"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rochdale protestor gagged over erection

Commercial lawyer Ray Kennedy sent three emails to Rochdale Council's planning department objecting to proposals to extend his next-door neighbour's home on Sunny Brow Road in Middleton.

However the council mail system choked on details of his erection and spat out his first 2 messages ...
Somehow a third email, which contained the same word, managed to reach a planning officer - but the plans had already been given the go-ahead.

Now, Ray who is 51, (prime time for these sorts of unhappy incidents) says he is considering complaining to the Local Government Ombudsman over the blunder - for which the council has apologised.

A Rochdale Council expert on spam filtering said: “The software that protects the council’s email system from spam and other offensive material is not designed by the council and we do not control which words are blocked." ... or more briefly, poor old Mr Kennedy is fucked.

Where the terrists are in London

PC Plod ... there be no terrists here....

Try 10 Downing Street Westminster. Posted by Picasa

The Great Game - Bishkek centre stage

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), is 5 years old. It now includes China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and they will meet on June 15 in Shanghai - where it is rumoured Iran may announce joining ,President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will attend said Gholam-Hossein Elham, a government spokesperson, in early May.

.... and it is three weeks ahead of the G8 meeting in St. Petersburg.

Prior to this Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev (he took office last year after replacing Askar Akayev in the so called TULIP revolution.) has just completed first state visit to China and signed accord and trade deals with Chinese President Hu Jintao (see pic) and agreed work on technical evaluation and financing for the construction of a railway line also linking Uzbekistan.The two countries share 1,00 kilometres of border.

In the big red-carpet ceremony, Hu welcomed Bakiyev at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.

Xinhua report that In talks with Bakiyev, Hu expressed appreciation of Kyrgyzstan's adherence to the one-China policy, as well as China's support for Kyrgyzstan's efforts in promoting social stability and economic development. Bakiyev told Hu that Kyrgyzstan will firmly support China's stance on the Taiwan issue and efforts in fighting terrorism.

"The two sides should enhance coordination in such international organizations as the United Nations and the SCO to facilitate peace and development in the region and the world," Hu said.

Bakiyev also met separately with China's top legislator Wu Bangguo and Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday.

Kyrgistan military bases jostle in Bishkek

Both the United States and Russia have military bases near the capital Bishkek. At the present Bakayev has proposed tenfold increase in annual payments for the US - $200 million - for the US use of the Ganci airbase at Manas base, which has supported U.S.-led operations in nearby Afghanistan since 2001.

This base has taken on huge importance after neighboring Uzbekistan expelled U.S. forces from a base there last year and Bakiyev is under pressure from China and Russia to expel the 1000 US forces plus 40 French and 55 Spanish servicemen and several military cargo and refueling aircraft..

The Air Force Times reports that US Air Force Col. Joel Reese on Thursday took over command of the Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan last week amid signs that a payment dispute that had threatened its future in the ex-Soviet republic is close to being solved.

On June 2nd the US Embassy in Bishkek confirmed the conclusion of a round of negotiations between the Kyrgyz Republic, led by Foreign Minister Alikbek Djekshenkulov, and the United States, led by Ambassador Robert Loftis.

Wonderfully, UK interest are looked after by an Honorary Consul, Mike Astoparthis who is based in Bishkek. His contact details are: C/o Fatboys, 104 Prospekt Chui, Bishkek 720040, Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Tel: (0996) 312-680815, Mobile (0996) 502-584245, Email: fatboys@elcat.kg

Analysts close to Cheney's office say Russia and China are joining forces to fight against U.S. interests in Central Asia - which is hardly rocket science. Rice swung by earlier this year on her hectic drive by diplomacy and met President Bakayev - see pic.

According to Colonel-General Vladimir Mikhailov, commander of the Russian air force, by the end of 2006 Russia will have increased its military presence at Kant near Bishkek by 150%. The move to strengthen the airbase underlines Moscow's commitment to promoting its military and security interests in Kyrgyzstan,

Deputy Defense Minister Boris Yugay has been much more explicit regarding how much the Bakiyev regime relies on Russia in its efforts to strengthen security. Kyrgyzstan is ensuring security, in his view, primarily through its participation in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). He believes the CSTO should ensure stability and security in Kyrgyzstan as well as across the Central Asian region.

GATSO terrists ... burn, baby burn ... The Fire this Time

Vandalised Gatsos - remarkable pics of destroyed (50,00 pounds a time speed cameras) GATSO speed cameras in the UK, at this site where the cameraman can happily turn up as the "necklace of car tyres and petrol burns".

Extraordinary - libertarian I maybe but this is mindless, senseless vandalism which can result in excess speeds and cost lives.

SUV's are a hazard to children

University of Utah Study Shows Minivans, Trucks Pose Greatest Risk of Backing Over Children in Driveways

The June 2006 issue of Pediatric Emergency Care will publish a report that shows :

1. Utah children are more likely to be backed over in residential driveways than children in other states. According to N. Clay Mann, Ph.D., the study's lead investigator and director of research at the Intermountain Injury Control Research Center, the risk of injury may be increased because Utah has the highest number of persons per household and the youngest population of all 50 states, with nearly 33 percent of residents under the age of 18.

2. A child is up to 2 ½ times more likely to be backed over by a minivan or truck than by a car.

3. Children hit by high-profile vehicles, such as trucks, SUVs or minivans, are more likely to require hospitalization, surgery, and treatment in an intensive care unit than children backed over by cars.

The study, using medical records and police reports, collected back-over injury data for Utah children under age 10 from 1998 to 2003.

In January 2005 Partners for Child Passenger Safety Fact and Trend Report, Children’s Hospital reported that SUVs in child-involved State Farm crashes increased from 15% in 1999 to 26% in 2004.. I posted before about the deaths in SUV's

The Baltimore Sun carries a story today ....
A 3-year-old girl was fatally injured when she wandered behind the car her mother was driving and was struck in the family's driveway at Fort Detrick in Frederick, military authorities said yesterday.

Vada Schoon, walked out of the house Wednesday while her mother was repositioning her Ford Escape, said Chuck Dasey, a Fort Detrick spokesman.

She suffered severe head injuries in the accident and was treated at the scene by emergency medical technicians, then taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

...and kids get killed in other ways in SUV's

An SUV with 8 people from 2 families veered off a highway in Berbiguieres, a town in the Dordogne region SW France today and slammed into trees, killing four people, including two 10-year-olds, and seriously injuring four others, police said yesterday.

The driver , who survived , was Keith Bridges, a 50-year-old former officer with Scotland Yard who lives in Berbiguieres. He survived the accident and tests show he had twice the accepted level of alcohol in his blood.T

Those killed were identified as Andrew Dyer, 41, and Gabriella Dyer, 10, of Bridgewater, England; Julie-Ann Bridges, 43, and Bethany Bridges, 10. Surviving with injuries were Tracey Dyer, 38; Kieran Dyer, 4; and Charlotte Dyer, 7, as well as the driver, officials said. Posted by Picasa

US defends slaughter of women and children on Gaza beach

Department Spokesman Sean McCormack (shown during the Daily Press Briefing) was sworn in as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Department Spokesman on June 2, 2005. Immediately prior to returning to the State Department, Mr. McCormack served as Special Assistant to the President, Spokesman for the National Security Council, and Deputy White House Press Secretary for Foreign Policy. State Department Photo by Michael Gross.

"We've seen the news reports about this," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters.

"Let me just state what we have said before: that Israel has a right to defend itself,"

What a Cunt.

Fatherless in Gaza

"We've seen the news reports about this," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters.

"Let me just state what we have said before: that Israel has a right to defend itself,"

Picknickers ... they want to defend themsleves from picknickers ?

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Israeli Navy in beach slaughter of women and children

Friday afternoon , sandy Beit Lahiya beach , the exams are over, it's a holiday , it's hot on the beach, then ... Israeli naval gunboats killed at least 10 Palestinian civilians and wounded about 40 others as they relaxed , women , children ...

Lt-Gen Dan Halutz, the Israeli chief of staff, ordered an end to the shelling from land and sea, which had continued throughout the day allegedly as some form of demented retaliation for Palestinian rocket fire into the western Negev. The army apologised for the incident, saying it "regretted the attack on innocent people".. but hours later Israeli jets made sonic booms in the air over Gaza.

Gaza journalist Sami Yousef was at the beach ... the BBC takes up his report ..
There were people lying on the ground badly injured, crying. There were remains scattered along the beach.

Three children were there, two with severe deep cuts in their heads.

One girl was just screaming, crying out for her father: 'Dad, my dad.'

It was a terrible scene, with blood everywhere. We could see a gunship in middle of sea, so we knew what had happened.

Ali Ralia, 48, his wife Raisa, 30, her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Hanadi and her 5-month-old toddler Haitham, and his daughters from a second wife Alia, 24, Elham, 15, and Sabrin, 4, died in the strike.

Pic shows how the last of the Gaza "settlers" enjoyed their last beach party - nobody shelled them with HE shells from the sea.
 Posted by Picasa

Met Fuck up big style over terrists, one of whom they shot and whose ricin / cyanide / anthrax / sarin exploding vest has not been found

"The police are acting in the best interests of the whole community in order to protect the whole community and they, therefore, deserve the support of the whole community in doing what is often a very hazardous and dangerous job, often involving difficult decisions."

That's what John Reid, hatchet faced, dour Home Secretary said as 2 brothers Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, who was shot in the shoulder during the raid, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, were freed in the last few hours.

Both had been detained under the Terrorism Act 2000, suspected of being involved in a plot to make a chemical device that could be used in a terrorist act.

The Met under anti Terrorist Clark and the lying Blair are the biggest bunch of wankers, stumblebums, no-hopers, liars, and complete fucking tosspots, such that no-one could have any confidence in ..



Bush / Pentagon fuck over McCain anti-torture provision

The Baltimore Sun (June 5th 2006) has a story about the way the Pentagon has been redrawing its policies on detainees and interrogation, and intends to issue a new Army Field Manual, which, along with accompanying directives, represents core instructions to U.S. soldiers worldwide.

The detainee directive was due to be released in late April along with the Army Field Manual on interrogations. Objections from several senators on other field manual issues forced a delay.

Julian Barnes of the Los Angeles Times says ..."

The Pentagon has decided to omit from new detainee policies a key tenet of the Geneva Conventions that explicitly bans "humiliating and degrading treatment," according to knowledgeable military officials, a step that would mark a further shift away from strict adherence to international human rights standards."

Derek P. Jinks, an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Law and the author of a forthcoming book on Geneva, The Rule of War, argues that the decision to remove the Geneva reference from the directive shows that the administration intends to push the interrogation envelope.

"We are walking the line on the prohibition on cruel treatment," Jinks said. "But are we really in search of the boundary between the cruel and the acceptable?"

Of course what it means really is that as the McCain Bill added to the Defence Spending mandated the use of the Army Manual ... Keep it Simple Stupid ... just change the manual.

December 14th 2005 Bush and McCain shook a deal
.. Dubya said the ban "is to make it clear to the world that this government does not torture and that we adhere to the international convention of torture, whether it be here at home or abroad."

At the same time Dubya's toilet room attendant Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that the U.N. Convention against Torture applied to U.S. personnel, regardless if they were at home or abroad.

The first cherries are here ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

NSA easy listenin' along with Dubya

"You just called and we were listening" Flash song from your friendly global NSA phone tapper.

"Got the motherfucker" Part 5

CNN report that Iraqi Col. Dhiya Tamimi said he worked with U.S. forces to monitor al-Zarqawi and his associates' cell phones, helping to lead to Wednesday night's airstrike on a safe house near Baquba.

Authorities also relied on intelligence from Iraqi civilians and information from al Zarqawi's terrorist network, al Qaeda in Iraq.

President Bush, appearing at a news conference Friday at Camp David, Maryland, said he phoned U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal (see pic) to congratulate him on finding al-Zarqawi.

McChrystal heads one of the most secret covert special operations forces in the U.S. military, called the Joint Special Operations Command. WOW !!!

So for 3 years this pain in the ass roams whilst the Coalition can track his mobiles ?

You had betta bleeve it buddy.

Youtube have the kill the motherfucker Video More Shocking Aweful eyefuls c/o you friendly F 16 vid cam.

Bill Bowles exposes the bollocks about the one/two legged Zarkawi here

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tony Blair realises at last that he is FCUKED

The Daily Telegraph today report that Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac have agreed a deal to share nuclear expertise at the annual Franco-British summit in Paris.

Ministers, business leader and scientists from both sides of the Channel will meet to exchange knowledge and ideas, under the link-up.

The Boy Tony said the deal showed that both countries appreciated the "pressing and urgent" need to combat climate change ... no, no no, Tony , the Forthcoming United Kingdom Energy Deficit (FCUKED) looms large and you and your brainless bunch of shysters, hucksters and lacklustre series of "Energy" ministers have let the nation's energy supplies go hang.

The Boy Tony coninued: "The establishment of a British-Franco nuclear forum will allow us to discuss all the policy issues. One thing is for sure, this policy, for reasons of energy security, is right at the top of the agenda. Yes, because it is a moot point whether the UK will at some near time in the future run out of the fucking stuff.

Energy security - overseen by the JESS committee that hasn't reported as required ? Read "Where's Jess" at Vital Trivia in April.

10m Downing Street now have posted the deatils of the joint Chirac / Blair Press Conference here which won't tell you anyhting more .. apart from the fact that the uK is going to build 12 new nuclear power stations and having destroyed our own industry we are going to pay the French to build (and probably operate) them.

Wasted years, wasted time and higher costs.

911 / WTC Solid Concrete to dust in seconds ?

TPM cafe considers ... How does solid concrete evaporate to dust ?

Go read. Posted by Picasa

Merck's Gardasil cleared - now you can inject your 9 year old girl against an STD

Whilst the role of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in 99% of cervical cancer cases has only become apparent in the last ten years, action has been swift to provide some protection as it's the second most common cancer among women, with more than 270,000 deaths reported each year worldwide.

In the U.S., deaths from cervical cancer are relatively low, but the costs of screening for the HPV virus and treating infections and cervical cancer add up to $6 billion a year. ( A UK / NHS test costs US $ 80) An estimated 80% of deaths from cervical cancer occur in the developing world, where pap tests and cancer screening are rare and hugely expensive.

HPV has many variants only some of which are connected with cervical cancer - the virus is sexually transmitted (between female / female as well) and exposure increases with number of partners and activity.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday approved Merck's (MRK:NYSE) Gardasil, the first vaccine against a virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts.Merck licenses the Gardasil technology from CSL Ltd. of Australia. The vaccine was approved in Mexico last week. Merck has filed applications in five continents, including the large European Union market as well as Australia, Argentina and Brazil. The company is also trying to expand Gardasil's availability to developing countries.

The agency gave the product broad approval Thursday, saying that the vaccine is appropriate for treating girls as young as 9 years old and women as old as 26.

The vaccine is approved for two types of HPV, that Merck says accounts for 70% of cervical cancers. The vaccine also prevents two types of HPV that account for 90% of genital warts.

Rivals GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:NYSE) , which is developing the HPV vaccine called Cervarix. GlaxoSmithKline expects to file an application with the FDA by the end of the year. This does not target the strains that cause genital warts.

"Use of Gardasil can help significantly reduce the human and economic burden of cervical cancer, precancerous or low-grade lesions and genital warts," said Dr. Kevin Ault, associate professor in the department of gynecology and obstetrics at Atlanta's Emory University School of Medicine, in a press release issued by Merck. Ault was the clinical study investigator for Gardasil.

The vaccine is now available for ordering. The Gardasil regimen requires three injections over six months. Merck is charging $120 per dose. The company has created a new program in which it will provide free vaccines to adults who are uninsured and can't afford vaccines. Merck vaccines, including Gardasil, will be covered by this program in the Q3 2006r.

The FDA notes that Merck will conduct additional studies, including those to further evaluate Gardasil's safety and long-term effectiveness. Merck will monitor women who receive Gardasil while unknowingly pregnant, and the company also is studying whether Gardasil is safe and effective for treating genital warts in males.

The FDA says human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 6.2 million Americans become infected with genital HPV each year and that more than half of all sexually active men and women become infected at some time in their lives.

On average, there are 9,710 new cases of cervical cancer and 3,700 cervical-cancer deaths each year in the U.S. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women, with an estimated yearly toll of 470,000 new cases and 233,000 deaths.

The FDA bluntly points out that the vaccine is only effective when given prior to infection. However, Merck says that if Gardasil is given to a woman infected with one type of HPV targeted by the vaccine, she still could be protected from the three other types covered by the vaccine.

Because Gardasil doesn't protect against less common types of HPV, the FDA says routine and regular pap tests "remain critically important to detect precancerous changes in the cervix to allow treatment before cervical cancer develops."

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, endowed by Microsoft (MSFT ) founder Bill Gates, has earmarked $50 million for the prevention of cervical cancer. "But it remains to be seen whether the developing world will be willing to invest in a vaccine where the reduction in cancer will not be seen for many years because of the long interval between infection and development of the cancer," says Dr. Douglas R. Lowy. He headed the research team at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., whose original discovery is the basis of both the Merck and GSK vaccines.

A lot rides on the success of these vaccines - GSK has lost two of its best-selling drugs, antidepressants Paxil and Wellbutrin, to generic competition, and it will be at least 2 years before any of its most promising new medicines hit the market. Merck, which has had several drugs fail in clinical trials, is desperate for good news after it pulled its blockbuster painkiller Vioxx from the market in September because of a link to heart attacks and stroke.

Moral hurdles

Despite the obvious benefits, the vaccines will not be an easy sell: There are social and moral hurdles to overcome. "The biggest problem for companies will be convincing society of the need to vaccinate young girls against what is essentially a sexually transmitted disease," says Dr. Anne Szarewski, a clinical consultant at Cancer Research UK, which is conducting phase iii trials of Cervarix at Margaret Pyke Centre in London. Who claim on their website to be one of the biggest contraceptive centres in the world seeing between 600 and 900 patients per week. Their research team, is part of the Academic Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University College London,

"Mom, do you really want to vaccinate your nine year old against Sexually Transmitted Disease"?

"Mom ? Why do I need these shots ?"

Israeli State officially assassinates Hamas security chief.

Jamal Abu Samhadana, recently made the Hamas government’s top security chief, died late yesterday in a targetted assassination by an Israeli air strike on a militants’ training camp. Although a former member of the secular Fatah movement, Samhadanah, 43, was named to his post and given the rank of colonel last month by Saed Siyam, the Hamas interior minister.It is evident he was in the Israeli Government's sites for a long time.
In his security role, Samhadanah oversaw various branches of the 70,000-member Palestinian security services, including a 3,000-member force deployed on the streets of Gaza last month.

Previously as the leader of the small Popular Resistance Committees faction, he was revered in Gaza as a key figure in Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel.

Soon after the airstrike, which occurred just before midnight Thursday and wounded at least 10 others, scores of armed men stormed the hospital in Rafah. Many of them vowed to exact revenge for Samhadanah's death as they kissed his body and carried it on their shoulders through Rafah's streets in a raucous procession ending up at a big rally.

He has been accused of planning several attacks on Jewish settlements in Gaza -- including an ambush in 2004 that killed a pregnant settler, Tali Hatuel, 34, and her four daughters -- before the Israeli government evacuated its settlements and military bases from the strip last year.

The first strike in revenge came on September 25/26th 2005 the Israeli Air Force continued its attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip. one was was the targeted killing of sheik Muhammad Sheikh Khalil. After the event Momi Malka, the father of Tali Hatuel who was killed with her four daughters , called Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and told him in excitement and tears, "you kept your promise."

On May 2nd 2006 the Ministry of Foreign Affiars (headed by Tzipi Livini) had a long memorial piece on the Ministry Website.

Tali Hatuel and her four daughters were killed May 2, 2004 - when two Palestinian terrorists fired on an Israeli car at the entrance to the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif. They were on their way to campaign against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan. Their white Citroen station wagon spun off the road after the initial shooting, then the attackers approached the vehicle and shot the occupants dead at close range. The Hatuels' car was riddled with bullets, and the carpet inside was stained with blood. The girls were killed hugging one another. On the car was a bumper sticker saying, "Uprooting the settlements, victory for terror."

Last month, Israeli cabinet minister Zeev Boim told Israel Radio: "We have old scores to settle with this murderer. He has no immunity, and we will have to settle this score sooner or later."

Abu Samhadana escaped an assassination attempt in December 2004. Former Shin Bet Chief and current Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter 22nd April 2006 "Samhadana is a criminal, a murderer hired by Hamas, who should be jailed by Israel at the first opportunity it gets."

"Jamal Abu Samhadana is a criminal and a hired killer by the Hamas who deserves to be jailed by Israel at the first chance it gets," Dichter said two months ago.

In the Jerusalem Post hours ago ...

Labor MK Ami Ayalon, former head of the Shin Bet, said Friday in response to the targeted killing of Popular Resistance Committees leader Jamal Abu Samhadana overnight, that the IDF had taken the correct course of action. Ayalon told Army Radio that "Samhadana had to go. He was involved in terror attacks, one of the few who never tried to hide it."

Earlier, Labour leader Peretz said in a meeting with security officials in Tel Aviv that "No terrorist from any of the organizations will be immune if they engage in anti-Israel terror activity."

Will there be widespread protests from Political leaders in the West about such state Terrorism ? Well maybe, it was no coincidence thatthe one / two legged fantasy terrorist Mr Zarkawi was hitting the headlines at the time.

Boeing to supply kosher parts to Iran Air as incentive to toe NPT line.

Iran has been subject to American sanctions that hinder the purchase of spare parts for nearly all the Boeing planes of civilian carrier Iran Air and its air force since its 1979 Islamic revolution. (1944 pic of pretty Air hostesses in Teheran)

Incentives were offered on Tuesday to Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and to Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, to include waiving trade sanctions against Iran to allow the purchase of American agricultural technology, and said European diplomats and a senior Bush administration officials included a proposal to allow Tehran to purchase aircraft parts from Boeing and Airbus, according to a published report.

The package does not include any specific threat of military action should Iran refuse to suspend its uranium activities. If Iran rejects the offer, differences are likely to re-emerge (you can bet on it) among the six nations as they consider more specific punishments.

Somehow there is a delicious irony that the planes Boeing sent to the Shah, may end up being kept alive by their manufacturer to a regime which POTUS described as being "On the Axis of Evil".

Funny Old business, business. Of course the major nuclear threat in the region is Israel, and the newly privatised El Al are to swap their fleet from Boeing to Airbus - and Iran Air are re-equipping with Airbus - loser ? US Industry.

LUKoil training many more Iraqi staff in Russia

In 2004, 59 Iraqi oil specialists completed advanced training in LUKOIL, in 2005 177 were trained his was as a result of a very successful move by Vagit Alekperov when he signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed in March 2004 in Baghdad by OAO LUKOIL President Vagit Alekperov and Iraqi Oil Minister Ibragim Bahr Al-Ulum.

Some 44 Iraqi sector experts will undergo training at OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia, 14 people will be trained at LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft and 15 experts will be placed at OOO LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez. Around 150 Iraqi oil specialists in all will receive training at LUKOIL during this year.

Starting in November 2006, 10 employees from the Iraqi Oil Ministry will undergo a one-year training course in Perm State Technical University and OOO LUKOIL-Perm, in Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow and in the Moscow office of LUKOIL Overseas Holding Ltd.

Trainees represent Iraqi oil and gas and service companies, such as South Oil, South Gas, North Oil, North Gas, Oil Projects, Iraqi Drilling, Oil Pipeline, Oil Exploration, Gas Filling, South Refineries, Midland Refineries, North Oil Refineries, Baghdad Oil Training Institute, Baiji Oil Training Institute, Basra Oil Training Institute, Research & Development Oil Center and some others.

Priceless investment by Alekperov and puts them in pole position when exploration , drilling gets underway.

Hondajet gets on the road to sell

Honda began research into compact business jets in 1986, using engines provided by other manufacturers. The HF118 Turbofan Engine-equipped HondaJet experimental compact jet is the first Honda-developed aircraft to be outfitted with a Honda engine, a significant milestone for the company and the industry.

In December 2003 it was announced the HondaJet compact passenger jet equipped with Honda-developed HF118 jet engines, successfully completed initial flight tests at Piedmont Triad Airport in North Carolina, US. Now they announce they are bringing the very light jet HondaJet to this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. ( Billed as The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration) After making only a brief appearance for its unveiling at Airventure 2005, the HondaJet will stick around for the entire event this year - Corporate video here - essential viewing.

HondaJet’s over-the-wing engine-mount configuration helps eliminate the need for a structure to mount the engines to the rear fuselage and, thus, maximizes the space in the fuselage which can seat 6 passengers.

The HondaJet prototype reportedly gets 40% better fuel economy than comparable aircraft and has several major leading edge design and manufacturing technologies.

Honda SMH-1 Natural Laminar Flow Wing Section

Honda's proprietary SMH-1 achieves low drag and excellent performance at high speeds despite its relative thickness.

Laminar Flow Nose Section

The optimal design of the fuselage nose generates a laminar flow that reduces drag on the fuselage.

Over-the-Wing Engine-Mount

Optimal placement of the engine nacelles over the main wing may look odd but it improves aerodynamic performance at high speeds.

Co-cured Composite Fuselage

The co-cured composite and honeycomb sandwich structure combine to create a new composite structure that has enabled Honda to develop a lightweight fuselage with more interior space.

Aluminum Main Wing

The use of an integrally stiffened skin produces a smooth wing surface that promotes laminar flow.

Glass Cockpit

The aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the- art Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system.(For details) Information is efficiently presented on 3 large flat- panel flight displays.

The Hondajet gets 39.36 seat miles per gallon (6 seats). An SJ30 returns 22.5 seat miles per gallon (7 seats). A Learjet 31a returns 24.9 seat miles per gallon (8 seats).

At 1,000 lbs thrust class, Honda (and to a lesser degree GE) may be shooting for technology for cruise missile engine technology. Whether for upgrades to aging systems like the BGM-109 Tomahawks, or new ones like EADS Taurus (Japan might seek one in the future), this is a market for them to look to.

(The MBDA STORM SHADOW entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2003 and saw operational service in the Gulf during action in Iraq. STORM SHADOW / SCALP will be operated from Tornado, Rafale, Mirage 2000, Mirage 2000-5 Mk II, Eurofighter Typhoon and in the future, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. There will also be a Naval version for the two new aircraft carriers, this year next year some time , never))

Bush in Europe soon , Vienna then Budapest

President Bush, is in Budapest talks on June 22 with President Laszlo Solyom and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany. and to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution after a stop in Vienna, Austria, on June 20-21 for a summit with European Union leaders.

Original plans were to go to Ukraine but apparently in light of post election difficulties has been postponed because of Ukraine's difficulty in forming a new government.

In a statement announcing the visit, the White House said, ``Hungary is a close NATO ally, sharing its experiences with emerging democracies and committed to the war on terror. Hungary has made important contributions in support of democracy and security in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq.''

Meanwhile he was at a Spanish Breakfast to gee up some support amoingst the Hispanic voters.

...and he actually said

...I'm blessed by the fact that millions of Americans, many of whom I've never seen face-to-face,

President Bush, is in Budapest talks on June 22 with President Laszlo Solyom and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany. and to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution after a stop in Vienna, Austria, on June 20-21 for a summit with European Union leaders.

Oiginal plans were to go to Ukraine but apparently in light of post election difficulties has been postponed because of Ukraine's difficulty in forming a new government.

In a statement announcing the visit, the White House said, ``Hungary is a close NATO ally, sharing its experiences with emerging democracies and committed to the war on terror. Hungary has made important contributions in support of democracy and security in the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq.''


Meanwhile he was atb a Spanish Breakfast to gee up some support amoingst the Hispanic voters.

Let's hope that POTUS misses out on hard life / hard rock star HARD-LIVING rock star Axl Rose (44) who had to be rushed rushed to an Oxygen tent between songs to get his breath back at a recent concert in Budapest. .

The old ...one ...two.

I found this on the Piece of Toast

Cracked me up.

Two men were driving through North Dakota when they got pulled over by a State Trooper. The cop walked up and tapped on the window with his nightstick. The driver rolled down the window and "WHACK," the cop smacked him in the head with his nightstick.

"What the hell was that for?" the driver asked.

"You're in North Dakota, son," the trooper answered.

"When we pull you over in North Dakota, you better have your license ready by the time we get to your car."

"I'm sorry, officer," the driver said, "I'm from California and didn't know your laws here."

The trooper runs a check on the guy's license... he's clean and gives the guy his license back. The trooper then walks around to the passenger side and taps on the window. The passenger rolls down the window and "WHACK," the trooper smacks him on the head with the nightstick.

"What'd you do that for?" the passenger demands.

"Just making your wish come true," replied the trooper. "Because I know you big city types," the trooper says, "two miles down the road you're gonna turn to your buddy and say, 'I wish that asshole would've tried that shit with me!'"

"Got the motherfucker" Part 4

Biological samples from the bodies of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his associates were delivered Thursday night to the FBI crime laboratory in Quantico, Va.

DNA tests will compare the sample from al-Zarqawi, which was flown with the other biological material from Iraq on military aircraft, with another sample also known to be from the terrorist leader, said FBI spokesman Richard Kolko. The results are expected in three days. Neither he nor Todd would discuss where or how the FBI found a different DNA sample from al-Zarqawi.

U.S. authorities have already fingerprinted the body to confirm it is that of the terrorist leader, who was killed in a U.S. airstrike on a safe house north of Baghdad ... but not yet counted the number of legs.

Dramatic Pool pic shows ... (it says here) Physical Scientist Kristi Oberbroeckling carries a bag containing three boxes of biological samples believed to be from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or his associates in to the FBI Lab in Quantico, Va., on Thursday evening, June 8, 2006. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf, pool)

"Got the motherfucker" Part 3

Zarqawi died when US planes dropped two 500lb (230kg) bombs on a site near the city of Baquba. He was identified by fingerprints, tattoos and scars.

The US struck after receiving specific tip-off says the BBC in this revised sequence of events.The children's cartoons on al-Sharqiya TV stopped and al-Iraqiya TV interrupted its regular cookery programme to announce the news - must have upset a few kids and cooks.

The scene switched to Baghdad, as Iraqi networks ran the news conference live. Viewers saw Prime Minister Nouri Maliki make the announcement at 0742 GMT:

"Today al-Zarqawi has been killed." The announcement was followed by applause and cheering.

1. Jordanian intelligence reportedly assisted the US-led operation

2. Zarqawi traced to isolated safe house approximately 8km north of Baquba, north east of Baghdad

3. US aircraft launched air strike at about 1815 (Saturday ?) dropping dropped two 500 lb (230kg) which are typically launched as JDAM's

4. The militant leader was reportedly holding a meeting with associates, including spiritual adviser Sheikh Abd-al-Rahman, at time of raid, several others were reportedly killed.

5. Although Iraqi police were first on the scene, followed by troops from the Multi-National Division North Zarqawi's the Press Conferences have been run by the US.

6. Identity confirmed by fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars but no mention has been made of the number of legs. A photo accompanied the latest briefing of an apparently sleeping / dead man - although other reports claim corpses were burnt beyond recognition.(see BBC pic)

If you go to CNN here you can see the cockpit video of the airstrike on Mr Z... or at least what the Iraqi Government say is the strike etc.,

Thursday, June 08, 2006

NOLA rebuilt by illegal Hispanics - undocumented , unprotected, exploited abused - by richest nation in world as it heals itself.

Researchers at the Payson Center for International Development and Technology Transfer at Tulane University and the International Human Rights Law Clinic and the Human Rights Center at the University of California, Berkeley have released a study today ..

Rebuilding After Katrina: A Population-Based Study of Labor and Human Rights in New Orleans This reveals (surprise surpise) that undocumented (illegal) workers are being abused , including severely reduced access to health care, wage discrepancy and unsafe working conditions.

The costliest disater in American history and it relies on the poor, unprotected and the illegal.

The study found that almost half of the reconstruction workforce in New Orleans is Latino, and 54 % of that group is undocumented, meaning 25 %of all workers are undocumented (illegal) Latinos.

After the storm, the federal government allowed special waivers of immigration laws, which made it easier for employers to hire undocumented workers. Two-thirds of Latino construction workers have moved to the area since Katrina hit in 2005. But 87 percent of the undocumented workers were already living in the United States before they moved to New Orleans. This means that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did not cause an influx of illegal immigrants across the US border as many have reported.

"Once these workers were in the city, they were not adequately protected by workplace regulations," said Phuong N. Pham, assistant professor of the Payson Center of Tulane University.
"We cannot have it both ways" he says, " either we enforce immigration laws effectively and prevent illegal immigrants from working, or we allow them to work and provide them with the same labor, safety and health protections afforded documented workers." "Reconstruction after natural disasters exposes workers to some of the worst on-the-job hazards in situations where services, especially access to health care, are scarce. Public officials at all levels - federal, state, and local - need to strengthen monitoring and enforcement of worker health and safety protections," said Laurel Fletcher, a Clinical Professor of Law at UC Berkeley's School of Law.
The study, Rebuilding After Katrina: A Population-Based Study of Labor and Human Rights in New Orleans, finds:

- On average, documented workers received significantly higher wages than undocumented workers peforming the same work ($16.50 per hour average for documented vs. $10 per hour for undocumented.).

- Construction workers frequently report experiencing problems receiving wages owed, especially undocumented workers.

- Workers reported working with harmful substances (29 percent) and in dangerous conditions (27 percent) while 19 percent said they were not given any protective equipment for dangerous work.

- Only 9 percent of undocumented workers have health insurance compared to 55 percent of documented workers. 83 percent of documented workers said they received medications when needed compared to 38 percent of undocumented workers.

During March 2006, researchers interviewed 25 key informants including legal advocates, social service providers, community activists, health care providers, business leaders, policymakers, representatives of minority and immigrant groups, and representatives of federal, state, and local government agencies in Louisiana and Mississippi. Other important findings include:

- Protective equipment generally is available but insufficient, especially for undocumented workers. The random survey data indicates undocumented workers possess equipment less frequently (72 percent) than documented workers (84 percent).

- Post-disaster clean-up and construction work often exposes laborers to health risks due to working in unsanitary and dangerous conditions. However, awareness among undocumented workers of risk related to mold (38 percent), asbestos (36 percent) and unsafe buildings (19 percent) is significantly lower than among documented workers, respectively 67 percent (mold), 65 percent (asbestos) and 59 percent (unsafe buildings).

Among the construction workers who report health problems, a little more than one- quarter (27 percent) sought medical treatment. The disparity between documented and undocumented workers is striking: 33 percent of documented workers sought treatment for a medical problem while only 10 percent of undocumented reported seeking such treatment.

Davis - Bacon act introduced Sept 8th rescinded November 4th 2005

Claiming that the costs to rebuild areas destroyed by Hurricane Katrina would be too high if prevailing wage laws remain in effect, President Bush issued an executive order, on September 8, setting aside the Davis-Bacon Act in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Davis-Bacon law provides for federal contractors to pay workers wages equivalent to the prevailing rates on new construction of buildings, roads, bridges and other infrastructure. The act was passed during the Great Depression to restrain employers from taking advantage of poor economic conditions to drive the wages of construction workers down.

Senator George Miller, D-Cal., said, "The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities."

Thirty-seven House Republicans urged the White House to reverse the suspension, and Rep. George Miller led unanimous opposition by Democrats to the president’s suspension.

Senator George Miller, D-Cal., said, "

The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities.

Sens. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., and Mary Landrieu, D-La., said a Democratic Policy Committee hearing they held earlier in October had an impact by highlighting abuses of the wage law suspension. In some cases, contractors were hiring undocumented workers, they said.

Miller forced a showdown on the Davis-Bacon suspension by using an unprecedented parliamentary procedure under the National Emergencies Act to introduce a resolution to restore Bush’s Gulf Coast pay cut (H.J. Res. 69). Under the law, the House would have been required to vote on Miller’s resolution no later than Nov. 4—a vote many observers believed workers would have won.

"You may save a couple of dollars an hour by suspending Davis-Bacon, but you invite all kinds of other problems—including the hiring of unskilled workers." LaTourette and Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-N.J.), co-chairs of the Republican Working Group on Labor, spearheaded a letter to Bush signed by 37 Republicans calling for the reinstatement of the prevailing wage rules and suggesting the Nov. 8 date. AFLCIO story here

On Oct. 26 Bush rescinded his executive order that allowed contractors to pay substandard wages to construction workers rebuilding Gulf Coast areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The order, which suspended the federal Davis-Bacon Act, now will expire Nov. 8.


Nobody can say this was done in secret SFGate .com had a story Oct. 12th 2005 ... "
They and Latino immigrants from all over the United States have been flocking to the region, often working for out-of-state companies which received the initial round of cleanup contracts.

Recognizing the demand for migrant labor, and to help speed reconstruction in the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina, the Department of Homeland Security temporarily suspended rules mandating employers to prove that workers they hire are citizens or have a legal right to work in the United States."

Hispanic Connection Inc., a Baton Rouge-based agency that recruits Latino laborers from abroad through the H2B temporary visa program, has been flooded with requests for laborers since the two hurricanes hit, said director Maria Edwards etc., etc.,

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"Got the motherfucker" Part 2

Iraqi soldiers celebrate the news that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al-Qaida's leader in Iraq who led a bloody campaign of suicide bombings and kidnappings, has been killed in an air raid north of Baghdad, in the Sadr City area of Baghdad. Looks really kinda natural to me - soldiers kicking back V signs (?) Hmmmm.AP / Yahoo

The building that the Zarkawi 10 blew themselves up in and were rendered black, burned and unrecognisable .... Or the building destroyed in a US air raid (?)AP / Yahoo

No troops / Police / evidence of bombs ?

More spontaneous demonstrations by troops ....

Make of these what you will

Anyway at 7.55 the POTUS was in the Rose Garden telling everyone what a fine job etc., (that's about 15 mins ago)

Oh by th eway in all this excitment they have appoointed the 3 recalcitrant Ministers to the Iraqi Gubment ...The three, including ministers for national security and interior, were sworn in after Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced the death of al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The new defense minister is Iraqi Army Gen. Abdul-Qader Mohammed Jassim al-Mifarji and Shiites Jawad al-Bolani for interior and Sherwan al-Waili for national security.

"Got the motherfucker" - Zarkawi dead ?

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has announced that the fantastical and mythic creation of lively minds, Militant leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been killed in a a US air raid near Baquba. According to US National Public Radio CIA chief Stephen Hadley informed President Bush last night at 9:20pm that finger prints and other analysis had confirmed that it was Zarqawi killed.

New York Times story here - on emajor problem was he had been seen in a supermarket in Basra that afternoon, maybe some mis-reporting going on here.

The head of US-led forces in Iraq, General George Casey, (see pic) said Zarqawi was killed at 1815 (1415 GMT) on Wednesday, in an air strike (but others report they blew themselves up) against an "isolated safe house... approximately 8km (five miles) north of Baquba".Zarqawi was said to have been in a meeting with associates at the time. Several other people were reported to have been killed in the raid.The militant leader was reportedly holding a meeting with associates, including spiritual advisor Sheik Abd-al-Rahman, at time of raid
Three men - including Zarqawi - and two women were killed

General Casey said Zarqawi's body was identified through fingerprints, facial recognition and known scars. He promised to give more details on the raid later on Thursday. Surely it would have been enough just to count the number of legs ?

DEbkafile reported

A sample of his DNA is in American possession for a match-up.

The bodies they are trying to identify are of 7 men and one woman, who blew themselves up Sunday, Nov. 20, after their hideout in northern Iraq was under siege by a large US force, backed by tanks and helicopters. The bodies are burned black and unrecognizable. Four Iraqi security officers were killed and 10 injured in the operation.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, said Zarqawi's death marked "a great success for Iraq and the global war on terror... Zarqawi was the godfather of sectarian killing and terror in Iraq".

The BBC's security correspondent, Frank Gardner says he was no evil mastermind but he was a bloodthirsty and violent thug, who made enemies and several mistakes that might have contributed to his downfall.

Shortly after the Zarqawi announcement, the Iraqi parliament approved Mr Maliki's nominees for the key government posts of defence and interior ministers.

The two crucial roles had remained unfilled despite the formation of a coalition government.

Reuters reports the following comments worldwide


"Today's announcement was very good news because a blow against al Qaeda in Iraq was a blow against al Qaeda everywhere," Blair's office said in a statement.


"This is a happy day for Iraq and the Iraqi people ... he was the prince of terrorism and encouraged sectarian strife," he told Al-Arabiya television.


"I think it's too early to say that it's a turning point, but it certainly could be helpful and I hope that is the case," she told reporters.


"This is a very important victory for the people of Iraq. He was the evil of terrorism. He was responsible for the deaths of many people in Iraq. Having him killed is a very important achievement for us. We are strongly determined to root out the remaining al Qaeda people," Salih told Reuters in Istanbul.


"Zarqawi's death, if confirmed, will have little effect on the jihad in Iraq."


"I don't see it as that significant. Other Zarqawis will soon spring up. If we were talking about the death of the head of a tightly structured organisation then maybe it would be more significant, but we're not. The Iraqi insurency is a very loose organisation and I don't see how the decapitation of it will have such a great impact."

"Whether the fighter leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was martyred or not, resistance will continue in all Islamic lands as long as occupation exists."


"I can I think safely say that he will not be missed," he told reporters

ISRAELI OPPOSITION LEADER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU:"Everyone who wants a better world, free of murderous, crazed terrorism needs to welcome the elimination of Zarqawi," he told Israel radio.

"I think he's been an icon for terrorism, for the jihadists in Iraq, because he was there before the invasion of Iraq,"


"The Americans exaggerated from the start the size of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and there will be exaggerations about the effect of his death as there were extreme exaggerations at the time of the arrest of Saddam Hussein... Posted by Picasa

The Anasazi or "Ancient Pueblo"

The Anasazi, or Ancient Pueblo peoples are a mysterious and sophisticated civilization which is being massively re-assessed. Their apparent disappearance from much of their homeland at the height of their success towards the end of the 13th century is now being challenged.

Knowledge of celestial patterns and the attribution of those powers to different gods may have migrated along migratory and trade routes throughout the American Southwest. At Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico, several calendar systems have been documented with numerous connections to the culture. Intricate and sophisticated celestial claulators and their secrets are slowly being revealed.

This website is a vital portal to the re-assessment of the Anasazi which is going on , their celestial systems, the growth and sperad of maize, migrations ... Totally fascinating, an eyeopener. Read all about it.

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Constitution upheld - you can marry your brother ... but not your dog .. yet.

The Senate has rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage Wednesday, delivering a stinging defeat to President Bush and other Republican zealots, homphobes and neo-con Zionists revelationistas head bangers who hoped the issue will rally GOP voters for the November elections.

The senators' vote was 49-48 to limit debate and bring the amendment to a yes-or-no decision. That was 18 short of the 67 needed, killing the measure in the Senate for this year.

The US constitution requires a 2/3rd vote in both houses of Congress to send a proposed amendment to the states for ratification. 58 % of Americans said in an ABC News poll this week that same-sex marriages should be illegal. Only 40 % said they support amending the Constitution to ban them. A majority said states should make their own laws on gay marriage.

Forty-five of the 50 states have acted to define traditional marriage in ways that would ban same-sex marriage — 19 with state constitutional amendments and 26 with statutes.

7 Republicans voted to kill the amendment. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona, Olympia Snowe of Maine and John Sununu of New Hampshire.

"The Republican leadership is asking us to spend time writing bigotry into the Constitution," said Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, which legalized gay marriage in 2003 ... which is probably the smartest thing the drunk puffball, river swimmer has ever said. Posted by Picasa

Council of Europe releases Marty report - Tony Blair wants more summary justice .. more summary powers

Dick Marty (pic) has released his report on Alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states. The report is scheduled for debate during the plenary session of the 630-member PACE in Strasbourg on Tuesday 27 June 2006.

"At Guantanamo Bay, on the island of Cuba, several hundred people are being detained without enjoying any of the guarantees provided for in the criminal procedure of a state governed by the rule of law or in the Geneva Conventions on the law of war. These people have been arrested in unknown circumstances, handed over by foreign authorities without any extradition procedure being followed, or illegally abducted in various countries by United States special services. They are considered enemy combatants, according to a new definition introduced by the American administration.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has strongly criticised this state of affairs: on 26 April 2005, with no votes against and just five abstentions, it adopted a resolution (1433/2005) and recommendation (1699/2005) in which it urges the United States Government to put a stop to this situation and to ensure respect for the principles of the rule of law and human rights."

It would be nice to think that something will happen ... but it won't. These arrogant bastards in Downing Street will simply ignore any criticism.

This is (lawyer) Tony Blair in his much trumpeted On line interview on Monday with 2 journalists from the Guradian and the Daily Mail..

Michael White:

..... a lot of our e-mails say, yes but you are endangering civil liberties carelessly, you a lawyer of all people are doing this, and you know we can tackle crime but we don't tackle crime by behaving in ways in which are wrong and without due process.

Tony Blair :

... I am quite sure, based on the experience I have had in government, you cannot solve some of these law and order problems unless you are prepared, quite profoundly, to change and rebalance the system of criminal justice so that you have more summary justice, more summary powers, more ability for quick and effective action to be taken, even if it will cross the line that most people normally think of as there in terms of civil liberties. And my view is that you can decide that you are not going to do it for civil liberty reasons, decide it.

I other words ditch due process, the cumbersome rules of evidence, open courts, juries, ... summary justice ... summary powers.

Sounds suspiciously on the route to Guantanamo Bay.... and if plod shoots a terrist in his jim jams, well as my old nany used to say ... " They must be bad men or the policeman wouldn't have arrested them, would they ?"

Massive rape case rocks Israeli Air Force - Chief Shakedi under prerssure on all fronts.

Just what is going on in the Israeli Air Force ? The military police arrested on Wednesday an Israel Air Force non-commissioned officer with the rank of sergeant major has been arrested for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.He has since been released.

The girl now 14 lived on an air base in Southern Israel with her father who worked on the base.

The NCO and four other soldiers told police on Wednesday that they had had sex with the girl, they are among about 20 soldiers who have admitted to doing so. However, military police suspect the total number is closer to 50 all say they thought she was 16/17.

Officers up to the rank of major have been questioned but nonwe suspected that any officers hadng sex with the girl.

An IDF official said there was no indication that any of the commanders knew what was going on. IAF chief, Major-General Eliezer Shakedi said on Sunday, (see pic of him looking smug) "We want to convey the clear message that we will not accept such behavior.The girl's story should shock all of us. It is a challenge to the country that such a thing never repeats itself," he stated.

Israel Air Force Chief Major-General Eliezer Shakedi, said on Sunday. "We want to convey the clear message that we will not accept such behavior.The girl's story should shock all of us. It is a challenge to the country that such a thing never repeats itself," he stated.

Last week Shakedi was praising his men for the assassination of Islamic Jihad member Muhammad Dahdouh on Sunday evening by rockets fired from a helicopter gunship.. The missile also killed 5 Dahdouh's family members, including a four-year-old child.

Israel Air Force Chief Major-General Eliezer Shakedi referred to the assassination, saying that "in the Gaza operation we managed to hit the person responsible for the launching of Qassams and developing long-range missiles which were recently fired at Israel."

We are in a very difficult war and have managed to significantly reduce incidents in which people who are uninvolved are hurt," he said.

Shoot the inoccent, rape, my old Shakedi has a lot of apologising to do. Recently he held a seminar for all high-ranking Air Force officers on morality, values and norms. During the seminar discussions were held on the rape and how to deal with similar cases at army bases.... i.e hush it up , etc., Replete with Powerpoint presentations no doubt ...This is a 123 year old - DO NOT RAPE, this is inicent family with 5 year old child DO NOT KILL. Seer US army teaching the same to GI's

Meanwhile he carries his smugness, hinting in public how his wonderful airmen can strike at the heart of Teheran. The they wonder why they are so hated... Posted by Picasa

Novartis swoop on Neu Tec to boost Hospital superbug portfolio again

Professor James Burnie has spent 18 years in the research of infectious diseases and has been director of the University Department of Medical Microbiology, which serves the central Manchester teaching hospitals, since 1989. He formed NeuTec Pharma in 1997 with Professor Ruth Matthews who has been Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Manchester since 1998 and has been an honorary consultant medical microbiologist since 1987 with a special interest in the immunology of candidiasis.(www.neutecpharma.com) . NeuTec was listed for public subscription on the London AIM market (LSE : NTP) in February 2002 and have yet to make a profit. The intellectual property rights were transferred from The Victoria University of Manchester into the new company in 1997.The founders share a 7% holding probably worth around 20 Mn pounds.

They have specialised in the field of genetically recombinant antibodies, or "grabs," for treating especially resistant life-threatening infections. Naturally occurring potentially protective antibodies from recovering patients of fungal infections are isolated and identified which are used to generate recombinant antibodies to treat these infections.

NeuTec claim these compounds, "are likely to be intrinsically safer than antibiotics". The company has 23 employees. NeuTec was listed in February 2002 on the London AIM (NTP) market at around 200p they had risne to 500p and closed today at . They launched at 150p ( 2.5 Mn shares raising 10Mn for the company = Mkt cap at launch 34.5 Mn. ) and today closed up 115 @ 1080p after Swiss pharma co. Novartis said it was offering 10.50 pounds in cash per NeuTec share, valuing the business at 305 million pounds (US$569 Mn) which the Directors and 39% of shareholders have accepted. (There are 23 employees)

Last year Pfizer Inc. (PFE.N) paid US $1.9 billion -- an 84 % premium -- for anti-infectives firm Vicuron Pharmaceuticals and their interest in this bid may not be over.

NeuTec's two leading products are Mycograb®, which targets systemic candidiasis. It is currently awaiting European approval for the treatment of invasive candidiasis -- a life-threatening form of thrush. It is also investigating using the medicine as a breast cancer treatment. FDA submission is planned for 2009

Mycograb®, works by targeting an antigen known as heat shock protein 90, (hsp90) which is also thought to play a role in cancer. Mycograb®, will compete in the systemic mycoses segment of the antifungal market, which had sales of US$ 1.7 Bn. in 2005 in the top 7 countries amid increasing medical need among immuno-compromised patients.

Mycograb®, has been granted Orphan Drug status in Europe and the US for use against invasive fungal infections, including systemic candidiasis.

Aurograb®, http://www.neutecpharma.com/aurograb.html targets Staphylococcus aureus, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (“MRSA”) which occurs in at least 1.5 Mn cases per annum and is growing. Aurograb®, is in final Phase III tests for treating MRSA and is expected to be submitted for EU and US approval in 2010

Vancomycin is curently the antibiotic of last resort but can cuase dramatic side effects of nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity and bone marrow toxicity. Vancomycin hydrochloride has been developed by Eli Lilly under the trade name Vancocin®. Thepatent expired in the early 1980's and generic versions of the drug are now available internationally under various trade names. Vancomycin acts by inhibiting proper cell wall synthesis in Gram-positive bacteria. The mechanism inhibited, and various factors related to entering the outer membrane of Gram-negative organisms mean that vancomycin is not active against Gram-negative bacteria.

In a step change in resistance intermediate sensitivity to Vancomycin has recently been reported among MRSA strains in Japan in 1997 , the USA and Europe. The emergence of vancomycin intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (VISA) has been described by The Lancet as an “apocalypse now” scenario and highlights the need for new and more effective therapies. (vancomycin intermediate Staphylococcus aureus)

The company can now also license their proprietary Fabtec®, a NeuTec Pharma’s platform technology for the identification of new therapeutic antibody fragments. This 4 stage process cuts the time taking a disease from preliminary clinical investigation through to the creation of molecules ready for manufacturing for use in pre-clinical studies, to 3-6 months..

Novartis plans on Hospital acquired infections and drug resistance.

In March Novartis paid US$525 Mn for U.S. biotech company Idenix Pharmaceuticals for a experimental hepatitis C treatment. On Tuesday Novartis issued another bid of US$507-MN.deal to boost its antiviral-drug pipeline by buying rights to the hepatitis C drug Albuferon from U.S. biotech company Human Genome Sciences (HGSI.O)

In recently acquiring Chiron , Novartis gained the European rights to Cubicin® (daptomycin) for Europe and additional markets for treatment of complicated skin and soft-tissue infections (cSSTI) caused by Gram-positive bacteria. Cubicin is the first of a new class of antibiotics called cyclic lipopeptides.

In June 2005, Novartis signed a collaboration agreement with Arrow Therapeutics for its small molecule inhibitor A60444 for the treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), another important hospital-based infection considered a serious threat to patient groups with poorly functioning or immature immune systems. A60444 is currently in Phase II trials.

Novartis share price

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Winograd Dem/ Dem challenge fails in CA 36th District.

There are 435 seats up for grabs in the House, and several fascinating Dem/Dem fights are underway all related to the shambles of Iraq.

Marcy Winograd was running for Congress in 36th District Primary Race CA. against Jane Harman top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee,“Wow! We have a Democrat who is surrendering the Constitution. She championed the war in Iraq, took to the floor of Congress to sell this war, refused to join 133 other members of Congress who said no. And now, what will happen if George Bush decides to invade or conduct air strikes over Iran? What will she say? What will the Democratic leadership do?” And I knew that at that point somebody had to challenge her.

In the primaries yesterday with nearly all votes counted, Harman registered 62 percent of the vote to 38 percent for first-time candidate Winograd. (pic Gore Vidal with Winograd)

Jonathan Tasini in New York running running against incumbent New York Senator Hillary Clinton “How could it be, that in New York state, one of the most Democratic states in the nation, that we have an incumbent senator who voted for the war, has been a great advocate for the war, and as Bob Herbert put in a recent Times column, her position is no different really than Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza Rice?”

Ned Lamont in Connecticut is running against Joe Lieberman, 3 term Democratic Senator from Connecticut, is facing his first major challenge to re-election since he won his seat 18 years ago. Senator Lieberman has been one of the most vocal Democratic supporters of the Iraq war.I see a president that’s trying to privatize Social Security. "I see a president that’s trying to replace Medicare, Medicaid and universal healthcare with health savings accounts. I see a president that's just plain wrong on the war in Iraq. And if Senator Lieberman won't challenge the President on those mistakes, I will." See the Ned Lamont for Senate Video here.

John Bonifaz in Massachusetts runs against incumbent 12 years in office, William F. Galvin for the Democratic nomination for Massachusetts Secretary of State. "I’m running against a go-along-get-along Democrat. I’m going to be fighting for the core values of our party and fighting to stand up for ordinary citizens and for our democracy."

You can Download an MP3 of the Amy Goodman show Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 here Tuesday, June 6th, 2006 where all 4 candidates plus Cindy Sheehan raise their doubts about the Democrat leadership, democracy and Iraq.

More here

Putin's siloviki consolidating ....

Russia's Minister for Natural Resources, Yury Trutnev has his sumptuous offices across the road from Moscow Zoo and must be keenly aware of the nature of the food chain. Subsequent to a fascinating interview in the Moscow Times (a Financial Times / Wall Street Journal newspaper) Vladimir Litvinenko rector of the St Petersburg State Mining Institute (whose alumni figure highly in Putin's pantheon of energy mandarins) has made a bareley concealed bid for his job. He is also a powerful force on the new Energy Commission.

He didn't support of Trutnev's nomination two years ago, in March 2004, when the Minister of Economic Development German Gref, and the controlling shareholder of LUKoil, Vagit Alekperov, supported putting Trutnev, an oilfield engineer by training, the provincial governorship of the central Russian region of Perm, and putting him in charge of policing the 16,000 or so licences that have been issued since 1991 for Russia's oil, gas, and other mineable resources.

Litvienko is quoted: "There was a time when salt was the most important resource in the world. Then it was metal of any kind, then later it became gold. In the specific circumstances the world finds itself in today, the most important resources are hydrocarbons. They're the main instrument in our hands -- particularly in Putin's -- and our strongest argument in geopolitics. A dramatic change has taken place in the world in major energy companies' strategy and understanding, and there is an analogous situation in Russia. Instead of simply extracting resources and selling them at the highest possible price, modern energy giants ought to invest in every link of the energy chain, from geological surveys to electricity generation."

Watch this space. Western oil and mineral exploreers, extractors, engineers, will be sitting up and taking note as their access to oil, gas and minerals becomes more difficult - BP are already having ahrd time in Sakhalin after spending squillions...

In the rather brutal way these oilmen and oligarchs work, the Zoo's Polar bears may be finding some tasty food in their pool soon. Vide LUKoil's rather curious past ....

For previous posts on this subject go to..

Tuesday, May 2
Putin's geo-political jig saw puzzle continues to take shape Pt. 34

Thursday, February 16
Putin's team consolidates

Brazil take drastic security precautions from UK World Cup Plods.

A ceremony was held in Berlin today when German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was presented to more than 300 police officers from 13 European countries who will be working in Germany for the World Cup. The largest contingent is British , with 82 officers, who will be in uniform and have powers of arrest - the passports of nearly 3,300 known troublemakers are reported to have been consfiscated.

Superintendent Roger Evans (evidently the brains of the contingent from the home of the beautiful game) from Britain said he did not expect England supporters to pose a threat .He also said very profoundly as he faced the rigours of watching the whole World Cup, on full pay....

"You put an awful lot of football fans together in close proximity, and anything could happen..."

You put 82 Plods in an excited state and half the Brazilian team could follow the fate of their countryman de Menezes.

26 year old Ronaldinho, named FIFA player of the year for the last two consecutive times who is set to lead Brazil to victory has been reported to have undertaken dramatic surgery to ensure his safety from any Kratos trained coppers - see pic. Posted by Picasa

Tony Blair nouvelle vague

Aboard a cheap Ryanair flight and fresh from a holiday in Italy , a visit to Pope Benedict with Cherie and a meeting with PM Prodi to discuss the withdrawal of Italian troops from Iraq, The Boy Tony returned to London. He swiftly settled back in No 10 by acting indulging in Downing Street's first ever hi-tech interactive video infotainment broadcast online when he handled questions by the Guradian's obsequious masterly and intelligent Michael White and the Daily Mail's perfectly formed Sarah Sands - with the the carefully edited and selected distillation of 600 questions claimed to be selected from around the country Transcript here

Sarah Sands:

What happened at Forest Gate, which is one mile from where I live?"

Prime Minister:

"Well first of all we don't yet know, and I think we should be very, very wary of drawing conclusions. But my view again is absolutely clear. I support the police 101%, and the Security Services. I think if they have a reasonable piece of intelligence that they think that they have got to investigate and take action on, they should. And you can only imagine, if they failed to take action and something terrible happened, what outcry there would be then. So they are in an impossible situation, and my view is, you know I know Andy Hayman, and Eliza Manningham-Buller, the people who front up our services very well, they are absolutely top rate professionals, they should be given support in getting on with the job, and I wouldn't draw any conclusions from Forest Gate at the moment frankly."

Which deconstructed means ...er " we don't yet know" ... days after mobilising 700 police, fleets of specialists etc., etc., etc., we still haven't a fucking clue ... how do you expect me to tell you about it ? Anyway I know Andy and Eliza personally and they are top rate professionals... er

Sarah Sands:
... successful operation though, there is some sort of concern about competence ...

Prime Minister:

Yes, but I think, well first of all, as I say, I wouldn't draw any conclusions about this particular Forest Gate incident at the moment. (UNtil we have destroyed the evidence, swept it all under the carpet etc.,)

Michael White:

The house in Forest Gate is not as big as Iraq, and they have searched it for two or three days, they appear to have drawn a blank, however honourable the motives.

Prime Minister:

Yes, but let's just wait and see, (Ideally I guess for about 5 years at least) there may be a whole series of things that they need to look into in relation to that. ( On the other hand of course they may be absolutley zero to find, like those pesky WMD's that take 45 minutes to launch Arnmageddon in Iraq)

It would be interesting to know how many people watched this PR bullshit live ... after all this is a figure that can be determined precisely.... and of course where from, and probably who. One thing is certain , if they wanted to know more about the total fuck up in Forest Gate 1 mile from where the perfumed Sarah Sands lives they were left none the wiser.... and certainly not feeling any safer. Posted by Picasa

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