all proportion ? that the Sunday Times story of November 19th , 2006 "Energy plants may get armed terror guards" one year previously that Whitehall has now identified the Milford Haven LNG terminal and the (now) 5 terminals at Bacton in Norfolk represent key weaknesses in the energy supply of the UK.The Times said , "They fear that infrastructure sites are relatively poorly defended, often only by unarmed security staff." ... and we attached a readily available aerial view of work on instaling new gas pipelines at the Bacton terminal.

So when on Thursday 28th February 2008 there was a large explosion and a fire which took 2 hours to extinguish we expected the press / TV to be all over the place asking Questions. (picture from Anne Hollis who with her husband own who own the Castaways Holiday Park next door to the Bacton gas site.)

We later reported Thursday, February 28th , 2008 Bacton Gas Explosion - immediate gas price rise in UK of 18% Friday, 29th 2008Bacton explosion last night - The Bigger the Bang the Louder the Silence. and later that day Friday, February 29, 2008 Bacton - Pipelines blowing up - Press shutting up - gas price going up. Wednesday, March 05, 2008 Bacton Gas terminal fire - Shell terminal still not operating at capacity ..."Mystery continues over the fire at Bacton Gas terminal last week - with almost total absence of Press / TV comment although today there are reports by local press here and here by BBC Online who think it worth noting that ..."Police are also taking part in the investigation. "."

Did Postman Patel Pervert the course of Justice ?

We are all now familiar that on Wednesday, 10th August 2006 the IslamoFascist transatlantic airplane toilet terror liquid exploding baby bomb plot was exposed by Peter Clarke the Chief terrorist at the Metropolitan Police, amidst much long lasting brou ha ha.

Few people realise that on August Bank Holiday Monday an article appeared in the New York Times NYT article - criminal attempt to subvert UK justice.with an interesting explanation and codicil .....

Fortunately for UK readers this article was published in full- and was probably therefore prejudicial to defendants charged with a crime.

"Paul Stephenson, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police in London, said the goal of the people suspected of plotting the attack was "mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

"Despite the charges, officials said they were still unsure of one critical question: whether any of the suspects was technically capable of assembling and detonating liquid explosives while airborne. A chemist involved in that part of the inquiry, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was sworn to confidentiality, said HMTD, which can be prepared by combining hydrogen peroxide with other chemicals, "in theory is dangerous," but whether the suspects "had the brights to pull it off remains to be seen."

Anyway .. go and read it for yourself, form your own opinions about why this article was written, published and who provided the very, very detailed information about the case to its authors...Don Van Natta Jr.,Elaine Sciolino and Stephen Grey. (Extra reporting for this article was contributed by William J Broad from New York, Carlotta Gail from Pakistan, David Johnston and Mark Mazzetti from Washington.)

Decide for yourself who has been busy perverting the course of justice.

Bacton Gas terminal - a target ?
It doesn't require a degree in rocket science to know that oil and gas terminals and pipelines make ideal targets for mass killing, civil disrupton and economic damage. Information on their location, and detailed plans are (even today) readily available.

It has been said in court today in the trial of the IslamoFascist transatlantic airplane toilet terror liquid exploding baby bomb plot that on amemory stick there was information about Bacton gas terminal (as well as other such sites).

Can someone answer these questions?.

1. Why did it take 18 months to set up armed protection of Bacton gas terminal after it had been identified by the IslamoFascist transatlantic airplane toilet terror liquid exploding baby bomb plotters as a target ?

2. When there was an explosion at Bacton in February, why did the press treat it like a report of syphilis in a nunnery ?

One thing is certain, those 8 defendants whose pictures are everywhere didn't cause the explosion at Bacton - there is an enquiry - in which the Police are involved.

UPDATE Saturday : the NYT article is now available http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/28/world/europe/28plot.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

Royal Navy's new Yankee £1.5Mn. firecrackers now defending freedom , fighting global terrism,making profits for Raytheon

In 2004 the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) purchased 64 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) Block IV missiles made by US by Raytheon in the United States for £70Mn (Also confusingly called TacTom) .

Another £25M has been used to provide the submarine and ashore command and control systems to allow these whizz-bangs to work and (hopefully) land and cause devastation where the user wants by exploding 1,000 lbs of HE.

The UK has a new capability to deliver long range precision attacks covertly from submarines. We make that £1.5 Mn a pop (ish).

The same effect is produced by one 38JDAM conventional cast iron bomb - a B2 bomber can carrry 40 of them and launch them from 40,000 feet 25 miles from target, at approx £12,500 a pop, but over Kosovo they needed a 30 hour round trip re-fuelling 4 times between their Missouri Whiteman Air Force Base and Kosovo. They also needed 4-7 days re-work on their radar reflective surfaces in special facilities before being used again.

The Royal Navy and Baroness Taylor of Bolton , Minister for Defence Equipment & Support ( used to be MP for Dewsbury) has announced that the T Class submarine HMS Torbay is the first submarine to be operationally equipped with them and that they are fully operational and very unusually for an MOD project - three months earlier than planned. HMS Torbay has just returned from a year-long £8Mn. refit at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane and has the improved version of the world-leading Sonar 2076 system from Ultra Electronics.

The newer advanced Sonar 2076 is a fully integrated system comprising bow, flank, fin and towed arrays that can track an object the size of a bus at a distance of more than 50 miles (80km). New communications equipment on HMS Torbay will allow internet access (better than a webcam ?) and allow sending and recept of e-mails, even when the submarine is deep underwater, and a new charting system is due to be trialled on board. She should be ready after sea trials in mid-summer.

The Block IV WMD is considerably more capable than its predecessors - Kills more people ? Destroys more building / tanks / bus shelters ? Flies further / faster ?

Apparently this new version of the Tomahawk has a significantly reduced response time and can fly further, striking land targets from the sea up to one thousand miles away with even greater precision. They are able to re-target or safely(?) abort in flight and can relay images en route. The missile was first successfully test fired from a Royal Navy submarine last June and will and will be deployed in the new Astute Class submarines if and whenever they enter service.

Raytheon's plant at Glenrothes, Fife, makes some of the electronic gubbins, and some of the screwdrivers used to fit this American missile into the submarines were wielded employees of UK companies BAE Systems and Ultra Electronics.

HMS Splendid become the first British submarine to fire the Tomahawk against civilians in the Kosovo terrorism campaign and they were also part of the UK contribution to the Shock and Awe terror build up to the Coalition illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Mitochondria, the charlatans promoting the Embryology and Fertilisation Bill, and all that jazz.

"...all living things must be continuously fed with energy and I am convinced that an understanding of the process of energy production will eventually help us in solving some of the practical problems of medicine."
Hans Krebs 1953 on receiving the Nobel Prize

Whilst it would be absurd to elevate the current level of discussion about the UK's Human Embryology and Fertilisation Bill as a debate, it does expose the levels of ignorance that commentators anxious to air their views publicly can exhibit.

We all inherit from our mums the tiny and essential cellular organelles called mitochondria. These chemical factories, utilise a fascinating process of cellular respiration so wonderfully and beautifully elucidated by the German Jewish refugee Hans Krebs at Cambridge University just prior to the Second World War , as the "citric acid cycle" , now eponymously named the Krebs cycle after he shared the award of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1953.... and made such a typically self effacing remark that giants of science make who have uncovered one of the major secrets of Life. Lord Patel was immensely lucky to have been taught by his collaborator Hans Kornberg who edited the Sheffield University Rag magazine as a
student, and he is a member of the British Humanists Association the only characteristics he shares with Lord Patel... whose understanding of the citric acid cycle was finally re-inforced Professorily by his reducing the steps of the cycle as a strip cartoon - an unorthodox but highly effective method of conveying the essentials of the subject.

In the cells of aerobic organisms this universal process is a critical part of a metabolic pathway which converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins into carbon dioxide and water to generate a form of usable energy.

The number of mitochondria in vertebrate animals varies with ther energy requirements of the cell, muscle cells have many more than , say nerve cells. They can move, grow and more importantly replicate or reproduce.

Within the central core or matrix of mitochondria is a very specific form of DNA which (as found in bacteria) is circular in form (graphic image here) and reproduces independently of the cell in which it is found; an apparent case of endosymbiosis this is given the shorthand of mtDNA. This is the unique contribution your mum makes - your dad has no part in it.

The entire human mitochondrial DNA molecule was completely mapped [1][2] in 1981 and it contains 16,569 nucleotide pairs - whilst the genetic code is universal , mitochondrial DNA does show a few notable exceptions. The "stop codons" are “UAA”, “UAG”, and “UGA”. In vertebrate mitochondria “AGA” and “AGG” are also stop codons, but “UGA”, codes for tryptophan instead. “AUA” codes for isoleucine in most organisms but for methionine in vertebrate mitochondrial mRNA/tRNA.

So mitochondria also contain their own transcription, translation, and protein assembly machinery. As such, they are able to maintain genomic independence from the nucleus although most mitochondrial proteins are encoded by nuclear DNA (nDNA) and imported into mitochondria.

A mitochnodrion hosts about 3,000 such proteins but only 37 of them are coded on the mitochondrial DNA which relate specifically to Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) production an essential component in the cell respiratory cycle.

Thus, oxidative phosphorylation , the unique biochemical process that producs our cellular energy is achieved by a well-coordinated effort of the protein products from two separate genomes (nuclear and mitochondrial) working in conjunction within the same cells. (This is a very important matter to understand - see later)

A new study of how cancers metastasise (grow and spread within the body) published this week in Science has shown that mitochondrial mutations can spur metasasising - which can , in mice be reversed by drug treatment.

Cancer researchers a decade ago discovered that mtDNA in tumor cells tends to be riddled with mutations - more than in normal healthy tissues. Some researchers think mtDNA may cause tumors whilst others say that such mutation is a result of cancer not a cause. For example , patients with mitochondrial diseases are not particularly cancer-prone, and cancer risk is not inherited maternally, as would be expected for a disease linked to mitochondria. For a full history and overview of such research this is an ideal introduction.[3]

To explore the role of mtDNA mutations in cancer, Jun-Ichi Hayashi's group at the University of Tsukuba in Japan and collaborators swapped the mtDNA of two types of mouse tumor cells: one that tends to metastasise and another that does not. When they injected these hybrid cells under the skin of mice, the cells grew into tumors that eventually spread to the lungs. Mice that received the mtDNA from metastasising cells had many more lung tumors than mice that had mtDNA from less metastasis-prone cells, suggesting that mtDNA was indeed the culprit.

However, mtDNA did not seem to be involved in primary tumor formation: When the group swapped mtDNA from metastatic cells into normal cells, it did not cause these to form tumors.

The metastatic mtDNA seems to owe it's matasasising trick to 2 identifiable mutations that caused the mitochondria to overproduce so-called reactive oxygen species, which are toxic, DNA-damaging molecules. When the researchers put a drug (an anti-oxidant) that soaks up these molecules into the drinking water of mice that had been given metastatic cells under the skin, they developed almost no lung tumors.

This has excited many researchers as the role of anti-oxidants in cancer has been a hot topic for many years ( and used by the unscrupulous to sell all sorts of crap - see pic) ... maybe this research will help to shed a litle more light on the purpose and function of these essential cellular components in the never ending search for a defence and solution to human cancers.

What it does demonstrate is that producing hybrid cells combining say, the maternal mtDNA from a cow with the nucleus of a human is highly unlikely (probably impossible) to provide the basis for accurate, carefully controlled , rational, reproduceable, physiological experiments until we can fully elucidate the role of mitochrondrial DNA and the nDNA / mtDNA roles and functions.

That is a level of argument that does not enter the public consciousness , and certainly not the debate - we hope this helps a little with your understanding of one of the many issues involved in the debate.

However Lord Patel's opposition to the Bill is more concerned with the ever increasing power of the Human Embryology and Fertilisation Authority which is virtually 100% owned by the IVF industry who are so anxious to maintain their monopoly and profits ... and please don't mention to them the advisability of maintaining the genotypes within the human population whom chance, disease, God, intelligent design have rendered infertile.

[1] Anderson S, Bankier AT, Barrell BG, de Bruijn MH, Coulson AR, Drouin J, Eperon IC, Nierlich DP, Roe BA, Sanger F, Schreier PH, Smith AJ, Staden R, Young IG: Sequence and organization of the human mitochondrial genome. Nature 1981, 290:457-465.
[2] Grivell LA: Mitochondrial DNA. Sci Am 1983, 248:78-89.
[3] Jennifer S Carew and Peng Huang Mitochondrial defects in cancer Molecular Cancer 2002, 1:9doi:10.1186/1476-4598-1-9

They raise these questions to answer the role of mitochondria in cancer :

(1) What is the exact role of mtDNA in cancer initiation and progression?
(2) How do heteroplasmic mtDNA mutations arise and evolve to a homoplasmic state in cancer cells?
(3) Is there a mechanistic link between mtDNA mutations, changes in respiration and ROS generation, and alterations in apoptosis?
(4) What are the most important mtDNA mutations that confer drug resistance and growth/metastasis advantage in clinically relevant cancer cells?
(5) How can we effectively kill those cancer cells that carry mtDNA mutations and become resistant to conventional anticancer agents?

A lot to do before we start mucking about with hybrid animal / human cells.

This article in Nature Reviews Genetics, advance online publication, 27 March 2008 doi:10.1038/nrg2348
Coordination of gene expression between organellar and nuclear genomes - Jesse D. Woodson1 & Joanne Chory .... reviews a lot of current work in this area, "...we review recent advances in elucidating the intracellular signalling pathways that coordinate gene expression between organelles and the nucleus", although much of it relates to plants as there is a functional and anatomical similarity between chlorophyll containing plant chloroplasts and animal mitochondria.
Here is a website that (last updated 04 May 2005 ) that provides information / support / personal stories of the inheritance of the A3243G gene defect, (carried by 16.3 per 100,000 of the adult population) on the Mitochondrial DNA which 'causes' / is associated with several problems, including Tinnitus, Diabetes amongst others.

Lord Patel involved in murky share deals

Daniel Labetoulle, head of the disciplinary commission of French markets regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), is holding the insider trading inquiry into EADS involving 17 individuals and three organisations who have been placed under formal investigation by the AMF. He expects, he says today to report before the end of 2009.

The inquiry centres on the months preceding a collapse in EADS' share price in June 2006.

This is not in any way connected to Lord Patel's advice contained in this post of Friday, June 16, 2006 Airbus - Buy in now, Fill ya boots .."Now is the time to buy in , Airbus are superbly positioned." were his exact words when EADS share price stood at 18.71 € whereas this soaraway super stock has since ...er... declined inexorably to ..er ... 15.55 €.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tools for urban terrorism ™ #2

There is a secret website that shows the radius of damage one single Lucozade Bomb placed in Rochdale can do - the video of the explosive force is NOT downloadable. Do not even try.

This is the secret website . Be warned this is adult material and contains graphic video of a frightening nature, the yelps and jeers of radical jihadis as even heavily protected, helmeted men can be

Cyprus talks and Ledra street shuts.Again.

Monday, March 24, 2008 we said - Cyprus talks and Ledra Street opens .... again and we said "Don't hold your breath".

Ledra street was opened this morning at 9.00 local time (6.00 GMT) , amid much hoopla, release of coloured ballons etc., by tea time the Greek Cypriots because " because Turkish Cypriot police had patrolled inside the buffer zone" , closed it off. Again.

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Isn't it a blessing that the banks are regulated in they way they operate and behave ? We have really, really smart regulators as well. Thank God.

“Clearly, the U.S. economy is going through a very difficult period. Much necessary economic and financial adjustment has already taken place, and monetary and fiscal policies are in train that should support a return to growth in the second half of this year and next year.”

“I remain confident in our economy's long-term prospects,”

Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke's Testimony to Congress 3-4-08

"The Federal Reserves decision to provide funding to Bear Stearns through JPMorgan Chase was made because, as you have heard Chairman Bernanke testify, Bears extensive participation in a range of critical markets meant that a chaotic unwinding of its positions could have cast doubt on the financial positions of some of Bear Stearns thousands of counterparties, placed additional pressures on the financial system, and caused damage that would not have been confined to the financial system but would have been felt broadly in the real economy through its effects on asset values and credit availability. "

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox's Testimony to Congress 3-4-08

The intensity of the crisis we now face in U.S. and global financial markets is a function of the size and character of the financial boom that preceded it. This was a period of rapid financial innovation--particularly in credit risk transfer instruments such as credit derivatives and securitized and structured products. [ ...]

The deterioration in the U.S. housing market late in the summer of 2007 precipitated a sharp rise in uncertainty about the value of securitized or structured assets. Demand for these assets contracted dramatically and the securitization market for mortgages and other credit assets stopped working.

Randall S. Kroszner Federal Bank Board Member testifying to Congress 3-4-08

...and here's one we prepared earlier by Alan Greenspan

"Where once more-marginal applicants would simply have been denied credit, lenders are now able to quite efficiently judge the risk posed by individual applicants and to price that risk appropriately. These improvements have led to rapid growth in subprime mortgage lending; indeed, today subprime mortgages account for roughly 10 percent of the number of all mortgages outstanding, up from just 1 or 2 percent in the early 1990s.

.....we must conclude that innovation and structural change in the financial services industry have been critical in providing expanded access to credit for the vast majority of consumers, including those of limited means.

This fact underscores the importance of our roles as policymakers, researchers, bankers, and consumer advocates in fostering constructive innovation that is both responsive to market demand and beneficial to consumers. "

Alan Greenspan
Federal Reserve System’s Fourth Annual Community Affairs Research Conference, Washington, D.C. April 8, 2005

Speaking at a conference in Abu Dhabi...on Monday, this ignoramus , said he refused responsibility for the US subprime mortgage crisis and said he tried to warn the investment market of the risks posed by the mortgage products.“For people who say we and the rest of the Central Bank should have raised flags, I say we did,”

Fucking, dumb, lying bastard .... sheeeeeeiiiit !!!! That's the excess of irrational non-exuberance showing.

Jersey child abuse - more allegations, the masons and the notorious "Fat Man"

dickdecent posts at Rigorous Intuition

The Bailiff of Jersey - Philip Bailhache - is a senior Freemason.
HM Attorney-General of Jersey - William Bailhache [Bailiff's brother] - is a senior Freemason.
Chief Minister of Jersey - Frank Walker - is a senior Freemason.
[You've prob read unconfirmed reports that PB was actually governor of Haut when it was Jersey Home for Boys in the 70's/80's]

This fuck [who's article someone posted earlier!] is ALSO a prominent Mason and was Assistant

Manager to Social Services while the Manager was Mason/Minister Ben Shenton... remember him?
... the guy that sent the e-mail to our Lennie, and got publicly caught/humiliated for trying to 'belittle' the enquiry from the start...


Anyone know if Lenny Harper himself is, or is not a Mason? Surely a clinching factor in whether or not he IS MR. FIX His years at the RUC and the Met don't make for very good odds on that question now do they? With the mainstream media making him out to be something between Superman and Jeezus, I think a picture is forming in my mind.

[...] click the link for lots more

he also has links to : Jersey Lodge of Installed Masters which has links to
Yarborough Lodge 244
Duke of Normandy Lodge 245
Royal Sussex Lodge 491
Loge La Césarée 590
Royal Alfred Lodge 877
St.Aubin's Lodge 958
Prince of Wales Lodge 1003
De Carteret Lodge 3459
Lodge St Helier 4449
Jersey Lodge of Unity 8352
Jersey Lodge of Installed Masters 8383
Sarnia Riduna Lodge 5840

A link is also provided here to an Indymedia site which amongst many other claims can be found..

Wilfred Krichefski, a senator in Jersey’s government and chairman of several committees, would regularly visited Haut de la Garenne to abuse boys until his death in 1974. LIVING members of the island’s SENIOR ESTABLISHMENT have also been identified as suspects.

One former resident has claimed he was REPEATEDLY RAPED at the children’s home by Krichefski, the late senator who was a freemason and of jewish belief, between 1962 and 1963. The man, now in his late 50s and living in the West Midlands, said that every month he and another boy would be taken into a back room at the home and ABUSED by two men.

The former resident said he would be woken by a care worker with the words, “There is someone here to see you.” The only person he told about the abuse was a PSYCHIATRIST who TOLD HIM HE WOULD BE PLACED IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL IF HE REPEATED THE ALLEGATIONS

This has been repeated elsewhere in the Press by an abused boy called "Simon" and Deputy police chief Lenny Harper confirms it is a name he has been given with a pseudonym of "The Fat Man".

"Fat Man" was a cartoon strip of the activities of Cyril Smith MP (Now Sir Cyril Smith) in rap the Rochdale Alternative Paper whose activities were published and about which we posted on Thursday, February 28, 2008" ..all he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" David Steel on Cyril Smith 1979

Pic of cartoon book and iconic model in current exhibition at Rochdale "Touchstones" Gallery on the Rochdale Sculptors of the 1970's.

Khaled Abdu Ahmed Saleh al-Maqtari, "ghost detainee" tortured, renditioned, released without charge

On the 14th March 2008 Amnesty International published a 45 page report "USA: A case to answer. From Abu Ghraib to secret CIA custody: the case of Khaled al-Maqtari " Khaled Abdu Ahmed Saleh al-Maqtari, is one of the men most recently released from the CIA’s secret detention program. In interviews with Anne FitzGerald, Senior Advisor at Amnesty International, he has given a full account of his truly frightening ordeal since he was taken into custody by US forces in Iraq in January 2004.

A Gulfstream V jet – nicknamed the 'torture taxi' – used in the 'rendition' of a Khaled, was refuelled at Shannon Airport the day before it was used to move him from Baghdad to Kabul.

On 6 September 2006, US President George W Bush announced the transfer of 14 men from secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) custody to military detention at the US Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Khaled Abdu Ahmed Saleh al-Maqtari is one of those most recently released. He was held in CIA “black sites” in Afghanistan and in an unknown country until days before President Bush’s 6 September 2006 announcement, when the CIA network of secret jails appears to have been at least temporarily cleared. Khaled al-Maqtari has been held both at the notorious hard site at Abu Ghraib4 – where he has described a regime of beatings, sleep deprivation, suspension upside down in stressful positions, intimidation by dogs, induced hypothermia and other forms of torture – and in
CIA “black sites” in Afghanistan and an unidentified third country, where he spent nearly three years in complete isolation, the victim of an enforced disappearance.

Khaled al-Maqtari is now 31 years old, but appears older, a stocky, solemn looking man, with short black hair and beard. He was born in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, but has lived most of his life in Hodeidah, a small city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen. He was returned to Yemen after 32 months of CIA detention in September of 2006, and held by the Yemeni authorities in Sana’a and Hodeidah until May 2007, when he was unconditionally released. At no stage during this 40-month period was his
detention ever reviewed by a judicial authority, and he was never charged with any criminal offence.

It appears he was arrested on 13th January 2004 operation in Fallujah in a US Army operation called “Operation Market Sweep” aimed at arms dealers operating out of a notorious city centre market where he worked in an internet cafe. In the course of the raid, “the soldiers confiscated more than 100 rifles, two heavy machine guns, 6,500 round of ammunition, 18 rockets, 244 grenades, 150 mortars and various explosive devices, including 17 pre-manufactured improvised explosive devices. During the operation more than 60 people were captured.”(Justin A Carmack, ‘Op Market Sweep’ captures Fallujah arms dealers, Army News Service, 13 January 2004)

Taken by helicopter to Abu Ghraib he was interrogated by unidentifiable Americans, either from US Army’s 205th Military Intelligence (MI) Brigade, which was then operating there, or by the CACI contractors working with them, rather than by CIA officials and contractors on site.

At one stage he was taken out at night by a United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) group to identify (but failed) a house he had stayed at in Baghdad.

Former Special Air Service (SAS) trooper Ben Griffin, who was stationed in Baghdad in early 2005, told Amnesty International that an SAS squadron had been working in a joint US-UK special forces group in Baghdad, carrying out surveillance and intelligence operations against insurgents and foreign Arab fighters, since the beginning of the occupation.17 The group shared information, he said, and it would not have been out of the ordinary for an SAS team to take a prisoner directly from US custody on the kind of search mission Khaled al-Maqtari has described.

The SAS did not have a holding facility, and if the detainee was felt to have further intelligence value, he would be turned over to US custody.

As a rule, the SAS troopers did not participate in interrogations; Griffin said that these were carried out “behind closed doors”. However, they were aware of the methods likely to be employed against those who were sent to Abu Ghraib for further questioning.

Former contract interrogator Eric Fair, who was in Abu Ghraib in January of 2004, (he was one of two civilian interrogators and is an Arab linguist , assigned to the division interrogation facility (DIF) of the 82nd Airborne Division ) has reviewed Khaled al-Maqtari’s account of his treatment there. Although he did not corroborate all of the details provided by Khaled al-Maqtari – he has noted, for instance, that he never saw any detainee being suspended upside down by his feet – Eric Fair told Amnesty International: “I’ve pored over this report, hoping to find major inconsistencies and gross exaggerations. It is to this nation’s shame that I cannot. My time at Abu Ghraib and Fallujah offers no concrete evidence to refute many of the things Khaled has said.”

At no time during his detention in Abu Ghraib was Khaled al- Maqtari registered, documented or charged with any crime.18 He did not see anyone from the ICRC,nor was he ever allowed to contact a lawyer or his family.

......they told me to expect the CIA. After sixor four hours, the ninjas came for me.”

In a procedure which has also been described to Amnesty International by other detainees transported by the CIA, a three- or four-person removal team, dressed completely in black, with black gloves and facemasks, came to prepare Khaled al-Maqtari for his departure. They put him in a diaper, socks, short trousers, and a shirt without buttons, then covered his eyes and stuffed his ears with cotton, taped firmly into place, before hooding him and topping it off with noise-reducing headphones. “They do not talk, said Khaled al-Maqtari, “not even a word, the same as the ninjas in the secret prisons.”19 “It is clear”, he said, “that they have a lot of experience. They know what they are doing, and each of them had a specific role. I mean if I wanted to get dressed myself, I wouldn't be able to do it so fast.”

His subsequent treatment is best read in his words and over many, many pages.. it is not for the squeamish.

At the time of Khaled al-Maqtari’s detention, US forces in Iraq were bound by the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (Fourth Geneva Convention), article 49 of which prohibits the transfer of protected persons, including insurgents who are not part of the military, from the occupied territory.Unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement, as well as torture and other inhuman treatment, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, are war crimes,and prosecutable as such under US and international law.22 In addition, international human rights law applies, even in time of war.

This is a frightening tale, it is unbelievable that our fellow human being cabn behave in this way.. one that every citizen of the Coalition of the Unwilling should be made to read.

The frightening postscript is ...

On 20 July 2007, President Bush issued an executive order giving his authorization to the continuation of the CIA’s secret detention and interrogation program, referred to as the “High Value Terrorist Detainee Program”. In the order, the president asserted that the CIA program: “fully complies with the obligations of the United States under Common Article 3” (of the four Geneva Conventions), provided that “the conditions of confinement and interrogation practices of the program” remain within the limits set out in the executive order. The US authorities, including the President, have repeatedly emphasised that the CIA program and the techniques used in it have been cleared as lawful by administration lawyers. Clearly, then, the USA is interpreting its international obligations in a way that renders them meaningless and perpetuates an absence of accountability for a program in which the international crimes of torture and enforced disappearance have been committed.

Diamond Geezers, Briefs, Footie clubs, inquisitive lawyers and the beautiful game

Now there's an odd thing, we have been swamped with visitors looking at the above article (available here) using the Buchler family as a search item. Visitors from the legal profession include Blue Chip lawyers , of Primrose Street, Herbert Smith - who are incidentally the National Portrait Gallery's 2008 Spring Season Sponsor for the exhibition "Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913 to 2008".

These visitors seem to be very interested in following the links from the article and the many interesting ways, interesting people in the show biz world of football have a very interesting interest in Belgian football. Well , Belgian football clubs and their youthful players.

This cannot have any connection with Arsenal where some men were photographed this week.

Basra - US reports of bombing civilians

The March 30th Air Force Link March 30th Air Power summary gives a small clue to the use of air power over Basra...

"In Iraq, an Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon and a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet dropped guided bomb unit-38s in order to destroy an enemy mortar team in a school court yard, a machine gun emplacement and an enemy structure engaging friendly forces in Basra. A JTAC reported the success of the missions. "


The March 31st report showed that the tempo of air activity increased with ..."In total, coalition aircraft flew 55 close-air-support missions for Operation Iraqi Freedom" and report

"In Iraq, an Air Force MQ-1 Predator dropped a hellfire missile in order to destroy an enemy road block in Basra. The success of the mission was declared by a JTAC.

A British GR-4 Tornado performed a show of force in order to deter enemy activities in Baqubah. A JTAC reported the success of the mission. "

(CBS/AP) reported on 29th March (with video) - "Anti-American Shiite militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his followers Saturday to defy government orders to surrender their weapons, as U.S. jets struck Shiite extremists near Basra to bolster a faltering Iraqi offensive against gunmen in the city. "

"The U.S. military says 16 enemy fighters have been killed in airstrikes supporting Iraqi troops during clashes with Shiite militiamen in Basra. Military spokesman Maj. Brad Leighton says an AC-130 gunship strafed heavily armed militants attacking Iraqi forces from three rooftops in the southern city.

Iraqi police earlier claimed eight civilians, including two women and a child, had been killed when a U.S. warplane destroyed a house early Saturday. But Leighton says U.S. special operations forces helped identify the militants before the airstrike.

British military spokesman Maj. Tom Holloway also says U.S. jets later dropped two precision-guided bombs on a suspected militia stronghold north of the city, but no casualties were reported. "

Sky News on Friday March 28th reported

"RAF jets have, been involved in aerial surveillance over insurgent positions and Iraqi helicopters have been able to refuel at Britain's Basra airport base.

Major Tom Holloway, British military spokesman in Basra said two bombing missions were carried out overnight at the request of the Iraqis.

He said rocket teams and militia troops were bombed."

Above photograph of results of Apache air attack in Bagdhad is from an Al Jazeera video available here.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Israeli Onshore Oil License - Tomco buys into Heletz fields

TomCo Energy (reg Isle of Man) announced yesterday that TomCo and its wholly owned Israeli subsidiary, Luton-Kennedy Limited (LKL) completed the acquisition of interests in two onshore petroleum licenses in Israel from Avenue Group Inc (AVNU.OB), a New York based US listed Oil & Gas Company, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Avenue Energy Israel Limited (together referred to as AEI). The interests acquired are a 50% interest in the Heletz-Blur-Kokhav Licence and a 25% interest in the integral Iris License, which include the original Heletz-Blur-Kokhav oilfield (Heletz).

At completion TomCo paid a US$1 million fee to Avenue Group Inc. in respect of the transfer of the 50% and 25% interests in the Heletz oil fields from Avenue to TomCo.

Discovered in 1955, The Heletz-Kokhav oilfield license, covers 60,000 acres in south Israel near Ashkelon.There are 3 defined fields , Heletz, Brur and Kochav .The first well (Heletz 1) was drilled to a depth of 4800 feet (1515 Meters) and recognized as a producing well on 12 October 1955.Peak production occurred between 1959-1967 when daily production was between 2,500 and 4,000 barrels of oil per day ("BOPD").

In a report last September by Avenue Group (OTCBB:AVNU.OB) Heletz is said to have produced 17.2 Million barrels of oil to date out of an estimated 19.1 Million barrels of primary recoverable reserves and has been and reamins the most prolific oil field discovered onshore Israel.

Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors Corp. Ltd., act as a contractor for the State of Israel and they have been producing approximately 70 BOPD from 6 producing wells. It was this company who originally doscovered the oil. Lapidoth was Deborah's husband.

Avenue Energy Israel Ltd (AEI) a subsidiary of Avenue Group (Sales 2006 : US$61,368 ) was issued a License September 2007 in which AEI agreed to a 3 year work program of field studies, well workovers, initiating 3D seismic and the drilling of a new well - the license would be lost if they didn't but if successful could result in a 30 year lease.

There are 533 idle wells to workover and some "significant" infill drilling potential on the acreage which is spaced at 80 acres offering higher density-drilling opportunities.There are also posibilities of waterflooding to increase recoverable oil reserves.The Israeli Government estimates the original oil-in-place (OOIP) for the field to be 50.7 million bbls with 2 million bbls of primary recoverable oil remaining, and studies suggest over 5 million bbls of secondary recovery potential may exist 19.1 - 17.2 already recovered) . A number of undrilled, deeper exploration prospects on the licenses have estimated potential in excess of 100 million bbls. Wow
Levi Mochkin, chairman and CEO of Avenue Group, (his brother Mendel Mochkin is Vice President) said in September , "Being awarded the Heletz-Kokhav License represents a transformational event for Avenue. Heletz-Kokhav, with its ability to generate near term cash flow from its base production, coupled with attendant meaningful upside, represents an excellent opportunity for Avenue and its shareholders. We also are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to significantly increase production levels at Heletz-Kokhav, thereby underscoring the significant oil and gas potential in Israel."

Uri Bar Ner is a Director and was after a long diplomatic career , Ambassador of Israel to Turkey from 1998-2001. He has held senior diplomatic positions in the United States, Europe and Asia and is a former Deputy General Director of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Bar-Ner currently acts as Vice Chairman of the American-Israel Friendship League, an organization that arranges missions of US dignitaries to Israel. Ambassador Bar-Ner holds a masters degree in political science from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a bachelors degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

A Press report when he took up the Turkish Ambassadorship says inter alia May 9th 1998 "Responding to the questions of reporters Bar Ner said Turkish-Israeli defense cooperation has been improved in the recent 3 or 4 years "

The Company geologist is Vladimir Gerchkov. He graduated in 1980 from the Oil and Chemistry University of Baku, Azerbaijan with a M.Sc. in Geology, Oil and Gas Deposits Prospecting. Mr. Gerchikov has over 20 years experience in the International exploration for oil and gas prospects and production in Russia, Vietnam, Israel, Colombia, and the Caspian region. He has extensive experience in the Sakhalin Islands where he was part of a Russian-Japanese joint venture that discovered the large Chaivo-sea and Odoptu-sea offshore fields. He worked in Vietnam where he was chief geologist on the rig and drill ship which discovered the large White Tiger and Dragon fields.

Howard Crosby, TomCo's CEO, commented. "To have the potential for in excess of 100 million bbls at deeper levels is truly exciting and would, on its own, transform your company into a serious E&P player within the oil & gas sector.

Indeed it would. Tomco shares rose 0.23 p on the news a to 2.05 p a rise of 12.33%

Howard Crosby and John Ryan were directors of Cadence Resources which rose in value from under US$1 million in 2001, when the company adopted its oil and gas investment strategy, to over $450 million in June 2006 when Mr Crosby stepped down as director. Howard and John May, FD, are also directors of Platinum Diversified Mining Inc (now ICM) which acquired International Consolidated Minerals Inc for $240m and remains quoted on AIM.

Not one for the widders 'n' orfans.

The hand that signed the paper

The hand that signed the paper felled a city;
Five sovereign fingers taxed the breath,
Doubled the globe of dead and halved a country;
These five kings did a king to death.

The mighty hand leads to a sloping shoulder,
The finger joints are cramped with chalk;
A goose's quill has put an end to murder
That put an end to talk.

The hand that signed the treaty bred a fever,
And famine grew, and locusts came;
Great is the hand that holds dominion over
Man by a scribbled name.

The five kings count the dead but do not soften
The crusted wound nor pat the brow;
A hand rules pity as a hand rules heaven;
Hands have no tears to flow.

Dylan Thomas

We'll protect the children in the womb , but once they are out they are fair game for bombing from 20,000 feet.

"I'm a War President" Bush determines that the US can arm Kosovo - Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan are already signed up

Cryptome turned up this fascinating item in the [Federal Register: April 1, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 63)][Presidential Documents] [Page 17241] (pdf version here)

The President

Presidential Determination No. 2008-15 of March 19,

Eligibility of Kosovo to Receive Defense Articles
and Defense Services Under the Foreign Assistance Act
of 1961, as Amended, and the Arms Export Control Act,
as Amended

Memorandum for the Secretary of State

Pursuant to the authority vested in me by the
Constitution and the laws of the United States,
including section 503(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act [1]
of 1961, as amended, and section 3(a)(1) of the Arms
Export Control Act,
as amended, I hereby find that the
furnishing of defense articles and defense services to
Kosovo will strengthen the security of the United
States and promote world peace.

You are authorized and directed to transmit this
determination to the Congress and to arrange for the
publication of this determination in the Federal

(Presidential Sig.)


WASHINGTON, March 19, 2008.

[FR Doc. E8-6836 Filed 3-31-08; 8:45 am]

Billing code 4710-10-P

[1] - 503 General Authority.

—(a) The President is authorized to furnish military assistance, on such terms and conditions as he may determine, to any friendly country or international organization, the assisting of which the President finds will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace and which is otherwise eligible to receive such assistance, by—
(1) acquiring from any source and providing (by loan or
grant) any defense article or defense service;
(2) assigning or detailing members of the Armed Forces of the United States and other personnel of the Department of Defense to perform duties of a non-combatant nature; or
(3) transferring such of the funds appropriated or other-wise made available under this chapter as the President may determine for assistance to a recipient country,to the account in which funds for the procurement of defense articles and defense services under section 21 and section 22 of the Arms Export Control Act have been deposited for such recipient, to be merged with such deposited funds, and to be used solely to meet obligations of the recipient for payment for sales under that Act. Sales which are wholly paid from funds transferred under paragraph (3) or from funds made available on a non-repayable basis under section 23 of the Arms Export Control Act 676 shall be priced to exclude the costs of salaries of members of the Armed Forces of the United States (other than the Coast Guard).

It is worth recalling (in the light of the meeting today in Bucharest and Russia / Putin's interest in the affairs of georgia and Azerbaijan the details of Presidential Determination No. 2002-15 in 2002 :

Memorandum for the Secretary of State

Subject: Eligibility of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan to Receive Defense Articles and Services under the Foreign Assistance Act and the Arms Export Control Act
Pursuant to the authority vested in me by section 503(a) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and section 3(a)(1) of the Arms Export Control Act, I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and services to the Governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace.

You are hereby authorized and directed to report this determination to the Congress and to arrange for its publication in the Federal Register.

George W. Bush

NOTE: This memorandum was released by the office of the Press Secretary on April 19 2002.

Condi - gym rat

Let's hope this isn't the Larry Craig "Wide Stance" dance routine ..

Berrtie Ahern lie, his secretary tells the truth and Bertie resigns

On Thursday, January 24, 2008 we posted item incorporating concern about the longevity of Mr Bertie Ahern's political career- Peter Hain caught like Al Capone by fucking up his financial records - is Bertie Ahern going down as well ?

Well we now know the answer is YES.

At 10.00 o'clock on the steps of the Government Buildings this morning 56 year old Bertie , who has been Taoiseach (Prime Minister) since June 1997 , leader of Fianna Fáil since 1994 , and member of the Irish Parliament for 31 years handed in his lunch pail .. although he will not leave ofice until 6th May.

Not quite the story he was peddling when a reporter from the Sunday Independent tackled him in the bar of Fagans, in Drumcondra, on Thursday night, where, in the company of friends, he said he, "will not be driven from office by the media."

Compoundin his many lies over many years he said before his clustered friends, "'I have never done anything to corrupt my office' he said. 'I know in my heart of hearts that I have done no wrong and wronged no one.' (RTE video)

Like Tony Blair, a fluent liar, he has been consistenty lying about his personal finances to the Mahon enquiry for years. Last week Gráinne Carruth - Mr Ahern's secretary between 1987 and 1999 , who was paid IR£66 week at the time - admitted lodging money into one of the taoiseach's bank accounts and those of his two daughters. This corroborated the evidence of former bank manager Blair Hughes last week, who provided documentary evidence to the Mahon Tribunal of the hitherto undisclosed sterling lodgements made in 1994 to accounts on Mr Ahern's behalf.

Confronted with the documentary evidence she had made the lodgements, she finally admitted that she had probably handled sterling lodgemets after being warned that perjury at the tribunal could mean penalties of up to two years in jail and fines of up to 300,000 euro.

The Mahon tribunal has found that lodgements to his accounts between 1993 and 1994 were over two-and-a-half times his salary, and also found that he did not operate a bank account while minister for finance.

Mr Ahern said his staff cashed his pay cheques for him and either handed him cash or left bundles of up to IR£1,500 on his desk when he was away.

He also said that other money he received came from friends to help him after a marriage separation and to buy a house. (Detailed account of his preposterous lies at the Sunday Business Post 30th March 2007)

The exact sources of money and amounts remain unclear but the tribunal is investigating lodgements of over IR£100,000 made on behalf of Mr Ahern in the late 1980s to mid-1990s.

The Mahon Tribunal has been sitting since October 1997 and it has finally taken the simple admission of a poorly-paid secretary in floods of tears, frightened of fines and a prison sentence to confess that she lodged large amounts of sterling for her boss to force the lying bastard out of office.

So that's the two architects of the Good Friday Agreement :

1. Forced from office
2. Guilty of gross financial impropriety
3. Caught out in lies, deceit and dishonesty in explaining their complicated financial affairs
4. Consistent attempts to cover up their dishonesty
5. A willingness to drop their office staff in the shit

Hymne Russe

Hymne russe
Uploaded by Lord Patel

Guradian today Putin row grows as pact pushes east· US backs membership for Georgia and Ukraine · Rifts within alliance on role and strategy

George Bush and Vladimir Putin yesterday appeared to be on a collision course ahead of today's critical NATO summit in Bucharest, which could determine the future of the alliance and its relationship with Russia.

In a visit loaded with symbolism, President Bush travelled to Kiev yesterday to declare "strong support" for Ukraine's membership of NATO, in defiance of Moscow which adamantly opposes the alliance's eastwards expansion. ...Read more

Typhoon Tranche 1 final deliveries made - contract decisions loom for Tranche 3

The four-nation Eurofighter consortium has delivered its last of 148 Typhoons from a Tranche 1 production order from Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Deliveries of 236 Tranche 2 aircraft will commence in mid-2008, with 38 of these now in final assembly at four sites across the partner nations. Saudi Arabia will also receive the first of 72 Tranche 2 Typhoons next year under its Project Salam deal with the UK government which was threatened by the huge US$1 Bn. BAE bribery scandal covered up at the insistence of Tony Blair.

There is a combined commitment to buy 620 Typhoons by the 4 launch nations , plus 90 options, although Italy and the UK are believed to be seeking to reduce their planned purchases from the final production standard.Contract signature for Tranche 3 is now due.

More than 34,000 flight hours have been logged to date over half by the UK Royal Air Force - the first joint exercise with the type was held recently at Spain's Morón air base near Seville.

AOL News Networking Website Bans Prison Planet - Stifling dissent # 13

AOL-Time Warner's social networking website Propeller.com has banned submission of all Prison Planet.com material - citing Prison Planet's "inflammatory" articles about 9/11 as its justification. (see above, click to enlarge)

Paradoxically the Propellor site currently headlines a food stamps story from the NYT
As Jobs Vanish and Prices Rise, Food Stamp Use Nears Record by Erik Eckholm 31/3/07 which, as it is a subscription only site is not readily accessible - unlike Prison Planet !

Read the complete Prison Planet account of the blocking here

We can expect more of this... but maybe this tells a tale of how successful and far sighted the AOL managmnt is in meeting the public's demands...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"The Department for Transport said BA and BAA used different counting methods. "

The Daily Mail report a dispute about the total numkber of suitcases they currently have "in storage". Eraly reports said 15,000 suitcases . Yesterday, Jim Fitzpatrick, the Aviation Minister, revealed that there was a backlog of 28,000, which would take a week to return to their owners.

Willie Walsh the irritating dwarf head of BA , claimed that the total of missing bags was 19,000 — more than BA had previously admitted.

Mathematicians will be fascinated to understand quite how BAA and BA count .

Meanwhile here is something that counts ..

Main capital write downs in the last 9 months

UBS: $37.4bn of which $19 Bn TODAY
Merrill Lynch: $22bn
Citigroup: $21.1bn
HSBC: $17.2bn
Morgan Stanley: $9.4bn
Deutsche Bank: $7.1bn
Bank of America: $5.3bn
Bear Stearns: $3.2bn
JP Morgan Chase: $3.2bn
BayernLB $3.2bn
Barclays: $2.6bn
IKB: $2.6bn
Royal Bank of Scotland: $2.6bn
Credit Suisse:$2bn
Deutsche Bank :$3.9 Bn. ...TODAY
TOTAL : $ 142.8 n

The internal BaFin study reported yesterday that shortfalls at finance institutions worldwide could end up totalling US$600 billion (€380 billion).

UPDATE 2/4/08 : Bloomberg has a complet (?) global list here Their table shows the $232 billion in asset writedowns and credit losses since the beginning of 2007, including reserves set aside for bad loans, at more than 45 of the world's biggest banks and securities firms.

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