"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Poles part company and Sunderland score in sex scandals

Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczyinski, the identical twins who run and rule Poland ( the country after which Polonium was named by the discoverer Marue Curie) who are President and Prime Minister respectively are having political problems - but only with the help of a very fragile coalition from two minority parties.

A female assistant of Maciej Giertych, Euro MP and senior member of the extreme Catholic League of Families (LPR) was spotted at a neo Nazi rally by the newspaper Dziennik at a rally where a large swastika was burnt and the crowd chanted Seig Heil.

Holding Nazi type gatherings is illegal in Poland under article 256 of the penal code.

Now lissome, beautiful brunette, Aneta Krawczyk, an employee of the ultra-nationalist Self-Defence (Samoobrona) party has let the cat out of the bag and claims that in 2001 she only had slept with Deputy Prime Minister Lepper to get the job. On top of that she says her daughter is the child of a leading party member Stanislaw Lyzwinski. Called a professional prostitute by her political clients, details of her comfortable lifestyle and generous remuneration 2250 zloty (US$ = 2.8 zloty) , her flat - 48,17 .sq.metres - and amysterious sum of 5,000 zloty of unknown origin and unpaid taxes have leaked out.

TVN Teraz My screened a program on Tuesday night making more allegations. Aneta forcefully claimed to camera that Stanislaw Lyzwinski, tried to get her to have an abortion. When this failed she says that a friend of his, who is a herbalist, gave her drugs late in the pregnancy to induce a still-birth! She also claimed if required she could describe Mr Lepper's private parts - see the charming picture of Mr Lepper pinching her cheek as admirers, evidently in on the Lewinsky/Clinton type revelation, watch and grin.

Lepper and Lyzwinski deny the allegations. Ho. Ho. Claiming that there are plans to destabilise the party and with that the Government by the daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. Stan the man has taken a paternity test in Lodz, and results are due on Monday - although there are reports circulating already (Saturday night) that the tests show he is NOT the father. (There are two children from a dissolved marriage). He also introduced a lady at a press conference who was named only as Magdalena who apparently has shocking information to reveal about our Aneta. The great giveaway however was daily Rzeczpospolita printed a tender photo of the two of them together today (see pic).

Pentor Research International undertook a poll on behalf of Polish Radio (8/12/06) and discovered that 1/3rd of Poles believe that "very often or often" women are forced to have sex with their male bosses if they want to keep their jobs or to be promoted.

All this follows revelations on fillum of a Prime Ministerial aide offering bribes to induce an MP to switch parties. Lepper also has government Minister of Labour, Anna Kalata, a member of Samoobrona claiming he sexually molested her. Poor Mr Lepper cried at a Press conference yesterday claiming he was being hounded.

Which isn't what is worrying Sunderland fans anxious to see the fillum of their keeper Ben Alnwick, 19, winger Liam Lawrence, 24, and striker Chris Brown, 21, in steamy action, starring in a home made fillum in a home made orgy with mystery, ravishing, brunette "Stevie" who definitely doesn't just lie back and think of Ingerland. The Sunderland Echo and Rupe's Rag the Sun would like to get their hands on her - (and who wouldn't) well talk to her at least, and maybe take a few snaps.

Their immediate audience - to what is claimed to be a regular fixture - although Ben does have trouble keeping a clean sheet - included ex-team mate Martin Woods, 20, now at Rotherham United, provides a jaunty, football style commentary and two pals -- not thought to be players -- who remained clothed - and presumably made excuses and went home. Go here to see young Ben Alnwick in action posted by "BlackCatLinzi" who may well be "Stevie".

7/7, 21/7 The 4th Bomb - Amazing new pics !!

A link to The 4th Bomb website was sent to us a week ago, and any comments / views were sought by a leading 7/7 blogger. It was difficult to make sense of what this very professional website was saying and from what incident angle to the sun it was arriving from.

Ideally you should have a look at it before you read on

....but you haven't have you ?

Well ignore the advice and you could go to " The 4th Bomb: New Tavistock Square Revelations"

which is written by someone called Daniel, the man who has written (?) writing (?) "The 4th Bomb" but, .... read all this first .... Daniel (pic) describes himself ...

I was aboard the lower deck of the bus that was blown up on July 7th. I rang the emergency hotline to report the 2 dark cars I saw holding the bus up and diverting it towards Tavistock Square. Instead of being asked to provide a statement what followed was 7 months of police surveillance and Harrasment. My experiences are contained in a book called Statement: The 4th Bomb (as yet unpublished)

He had an interview published in The New Nation "Britain's Biggest Black Newspaper" on July 4th 2006 - but it doesn't appear to be online. There is maybe a piece in the Evening Standard about him but no link appears to be available.

Daniel has a blog "

The 4th Bomb: New Tavistock Square Revelations

which has two postings.

The latest dated, December 8th enables a more coherent Unified Field Theory about 7/7 and 21/7 to be understood.

Sat in a pub with friends he saw the news item about the 21/7 transport bombings on the pub TV and he says ....

The logic for the ‘failed suicide attacks’ and the authorities seemingly haphazard yet iron-fisted response didn’t become apparent to me until late January 2006, some time after my interrogation with an Anti-Terrorist branch detective. It was something he alluded to in passing, that the attacks on 21:7 had thrown awry a carefully laid ‘operational response’ to 7:7.

He led me to realise that although the attacks were devoid of explosions, they achieved their primary objective, which was to upset the Anti-Terror investigation, mess-up MI5 and put more pressure on the unsustainable 'symbolic' levels of policing in the period of 'vigilance' following 7:7.

The attack was a piece of standard warfare tactic's. A low-cost yet high-impact operation in the wake of what happened 14 days earlier.

Daniel claims that he had been followed and harrassed by secret forces after he had testified about the 2 cars holding up the No 30 Bus, he says ...

Sat in a pub with friends he saw the news item about the 21/7 transport bombings on the pub TV and he says ....

" .....the intelligence services were totally UN-aware of those responsible for the ‘failed suicide attacks’.
A term that would more accurately describe them is ‘succesful dummy attacks', but a dummy attack on whom exactly… London’s already terrified public?

No, this was an attack aimed squarely at Military Intelligence themselves.

Executed by an ad-hoc bunch of sympathisers.

And their tools of devastation? A few bits and bobs cobbled together. That was all it took to send a jolt through the whole of London, which immiediately placed its transport system on lockdown for the remainder of the day and sent the SSR, Anti-terrorist Branch and MI5 scurrying.

So how do the forces of Laura Norder respond to send a signal to the these few organised - but also ther wider public and their sympathisers amongst them ?

According to Daniel ... who casts about for a motive ...

So how do the authorities respond to this unorthodox threat?

They send out a signal, a strong one.
A signal to any sympathisers, wannabees or 'why don't you gangs' out there.
A signal that says ‘This is what you'll get!
'The same treatment as someone with an explosive vest wth a bomb strapped to 'em!'
And they shot Jean Charles Demenezes then counted out the precise amount of additional shots into his skull and spine, vis-a- vis KRATOS

For Lord Patel this helps join some dots and the Unified Theory for 7/7 - 21/7 de Menezes Murder gets more coherent -

Chapter 1 Dead Men Tell no Tales.
Gladio style - 9/11style - New Labour / New Pearl Harbour event, 7/7 bombings utilise dupeddark skinned, bearded IslamoFascist cricket loving Pakistani boys based from Leeds and Luton after dummy run(?) to carry bombs and commit "suicide". Dead Men Tell no Tales. Abdullah Shaheed Jamal / Jermayne Lindsay the scented lover joined the group at Luton Railway Station and his car was stuffed with bombs (?) a gun(?) explosive(?) and had a 7 day parking ticket.

Chapter 2 Live men who can tell tales get locked up and trial delayed seemingly forever. (current re-scheduled date Woolwich CC Jan 11th 2006 (R - v - Osman & others)) 21/7 Bombers (some with criminal form) mimic (for money ? carrying Qat ? ) 7/7 with Flour Bombs. ( see Lord Patel Thursday August 4th 2005 )

According to his stunningly attractive lawyer Antonietta Sonnessa, Hamdi Issac, AKA Osman Hussein ( Somali / Eritrean / Sudanese with UK Somali / Eritrean / Sudanese passport) has said the bag he carried onto a London subway was full of flour fixed to a detonator.

"What he said is that is that there were harmless materials, that is, flour. And then there was (the detonator) to make it explode -- but only to create a bang. That's what my client said," Sonnessa told Reuters on Wednesday.

So we have 7/7 bombs of RDX, AMTP, HDMT, time / not timed, detonated by mobile, self detonated - a sort of Pick'n'Mix bomb kit ...now we have flour bombs. "Would that be Organic, wholemeal, plain or self - raising sir ?".....

You couldn't fucking make it up.
Some where the Somali / Eritrean mix gets heavily spiced with Qat, the Ethiopian exile's drug of choice (legal in UK but not elsewhere in Europe / US) with it's elaborate and highly efficient distribution chain (Qat MUST be fresh the active constuituent degrades very quickly) based on Heathrow Airport where it arrives daily from Kenya. Muktar Saed Ibrahim, also known as Muktar Mohammed Saed, 27, was a member of a gang who appeared at Luton Crown Court in February 1996 and pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, one charge of robbery and another count of handling stolen goods.

Chapter 3 . 22/7 Murder by the State
Charles de Menezes (apparently a doppelganger for one of the 21/7 street theatre event organisers , Muktar Saed Ibrahim - The Hackney Bus guy (about whom The Urban myth on Newwsnight hasd such entertaining theories - see Glossary) but just happened to live in a block of flats which one of the people arrested for 21/7 events used as an address) is murdered. In daylight. In cold blood - in direct contravention of the Health and Safety at Work Act (Sect. 1 protecting persons other than persons at work against risks to health or safety arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work; ) by a mob of heavily armed, highly trained and anonymous, unidentifiable plain clothes Police / Army hit men.

Chapter 4. Here's Dust in your Eye - Legal Obfuscation and the Role of the Attorney General to ensure stability in a Police run State
CCPA says no-one responsible for the murder of Charles de Menezes so the evidence about it will never be heard in a criminal court. Met plead guilty to breach of Health and safety at Work Act. (See : Keeping Crime levels low by failing to prosecute. Home Office Guidelines leaflet A.S.B.O. 15 rev . 3.2)

Appendix A : Lord Levy Kidnapped
How Lord Levy was kidnapped by the Met over the Cash for Coronets deal, as part of agreement to paper over the cracks in the de Menezes caper murder. Pictures of amazing rituals, animal fur, velvets, Royal involvement, Prince Harry Nazi, "off" duty WPC's etc., See Grosz drawing for taster.

Appendix B : Peter "Sphincter of the Yard" Clarke, the Met's terrist supremo
"Autism is not a Life Sentence"
Everyday story of a rather dumb Plod who is catapulted on the Peter Principle (see Glossary) into position which he cannot cope with and descends into farce of believing jail birds..." I have serious information "... forensic scientists ... " a Ricin Factory" ... "Osmium tetroxide" ... and probably Mystic Meg.

Appendix B1 : Police / Media Collusion - Spreading lies in a Democracy - I
Part 1 : How 350 armed Police storm houses at 2.am shoot an occupant and spread stories of "Magic waistcoat factory" in Forest Gate, North London run by dark skinned, bearded, IslamoFascist men and of their magical garment that spreads, ricin, anthrax, the Common Cold, and will blow up the Houses of Parliament, and airliner and most of Surrey in one mighty explosion. (drawings, Patent Applications etc for Bombs'R'Us DIY Waistcoat of Death)

Part 2 : Police / Media Collusion - Spreading lies in a Democracy - II
How 200,000 armed Police raid 1,324 addresses throughout the UK and Pakistan and arrest 3,456 people who will blow up every plane in the air with a magical bomb manufactured by dark skinned, bearded, IslamoFascist men from Lucozade, Haemarrhoid ointment and an entrancing new fragrance from David and Victoria Beckham. ( Bojinka Archive of 232,000 hours of TV News film, 2.2 Mn (approx) News pics, 12,000 miles newsprint library - planes, transparent bags, piles of hair gels, sex lubricants, and very young policemen (and women !) with guns at Heathrow.)

Part 3 : Police / Media Collusion - Spreading lies in a Democracy - III
ITV desperate for viewers and firmly under control of Rupert Murdoch (US citizen married to Chinese lady of impeccable proportions

probity) will be airing sensational new catering program in Spring 2007 "Ready, Steady, Bomb" in which teams of cooks make a bomb from a bag of ingredients bought by a mystery celebrity guest for £5 Winners judged on
1. Explosive potential (demonstration required)
2. Speed - against Studio clock, dramatic shots as seconds tick by... 3.2.1 BOOOOOOMMMM!!!
3. Ability to operate within the studio mock up of a Boeing 747 toilet. (only one contestant allowed in at a time !).(Only teams of slim dark skinne, bearded, Asian IslamoFascist may apply to participate)
On second (gedditt !!!) thought maybe the show should be called "3.2.1 BOOOOOOMMMM!!!"

Appendix C : Forest
Gump Gate
How a failed "Police Shoot to Kill" policy can be compensated by unfounded slurs and claims of Rape, Incest , child porn sex, and ..er .. bad manners. How their houses can be ripped apart with the lives of their occupants, and how the people vilified, abused and hounded cannot be compensated. ( Sun Pictures / Headlines - "This was the "real" stuff says man from the Met" (Believed to be The Sphincter of the Yard)

Appendix D : Baloneyium
Sub-Title : Varying the Myth - Semiotics of a De-constructed Democracy - the Airport / Airplane Interface meme. Chemical Warfare without Chemicals. Radiological warfare without Radios - effective use of the TV spectrum. (TV News Pictures of mild mannered man , whose eyes rotate, with a microscope on his desk explaining the difference between Alpha Centauri and Alfa Romeo - and almost every Hotel in London - weeping traumatised coffe bar staff, beautiful Slavic looking airline Stewardesses etc., etc.,)

Publishers wishing to bid for LordPatel's " 7/7 - 21/7 and De Menezes Murder the Unified Field Theory - the Role of the State in Murder, Mayhem and Martial Law" are advised that this is STILL a work in progress and that the pictures and CCTV of drug fuelled orgies of MP's, Judges, Archbishops, ennobled hacks, City financiers, disrobed WPC's and a variety of "sniffer" dogs - AND OTHERS OUTLINED ABOVE etc., etc., will only be available post contract. A podcast of the Karaoke King, the Totteridge Toff, Lord Levy, singing along to "I'm going to Prison in the Morning" will be available to bona fide publishers - on application.


Urban Myth - Anything said on Newsnight (BBC2 late night Gubment propaganda show) by Mark Urban member of the exclusive BBC raised eyebrow club (Prop. Jeremy Paxman) and who knows fucking everything about terrism, and fucking everyone who chases terrists. Knows a great deal about the internal workings of the Guardsmen.

Bomb Trigger - What Urban Myth said he saw in the hand of the man on the top of the empty Clapham Omnibus Bus in Hackney as he left the bus 13 minutes before the "bomb" exploded.

Mobile Phone - A wireless device used for people to communicate by magical capacity of radio waves (discovered by an Italian in London - see Marconi Scandal / Lloyd George etc.,) - apparently often carried by people in London - and maybe elsewhere. Please note it is very easy to confuse these devices with what acknowledged experts in "Bomb" theory call Bomb Triggers. See Cargo Cult.

Fitness First Rucsac - often used to convey bombs made of flour on London buses - have been photographed by people when buses are left unattended outside their house without any attempts by the Police / terrists to evacuate area, bring in De-c0ntamination treams, Bomb Disposal experts. WARNING VERY, VERY, Dangerous, even Police leave them well alone.

Peter Principle - well known management theory of my mate Pete - "All Policemen in the Met. from Constable upwards are promoted beyond the level of their ability".

WARNING (Public Advisory Notice - Urban Defence 1)

If you are on a bus and see someone (there are over 400,000 members of Fitness First nationwide who may have rucsacs - so it could be a bus anywhere) with a distinctive FF rucsac who looks fairly fit, who also is carrying what LOOKS like a mobile phone - ACT IMMEDIATELY.

Quietly and calmly , go up to the Driver , casually as possible lean in close to the aperture on his protective screen and say in a clear, firm, level, voice. "There is a man (or in very, vary rare instances " a woman") on this bus with a bomb he is seated / standing (give details of location) - ask driver calmly, to stop immediately and open the doors, leave ...and
- then run like fuck. You may save many lives by this public spirited prompt action.

WARNING - if this occurs on a train , you cannot contact the driver, so, simply, calmly wait for the next station (do not alert the bomber by any display of anxiety or concern or recognition), step out onto the platform and simultaneously (as loudly and as clearly as possible) SHOUT ..

- then run like fuck.

You will at least save your own life.

9/11 Demolition ? debris tracking - joining the dots to 7/7 tavistock Square - No amazing pics yet.

That terse old prophet Ecclesiastes said that ".... of the making of books there is no end " .... no doubt he would have said much the same of 9/11 conspiracists. Academically respectable criticism of official theories and alternative explanations of demolition of the twin Towers and WTC 7 mounts daily. This article is worth reading and noting, for the 9/11 novice or expert alike ....

Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse?
by Morgan Reynolds

Morgan comes with an impressive CV , Ph.D, Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX. He served as chief economist for the US Department of Labor during 2001–2, George W. Bush's first term.

He concludes his brutal analysis of the evidence to support the official theory ...

If we put the murder of 2,749 innocent victims momentarily aside, the only unusual technical feature of the collapses of the twin towers was that the explosions began at the top, immediately followed by explosions from below. WTC-7, by contrast, was entirely conventional, imploding from bottom up.

It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a scientific debate over the cause(s) of the collapse of the twin towers and building 7.

Amongst the many fascinating elements of that event, he documents that every truckload of debris was carried by electronically tracked trucks - one driver was sacked for an unscheduled 1 1/2 hour lunch break. Further investigation on this remark yields a fascinating article in Access Control and Security Systems (GPS ON THE JOB IN MASSIVE WORLD TRADE CENTER CLEAN-UP Jul 1, 2002 By J. Emigh ) about how initially loads of debris were handled....
Police and several other agencies teamed up to monitor the trucks on their routes between Ground Zero through 20 to 30 miles of tunnels, bridges and highways to the (Fresh Kills!) dump on Staten Island.
Subsequently (220 trucks fitted in 3 weeks) a US$1,000 per truck GPS tracking system was installed by out of town IDC-Criticom, a large alarm system wholesaler based in Minneapolis, (who sold out Sept 2002 to Integrated Alarm Services Group, Inc.
(NASDAQ : IASG) Albany, New York) and its two subcontractors: GPS hardware maker PowerLoc (a subsidiary of Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:PRAV), (www.powerloc.com); and implementation specialist Mobile Installation Technologies (MIT) of Marietta, Ga. "MIT was selected as the Prime GPS Installation Service Provider for the World Trade Center Recovery Effort." boasts their website. More here.

An interesting element in the design of the systenm was that each Vehicle Location Device (VLD) ...
transmitted via Cingular's Mobitex Data Network to a 24-hour call center operated by IDC-Criticom. By running in a different frequency range from cell phones, Mobitex was able to provide sufficient wireless bandwidth.
This was necessary because ...

Cellular access was in short supply in the Ground Zero vicinity because of high demand. Many services from Verizon, including basic telephone service, were down for six weeks or more, as a result of damage to cabling and other phone company equipment.
Which is of course what happened after 7/7 - but of course if someone WAS running comms on such a system (e.g a very few Iridium satellite phone users) at the time - no problem. remeber those pics of guys at Tavistock Square using mobiles (will post one when I find it) ? Many people reported total blackout at the time.

Through reading this and following many of the links the huge, impressive collection of 9/11 photographs was discovered @ Here is New York described as a democracy of photographs - $850,000 has been donated to the Children's Aid Society from use of the photographs. There are also oral histories of the event - but none from the many public employees who are gagged from speaking.

A fascinating archive.Go seek the Truth - pic. 5102.

Those who think the 9/11 theorists are crazy conspiracists are well advised to go here and read the official documents from the US archives of the Northwood Plot (Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba) prepared for the US Chiefs of Staff in 1962.

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Who Murdered Dr David Kelly ? Was it Msr Scarlett in the wood with ......

MP NORMAN BAKER MP will be discussing the latest aspects of his investigation in to Dr David kelly's Death on GMTV's "THE SUNDAY PROGRAMME", 10 DECEMBER 2006, 6 - 7.25 AM

Before watching the program and deciding it was Professor Plum in the Paddock with the Poison read all the latest information the team investigating what Lord Patel is convinced was his murder have assembled. @ Dr David Kelly and also @ Death of Truth

Anyone who has local information or personal contact with Dr Kelly, the investigation into his death or any contact with the players in his murder should contact:

or Norman Baker MP , 23 EAST STREET,LEWES, EAST SUSSEX, BN7 2LJ Tel: 01273 480268

This is what two local people have said ....

Anonymous 1 said...

Keep up the good work. Ed Vaizey and Norman Baker have been busy, but it's not enough.

So the BBC are doing an hour-long programme in Jan, re. the David Kelly 'suicide' - that's sure to be an even bigger whitewash. The answers are right here, locally, on our door-steps but no-one will listen. Interview all those present, before his body was found, and immediately afterwards.

Someone is living with a huge lie on his conscience.

Anonymous 2 said...
I knew David Kelly - he was a very clever but stubborn man, and I think the 'authorities' thought he knew too much for his own good. An independant Inquest should be called for, and an answer sought to the question 'who killed Dr David Kelly?' We (locals) didn't believe the stories in the papers, not for one second. This Government is trying to brain-wash us. Norman Baker MP, and Ed Vaizey MP, have voiced their thoughts, but who will listen? Who is in the position to call for an Inquest? In other words, what authoritative figure is there who isn't corrupt and is held in great esteem and total unbiased respect? Who is there? (The 1998 50th Anniversary Edition of Cluedo only, included POISON as the weapon)

Who Murdered Dr David Kelly ? Was it Colonel Mustard on the JIC with ......

Mr John Scarlett
was chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, (and "mate" of the deeply unpleasant, dishonest, devious, duplicitous and truly diabolical and part time pornographer, Alastair Campbell) a body which includes all the chiefs of all the intelligence agencies, and was responsible for the September "Dodgy" dossier of lies about Iraqi WMD's . A spook for 30 years who ended up as one of 5 Directors in the SIS he retired in September 2001 to take up his JIC post. Was this scion of Magdelen College one of the people who decided Dr David Kelly had to be finally and terminally silenced ?

It was Mr John Scarlett who sent a "note" to Sir David Omand, the Cabinet Office security and intelligence co-ordinator, in which he said that Dr Kelly needed "a proper security-style interview" to clarify apparent inconsistencies in his statement about his meeting with Gilligan.

Just what is a "a proper security-style interview" ? Does it mean lying / sitting up, with a wrist cut byba blunt pen-knife, having swallowed 2 or a bottle full of painkillers, whose discoverers all have differing tales of times, places, positions, identities.

Does a "a proper security-style interview" mean ending up dead. Arranged in a grisly palimpsest of suicide ?

Who Murdered Dr David Kelly ? Was it Miss Whiter than White on the TV with ......

Glamorous, well dressed, stylish and elegant, with a winsome style and disarming charm, Pauline Neville Jones (DCMG) was a previous chairman of the JIC , and of Qinetiq (which WAS the Defence & Research Establishment (DRE) until sold for song to the shadowy Carlyle Group. A website page of theirs says ...""... Although information operations are traditionally considered a military activity QinetiQ also develops information campaign strategies that can benefit governments, businesses and other organisations." She also worked for Natwest Capital Markets with Douglas Hurd helping to enrich Slobodan Milosevic in a deal over mobile telcoms. BBC Governor Jan 1998 - Dec 2004.

Shares being student of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and spook with with Ann Widdecombe, Benazir Buttho (whose father was murdered by the State and who has been called a murderer - and who Lord Patel was surprised to bump into in Pyongyang in 1994 - she is technically still prime Minister of Pakistan having been the last elected leader), Antonia Fraser who has written a lot about murdered Queens, Michael Gove (who despite vicious rumours from Newsnight review closet Queens is not ), Lord Patel's close friend, soul mate and the corsetiéres friend, Eliza Manningham Buller, and the frighteningly clever, or totally barmy Mary Warnock.

Member of the very curious Bilderberg setup, group, collective. (Confidential list of Members - probably incomplete)

Our colourful Pauline with a remarkable social circle is said to be close to fellow Bilderberger the Russian Think tankist (Carnegie) , unmarried Ms Lilia Shevtsova - who said in a broadcast PBS interview...." We are moving towards a new savior. We are creating a new myth and illusion. And unfortunately,when Putin is talking about so-called dictatorship of law, what he's doing in reality is just a little bit different. He's using a politicized and selective approach to everything.He creates rules of the game that are much more equal for somebody. He's attacking Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky because these oligarchs and tycoons are his own personal enemy, but he creates a favorable zone for other oligarchs. And perhaps very soon you'll understand that this selective approach to justice will result in the emergence of new injustice."

By one of those strange paradoxical coincidences, our colourfully costumed and carefully coiffed Pauline appeared on Newsnight this week talking about another death, another curious death, an unexplained and unexplainable death, in mysterious circumstances - of a friend, servant and employee of Boris Berezovsky - Alekszandr Litvinyenko.

Mrs Peacock in the House with a cup of coffee .... ?

IRAQ - Who is fighting whom and why ?

What follows is part of a transcript freely and widely available on the web, of a US Army Press Conference on the 19th October,2006. The US forces apprehended Sheikh Mazen al-Saedi at his house, he was apparently involved in death squad activity that killed hundreds of Sunnis , according to US intelligence, and so he was arrested.

Sheikh Mazen al-Saedi was released the following day at the express request of the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki .The sheikh signed a conditional waiver as he was released.Iraqi interior ministry vehicles took him to his Shiite movement's offices in the Kadhimiya district of Baghdad.

"He was released," confirmed Sadr spokesman Hamdallah al-Rikabi, accusing US forces of trying to provoke the movement into armed confrontation.


Q Paul Schemm, AFP. Slightly off-topic, there was a Shi'ite leader, a member of Muqtada Sadr's movement, that was arrested a few days ago. I think his name was Sheikh Mazen al-Saedi or something to that extent. He was apparently involved in death squad activity that killed hundreds of Sunnis, as the U.S. had figured out, according to their intelligence, and so he was arrested. Then there was a bit of a furor about it, and then Maliki ordered him to be released, which he was, subsequently released, though privately members of the U.S. military have said this is one of these people driving this sectarian conflict we're seeing.

And my question to you is, obviously we understand that the prime minister doesn't want the U.S. military going into Sadr City to address the militia thing there, and you do have -- but you do have your targeted operations. How can you try to stop these -- this sectarian killing if the prime minister does not allow you to arrest the people involved with them? Thanks.

GEN. CALDWELL: Well, in fact the prime minister actually has given us tremendous leeway in being able to conduct operations in support of specific targets. But we recognize the fact that we're here at the request of a sovereign nation, and anything we do in this nation, we do need to clear with the prime minister, I mean, and the government officials. I mean, we're not an autonomous operation here. We're here at their request. We're operating as guests in this country. Any kind of left and right limits that the prime minister wants to impose upon us, we need to abide by. I mean, this is his nation, after all. It's not ours.

And so what you heard was exactly correct. On October 17th, in the early morning hours, there was a raid conducted. There were several people detained, of which -- the sheikh was one of them.

And he was released the next day at the request of the prime minister, and so that did happen.

Q But my question is: Would these --

Q Is this making your job more difficult? And do you think you can actually succeed in your stated objectives if the prime minister doesn't let you arrest people?

GEN. CALDWELL: Well, I think what you have to realize, the prime minister is working at a much higher level. He's working at a national level dealing with strategic issues. He's engaged in a lot of dialogues that are going on at this point, and for us to second guess him and to try to ascertain why he did or did not make a particular decision, we have to respect the right of, one, he is the elected official, he is the prime minister of this nation, and that if he makes that decision, he has a lot of other information which we probably are not privy to in making that determination.

So the sheikh just before he was released did acknowledge the fact that he understood why he had been detained, because of involvement in suspicious activity, and that he signed a conditional release promising to support the government of Iraq and disavow future acts of violence as he was released.

Yes, sir.

Q Kirk Semple from The New York Times. Can you shed any light on the discussions that led to the sheikh's release or the conditions for his release?

GEN. CALDWELL: I think to get anything further I'd probably just refer you back to the government of Iraq because they're the ones we were responding to the prime minister's request, he was released. The sheikh did sign a conditional waiver as he was released, and probably beyond that, I should just let the government of Iraq take and answer those questions.

You will look in vain for this story in the US / European Press.

The Baker report has one interesting sentence in it - the rest is pointless verbiage.

Page - 23 Experts estimate that 150,000 to 200,000 - and perhaps as many as 500,000 - barrels of oil per day are being stolen.

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General "Mike" Jackson is a fucking, lying 2 faced hypocrite.

Ex-British Army chief, General Sir Mike Jackson, has criticised the government of inadequately caring for the Armed Forces in war zones and slammed the MOD staff who don't understand soldiering.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, his remarks echoed those he made at the 31st annual Dimbleby lecture last night, blaming insufficient funding and strategic failings for making troops vulnerable.

He specified poor wages, accommodation and equipment as threatening the "ethos of soldiering", supposed to encourage troops into this risky line of work.

"The country owes them the tools to do that job," General Jackson said.

Seeking to offload the blame still further and exonerate the Army leadership - i.e him, he is reported in the Daily Telegraph (8/12/06)

Asked if Mr Reid was aware of this analysis at the time he signed Britain up to the mission, Sir Mike replied: "I'm sure that advice was given.

"It's for you to make a judgment on what Dr Reid said, not me. It's not misleading. It was perhaps not the full picture, I accept that. He expressed it as a hope." replied the two faced, duplicitous double dealing lying bastard.

There will be some who remember the ethos that General Sir Mike imbued ...which Lord Patel has written about before. The "SAS" duo, captured red handed in Basra, by the much criticised Iraqi Police doing a splendid job , the mechanised raid by six tanks on the Basra prison by the Army to release them, killing 7 Iraqis and injuring 47 - for which HMG paid compensation in double quick time.

They might also remember the man deputed to inquire into the event, Capt. Ken Masters who seen by General Jackson when he was in Basra to discuss the matter. 2 days later he committed suicide by strangling himself with a bootlace, as General Mike was whooping it up at Margaret Thatchers 80th Birthday Party and telling the Times and the world that ..." The Army looks after it's own".

General Jackson looks after himself as this contemporary photograph shows when he resigned shows - it is amusing to compared this public face with the craggy visage we ve all learnt to know and love. Truly a two faced Janus.

For full reports read Lord Patel's previous posts here ....

Where are they Now? Pt 341 General Sir "Mike" Jackson

"Let me make it clear that it was important to retrieve those two soldiers.The British Army looks after its own.” (General Sir Michael Jackson, Chief of the General Staff ,Basra S. Iraq quoted in the Times, 12 Oct 2005)

"There will be few who forget the curious incident when 2 allegedly undercover SAS men wearing comical Arab style clothing were arrested, photographed and imprisoned by Iraqi Police in Basra on September 19th 2005 driving a car loaded with weapons, ammunition and a brand new car jack.

They will also remember the derring do raid on the local prison involving 10 tanks and supporting helicopters to rescue them that night. The raid resulted in the death of 7 Iraqis and a further 43 injured.....

On the 14th October HMG formally almost apologized to Iraq and confirmed that it "will pay compensation for injuries and damage" (Times October 12th)"

Monday, October 17 A Death is Announced in Basra

"A spokesman for the British forces in Basra said: "The commanding officer of 61 Section, Special Investigations Branch, Capt Ken Masters (40), was found dead last night at a military establishment in Iraq, death was "not due to hostile action or natural causes", there was no suicide note.

An inquest at Swindon Coroner's Court, which was heard on 27th June 2006, found that Capt Ken Masters, a senior military police investigator in Iraq, took his own life. At the time he was
suffering from depression brought on by increasing workload and stress.

Warrant Officer Philip Floyd told the court: “He was very conscientious. He had a sense of frustration in that the procedures we had to conduct in the inquiries were hindered by forces outside of our control.

" The Army looks after it's own". Could be Captain Master's' epitaph.

Maybe it will be carved on the tombstones of the soldiers casually killed in thewake of Tony Blair's distorted vision of a world changing political agenda and a lasting memorial for himself.

For the soldiers killed on Helmand ... of whom Lord Patel wrote

Friday, January 27 2006
Reid sends ill equipped troops to certain deaths in S Afghanistan

Defence Secretary "Dr" John Reid met some of the troops due to die (We expect to take casualties)in Afghanistan. In a nationwide 2 bases *(Salisbury Plain , Dittingham Norfolk, and Otterburn) exercise 3 Para are part of 3000 3,300 army personnel are due to go to the lawless southern region of the country.... read on ..

... the ultimate choking nastiness is that General Jackson , knew the hoplessness of the Afghan task, the lack of equipment, training, air support, the poor pay , the imprecise objectives, the havering of his NATO allies, the formidable foe, the devious political control , the duplicitous drug barons and war lords, the terrain, the sapping heat, searing dust, the cold, difficult supply lines .. and still he sent them... to please the politicians.

This latter day Hannibal, told the Today program.. "
Mr Reid had been optimistic to hope troops might spend three years in southern Afghanistan without firing a shot", he said, "adding that it was obvious the Taliban would be resistant to Britain's increased military presence in the region earlier this year."

"He was entitled to his hope and he did express it as a hope, but I think the reality came as absolutely no surprise at all," General Jackson said."

This hand wringing is no good. It is the job of Generals to tell politicians what is possible and what is not. He didn't and the dead troopers, pilots, airmen, drivers, blindly followed .. and leave behind, parents. wives, sweethearts, children and communities bereaved and distraught and the remaining troops in a hopeless, hapless desert mired by ignorant politicians in Death Alley.

Many more will die because of this stupid, ignorant , arrogant, vain , pompous martinet who says, "" The Army looks after it's own".

Tell that to the widows and the orphans General "Mike" Jackson.

You talk o' better food for us, an' schools, an' fires, an' all:
We'll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
Don't mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
The Widow's Uniform is not the soldier-man's disgrace.

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck 'im out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool - you bet that Tommy sees!

Then it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy 'ow's yer soul?"
But it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll-
The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
O it's " Thin red line of 'eroes," when the drums begin to roll.

Tommy Rudyard Kipling

Marines furious at front-line 'pay cut'

Daily Telegraph 30/11/2006

The morale of Royal Marines serving on the front line in Afghanistan has plummeted after a £3,000 allowance was deducted from their wages following a "dreadful blunder" by Royal Navy administrators.

National Audit office consider cost / effectivness of Anti-social behaviour interventions

The National Audit Office under the exemplary poublic servant Sir John Bourne has turned it's hard nosed attention to ASBO's and their role in "Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour".

Their report published today examines the work of the Home Office’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit set up in 2003 (cost £25 Mn per annum) and measures introduced by the Home Office since 1997 to enable the police, local authorities and others ( at an astonishing total cost of £3.4 Bn per annum) to tackle anti-social behaviour and considers the progress made.

They reviewed 893 cases, interviewed 12 local co-ordinators (there are 373) , held 12 costing seminars, had 6 public focus group meeting, interviewed 20 ASBO'd people, and sought help and advice and reviewed literature... a thorough and comprehensive, independent analysis.

They conclude that overall the majority of their sample who received an anti-social behaviour intervention did not re-engage in antisocial behaviour, but there was, a hard core of perpetrators for whom interventions had limited impact - 20 % of their sample received 55 % of all interventions issued in the period covered by the files in our review.

65 % of the people in our sample who received an Acceptable Behaviour Contract did not re-engage in anti-social behaviour although this fell off with under 18 year old offenders.

Warning letters are a very low cost and effective method of intervention costing approximately £66 compared to £230 for an Acceptable Behaviour Contract and £3,100 for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order and 63% of the sample who received a warning letter desisted from anti-social behaviour - which were generally for low - level offences.

A quarter of the sample had received an ASBO of whom 40 % had received an earlier intervention and 80 % had criminal convictions. Half the sample cases breached their ASBO, with a third of this group doing so on five or more occasions - also reflected in Police National Computer records.

It is evident from their recommendations that the records of effectiveness and outcomes of issuing interventions is dismal, training of people who can issue them not adequate and that efforts should be made to build up an evidence base on the cost and effectiveness of different interventions

Meanwhile in Burnley,David Grimes, 27, (seee pic) of Penistone Street, Burnley, the first person in the country to be given an ASBO for domestic violence has been jailed. The Burnley Crown Court court was told yesterday that Grimes, received his ASBO on November 10th (after he he lunged at a neighbour of his mother , Kate Lambert with a large kitchen knife) which incorporated a nine-month jail term, suspended for two years, a three-year curfew from 7pm-7am, two years' supervision and the addressing substance- related offending programme plus he was banned from Whitegate Close, Padiham, where Ms Lambert lives, and from entering any premises on the close. He was also not allowed to be drunk in a public place and must not associate with Sandra and Robert Heyhurst.

The Court was also told that Grimes had been a criminal for more than 11 years, and had beaten up his girlfriends for years - The Police had arrested him 66 times over the last 5 years for a catalogue of offences including violence against women. He was jailed for nine months.

His mother Linda Grimes has defended her son, insisting he has been let down by the state.

My enemy's enemy is ...er... maybe my friend .. or maybe not

Keep up to date on the response of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Baker report at previous posting "Tales of the Arabian Knights" which has been updated this mornng.

Al Anbaa newspaper in Kuwait today (7th) claims Syria seeks 3 "strange" pre-conditions to undo strategic alliance with Iran: calling off Hariri investigation; Arab financial support; and a Lebanese unified national government.

The Daily Star in Beirut in an Editorial "Iraq report gives Bush a last chance to salvage his reputation " says ....

The long-awaited report of Washington's Iraq Study Group is now in the public domain, and while it offers no surefire remedies, it does represent an opportunity to cure the severe case of denial from which US President George W. Bush's administration has been suffering. The report amounts to a comprehensive indictment of American strategy in Iraq and recommends a series of changes, including a few that directly contradict some of the White House's most dearly held convictions. It is clear, however, that Washington's approaches to Iraq and the broader Middle East have been a colossal and costly failure. The best course to take is by no means obvious, but the need to abandon the current one is precisely that.
Read on ....
Pic of George with King Abdullah of KSA swapping gardening tips or the value of oil as a lubricant or ...

Winter Hedgehog Alert !

Remember "Hedgehog Flavoured "crisps in the early 80's? Produced and promoted by Hedgehog Foods Ltd, some proceeds went to hedghog care but the company was (unbelievably) prosecuted by the po faced killjoys in the Office of Fair Trading, on a charge of false advertising under the Trade Descriptions Act.

After consulting some gypsies who have sentimental and gustatory connections with hedgehogs, and a food flavour company ,"Hedgehog Flavour" Crisps" were re- launched and enjoyed a brief Renaissance but like many hedgehogs died an early death.

Now http://www.hogwatch.org.uk alert us to the problems of survival for our native hedgehog and seek the public's help in surveying our decling populations by completing their survey on both the presence and absence of hedgehogs. Please spend a few minutes helping.

Their website also offers a suitable screen saver and lots of factsheets and gardening tips.

Hit by fast disappearing hedgerows, the motorways of the small mammalian world, especially in the agricultural prairies of East Anglia , these cute slug devouring garden visitors also fall prey to strimmers, plastic horticultural netting, pesticides (slug pellets), badgers, drowning, and of course road traffic On top of this they have been hit by a Double climatic whammy this year.

The lengthy summer and mild Autumn and early winter have resulted in second litters, and early hibernating animals waking early thinking Spring has sprung.

The public are asked to take in any small, weak, apparently dozy hedgehogs , keep them warm and feed them up with cat food (NOT Bread and Milk !) and do not to release them unless they weigh about 1 lb weight and have sufficient body fat to survive the winter.

WARNING Wild Hedgehogs harbour a wide fauna of parasitic ticks, blood sucking mites and lice and a specific flea Archaeopsylla erinacei (pic) (which is recorded biting humans) . Do not let them near domestic pets and handle carefully with gloves - even though they tend to be specific to hedgehogs. Do NOT use flea powder you may kill the animal, flood with dilute washing up liquid and rinse carefully.( A German survey by veterinarians found 20% of dog and 10 % of cat infestations by fleas was with Archaeopsylla erinacei .

Pic Mrs Tiggy-Winkle © Copyright Frederick Warne & Co, 2004 - buy the kids some Beatrix Potter Books as seasonal gifts and get ready for the fillum of Beatrix Potter's life and excite yourself at the sight of the delectable, nubile and naked Renée Zellweger swimming in Windermere. Pics here.

Another Dead Russian Oiligarch

The Wall Street Journal has a story today(subscription) by Michael Connolly , "Tycoon's Death Reveals Lukoil Insider Deals"

"Allied with President Vladimir Putin's Kremlin, Russian oil company OAO Lukoil (19%-owned by ConocoPhillips of Houston) is at the forefront of Russia's push for economic might....Touched off by the sudden 1997 death of oil tycoon Vitaly Schmidt, a multimillionaire with luxury residences in four countries, the fight has involved a struggle for control of his patrimony, hidden in tax havens from the Isle of Man to Panama."
This story has swamped the referrals to Postman Patel today from many, many finance houses, banks, newspapers worldwide ,as Lord Patel is a friend and follower of Vagit Alekperov has chronicled his fortunes closely and posted two stories when C.A.T.oil AG was floated on the Deutsche Bourse in May - having failed to find a market in London. It is an intriguing tale of LUKoil, a flame haired temptress Helen Brinkmann, secretary to Vitaly Schmidt who died in 1997 suddenly at 47, after a hearty meal swilling Georgian champagne. It includes mysterious offshore accounts, Cypriot front men and women, and the puzzle of how his shares in C.A.T. oil AG ended up being owned by Miss Brinkmann and quite where LUKoil and Conoco Philips fit in and why his son thinks there has been some jiggery-pokery - нечестность. Read on ......

Wednesday, May 3 2006
C.A.T. oil IPO - Death - kidnappings- theft an everyday story of Russian Oiligarchs
Tuesday, May 2 2006
C.A.T.oil AG IPO 1st. Oilco on Deutsche Bourse

For much, much more on this fascinating company and it's fascinating way of getting oil out of frozen ground simply Google the site for "C.A.T.oil"

Promise ... no mention of Baloneyium.

Pic is of a Flame Haired Temptress on a Cyprus beach - it isn't H Brinkmann but you can find her picture at the above links. Phwwooooaaarrrrrr!!!!

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Not Tax and Spend - Simply sell off and spend.

Tucked away in Gordon Brown's Christmas Cracker Speech (Full text at BBC)

Sir Michael Lyons is also setting out today departmental guidelines for the disposal by 2010 of £30 billions of public assets.(5% of the national asset base)

Harold Macmillan at a dinner of the Tory Reform Group at the Carlton Club on November 8 1985) characterised the sale of nationalised industries by Margaret Thatcher anecdotally, as ..."selling off the family silver" ....
"First of all the Georgian silver goes. And then all that nice furniture that used to be in the saloon. Then the Canalettos go." Profitable parts of the steel industry and the railways had been privatised, along with British Telecom: "They were like two Rembrandts still left."
Macmillan's speech was much commented on and described in journalistic shorthand as "selling off the family silver".

As the old rogue was to explain later to the House of Lords, he merely .. " ...ventured to question (that the Gubment) was the using these huge sums as if they were income."

Which is of course, exactly what Gordon Brown intends to do.

PS. The £20Bn to be raised by flogging off whatever they can find in the national attics and basements, is roughly equivalent (no-one knows the exact figure) to the total recent VAT carousel frauds have removed from the Exchequer in the last 4 years - which continues at £400Mn per month (at least) and about which a report was promised in the statement yesterday by the Chancellor - but curiously was missing. See latest report on MITAC fraud from Nat Stat office here. Warning PDF and also not for taxpayers of a nervous disposition.

FOOTNOTES on Flogging off the Queen's realm and Public property...

The Ministry of Defence has received on average over £200m annually from disposals. Property surplus to the requirements of the National Health Service has in recent years been passed to NHS Estates for disposal.This realised £1.5 Bn. in the four years to 2000, and substantial receipts since then. The Department for Transport and the Department for Constitutional Affairs have also disposed of assets in this period.

As the National Trust says in a discussion paper on the question of sales of Heritage Assets...

"The arrangements therefore set up a tension between revenue maximisation and the protection of heritage interests which can be difficult to resolve, place heritage in opposition to the public body’s financial objectives, and portray heritage as a problem rather than an opportunity."
Picture of the West Front at Erddig Hall, Wrexham which is threatened with being sold off for development - it was voted Britains second finest in the Channel 5 Television series "Britains Finest". The National Trust (op cit) says Information on the purchasers of heritage assets disposed of by Government Departments proved difficult to obtain on a systematic basis, but from local government the surveys found that 43 out of
66 named assets went to the private sector, mainly commercial bodies and developers.

You can examine the complete English Heritage list of Buildings at Risk here.Nationally 1,430 items - 3.4% of Grade 1 and 2 listed Buildings are at risk through neglect or decay and developers. Unlike England there is no advice or policy in Wales or Northern Ireland on the disposal of heritage assets either by government bodies or by local authorities.

Tales of the Arabian Knights

Average Saudi daily oil production (left scale), by month, from EIA, JODI, and IEA, together with Baker Hughes oil rig count (right scale). Jan 2000-present. Click to enlarge. Sources: IEA Oil Market Reports, EIA International Petroleum Monthly Table 1.1a, JODI, and Baker Hughes.

This fascinating composite graph comes from the invaluable Oil Drum and was prepared and Posted by Stuart Staniford on Friday December 01, 2006.

He quotes Nawaf Obaid in The Washington Post 28th November 2006.

" ......therefore the Saudi leadership is preparing to substantially revise its Iraq policy. Options now include providing Sunni military leaders (primarily ex-Baathist members of the former Iraqi officer corps, who make up the backbone of the insurgency) (Khazraji and pals Ed.) with the same types of assistance -- funding, arms and logistical support -- that Iran has been giving to Shiite armed groups for years."
An alternative Abdullahmite stratergery might be ...

" ......Finally, King Abdullah may decide to strangle Iranian funding of the militias through oil policy. If Saudi Arabia boosted production and cut the price of oil in half, the kingdom could still finance its current spending. But it would be devastating to Iran ...."
Is this threat credible Stuart Staniford asks... Go see his more detailed Saudi production graphs, read about Saudi oil depletion and frenetic oil drilling in the Kingdom (plus 273 well informed comments) .... judge for yourself. A first reading of the "Baker" report from Grey Panthers of the Rock Steady Crew on Capitol Hill whose latest single "Sayonara Baghdad" was released today suggests we are about to live in interesting times.

Get a wood burning stove and buy a forest says Lady Patel from the kitchen.

By the end of this year Saudi foreign assets should be up to approximately a quarter of a trillion dollars in foreign assets by the end of 2006.

PS. If you don't know who the hell Nawaf Obaid is, he is an adjunct fellow with the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at CSIS, as well as managing director of the Saudi National Security Assessment Project, a consultancy based in Riyadh. He is the private security and energy adviser to HRH Prince Turki Al Faisal, the Saudi ambassador to the United States (previously Ambassador to the Court of St. James, London (see pic)

He is the author of The Oil Kingdom at 100: Petroleum Policymaking in Saudi Arabia (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2000) and coauthor, with Anthony Cordesman, of National Security in Saudi Arabia: Threats, Responses, and Challenges (Praeger/CSIS, 2005).

Anthony Cordesmann wrote the highly important "Planning for a Self-Inflicted Wound: US Policy to Reshape a Post-Saddam Iraq" December 31st 2002 about post war Iraq and foretold with terrible accuracy the dilemma that the US now finds themselves in - months before the invasion.

It is left to the reader to judge whether the remarks of Nawaf Obaid in the Washington Post might have possibly passsed across the handily placed desk of the Saudi Ambassador , HRH Prince Turki Al Faisal

Lord Patel thinks it is likely.

Thos interested so far might like to reflect on a telephone interview with Mr Nawaf Obaid phone from Riyadh on August 19, 2006 with SUSIS, the Saudi US Information Service.
in the course of which he said ....

regarding King Abdullah's overseas visits ..
" He looked to the two countries that are going to most need oil from Saudi Arabia in the future, India and especially China......The signal here is pretty clear that the Chinese recognize Saudi Arabia as the main power in the Middle East. For China the most important aspect is that Saudi Arabia is the number one oil producer and exporter and will be into the future. China realizes its booming economy needs oil. So it is logical to establish what will eventually become a strong relationship between the number one provider of oil, Saudi Arabia, and what will become at some point in the near future the number one importer of oil, China. "
And of relations with America...

"This is the problem. There is deep distrust regarding each other and its growing especially after the Lebanon crisis. The fear is that it might sink to new lows, especially in the last two years of the Bush administration."
Read on ....


Reuters reports (6th Dec 2005) that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)had fired Nawaf Obaid and said there was no truth in his Washington Post article of November 29 article, which suggested the kingdom would back Iraq's Muslim Sunnis in the event of a wider sectarian conflict. They quote the state Saudi Press Agency last week who quoted an "official source" .

Obaid stressed in the article that the views were his own and not those of the Saudi government.

"We felt that we could add more credibility to his claims as an independent contractor by terminating our consultancy agreement with him," Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, told the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

The article said the kingdom would intervene with funding and weaponry to prevent Shi'ite militias from attacking Iraq's Sunnis and suggested Saudi Arabia could bring down world oil prices to squeeze Shi'ite power.

Make of that what you will.

See also Reuters News Alert of Prince Turki al-Faisal's response to the Baker report...""The U.S. must underline its support for the Maliki government because there is no other game in town."

MOVING CCTV Pictures - 7/7 Bombers - Questions to ask ?

Channel 4 TV (UK) ran MOVING CCTV pictures issued by the Metropolitan Police at 7.35 GMT tonight of Laila Rezk as she traveled home on a bus, in their hunt for her killer.

This will be seen by many millions tonight on other TV news programmes both in the UK and worldwide.

Why aren't MOVING CCTV pictures circulated of the four alleged suicide bombers on 7/7/05 in London , who allegedly acting alone killed 56 people and injured many hundreds in the most fatal terror attack in London since Doodlebugs rained down in 1944 / 5 ?

3 things to do -

1. Write to your Councillor (if you live in London), your MP, Your MEP, The Home Secretary John Reid, The Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Ex Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP, Metropolitan Police Commander Sir Ian Blair, Superintendant Peter Clark in charge of Terrorism in London, BBC/ITN Newsrooms.

1. E-mail everyone in your address book to alert them to this curious discrepancy in Police (in)activity. Ask them to read yesterdays story "7/7 London Bombs - Amazing new CCTV pics!"

2. Can someone out there get a clip onto You Tube / Google Video of the Laila Rezk moving CCTV fillum ? Complete with an appropriate message about Plod's failure to release 7/7 bombing MOVING CCTV pictures.

3. Write to your Councillor (if you live in London), your MP, Your MEP, The Home Secretary John Reid, The Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Ex Home Secretary Charles Clarke MP, Metropolitan Police Commander Sir Ian Blair, Superintendant Peter Clark in charge of Terrorism in London, BBC/ITN Newsrooms - any other Media contacts you have.

Help identify Laila's killer(s?) and stick 200 Mn volts up Plod's big fat lazy arse. Do it NOW!

Danish Offshore windfarms get a good report and plan for expansion

Dong Energy ( a Danish consortium formed this year from DONG, Elsam, ENERGI E2, Nesa, Copenhagen Energy’s power activities and Frederiksberg Forsyning) and the Swedish energy combine Vattenfall run the Danish Horns Rev and Nysted offshore wind farms and have completed an 8 year, 144 page year environemntal impact study (PDF Alert / English),in conjunction with the Danish Energy Authority and Danish Forest and Nature Agency.The publication can be also ordered from the Danish Energy Authority’s Internet bookstore ISBN: 87-7844-625-2.

This was released this week at the Final Results: The Danish Monitoring Programme conference held in Denmark , the report also contains commentary from the International Advisory Panel of Experts on Marine Ecology, which gave the report a positive evaluation.. The report confirms that both the Horns Rev and Nysted offshore wind farms will be doubled in size in the coming years.

The final chapter on the economics of wind power both on and off shore is most revealing ..

Offshore the availability of the small nearshore farms is also high, but in 2004 the availability for Horns Rev was low due to a comprehensive repair of the gears and transformers on all the Vestas turbines. However, in 2005 all turbines operated nearly 100% with an availability of 95%, where as the Siemens (Bonus) turbines at Nysted reached 97%.
.Which confirms the problems Vestas have been experiencing in design , manufacture and maintenance of their devices (see Lord Patel many previous posts) .. and an intersting way of comparing investment costs ..

.....with an expected electricity production output of approx 12,000 MWh per year for a 3 MW offshore wind turbine,the wind turbine will generate the equivalent amount of energy needed for manufacture, transport and operation of the wind turbine in approx eight months.
Expansion is now in train and In June 2005, DONG Energy,was chosen to build a 200 MW off shore wind farm at Horns Rev 2. The price has been set at approx EUR 0.069/kWh fixed for 50,000 full-load hours, which corresponds to approx twelve years’ electricity production. The farm will commence operation in 2009.

A consortium of DONG Energy and E.ON Sweden was appointed to build a new farm at Rødsand on 6 April 2006. The tender submitted off ered the lowest kWh price of approx EUR 0.066/kWh fixed for 50,000 full-load hours.

Both of these sites will each provide some 2% each of Denmark's load and help towards the national goal of 50% renewable energy by 2025.

Perhaps most interesting in the light of the announced increase in gas and electricity charges in the UK for infrastructure / pipeline , grid networks yesterday is the observation ...

It is envisaged that bottlenecks will be created if the transmission grid is not reinforced when the Horns Rev 2 and Rødsand 2 off shore wind farms are grid connected in these areas by 2009/2010. Such bottlenecks can limit the possibilities for fully exploiting wind power. Depending on the location, it is therefore to be expected that future Danish wind power expansions will necessitate a corresponding expansion of the transmission grid if it is to make full use of wind power.
Let's hope that the UK companies sucking this money from consumers with the help of OFGEN take note of the comment ..

The investments in transmission lines have service lives of 30–40 years so it is important that the system responsibility can be planned from a very long-term perspective.
Don't hold your breath.

The Inflexion Point on the Graph

After a grisly PMQ our Dear Leader will be winging westwards later today to have a brief chinwag with his schoolboy chum who made it good by being made US President . George Bush's dad has assembled a team of geriatric do gooders and well meaners who have taken time off their shuffleboard and bridge to discuss the latest news on the events in the Middle East and to pass on their random thoughts to his gormless son.

One of these guys - incidentally the youngest - who favoured bombing the Nicaraguans back to the Stone Age - which wasn't far according to him - has however given the game away.

Asked by war hero McCain , Robert Gates Defence Secretary nominee told the Senate Armed Services Committee what everyone knows. The US is losing the war in Iraq. Everyone else knows also it is a war that the US CANNOT win.

Dubya and his dog are going to mull over the geriatric's, "Notes for a Better World" pray, swap notes on toothpaste preferences and note that Damascus,Teheran, Riyadh (who effectively told Veep Cheney to fuck off out of their playground last week) Kabul, Tashkent, and their citizens are playing a nasty game of hardball.Dubya is probably mulling quietly over what that apalling General Mushariff (whose name you might recall he couldn't remeber in 200 ?) said about an ally he needed.

The best hope this sad old folks outing will come up with is to call a "regional conference" effectively and acceptance that they have to sue for peace and a chance to withdraw with some sort of honour - but there is nothing worse than having a party and no one wanting to come... so that looks a non-starter.

On arrival our Dear Leader will be wasting time with Senators chatting about climate change - the last refuge of the self important and the largest Department in the School of Busy Fools.

Meanwhile down South of the Border, re-elected Chavez fired by Castro took OPEC by the scruff of the neck in 2000 , strutted his stuff and drove up the oil price and has been re-elected effectively for life. His bold challenge has provided the Anti-American Alliance , Muslim , Middle / Far Eastern and South American with the funds which they needed to first exhaust the US military machine and then destroy it, and it's leaders.

At home Dubya dismally surveys twin deficits, a slumping dollar and a housing market sliding over the abyss, healthcare costs skyrocketing, a failed or failing education system, energy costs socking his citizens ....and don't even mention the polls.

Soon Dubya will be leafing through what Dad's chum Baker has limned in deadly prose ...."if the US or Israel launched declared war by a surprise strike at Iranian nuclear facilities. The Iranians would immediately respond with a Russian made barrage of SS-29 and SS-22 Sunburst anti-ship missiles plus NATO supplied Exocets simultaneously from 5 different angles totaling 140 degrees at every ship in the Persian Gulf.

Result. 10,000 dead, half the world's oil gone , the remainder at US250 a barrel or about Euros 100 - the US$ dumped.

50,000 Iranian led Shi-ite suicide volunteers would flood the Green Zone and cut off US troops in Iraq from their Southern supply lines as the CPA forces in the South (the perfidious Brits)head for Kuwait and Blighty. Many thousands of US troops would be killed and as many taken hostage.

Instantly the reflexive response would be to attack Iran , Syria and what's left of Iraq and the Mideast with nuclear weapons."

It might make the warlords of Washington feel good but it won't solve the problems of the US economy, it won't clear the deficits it won't restore a booming Clintonian economy. It wouldn't restore the steady and determined assault on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Israel would do nothing. Israel would survive and quickly cosy up to their new pimp daddy on the block .... Vladimir Putin - or if really pushed those nice Chinese folks.

If Mr Blair really wanted to show Leadership qualities to the UK and greater Europe he would take note of what Mr Kendall Myers said over the weekend about the UK/US "one sided relationship" and how the US have simply ignored him after getting his help to rush the UN over Iraq.

If Mr Blair had any sense he would discover his plane was strewn with Baloneyium , or he has a bad heart, a bad head cold, a gyppy tummy, a sore knee, the kid's Christmas Play ... or .... but he won't.

He will bestride the world like a Colossus and seal his Fate with Destiny.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The War of Unintended Consequences has kicked off

1. The BAE "slush fund" does not give the Saudi Royal Familty the slightest concern - nobody in their fair Kingdom are ever going to read anything about it - and the movers and Sheikhers are all in on it anyway.

2. The story about it being an impediment to signing the "Typhoon" deal is bollocks made up by the increasingly desperate and embarassed Directors ( and heavily re-shiffled) Directors of BAE.

3. The Saudis are now putting money behind the Sunnis in Anbar, big style, still upset about the demise of their star pupil Hariri.

4. On Saturday November 24th ( 2 days after 250 Shi-ites were killed in Sadr City) US Vice President Dick Cheney held talks (well THEY talked to him) with King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and other top Saudi leaders during a brief visit to Saudi Arabia prior to President George W. Bush meeting (now you see me, now you don't) Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Amman.

US sources said Cheney was expected to ask Abdullah to use his influence to help foster reconciliation in Iraq, which is reeling from an explosion of tit-for-tat sectarian violence between the ruling majority Shiites and the Sunni Arab former elite.

The Riyadh talks were also expected to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the situation in Lebanon, a diplomatic source in the Saudi capital said.

On Monday Saudi Arabia warned against upsetting the "social balance" in Iraq and urged US-led forces to stop outside influences, in an apparent reference to the growing influence of Shiite Iran.

Immediately the points had been made and Cheney had been given a lesson in Arabic history, real politik and enlightenment he left the meeting and the country very quickly.

4a. King Abdullah gave dire warnings that three wars could easily erupt in the region.

5. Evidence is the downing of a USAF F-16 jet fighter with Strela rockets after it dropped cluster bombs on Resistance positions near al-Fallujah midday Monday 27th November 2006. Strela is a generic NATO title for a family of highly mobile, short-range, low altitude infra-red guided surface-to-air missile systems.

Mafkarat al-Islam reported an Iraqi journalist as telling al-Jazeera satellite TV that according to eyewitnesses the American airplane was flying at low altitude in the area when the Resistance ambushed it from the ground and struck it with a missile, bringing it down immediately.

An American statement said that there had been only one pilot aboard the craft. The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent noted that the airplane had been dropping cluster bombs on Resistance fighters in the area just before it was shot down.

It was later reported that The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Abu Ghurayb reported that more than 100 US armored vehicles, mine sweepers, and Marine troop transports, under a heavy escort of helicopter gun ships and F-16 warplanes flying at low altitudes was making its way west into al-Anbar.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Karmah, east of al-Fallujah, reported that roads had been closed in that area and an order had been given over loudspeakers banning traffic on the highway.

6. The French as ever, are happy to take over the role of arms supplier to the Saudis and have been in talks ever since the Airshow in Dubai last November - they have also been talking to Mig about their new vector thrust powered Mig 35's.

Increasingly the "Typhoon" which is in use at RAF Scampton is proving to have many, many software problems - when it works it is light , agile acrobatic, superbly fast in climb. It has a very limited range, negligible payload and no close defence.

The talk in Riyadh is of the Rafaele (as it is in Singapore), especially it's stealth characteristics, which the Typhoon simply does not have.

7. The Green light for Trident was staged by our Dear Leader to bolster up the BAE share price in advance of it's sale to Boeing when the Airbus shares have been off loaded. The US are supplying the emisiles they might as well build the boats - an idea that has already been floated.

A major re-alignment of the Saudi / Bahreini / Gulf Alliance is underway. Massive ME tectonic plates are grinding. The War of Unintended Consequences is on it's way. also Pat Buchanan in 2003 May

Mr Bin Laden has lit the blue touch paper in the Saudi Kingdom.

This is not the total picture - updates will follow.

POSTSCRIPT - the delightful and disarmingly beautiful and well spoken Lise Doucet of the BBC reminded Kofi Annan yesterday when he was leaving the UN of what he said in 2003 ...."You must in some way feel sadly vindicated - in 2003, in March, you said that: "A war can lead to unintended consequences, producing new threats and new dangers."

Fiji TV shut down by self censorship - Rugby relationships at work

Fiji TV have started broadcasting the following message 6.pm local time

There will be no late news tonight

The Army has refused to allow any reports on or statements by Laisenia Qarase or his ministers

Fiji TV newsservice will return only when it can be independent and uncensored,

AFP pic shows Commander Frank Bainimarama and Fiji's Vice-President Joni Madraiwiwi watching a military vs police rugby match on Thursday Night. Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi (born 1957) was sworn in as VP on 10 January 2005, following his nomination by President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo (who is 84 and has ill health) and his subsequent approval by the Great Council of Chiefs on 15 December 2004. He was appointed to complete the unexpired term of , Ratu Jope Seniloli, his immediate predecessor and supporter of George Speight, who had resigned in disgrace on 29 November 2004 in the wake of his convictions for treason concerning his role in the Fiji coup of 2000 (He is now in prison). Widely respected lawyer and Judge, son of a Doctor and descended maternally from the first Fijian female MP and earlier chiefs , he trained in Australia and automatically assumes presidency if the President is incapacitated or dies. Supported by the opposition Fiji Labour Party and helped to broker a fitful truce truce on16th Jan 2005 bwteen Bainimarama and Qarase. He evidently enjoys cordial relations with Commander Frank Bainimarama. - Rugby really does matter.

Fiji had a National team in the Dubai 7's this weekend they got through to the Final against New Zealand and lost narrowly 17-12 after stuffing France 46 - 7 in the Semi Final. Madraiwiwi was a Board member of Greenpeace in the Pacific and will not have been sorry to see the bombers of Rainbow Warrior so humiliated.

An outspoken man, strongly Christian he will play a major part in whatever results from the current brouhaha. For example he has publicly endorsed freedom to choose a homosexual lifestyle of which Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said that so long as he remained in office, homosexuality would remain illegal.

Madraiwiwi has spoken of the need to build personal relationships on the basis of trust, across ethnic lines and as recently as November 24th said , "We must begin to trust each other if this country is to progress the way we want it to. But before that we have to lay the preparatory work to engender that trust by building relationships every day." He is also a great promoter of the Fijian national language even though English is the language used on schools - also a great critic of the lack of political leadership from the Chruches, especially the Methodists and Roman Catholics.

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