"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Having thrown money at the banks - saved the world, considered worldwide depression .....

BOE Special Liquidity Scheme - the Plan - April

On 21st April 2008 the Bank of England launched their Special Liquidity Scheme (SLS)providing participating banks to swap temporarily their high quality mortgage-backed and other securities for UK Treasury Bills.

With securities markets shut the banks had on their balance sheets an 'overhang' of unsealeable and unpledgeable assets (they were also in fact simply lying about their value in their books and had been for some time.

The SLS Scheme, let the banks swap illiquid assets of allegedly "high quality" for Treasury Bills- which near money or as good as money in the till.

The scheme has three key features:

Swaps would be for a period of 1 year and may be renewed for a total of up to 3 years.

The risk of losses on their loans remains with the banks.

The swaps are available only for assets existing at the end of 2007 and cannot be used to finance new lending.

Initial discussions with banks suggested that use of the scheme is initially likely to be around £50bn.

The Scheme will be "ring-fenced" and independent of the Bank of England's regular money market operations. So it will not interfere with the Bank's ability to implement monetary policy.

BOE Special Liquidity Scheme - the Plan - 9 months in operation.

Some details have been published yesterday about the BOE/SLS scheme (the drawdown period for the SLS closed on 30 January) which are truly breathtaking.

1. Biggest user was HBOS which packaged £ 53 Bn alone.
2. 32 banks and Building Societies participated.
3. More than 80% of the Sterling Balance Sheet Items of the participants has been swapped.
4. This meant a staggering £185 Bn. was borrowed.
5. This was swapped for £287 nominal value of packages of mortgages in the first 9 months of the scheme.
6. This means the borrowing banks accepted a "haircut " of £102 Bn which the BOE factored in as an insurance on a reduction in the value of the loans.
7. This BOE "haircut " can grow as the original intention was that the "The risk of losses on their loans remains with the participating banks."

The bottom line is of course that no-one really knows what has happened to the Treasury Bills - has their value been used to fund uy outs, loans overseas, bonuses, pay offs to redundant bankers who steered their banks onto these financial shaols by producing fraudulent balance sheets.

...and of course there is still the complaint that no more funds are available to commerce and industry after this huge exercise.

Because of this other facilities remain open - for example , the Bank’s Discount Window Facility, introduced in October 2008 as part of the Bank’s framework for its operations in sterling money markets remains.

Eligible collateral is wider than that accepted in the SLS and is not limited to assets on balance sheets before a particular date. In recognition of the continued stresses in financial markets, the Bank announced on 19 January 2009 that, for an additional fee, access to its Discount Window Facility was being extended to 364 days in addition to the normal 30-day window, which would continue to be available.

The Bank of England has also today reduced Bank Rate by 0.5 Percentage Points to 1.0% and their Press release states ..."Credit conditions faced by companies and households have tightened further. The underlying picture for consumer spending appears weak. Businesses have responded to the worsening outlook by running down inventories, cutting production, scaling back investment plans and shedding labour. "

UPDATE : Daily Mirror Friday

The Government / taxpayer owns 68% of hugely loss making RBS who have persistently produced fraudulently valued assets on their balance sheets for several years.

RBS's investment banking division paid out £1.83 billion in salaries in 2007, most of it in the form of bonuses, and is reportedly ready to pay out further bonuses for last year.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lyndsey refinery at Immingham - Total and international global business win hands down aided by Scots Zionist Gordon Brown and UK Gubment

So the Unions (who in theory cannot wildcat strike- must have motions, votes etc.,) have negotiated a deal (using the Gubment AKA ACAS) with Total. (BBC Online Striking workers stand firm on British jobs Ho. Ho. Ho.) Total succcess or Total failure ?

So approx 100 beefy middle aged Lincolnshire / Yorkshire men ( and maybe the odd female pipefitter in this age of sexual equality) can be used to biff the Italian, Spanish, Poles, Portuguese etc., into line if they start demanding too high wages, better accomodation , food, working conditions, protective cothing etc.,

Total is, according to their website - a French based multinational energy company with 96,400 employees and operations in more than 130 countries. Total with its Subsidiaries and affiliates, is the fourth largest publicly-traded (Paris and new York) integrated international oil and gas company in the world. (French regulation information here) .

The principal owners of power generation in the UK are German - Eon, RWE (Powergen) and the French State owned Electricite de France (EDF) who now own all (fast declining) UK based nuclear power generation - which may at some future date be replaced by French (Ariva) designed / manufactured reactors.

70% and rising of coal used for power generation is imported as is 50% of gas in the winter - indigenous supplies are declining at 8 to 9% per annum.

All LNG gas supplies / transport / storage and import plant and dockside storage is owened and controlled by foreign companies and National Government investments authorities.

What a victory for workers solidarity ! Total couldn't really give a twopenny fuck who builds the Lyndsey extension , UK, Irish, Spanish, Portguese.

Ineos is a global US$ 54 chemical congolmerate rapidly developed by 53 year old Jim Ratcliffe (25 on the ST Rich list) developed from companies such as BASF, Bayer, Borealis, BP, Degussa, Dow, Enichem, Hoechst, ICI, Norsk Hydro, Unilever, and Solvay. The Grangemouth strike cost them Euros 181 Mn. (Press release 21/1/09)

Backers , firstly Aberdeen based Murray Johnstone, then Barclays Capital, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have helped provide the funds for him build his global vision - despite , and even helped by the credit crunch, isolated from the principal global bankers (Net debt at the end of 2008 was only €7.5 billion. ) they will operate where and how they want - increasingly in Asia.

High profile Midlands criminal barrister and Judge specialising in prosecuting paedophiles suicided in stream in Norfolk over weekend.

Judge William "Willie" Everard, 59,who sat at Derby Crown Court has been suicided in a stream at South Creak(e) near his Fakenham, Norfolk holiday home. Local Plod describe it as a "tragic accident".(Derbyshire Evening Telegraph)

A spokesman said the death was not being treated as suspicious but investigations were continuing. A post-mortem examination carried out yesterday revealed the cause of death as drowning. The Daily Telegraph report that his death ..."was being treated as "unexplained".

His very dead body was discovered by a member of the public at about 8am on Sunday February 1st 2009 . Judge Everard (elected in 2004) was formerly a criminal lawyer with Nottingham-based KCH Barristers, which he joined in 1974. Julie Warburton carries on his work , with a key specialism in serious crimes against women, children and vulnerable adults.

After becoming a judge in 2004, he sat on the Midlands court circuit.

Judge Everard main home was in Willoughby-on-the-Wolds, near Loughborough, with wife Christine - they had no children. James Howlett, who succeeded Judge Everard as head of KCH Barristers in 2004, said he was head of the chambers for many years.

“He was an outstanding criminal lawyer, a good friend and a keen sportsman who enjoyed cricket, hockey and fishing,” he said.

Judge Everard practised almost exclusively in criminal law, said Mr Howlett, and was at the forefront of prosecuting serious sexual crimes against children.

One of Judge Everard’s most recent cases at Derby Crown Court involved gunman Shane Barke who was wearing a black balaclava when he shot blanks from a replica revolver into the property, in Morley Street, at about 1am on July 2 last year. There were five adults inside and three children asleep upstairs.

Judge Everard jailed Barker for three-and-a-half-years in October last year.

He also jailed paedophile James Swift for 15 months in October 2007 after he admitted two charges of sexual assault on boys.

As previously reported in the derby Evening Telegraph, Swift was arrested in April 2007 after residents living nearby gathered outside his home because they were suspicious about the number of youngsters visiting the house.

James Swift, 35, was sentenced to 15 months in prison at Derby Crown by Everard after admitting two charges of sexual assault on boys.

Caroline Bradley, prosecuting, told the court that young boys often visited Swift's house in Church Street, Normanton.

Two boys, aged nine and 10, were at Swift's home on March 3 when the assaults took place. He told one of them he would "hang him from a tree" if he told anyone about the assaults.

The Midlands criminal legal circles are a twitter with rumour, innuendo, suggestions, nods and winks but unless someone breaks cover this will be qietly filed away by Chief Constable Julia Hodson LL.B (Sheffield), an MA in Crime Deviance and Social Policy (J. Moores University, Lancaster) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in counselling and four years in the legal department of Derbyshire County Council ... passing through GMP in 1995 on her meteoric rise to the top.

In February 2005 she became the Acting Deputy Chief Constable of the Lancashire Constabulary where she is well remembered as very friendly = she was very much involved in the Morecambe Bay Cockle enquiry - which happened 5 years ago tonight. See BBC report of her role.

UPDATE Wed. 0930 GMT. Julia Hodson had working with her on Morecambe bay, DS Mick Gradwell who dealt with all the very unpleasant coroner's reports etc., and his team was awarded the Justice Shield, the highest national Criminal Justice award, in 2006, after the handling of this unpleasant task. He went some 4 months ago to send his last couple of years to final retiremement from Lancs Constabulary (who woud pick up his retirement pension plan after 28 years with Lancashire Constabulary a DS since 2000, and has been the head of CID in both Blackburn and Blackpool. ) . To ... Jersey to work as Senior Investigating Officer on the paedophile cases related to Haut de La Garennes.

He of course caused a sensation when he held a press conference with Deputy Chief Officer (and Acting CC) David Warcup, and in their briefing they made it clear that in their view there had never been any evidence that murders had taken place at Haut de la Garenne.

This was on the day Chief Constable Graham Power was sacked (see lengthy and full details here) and just as the Howard league for penal reform issued a damning report on Jersey Child care.

Who the Fuck is Lord Stephen Carter ? You may well ask.

Did you perhaps wonder who the youthful, geeky, gormless Lord Stephen Carter , Baron Carter of Barnes was , who announced the much unread, worthless, dismal, useless, The Digital Britain report, the government and new media ? ***

Here is a fascinating clue.

Before Scottish born and educated Lord Carter was a government apparatachik and minister he was Chief Operating Officer at NTL; under his watch NTL went into Chapter 11 bankrupcy owing £12 billion - one of the largest corporate bankruptcies in American history. he to shareholdesr outrage got paid off £1.7m in compensation, including a £600,000 bonus. ...and he is another fucking Scotsman in Government ... Since October 2008 Minister for Communications, Technology and Broadcasting and was ennobled on 16th October 2008.

Papers released by the court in a class action by shareholders (they got £9MN compensation - and it was alleged Carter “issued various false and misleading statements in the news media”) reveal Carter's alleged comment about shareholders was: "What I tell them is nine-tenths bullshit and one-tenth selected facts". See Times 1th Jan 2008 - the excellent David Leppard - Gordon Brown’s new spin doctor ‘deceived shareholders’

The Most boring man I ever met

*** Official Press release on report ..."Stephen Carter said:
“Communications have been revolutionised in the last 20 years, with consumers and businesses alike embracing the opportunities and taking advantage of the reality of the new technologies.”
He added: “Digital Britain is about capturing the opportunities on offer for UK PLC and the public, and advancing our standing as a world leader in these industries.

Wow. News to everyone in this neck of the woods then. Kinda snook up on us.

O'Bombers Afghan surge hits logistics / supply problems on several cold fronts

O'Bombers promised withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by 2010, (still ending out 50-60 bombing missions per day) doesn't mean troops returning but being re-deployed to salvage a failed and failing war in Afghanistan and insreasingly in Pakistan.

Only hours after taking office O' Bomber had personally approved air strikes into Pakistan, and in so doing wasted no time in establishing himself as the new warmonger in chief.

Now it is evident that the new "surge" in Afghanistan is meeting tough supply problems both on the ground and in the air suply routes .

1. The Russian Government has long ago indicated that supplies across their territory for military purposes will not be allowed and are not a topic for discussion. Recent announcements confirm this. 26/1/09 " Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Maslov told Itar-Tass, “No official documents were submitted to Russia's permanent mission in NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] certifying that Russia had authorized the United States and NATO to transport military supplies across the country."

2. The Khyber Pass - subject of a continuing war of attrition over several months has suffered a massive breakdown with the bombing of a bridge on the single road into Afghanistan from Peshawar. Asian Times 26/1/2009 "The Peshawar bazaar is doing a roaring business hawking stolen US military ware, as in the 1980s during the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union. This volume of business will register a quantum jump following the doubling of the US troop level in Afghanistan to 60,000. Wars are essentially tragedies, but can be comical, too. "

3. Our Mole in Moscow was present when Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev ((he took office in 2005 after replacing Askar Akayev in the so called US sponsored TULIP revolution.) made his way in a vast motorcade to meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev - who has announced Russia was providing the poor ex-Soviet country with billions of dollars in aid (AP). The upshot was that Manas airport in the capital Bishkek , which has been home to a thousand-strong American airbase operated by Air Force's 376th Air Expeditionary Wing since 2001 after Kyrgyzstan joined the anti-terror coalition set up in the wake of 9/11 is to close (real soon). The facility was unofficially renamed Ganci Air Base, after Chief Peter J. Ganci Jr., chief of the New York City Fire Department who gave his life Sept. 11 during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. (There are reports of Russian based servers fucking about with Kyrgyz links but we get messages / links without problems)

Our other Mole in Manas points out that this has been a focal point for discussions within the Moscow-Beijing led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) who have been insisting on its closure since 2005. --- see post Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Russia / China join in Anti-American Summit and Wargames, Bishkek and an earlier post Saturday, June 10, 2006 -
The Great Game - Bishkek centre stage

On Monday U.S. regional military chief General David Petraeus was in talks with President Kurmanbek Bakiyev when in the Manas base during a visit to Bishkek on Monday. Reuters report In Bishkek, the U.S. Central Command chief said the possibility of closing the base did not figure in his meetings with the Kyrgyz leaders. gen. Petraues also made his first ever visit to Manas 1th Jan 2009 - General Petraeus visits Manas Air Base (Air Force Link) describing how how the ..."376th AEW is currently supporting operations in Afghanistan as the premiere air mobility hub for Operation Enduring Freedom and the International Security Assistance Force. The wing also serves as a main transit point for cargo and coalition personnel passing in and out of Afghanistan."

By an odd coincidence (perhaps) a meeting of deputy foreign ministers from the SCO member countries (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) met in Moscow on January 14 th.... and the The SCO will have Afghanistan high on the agenda at their annual beanfeast / summit scheduled for August in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

4. All this time Russia has also operated Kant airbase near the Kyrgyz capital, just 15 km from the US base which has persistently been upgraded and improved.

5. Friday, August 12, 2005 -Russian Roulette in Central Asian republics. On July 29 2005 the Uzbek Government formally gave the U.S. 180 days to evacuate their Karshi-Khanabad (also written Qarshi-Xonobod) air base on which the the Pentagon has spent huge sums improving and upgrading the base.In the short term the closure of the Karshi-Khanabad air base, loss of jobs and U.S. money would damage the Uzbek economy. The Pentagon had spent huge sums improving and upgrading the base.

However President "Boil in the Bag" Karimov and has beautiful and very rich daughter have had an on / off sly game with both Putin and Bush and some US presence is still allowed - but German planes are still allowed to be based and overfly Uzbekistan on the way to re-supply Afghanistan.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited Tashkent 2 weeks ago. Medvedev characterized Russian-Uzbek relations as a "strategic partnership and alliance" and said that on matters relating to Afghanistan, Moscow's cooperation with Tashkent assumed an "exceptional importance". He said he and Uzbek President Islam Karimov agreed that there could be no "unilateral solution" to the Afghan problem and "nothing can be resolved without taking into account the collective opinion of states which have an interest in the resolution of the situation".

Moscow cozies up to Karzai

On top of this Medvedev's remarks coincide with reports that Washington is cruelly cutting Afghan President Hamid Karzai adrift. the Us is apparently planning to install a new "dream team" in Kabul.

Medvedev has written to Karzai offering military aid.

Karzai apparently accepted the Russian offer. Such an acceptance is an implicit breach of US objections that in terms of secret US-Afghan agreements, Kabul needed Washington's prior consent for such dealings with third countries.

... and not forgetting the other players in the region and the importance of energy pipelines to / from fabulously oil / gas rich Caspian to Russia / China ...

By all means consult the posting Sunday, December 16, 2007 How do you solve a problem like Dariga Nazarbayeva ? daughter of Pres. Nazarbyev fro the odd marital relationships between the Kygryz and Kazakh Presidential families. Or see BBC Biog of Kazakh President here.

UPDATE : 4/1/09 Good BBC Online report Wednesday about moves to close base ,""A draft decree on terminating the agreement on the US airbase has been sent to parliament," said Gubment spokeman Aibek Sultangaziyev, he told the BBC that the United States would have six months to close down operations after the measure was approved.

Rather forlornly Colonel Greg Julian, US spokesman in Afghanistan, told the Associated Press that Mr Bakiyev's statement was "political positioning". Jason Straziuso of AP reports under headline 17 hrs ago - US supply routes in Afghanistan squeezed 2 ways -
which sounds an awful lot like whistling in the wind.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Glenrothes bye - election result was falsified - records destroyed

Via aangirfan - Steve Bargetson of the Courier newspaper in the Kingdom of Fife has unearthed something very, very, very peculiar about the Glenrothes bye election called unexpectedly on the death of Nu Labour MP John MacDougall who had a 10,664 majority.

There is one single official record of WHO voted in Westminster by-election last November.

It has gone missing.

The result - with Nu Labour winning by 6737 majority over the SNP was unexpected by EVERYONE - the Bookies, the Press, the SNP , Nu Labour, SDP, and that rare animal the Scottish Tory.

All the major parties, including Labour on election night itself, had predicted that the nationalists would narrowly win the seat, which borders Prime Minister Gordon’s Brown’s constituency.

The Labour victory sent shockwaves through the SNP and was the catalyst for a revival of Labour’s fortunes nationally.

In December the SNP in Glenrothes applied to the sheriff court to obtain a copy of the marked electoral register—on which officials in polling stations score out voters as they register to vote. It is the official record of who presented themselves to vote.

Candidates and their agents are allowed to see a copy of the register, which records only the fact of voting not who they voted for (or indeed spoiled votes).

After repeated requests for the document last month, Councillor John Beare, the convener of the SNP Central Fife constituency, has been told that it has gone missing.(His website list his interests including (Elections & Electoral Systems))

Mr Beare said he was told renovation work has been carried out at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and that some documentation had been removed for confidential waste disposal.

Under the present electoral arrangements, certain papers including voting papers and a copy of the marked electoral register are to be kept by the sheriff clerk for that electoral area for a year after an election.

Last night Central Fife SNP MSP Tricia Marwick said the missing record of who voted places a question mark over the result.

Asked if she suspected foul play, she said, “ No I do not. Nor do I believe it was a fair election.

“All I can say for sure is that the crucial information that proves it one way or another has gone missing.

“I have no evidence of foul play. I sincerely hope not. But the turnout at this by-election surprised everyone and the result was a surprise.

“This is why the marked up register in this election was absolutely crucial.

“Without this register the democratic process has been undermined.

“It is vitally important that voters have confidence that the conduct of the election was fair.

“I am not saying for one minute that something untoward went on, but without the register we just don’t know.

“There must be confidence in the process.”

Mr Beare said that he leans towards a “cock-up rather than conspiracy” theory as to how the register disappeared.HO.HO.HO - a trusting politician.

“I do think in the 21st century there is a big question to be asked about how we keep our records,” he said.

A Scottish Court Service spokesman said, “We can confirm that the sheriff clerk at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court took receipt of these items following the Glenrothes by-election in November and that the voting papers for this election, which were deposited at the same time, are available.

“This is deeply regrettable and we are investigating the circumstances relating to this loss.”

Labour candidate Lindsay Roy , who was a reluctant candidate and until his election, was popular rector (Headteacher) of Kirkcaldy high school. He won the Glenrothes by-election on November 6 last year polling 19,946 votes with a 6737 majority. Roy was not an active politician BUT was / is a friend of Gordon Brown - but has been fairly inactive as MP - has spoken in 3 debates in the last year (maiden speech Dec 8th 2008) — well below average amongst MPs. He has received answers to 0 written questions in the last year — well below average amongst MPs. He is a member of 0 select committee (0 as chair).

SNP candidate Peter Grant, who is also leader of Fife Council, came second with 13,209 votes.

52.37% of the 69,155 electorate is recorded as having voted.

The defeated candidate can still however , in the absence of the register demand a recount.

UPDATE Scotsman Wed 4th SNP raises doubts on Glenrothes as inquiry launched into by-election

"Question marks had already been raised over the turnout at the by-election – it was, unusually, much higher than in the general election – and the number of postal votes, which was four times the average."

Mr Roy is quoted ..He added: "That said, claims that the election was unfair are a distraction. I would be delighted to sit with Ms Marwick (Tricia Marwick, the Nationalist MSP for Central Fife) and watch the ballot papers being recounted, but the reality is that local people voted Labour."

The Times - Official Glenrothes by-election results 'lost'
The Herald - Demand for inquiry as Glenrothes by-election register is lost
Fife Today - Row over missing Glenrothes by-election register - ""It seems that the registers must have gone misisng almost immediately after they were delivered to the Sheriff Clerk's office because John Beare first asked for copies on November 19." Hmmmmmm. Election was on 7th Nov.

BBC Online

5th Anniversary of Morecambe Cockle Pickers

On February 5th 2004, 23 Chinese cockle pickers drowned because they were illegally employed by a ruthless and criminal gangmaster. The cockle pickers were abandoned on the mud flats of Morecambe Bay as the tide rose at a rate said to be ‘faster than a galloping horse’.

They had no protection.

They had no escape.

Two bodies have never been recovered.

Lin Liang Ren the main man, was convicted on 21 counts of manslaughter and sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment followed by deportation to China.

His girlfriend Zhao Xiaoqing (2 yrs 9 months) and cousin Lin Muyong (4 yrs 9 months) were found guilty of the immigration offences.

Father and son both named as David Anthony Eden , from Prenton in Merseyside, who bought cockles from the work gang, were cleared of helping the workers break immigration law.

As a result the Gangmaster Licensing Authority was set up (brainchild of Jim Sheridan MP) , led by incompetent and probably corrupt ex Chief of Sussex police Paul Whitehouse, who resigned just before he was sacked by the corrupt and unpleasant Home Secretary David Blunkett has made a fine chairman.

The GLA are to be congratulated on having quietly, firmly and efficiently whipped the gangmasters into shape, the leading supermarkets into reluctant compliance and their suppliers into a sullen acceptance that mediaeval work practices have to stop.(Search site on GLA of many of their successes)

It is scandalous that their writ is not to be allowed by the Government to extend into catering and the building trades - a reluctance which is shared by the Unions expressing their renowned support for the international solidarity of the working class - so much in evidence in their wildcat strikes this week - fuelled by the saurian minded mantras of the man described as Prime Minister.

Just ponder how working standards, practices , pay and conditions have improved for workers in the food production industry in the UK.

Please also eschew any stupid purchases of flowers grown by slaves in conditions disallowed in the EU, usinfg illegal chemicals from which they are unprotected, of flowers for St Valentine's Day from Ethiopia.

Self employed Seb Coe Chairman of ODA hounds out self employed Romanians and Bulgarians from Olympic site deal with UCATT - International solidarity

We posted about the strange gagging orders re the Olympic development Authority suppliers and PMQ's attempting to reveal some niceties of supply of "sustainable (?) aggregates for the Stadium - Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Olympics delivery Authority has been gagging suppliers with draconian (and probably illegal) contracts which last 6 years -

Well evidently the truffle hounds of Westminter are on to the spoor of the fiddlers and their fiddles which £9Mn of expenditure of taxpayers hard earned funds necessarily generates -- See Independent 2/2/09 where it appears ;

1. Self-employed workers were banned from the Olympic site under an agreement signed late in 2007, after UCATT had warned that their presence invited illegal foreign labourers to seek work on the site, and could lead to strikes. The union claims that after a delay, the agreement is now being enforced. This was a a result of a slide around weasel word deal whereby Romanians and Bulgarians whose nations had joined the EU in 2006, were denied rights of equal access for work as other constituent EU nations citizens, to work in the UK, but they were granted an unrestricted right to start their own businesses here. The Romanians working on the Olympic site "claimed" they qualified to work because they were self employed.

Quite what the emplyment status, unionised or other of Chairman Lord Coe is remains unanswered (even if asked). See FOOTNOTE

2. Andy McSmith of the Independent in the above article reveals some 200 Romanian construction workers who were helping to build the 2012 Olympic Park have been "quietly sacked" in the past two months during a clampdown on illegal foreign labour, .... it has been alleged by a "senior source".

3. A PMQ (source cannot be referenced to Hansard but is widely quoted in the Press) revealed that nearly one in 20 of the workers employed there in 2008 had been arrested for working illegally. Between April and December 2008, 136 illegal immigrants were caught working on the site, according to figures obtained by the Conservatives. An answer to a written parliamentary question revealed that 16 had been prosecuted, 11 removed from the UK, 19 granted leave to remain, and 90 were either awaiting a decision, or awaiting travel documents prior to being removed from the UK.

4. Until last year, Romanians made up about 6 % of the workforce on the Olympic site, making them its third-biggest national group, after the British and Irish, according to one source. The wrokforce numbers will rise this year to about 6,000.

In another report an ODA spokesperson said: “These figures demonstrate our joint efforts with the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) to ensure people working on site are legally entitled to do so. Since early last year (2008) UKBA representatives have been on site working in partnership with our staff and contractors checking the documentation for every worker employed on the Olympic park. This protection will have led to many of these investigations and also we, our contractors and the Metropolitan Police facilitate intelligence-led investigations on site.”

FOOTNOTE : THis has nothing to do with the story in the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Mirror of a kiss and tell all about the size of his libido by ex bed / playmate and former mistress of ten years and mother of his aborted love child ("Sebastian certainly lived up to his Olympic reputation in the bedroom," ) Vanessa Lander, which was published just days after Lord Coe was put in charge of London's 2012 Olympic bid.

Snowploughs - an extremely complicated subject - only rocket scientists need apply.

James A. Cuthbertson Ltd of Biggar, Lanarkshire commenced trading in 1936 and they evidently specialise in the manufacture of Snowploughs and Gritters.

The Snowplough range offers 16 different types to suit all types of vehicles and snow conditions, from straight Vee Ploughs to Power Angling Scraper Blades, and 5m wide airfield clearing Ploughs.

Gritter units offers 1 metre Cubic Capacity towed Gritters, through a full range of Demountable Gritters, to 9 metre Cubic Capacity Permanent Mount Types. These units are available in basic form, Road Speed Related, with Data Acquisition, On Board Weighing, G.P.S. dependent on customers requirements.

Local Authorities in this neck of the woods have employed the type of snow ploughs (see right of picture) that easily cope with recent conditions for decades - these seem to be easily fitted to the standard gritters as required and are easily stored in readiness.

Even though the longer term Met forecasts were (as ever) wholly untrustworthy anyone worth their salt (Geddit !) and a small investment in a radio or TV could have watched the forecast snow arrival from Friday morning .

Fortunately the Beagle 2 team (Xmas card they sent us 2001) have re - located as seen and are preparing a snow plough for their next Mars lander and have been also helping out Transport for London on their snowplough evaluation and readiness planning Gold Star Beacon unit - probably a few currently unemployed Hadron Collider teckies are in there as well.

Guradian today, "Today's disruptions to trains, tubes and buses, which resulted in one in five people not making it to work, will probably persist until Friday.."

PS : Should you bump into Boris (or even Red Ken ) - pass it on - James A Cuthbertson Ltd ----Tel No 01899 220020

Monday, February 02, 2009

Blast from the past - Rentagob Peter Power appears on BBC2 Newsnight

At 10.55 (ish) tonight , after the remarkable story how every single London Borough decided in concert to NOT clear bus stations of snow, and all buses (yes all LT buses) would not run today, after stories of wildcat non Union Unity / Unison led strikes by Union leaders in de - nial. Then stories about the threat to power supplies by workers at Heysham and Sellafield on strike / wildcatting etc.,as the subject of corrupt fuck peter Hain in the House of Commons Fuck me!

There is Peter Powers (Ex Dorset Police under mysterious circumstances) of 7/7 fame suited and booted - billed as a Crisis Manager - telling the camera a seul - spieling about snow crises, unions.

Such is the shorthand skills left here we were short handed in the paper and pencil department and failed to get much down coherently.

The technical department have failed to show.

So can someone out there .... grab the bit of the show and You Tube it ASAP to share it with everybody. BTW the complete and fascinating J7 Truth campaign File on the elusive but evidently very well connected PP is here

UPDATE 6.00 GMT Tuesday ; Ant (see comments) has managed to post PP on Newsnight here

Get ready for a BIG BANG - Cobra ready to strike

Cobra met Sat / Sun / today. It was they who decided to shut down ALL London buses. This enabled them to save gas by shutting down interruptible gas supply contracts.

Our current parlous state of energy supplies (something like 15 days of short term left the Mole at the Ministry says), is the result (originating with barmy Margaret's hatred of miners and her "dash for gas") of over decade of indecision, delay, and the fastest revolving dor in Whitehall being attcahed to the Energy Ministry (in it's various disguises) not to mention the forward thinking people like Timms, and greedy cunts like Truscott sliding through.

How do we deflect interest, concern and more importantly blame ?

Well we have a very BIG BANG. (maybe more than one)(Search this site 'Bacton')

Not a million miles from revolting plebs realising the Con job worked on them over the years.

Who EXACTLY are those BNP hooligans infiltrating the milling crowds ?

What are THEY up to. Are there others less high profile. If you think 14 plus wildcat strikes some of over 1,000 don't attrcat the attention of the state terrism mob you are simple minded.

Cobra are meeting, as we speak with Jack Straw, and Alan Johnson cracking the whip - and First responders up and down this blessed isle have been having emergency planning meetings today.

Really, really good news on the Eurofighter Tranche 2 - it can drop bombs ! Well 2 so far without any Flutter and with clear separation.

Our Mole in the Ministry tells us that after 20 years development (maiden flight feb 2003) the Phase 1 Enhancements (P1E) Development for Tranche 2 Eurofighter Typhoon Block 8 (including 72 aircraft for Saudi Arabian Air Force to be reckoned with) has dropped 2 (yes that's two) Enhanced GBU-16 1000lb bombs. These separated safely.

The 2 bombs were dropped from Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) 4 which has now joined the P1E air vehicle flight trials programme in the south of Spain .

Sumultaneously Italian IPA2 is also performing trials with the 500lb Paveway IV bomb.

The current " Flutter" and "Environmental " trials, are essentially focused on confirming the aircraft performance characteristics with the new class of dual mode guided 500lb bombs.

Now the P1E development is in full swing, the Avionics Development is also gathering cracking along at a similiar breakneck speed and bits are now being tested on the rigs in order to start Avionics Flight Trials later this year.

PS : For those readers not up to speed the principal difference between Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is the new suite of computers. These provide more processing power (speed and memory capacity) which will will be the enabler for future capability insertion (more bits to go wrong says our man with the spanners).

All Tranche 2 weapon systems will eventually go through the Phase One Enhancements programme, agreed in March 2007, which covers:

1.New software
2.Enhanced multi-role Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
3.“Full” Laser Designator Pod (LDP) integration
4.Enhancements to MIDS, GPS, DASS, Communications
5.Additional weapons: Paveway IV; EGBU-16

So you can see why everyone is so excited about the above news that they have dropped two 1000 lb bombs and a Paveway munition.... after total cost of development / production to date of of over £20 Bn.

Money well spent says Toni Fabuloso... even if they cannot fly off the new Aircraft Carriers . Although we do have some from Coningsby stationed at Keflavik , Iceland keeping an eye on the Kaupthing bank deposits and enforcing the UK terrism laws.

PS : 6 UK soldiers have been shot or blown up in 2009 in Afghanistan. Sapper Sean David Greenfield in southern Afghanistan, fell to a sniper shot last week , the latest UK death in what has become a bloody winter for troops serving in this war.

Canadian Sapper Sean Greenfield, 25 was blown up by an improvised explosive device traveling in an armoured vehicle in in Zhari district, roughly 40 kilometres west of Kandahar CityAfghanistan January 31, 2009 24 . he was with Field Engineer Squadron, 2 Combat Regiment, based in Petawawa, Ont., is the 108th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan since 2002.

When the first UK soldier was killed in Afghanistan in 2002 a friend one of whose forbears had served and survived Afghanistan in the 1870's) sent the lines from Kipling's (a jezail is a bullet)

"Arithmetic on the Frontier"

A scrimmage in a Border Station
--A canter down some dark defile
--Two thousand pounds of education
Drops to a ten-rupee jezail
--The Crammer's boast, the Squadron's pride,
Shot like a rabbit in a ride!

..... Strike hard who cares
-- shoot straight who can
--The odds are on the cheaper man.

Where are they Now ? No 237: Hazel Blears

Wild rumours swirl in the leafy purlieus of Salford and Pendlebury , as to the immediate fate of Ms. Blears -

1. The manufacturers have removed this model from their "Cuddle me quick" blow up bed time companion range.
2. She is introducing (weather permitting) a new grooming service including the arts of lipstick application to all BOE staff.
3. Along with ex Cabinet member Tessa Jowell she has set up the Westminster Lesbian Collective Tap Damcing team to represent "Team GB" in 2012.
4. She was found wandering in Kings Cross asking for advice from taller passers by how bus time tables worked and asking if they would take her home.
5. Making a bid to be Editor of the soon to be Nationalised London Evening Standard putting to good use her acquired skills in evaluating non - anti Government press stories.See Hazel Blears and Sergeant Flanderka - "tension monitoring" i.e. snooping on local communities Which relates to a PDF file "Guidance for local authorities on community cohesion contingency planning and tension monitoring " available here
6. Enters Psychiatric wing of Mawdsley Hospital after Daily Torygraph report 30th Jan 2009 - Hazel Blears: 'Political campaigning is like sex' - where she is quoted ..."Political campaigning is like sex", according to Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary. She also advised , "Eat plenty of fruit and veg, get some comfy shoes, and stay sober."

Meanwhile Fiona Bruce denies that she will partner La Blears in the new series of "Strictly Come Dancing" saying she has handled enough antiques in her time.

Anybody with any news of her is advised to keep it to themselves.

PS : LATE BREAKING NEWS : HB will be making guest appearance as "Betty" Bassettt female coompanion to "Bertie" Basett of Licquorice Allsorts fame.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Go to M & S and support the Zionist cause on February 14th whilst the IDF visit Teheran with their gifts

Marks and Spencer your friendly Zionist store have revealed that Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli will be the tits 'n' arse behind their Valentine's Day lingerie line.

She has it appears "the perfect qualities to show M&S Valentine lingerie at its best."

A pure beautiful Jewish lass from the settlement of Hod Hasharon (The Splendour of Sharon)and sometime sleeping companion of goyim Leonardo DiCaprio is due to appear semi naked in billboard across the UK.

You can also buy bunches of red roses (25 for £40) grown by slave labour in Ethiopia, using their scarce water using chemicals fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides,disallowed in the EU applied by people without protective clothing , training or access to health care.

You can of course refrain from buying anything from them - and please do even think of defacing any posters bearing the luscious limbs of the Jewish princess from Hod Hasharon .....

Lord Truscott - friends in low places

Much in demand business advisor, cheap crook , fixer, cheat, liar and fellow Lord Truscott was appointed Non-Executive Director African Minerals Ltd., ( AKA Sierra Leone Diamond Co) on 8th April 2008. The shares stood at 154p that day, today they are 27p) See Interim report 2008 first-half pretax loss widened to US$11.36 million from US$8 million, while revenue fell to US$2.21 million from US$7.49 million.

Timis Diamond Corporation Limited (via wholly owned by CA Fiduciary Services Limited as sole trustee of the Timis Trust) own 22.06% of the company.

Those further interested in ex heroin dealer Mr Frank Timis and his exciting and varied international career can usefully look at his Wiki entry and read all about Regal Petroleum AIM listed company with no royals aboard and very little petrol.

Just as well Lord Truscott has something to fall back on as the Guradian report that smart meter manufactureres the highly respectable and venerable Lantis+Gyr had a chat last Sunday with him. "After a difficult conversation he resigned ... as a consultant."

The shit stirring Chris Huhne has also written to Sir Paul Stephenson, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, asking for an investigation into allegations of bribery offences committed by Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Truscott of St James’s.

The law (says Chris) must apply to everybody regardless of whether they are within the political system or outside it, and this is a particularly crucial allegation as it touches on the honesty and integrity of the parliamentary process.

Any news of the return of the donation to the Lib Dems of £2.4 Mn. from Michael Brown, 42, of Templewood Avenue, Hampstead, to help fund their 2005 election campaign , who was alleged to have stolen a total of $11,348,003 (£7,092,501) from Charles Martin Edwards and three of transferring criminal property in the same overall amount.

Netanyahu threatens Iran, leads in polls and West Bank settlements keep growing

Likud Party Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu head in the polls appeared on Israel's Channel 2 TV programme late on Saturday night.

Netanyahu sais he intends to sabotage Tehran's nuclear efforts once and for all.

"[Iran] will not be armed with a nuclear weapon… It includes everything that is necessary to make this statement come true,"

Meanwhile the Israeli controlled Gaza Strip crossings still remain closed and the humanitarian aid permitted to enter the besieged strip is way below the survival levels. Israel has conducted retaliatory strikes and pounded what they claim are tunnels used for smuggling from Egypt.

Israel says the Palestinians have fired at least five rockets since the end of the war in Gaza on January 18.

Two rockets were launched at around 6:50 am on Saturday morning . One landed in the Sdot Negev Regional Council and the other landed somewhere in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no reports of injuries or damage although Haaretz report that Three rockets struck the Eshkol region, two of them landing in open fields and the third on land close to two kindergartens.

On Saturday morning, a Grad rocket exploded in an open area south of Ashkelon. There were no injuries in this incident either.

Ma'aleh Adumim - huge new setttlement reday for massive expansion

Ma'aleh Adumim (derived from the book of Joshua (Chapter 15, verses 6-18)) is 7 kilometers (4.5 miles) east of Jerusalem and links the Jordan Valley and Judean Desert to , Jerusalem. Historically, foreign powers ruling the area - from the Romans to the Jordanians - attempted to secure this route and considered Ma'aleh Adumim strategically crucial to the defense of Jerusalem. After the Yom Kippur war the Israeli government decided to allow the establishment of a "residential camp" for workers in the area, (know today as "Founders Hill"), and a Jewish settlement has subsequently developed in the region. (History since then )
Click here for Ma'aleh Adumim Maps

The total area boundary of Ma'aleh Adumim (a City since 1991) covers 50 square kilometers (31 square miles) and is planned to have 10,000 residential units in the western zone and 5,000 more residential units will be built to the east of the city's industrial sector, in the Tibek Kuteif area. The industrial sector of Ma'aleh Adumim covers an area of 7,750 dunams (1915 acres). Population end 2007 was 33,000 according to Central Bureau of Statistics and is expected to be 45,000 in 10 years.

See Haaretz Israel plans to build up West Bank corridor on contested land Last May, the Judea and Samaria Police headquarters (and as such not subject to planning permissions) was built on a hiltop, where it had moved from the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud. See here how all this work has been done in what is called the E1 region, whilst the US has remained ignorant / silent / unconcerned / ignored

A small complex inside a huge area, a very large system of roads has already been completed, including an overpass, highways (some three lanes wide), traffic circles, lighting, observation posts, fences and a dividing barrier on the highway. The cost of this construction is estimated at NIS 100 million - US$25 Mn.

For the Israeli security establishment, the police station is just the first step in a grander plan to secure Israeli control over the Ma'ale Adumim-Jerusalem corridor and to defend the capital from the east. The official municipal boundary of Jerusalem, drawn up in 1967, is "out of date" and has become blurred by the spread of Palestinian suburbs where Jerusalem meets the West Bank, according to Amitai Levy, the Border Police commander.

In addition, a road was built from the village of Hizma al-Za'im east of Jerusalem that is meant to allow Palestinian traffic from Jerusalem to Ramallah, bypassing the A1. The contractor who built the road, which has not yet been opened to traffic, said on a Channel 10 interview two months ago that approximately NIS 120 million - US $30 Mn. had been invested.

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