"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Outsourcing a bombing

Maybe OBL decides to outsource his in house terrorist activity. With a myriad of willing or coerced (?) (the Coalition of the frightened Emirs) who do the funding they get a drug gang to do the dirty work .

Do this ......, 1 tanker full of LNG deliver anywhere up front - (1st delivery to Canvey island was re-routed 2 weeks ago) on completion of job 2 more tankers. Whatever.

Maybe it wasn't OBL, maybe they got paid in drugs ? I have heard but find it unbelievable that the CIA have in the past run drugs in the Far East. There are wild stories in the press that the now peaceful and subdued Afghanistan is producing heroin in large quantities. As UK armed forces are in charge of controls there is no possible chance of any of that being re-routed is there ?

The Bluetooth Bombers

The bloody silly conspiracy theory is gaining momentum. The Mirror and Aftonbladet have stories that now suggest that the bombers were used and manipulated. PC Plod has come to that thinking already. Now where did they get that idea from ?

Matey who missed the Northern Line was re-routed by an observer by mobile. "Go to Trafalgar Square, on the balcony in front of the door of the National gallery, 11.00 clock, woman with a red coat, Harrods shopping bag will meet you at 11.00." Whatever.

Or maybe automatic error default. Get tube else go to XXXXXXXXXXX

Wi-fi re-set of bomb timer by observer. Bluetooth.

Now we see Giuliani was in Harrogate last week. My, it was getting crowded with Americans around and about near Menwith Hill, Leeds, Harrogate.

NYPD website shows that a crack team of their guys was on a plane as soon as bomb went off to "re-inforce current liason team". Strange that the MSM haven't picked up on that or the Met crowing about their heavy level of US support. Probably too busy.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Leeds Visitor 3 days before the London Bombings

On July 4th, 3 days before the London Bombings, William Scott Ritter, ex marine, "ex" CIA, ex UNSCOM Weapons Inspector, a man arrested in 2001 for child sex offences in Albany upstate New York (he visited a Burger King after having arranged an Internet meet with a junior for sex sesions but met the Police - Google "Scott Ritter Burger King" for over 200 links to story ) visited Leeds.

The picture shows him neatly framed with the inverted US flag in the background - a criminal offence in the USA., before addressing the annual Independence Day protest organised by Lindis Pierce, Peace Protester who the Police wanted to serve an ASBO on, and now having failed to do so want her electronically tagged.

Later in the evening he addressed a crowd in Leeds. The previous weekend he had been in Edinburgh and adressed some G8 associated events.

Now the Metropolitan Police say an al-Quaeda operator entered the country and left just before the London bombings.

Just what was he doing in Leeds ?

As a footnote, the lady in the pic with glasses and board is Pam Chambers, an American from Philadelphia currently in Sheffield who has wide experience and contacts in the Middle East who kindly arranged for Lindis to "invite" Scott Ritter to the demonstration and for the talk later in the evening.(The other two are from BBC Look North in Leeds)

Synchroncity ?

Another bloody silly conspiracy theory

We all make assumptions. Four guys were carrying bombs that blew up. They knew each other, they had travelled together that day, twoAsians from Leeds, an Asian friend from Leeds who had moved to Luton and a West Indian guy who had recently arrived in Aylesbury.

The four men joined the Thamesmead train from Luton to London Kings Cross carrying rucksacks. They looked, said a police man who has seen CCTV footage from Kings Cross Main Hall," as though they were going on a walking holiday", smiling joking.

They split up, three to die within some 20 minutes, the fourth an eighteen year old another hour later on a bus where he was sat on the back seat upstairs.

All of them were carrying bombs that killed them.

You know that. Did they ?

Consider this news item from the Scotsman December 11th 2004.

Mohammed Hanif, 31, and Abdul Mateen, 22, from Deeplish in Rochdale were caught in Glasgow with 10kg of the drug, worth £1 million in street deals. Hanif claimed that Mateen had driven him to Glasgow to collect £500 owed to him for a car by another Asian. Strathclyde Police drug squad detectives, acting on a tip-off, arrested the pair and found the drugs in a car boot.The men said they knew nothing about the drugs.

Drugs are a massive business, they are moved into and around the country endlessly, apparently with minimal disruption, 10Kg of heroin – (5 bags of granulated sugar) are worth £1Mn at street level.

What do we know ?

We know the bombs went off. We know the bombers did not act alone. Somebody somewhere sent them on their deadly mission.

So someone, somewhere, wanted to send four young Asian / Muslim men with primed and timed bombs onto London Transport.

Imagine being faced with this task. You are young management graduate , student officer , war gamer, member of a revolutionary Islamic jihad movment, a member of a state sponsored security organisation in the UK, Israel, the USA ?

Think out of the box.

Say you make it your business to get alongside the unemployed, the vulnerable, rebellious, anti-authoritarian youth. “ You want some money, you want to be in on the scene”.

“Take this package, meet a man – come back £100 cash. No questions”
“ Hire a car take this package, get a friend drive to this place, meet a man – come back collect £500 cash ”

He doesn’t look in the bag, these guys play hard ball. Take it. Deliver it. Get paid. Go away forget the man. Forget the face. Wait for the call. Everybody does it man. Seen the barred outside doors in Beeston. Inside as well. Drugs.Drugs. Play some football, in the park , cricket in season, go to the mosque like dad wants me to.

“ Take the car, meet a man all take one of the bags deliver to these 3 places – come back collect £ 1000. Cash”

…and so on. Maybe he even fits in a trip for himself, for others to Pakistan. To go to a madrassa ? To see the BIG man in Pakistan where it all comes from, seeping out of Afghanistan. Maybe go on Haj – that costs money, but he we have it.

Soon enough your man has bought himself , like one of the bombers a brand new red Mercedes. He’s not bought a car, he’s bought prestige, he’s a man on the street – everyone knows by what method, but hey he stands his round and his famil are very generous.

..and so on.

Then eventually we have a big deal, hire the cars, drive here, meet the man, take the train , take the four underground trains, the man will meet you, back on the train, back in the car, back here - £XXXX cash – luvvly jubbly.

Another big deal


Then the BIG deal.

They’ve done this before. The bags, don’t look, don’t ask. 2 grand apiece and there’s going to be another run next week. Meet back as usual in the Starbucks near the British Library. 2 o-clock … and don’t switch your bloody phone on or use it.

But the don’t come back. One mother, anxious like mums are, is worried, her boy has been to London before, like he says, he’s never late for his mum. A good boy, he’s only young, maybe he has got in with some bad boys, been caught shoplifting but they all do it – he’ll grow out of it. Give the Police a call. It’s late. He should be in bed asleep at his age.

He is asleep. Forever.

Far fetched ? Find a fact that doesn’t fit.

Of course all sorts of people with all sorts of agendas are pointing their finger at Islamic fundamentalists – Al Quaida, Al Johnson, Al Read maybe. That’s an agenda that supports, a state of perpetual war, perpetual terror, a need for more legislation to restrict liberties, control freedoms, issue what will be (effectively) internal passports, or what we called in the days of apartheid, Pass books.

Now it’s a big jump to say that the main agents of this criminal endeavour are agents of a state – well take your pick, Israel, UK, USA or a religious grouping, Muslims, Zionists, Methodists – freelance embedded warriors in the State’s apparatus, MI6, Mossad, CIA.

It does show that there is more than one way of getting 4 young men on London Transport, whilst G8 is on, whilst President Bush is a guest in the country, to blast 50 odd travellers to their deaths. Of course you kill the couriers.

Dead men. Tell no tales.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Ex" MI5 spy hard at work in Blackburn

"Ex" MI5 spy,David Shayler, marching against Jack Straw and peddling his girl friend's book.

Blackburn election time 2005

Blackburn 30.4.04 al-mahujiroun

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Superintendant Peter Clark gets his men.....

London Transport CCTV footage shows that a group of 4 men carrying what are described as Army surplus backpacks who are from West Yorkshire men arrived in Kings Cross Station at approx 8.30 am last Wednesday 7th July. Some 20 minutes later 3 bombs exploded on tube trains which originated from there going East, West and South.

One hour later a third bomb exploded on the 30 London Transport bus then entering Tavistock Place.It is probable that the man on this bus was due to travel on a North Bound tube and was not destined to travel on that bus.

The four men are said to be British born, 3 from West Yorkshire and a fourth man possibly from Luton (see story below) where a suspicious car has been identified in the Luton Railway Station Car Park and secured for forensic examination. This may be a hire car, for which the owner apperaed today to collect. Documents and property found at the scenes of the bombings have been found identifying all four men, and other people from West Yorkshire. There is still insufficient evidence to say that three of the men died in the Tube bombings but it looks most likely that they did.

The parents of the fourth man who probably died in the bus bombing , his parents in Leeds, contacted the Police to notify he was missing on Thursday morning after the bombings.

In Leeds the Police have arrested one man, said to be a relative of one of the bombers, who is being taken to London. At least six properties are being searched and some property has been “made safe”.

Pic of Sayful Islam click here for story of Luton Muslim fundamentalists

Monday, July 11, 2005

Who Bombed London ?.....well certainly not this lot ..?

It is not difficult to find “experts” on the Web who point their fingers at London based al-Muhajiroun along with the comical Jihadist Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza.

This bunch of black garbed loony toons appeared on the streets of Blackburn at election time – co-incidentally on the same day that (ex?) MI5 spies, David Shayler and the glamorous Anne Machon put in an appearance hustling her new book …” Spies,Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5 and the David Shayler Affair” ..(Was £17.95, now remaindered.) al-Muhajiroun are rejected by every Muslim organisation in the UK.

Omar Bakri, is reported as saying in April 2004 that a group calling itself al-Qaida Europe "has a great appeal for young Muslims. I know that they are ready to launch a big operation."

Some two hours after the bombing a statement was briefly posted on an obscure website from a previously unheard of group claiming itself the Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe and claimed responsibility for the attacks in London (also misquoting Koranic verses). This in the fevered minds of “expert” conspirators could (?) that be Bakri's "Al Qaida Europe".

Bakri is said to be facing arrest. He took over from Hamza after his arrest. Most of the September 11 hijackers are said to have been through the London offices of Bakri and Hamza. Bakri said quite a lot in past. For example, he told the Italian Journal, Publica in an interview published on Sunday that there were several "freelance" militant groups in Europe, such as al-Qaida London and are prepared to launch attacks similar to those carried out by the al-Qaida network. Yeah ! Yeah ! Whatever.

These farcical fundamentalists share the distinction with the McCarthyite American Communist Party in receiving more money from the Government through their planted agents than from it’s members.

When Ronnie Kray wanted to hit you, he didn’t invite you outside, he offered you a cigarette and whilst your mouth was open, and your guard was down, ... taking the proffered fag, smashed you from the side, breaking your jaw in 2 places.

Professionals don’t send telegrams, even after the event. The bombings exploited very successfully, and very professionally, the evident, deep seated, crucial weaknesses at the heart of the system at a certain time (G8 in Scotland). Just like the Greenpeace climbers of Big Ben, the Queens “Balcony Batman” and his Whitehall ladderman colleague.

Every day that passes exposes those weaknesses and the confusion that reigns.

"Out of the blue......." OFFICIAL

Lord Stevens, (now a pensioner) ex cop, still however beavering away on his report into the death of Lady Diana, wrote in March 2005 in the News of the World, (that Icon of truthful reportage from the Murdoch stable), claiming that there are probably some 200 Osama Bin Laden trained terrorists walking free on the streets of Britain who(according to him) "would all commit devastating terror attacks against us if they could". When challenged about these remarks he couldn't or wouldn't provide any backup, evidence or any form of substantiation for his claim.

Now this descendent of Gypsy Petulengro tells us the Underground / Bus bombers were "almost certainly" British and he told the BBC,the attackers would not "fit the caricature al-Qaeda fanatic from some backward village in Algeria or Afghanistan".

Now I don't know where the quarry is where you can find the stuff that from which he manufactured his amazing crystal ball, but it sounds to me that ;

1. Lord Stevens ought to be helping the Police with their enquiries
2. ... or he should shut up.

Presumably if enough ideas are floated, chaos theory will predict one of them to be true..monkey on typewriters banging out Shakespeare are brought to mind.

It is 4 days since the outrage and we are told (after some revealing re-cantations over timings) ..

1. Co-ordinated bombing
2. Use of High Explosive
3. No warning
4. er.....

Jack Straw MP (AKA Foreign Secretary)tells us these are the hallmarks of Al Quaeda ? ..... They must make this stuff up as they go along. Simple me, I thought they flew planes into skyscrapers, had single massive vehicular bombs, suicide bombers...etc., But then I don't read Rupe's rags.

On Thursday the BBC reported that London's Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair ( Mystic Meg Steven's successor) told the BBC at 11.18 am (2.5 hrs after tube bombs)he knows of "about six explosions", one on a bus and the others related to Underground stations.

If they don't make it up, they get it wrong.

The more we are told, the less we know. The more we are not told, the more of a shambles this appears to be.

Charles Clarke MP (AKA Home Secretary, responsible for our protection) said in Parliament the day following the bombs..." The fact is we have a very effective intelligence service but we didn't predict this particular attack at this particular time.

"But, in fact, we don't think anything was missed and it simply came out of the blue.

There you go .... Johnny Terrorist - tricky fella to deal with dontcha know. Now you see him.... well. er .. no you don't.

The people of Birmingham are lucky that their Chief Constable knows how to deal with these terrorist swine ... send everybody home to an early bed ... that'll warn those murdering cowards.

This is a moment to seize. The Kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us. Tony Blair. Labour Party Conference Oct 2nd 2001

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I haven't been posting here for as month because I have otherblogs with other concerns.
Paradoxical my last post related to the posters on Washingtoj area trains to be on the lookout for ...anything.

Probably the weirdest story to appear about the bombing is A New Zealander working for Reuters in London says 2 colleagues witnessed the unconfirmed shooting by police of two apparent suicide bombers outside the HSBC tower at Canary Wharf in London.

The first and overall impresson so far is of a complete shambles of a response.

We now discover that;

1. The central control (Gold Commander) did not know of any bombing until 9.17 am , a delay of 28 minutes.
2. The public were being told that the cause of problems was a "power surge" which was wrong.
3. According to eye witness accounts the first rescuers in the tunnels were Underground staff equipped with torches, no safety equipment , no sensors to detect gases, biological contaminants , no protective clothing - not even first aid kits.
4. We now discover 50 hours after the incidents, that the bombs were synchronised over at most 55 seconds and not over some 28 / 30 minutes as has been repeatedly publicised.
5. There is no evidence from TV footage, reporting, blogs, personal contact of any fielding of any Bio / nuclear / gas testing, operators, treatment units. ... or did they know they weren't needed ?

Now we have reports in the Scotsman that we seek extradition of "the usual suspects" from France.

Meanwhile we see, on the anniversary of the bombing by the French CGSE of the "Rainbow Warrior" was approved by President Mitterand personally.

Of course States don't get involved in international acts of terror....

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