"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What's sauce for the Wyoming Winger ...

"Be careful", warns the label. " Cheney's Birdshot Pepper Sauce will hurt you. If you swallow it, stick it up your ass, or shoot it in your face, IT will HURT."

Learn more from www.tahitijoeshotsauces.com.

One thing for sure - do not take it on board in your hand baggage - unless you want to see what the weather is like in South Cuba!

This handy culinary gift to Lord Patel remains, as yet, unopened. Posted by Picasa

Bush fought the law ... and the law ...er ...won.

The text of a letter from a clutch of leading academic lawyers is available on Line here (PDF alert 10 pages) explaining why the warrantless wiretapping perpetrated by the Administration , aided by the telco's is illegal.

Dear Members of Congress:

"We are a group of constitutional law scholars and former government officials, writing in our individual capacities. Earlier this year we wrote you two letters (dated January 9 and February 2, 2006) explaining why, in our view, the recently disclosed National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance program is unlawful under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), and why the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s legal defense of that surveillance program is unpersuasive.

We will not repeat our previous arguments here. We write now merely to explain how the Supreme Court’s recent decision concerning military commissions, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, 126 S. Ct. 2749 (2006), further refutes the only two legal arguments that the DOJ has offered in support of the NSA program(i) that the September 18, 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) authorizes the NSA program; and (ii) that if FISA prohibits the NSA program, it unconstitutionally restricts the President’s powers under Article II of the U.S. Constitution."

Shayana Kadidal at Huffington Post explains in less lawerly detail what this means and the consequences....

"When the Supreme Court rejected President Bush's executive power claims in last month's decision invalidating the Guantánamo military tribunals, it also shredded the administration's arguments for domestic spying. Now a bipartisan group of legal experts and former government officials are explaining to Congress exactly how the court's ruling affects the NSA's illegal domestic spying program." ... Read on.

That should take the grin off Alberto's face....... but it won't.

Bad eyesight. Bad Times.

When I first saw this I misread it to read "MI5 Mis spends its $200Mn"

Originally in slumping Rupe Rag the Times. Whose pre-war (WWII) official line was appeasement of Hitler and is now pre-war (WWIII) appeasemanet of the Zionist madmen led by Tzipi Livni.

Incidentally the Screws of the World, another of his smutty rags has been caught earwigging the Royal voice mail and dropping BBC boy wonder Tom Bradby dans la merde.

Their circulation continues to drop - even before the trial when the "Fake Sheik" Mazheer Mahmoud was trying to peddle nuclear weapons of indescribable power to a couple of gullible fools.

Top legal eagles consult Lord Patel for advice ...

It is fascinating to see who is reading the coverage of terrism on this site..Lawyers seem to be on the prowl, Aug 11 2006 4:24:06 pm (PST) from a Hyatt hotel 12.42.164.# someone from top legal outfit Thelen Reid & Priest LLP. who clock up over 400 attorneys, and have offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Northern New Jersey, Thelen Reid provides superior legal services to Fortune 500 companies, leading privately owned enterprises, public institutions, and partnerships around the world.

Top sniffy, blue chip commercial lawyers, London based Slaughte & May have had staff reviewing "Terrorism - It's a 12 step program" which examines the HMG policies outlined by the Dear Leader last year. (Which inluded extradition for any asylum hi-jackers - but the Afghanis are still here)

Huge Savvis Communications Corp. the major SA group stopped by after Googling "liquid-peroxide based explosives" to discover Postman was 3rd on the hit list of over 9,000, and a portal to the goods on the FBI site.

Somebody in the US Military (af.mil) in Georgia 137.244.215.# (78 CS/SCSC) on Aug 11 2006 @ 10:48:03 pm (EST) also stopped by after Googling "Welloxide" to discover Postman was 3rd on the hit list, and a portal to the goods on the FBI site.

My , it's strange how many respectable folks are anxious to find out how to make bombs outta liquid detergent and marmalade. Now there is this site in Lambeth that seems to belong to .... well 'nuff said.

"Evnin' all"

Friday, August 11, 2006

We'll just hop an a plane and blow it up.

The abc Blog "The Blotter " gives us a potted history, via no doubt the UK SIS mouthpieces of the allleged bomb plot ...

"In this case, the plotters apparently intended to assemble small but powerful bombs in flight and use them to take down flights from England to the United States in an operation that was just days away."

Which sounds plausible, if your reading is limited to Tom Clancy and your knowledge of chemistry restricted to distinguishing the difference between sweet and sour.

Lord Patel, a frequent transatlantic flier (Paris Hilton being Sooooooo demanding ) was much taken by this ....

"When the arrests were made Thursday morning, the plotters had reached the point of identifying airlines and routes, but had not yet picked flight numbers." ****

Perhaps the plotter(s) overlooked the fact that at the height of the summer season flights from Heathrow to the US are overbooked weeks ahead, and the possibility of carefully selecting which flight to use and booking multiple seats is somewhat fanciful.

Perhaps if a regional airport was used, there is more chance but such late booking would certainly not have worked at Manchester which the allegedly targetted airlines use daily for transatlantic flights.

**** Presumably using an ouija board.


ohn Prescott was asked what to do about these guys using the toilet to assemble bombs... easy , peasy, says the Sage of Hull, used as an ex cruise liner bar steward, to stroppy passengers - we just don't let them use the toilets.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

John Reid in the Home Straight for Labour Party Leader

2 weeks ago the odds on John Reid being the next leader of the Labour party tightened from 25 to 1 , to 16's.Lord Patel pointed this out and suggested a mild flutter might not be amiss.

"The increased prominence that John Reid is getting as a result of his handling of the terror plot has caused his price on the Betfair betting exchange to tighten sharply. He started the day at about 13/1 and as of 2030 (8.30 pm BST) the last recorded trade on Betfair was at 4/1. The price has eased a touch since then but Reid is now the firm second favourite behind Gordon Brown to succeed Tony Blair." (Political Betting)

God Help Us.

US Gvt labs, US Customs, NY TImes looks to Postman Patel for help in bombmaking.

At 4.54 pm EST (2.54 PST) The Los Alamos National Laboratory (128.165.84.#) did a Google search on "TATP stabiliser" and 3rd on the list was this post last year from the Postman.

This gave details of how to get information about using hair treatments, (even including the brand to use) to manufacture and test peroxide based bombs. They had a look.

At United States Government Customs, Pennsauken , New Jersey, (63.167.255.# )did a Google search on "HMDT liquid" and found the same posting at no 2 on the list.They had a look.

At 3.29 EST the New York Times 199.181.174.# (not for the first time today) searched Google using "liquid HMTD" (it should have been HMDT) .. anyway they found the same posting eventually.

You are welcome to go to the original posting from the Postman Last August 3rd. and find out who on the web is providing helpful advice, details of ingredients, procedures and how to test for residues after th explosion, and general information on making peroxide based explosive devices ....it's the FBI.

There have been a lot of other inquisitive souls today been looking.Some more surprising ones as well.

Nice to know, that even with being blacklisted by Google a Google serach on cached items still pulls up the goods. However , does one arm of the US Government know what the other arm is doing ?

Tanks at Heathrow. Remember this in 2003 ?

Tuesday, 11 February, 2003, 15:53 GMT
In pictures: Army patrols Heathrow
More than 400 soldiers and armoured vehicles have joined police at Heathrow Airport to boost security amid concern over al-Qaeda attacks.

Well, it had to be something different this time.

As at 11.00 BST ...


BBC report Twenty-one people are being held after raids during the night.

Houses are sealed off in Belchers Lane, in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham. Around 20 officers, including forensic teams are at the scene.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "This morning two men were arrested under the Terrorism Act in Birmingham.

An address in Walton Drive, High Wycombe was also raided and one person arrested. apparently of Pakistani origin.

BBC report statements by Home Secretary and Transport Minister - Fear Factory in overtime and overdrive.

MI5 tests out new Threat Levels

You will have noticed that Postman Patel has been on-line for Alert levels since John Reid (our Saviour and our strength) announced the changes to reporting them in July, we wisely anticipated that they would soon be utilised / changed - and voila today we have been showing CRITICAL since 2.am.BST - "an attack is expected imminently"

Why? Because we are ON LINE to MI5. Protecting you the reader - Postman really cares.

News outlets are claiming a plot to blow up planes (using bombs in hand luggage) outbound from Heathrow to the USA has been thwarted this morning. NO arrests / raids have been reported (see lower down) NO bombed planes either. 11.00 BST According to The Associated Press, the terrorists had targeted United, American and Continental airlines, two U.S. counterterrorism officials said. and they had just started making money again. Let's see who shorted airline stocks again.

New security procedures are in play at all UK airports and details are available here on the Home Office website. Good job they had stocks in of the plastic bags need to hold personal possessions as new procdeures mean all hand luggae has to go in the hold. So that's a few laptops and mobiles on the loose then at Theifrow.

The Home Secretary has made a statement but the page on the Home Office Website is now up and running. The BBC On Line website gives details (constantly changing) for most UK airports with flights for foreign destinations.

All major Eurpean airlines are cancelling flights to and from Heathrow / UK die to "logistical" problems rather than securioty reasons.

By curious coincidence the Home Secretary (our Saviour and our Strength) made a speech YESTERDAY which is on the Home Office website

In it he said ....

Home Secretary John Reid warned that the threat from terrorists remains strong, and called for all citizens to remain alert to the possibility of terrorist activity in their communities. (WOW Nostradamus speaks)

Calling this an 'age of uncertainty' Home Secretary Reid said police and security services are working non-stop to prevent another terrorist attack, but that they cannot do it alone. 'While I am confident that the security services and police will deliver 100% effort and 100% dedication,' he said, 'they cannot guarantee 100% success'. (Pic Heathrow this am (c) BBC)

If more violent attacks on UK citizens are to be stopped, the public, corporations - everyone - will have to do its part to help, he said.

He called on the public to do all it can to stay alert and notify authorities of any suspicious activity, and warned: 'We are probably in the most sustained period of severe threat since the end of World War II.'
Post-Cold War confusion

" ...... porous borders, failed states, civil wars and ethnic tensions made the world a very dangerous place...... globalisation ensures that decisions taken on the other side of the globe can have immediate impact right here at home" noy yer average Glaswegian Communist talking there then.

The mass migration .... big benefits ....... huge challenges .... sheer volume of international migration ..... insecurity into the heart of our communities.... BLAME THE FOREIGNERS

The...... genuine asylum seekers .....the system is plagued by fakes, many of them with dangerous agendas ...... use the country's free and open system to help with their plots.

..... new threat to the UK ...... comes not from fascist nations (like Israel maybe ?) but from fascist individuals ( like Dubya maybe ?) who are not bound by international laws or treaties, but operate as freelance criminals.

Let's talk about immigration

Dr Reid called for ......a national discussion on the benefits and costs of a growing multi-national UK population.

..... How much of a price are we willing to pay for our own security? Or for the preservation of our freedom? How much will we pay as a nation if we make the wrong choices?

I think we are jolly lucky to have such a great guy who can tell us about these threats today ... and GEE WHIZZ , they happen tomorrow !!! What kind of guy is that !! Hey he has got my interests at heart !!!

So. I wait umpteen hours at Heathrow and am allowed to fly naked carrying my toothbrush and some folding money in a clear plastic bag. That is the price of freedom boy.

Here's a funny thing .... from the BBC site of pcitures ..."And with the security alert focusing on liquids, mothers were told that they would be required to taste baby milk before it would be allowed on to a flight." Exploding baby milk and dying suicide bombing babies - how evil can these bastards get ? Good job the picture shows a Somali (?) woman with a baby , not a white woman.

Now that Israel and it's saturation bombing, and invasion of Lebanon are off the front page there is an interesting take on this news about Heathrow from a German , muslim pilot living in the UK here .


The Scotsman reported on Tuesday a Boeing 777 American Airlines Flight London / Boston returned on Tuesday when a man on the no-fly list was detected whilst the plane was 6 hours out of London. The flight returned and a man with his wife and 2 sisters were removed by Police.

Joe and the Jewish Lobby. Surprise Move.

The big news is that Karl Rove called Joe Leiberman. "Hey Joe", (this is what a close aide says to George Stephanopoulos - and they weren't discussing the Hendrix discography) "we want to reach out to you." Probably the only reason Rove wants to reach anyobdy is either to steal their wallet or sabdbag them (see Joe Wilson for details).

"we want to reach out to you."

You bet

George Dubya Bush wants every damn friend he can find after November 2006 and AIPAC / JINSA / ADL knows that. They will have game planned every possibility - let's face it Joe's defeat didn't come out of a clear blue sky, like an Israeli missile hitting a Tyre apartment block.

"The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do.'"

You bet.

George (that's Stephanopoulos) runs through the possibilities;

1. The GOP replace the weak Republican candidate, Alan Schlesinger, with a stronger candidate so screwing Lamont ? Bollocks George.

2. Convince Schlesinger to drop out of the race and endorse Lieberman in the final week or two, when it's too late for another candidate to fill the GOP slot.

3. A quiet White House effort to steer some money ( which presumably means slotting the Jewish Lobby into top gear, in overedrive ) in Lieberman's direction ( he is the sole Orthodox Jew in the Senate) - is another possibility. Absolute certainty George.

As real life gets more like an episode of West Wing we can just sit and watch whilst the Jewish ju-ju works in Connecticut.

It will be a brave man who lays decent odds on Lamont enjoying the privileges of Washington next year.

One thing is absolutely certain about the mid term elections , the Jewish Lobby (which doesn't exist) will use every , cent, organise every one they can , strongarm every waverer to ensure, climb every mountain etc., so that the Republicans run both Houses to ensure success of the Israeli policy of continual war in the Middel East.

Supporting Joe is just one brick in the wall - there will be many, many, more.

Pic. Joe at an Israeli Bonds Fund raiser (it raised US$71 Mn) at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, Fla. with Israel Bonds board chairman Burton Resnick. Burton Resnick has been associated with Jack Resnick & Sons since 1956. The company currently controls and operates more than 6 million square feet of prime office space in New York. He-is also co-chairman emeritus of the Real Estate Council of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York regional cochairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, an honorary director of the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, and a past campaign chairman of UJA-Federation in New York - also a personal friend of Ehud Olmert who has a lively interest in real estate deals.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Despair @ UN - everything going to plan for Israel

There are observed a wise man, two sorts of people in the world. Those who believe there are two sorts of people in the world, and those who don't.

There is a natural dichotomy in men's minds. Schoolboy and simplistic, as we might be reminded by the tale in "Enemies of Promise" by Cyril Connolly that the embryo historian Steven Runciman when at Eton divided the world into the "stupid and the silly".

Such simple reasoning might however be applied to the authors and audience of the great UN resolution caucus, which the major commentators have elevated into what they like to call a debate , but lesser minds might call an unseemly squabble.

One might reel in despair at the result, should the UN Security Council might be asked to accept the proposition that they vote for "Mom and Apple Pie". The French would vie with the South Africans for desiring the mention of their produce and the Anti-Americans would point out the crypto Fascist nature of the Mothers of the Revolution , whose annual pilgrimage to view the gold at Fort Knox betrays the sinister history of their organisation with it's quasi Masonic rituals and curious dietary requirements.

Of one thing we can be certain, however. The islanders of Micronesia will band together to support whatever the US and Israel decide. Antipodean (it appears to Lord Patel from a brief survey of Earthly topology) to the nascent State of Israel, these latecomers to the Pacific - somewhat less recent than the arrival of Jews in Palestine, who derive an income solely from the rental of the oceans adjacent to their precarious rocks, which they allow the US to discharge ona weekly basis immense ICBM's from Fort Greeley in Alaska and Vandenburg (Now the Ronnie Regan Memorial site) in California are unswerving supporters of Israel.

That is of course if the lawyers in New York ever get round to a proposition and a vote at the NY talking shop. Even lawyers and diplomats take holidays sometime.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Stresa Front and the UN Lebanon proposal

The activities of Hitler and his anxiety to amend or ignore the Treaty of Versailles ( the cause of many of the problems afflicting the Middle East today) alarmed Europe in the early 30's. Mussolini convened a conference in the seaside resort of Stresa in April 1935 (also used by Bilderbergers in 2004) so he could arrive triumphantly and exotically in a motor boat. (Pic Ramsay MacDonald at Stresa, Laval is behind his head)

This conference produced the much vaunted (at the time) Stresa Front. An agreement made between French foreign minister, the grisly , and eventually traitorous Pierre Laval ***, (who had previously tried to form a similiar pact with Russia and Italy) British Labour Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, and Mussolini. The stated intention of the conference was to confirm the post Versailles Locarno Treaties, and to declare their support for and the independence of Austria, which "would continue to inspire their common policy". They also agreed to resist any future attempt by the Germans to change the Treaty of Versailles.

The front failed because it's goals were unclear. What was clear was that the only way to curb Hitler's calls for lebensraum and stop German re-armament in flagrant defiance of their Versailles Treaty obligations was to invade. Britain, France or Italy had no desire or intention of invading Germany. Ramsay McDonals was also constrained by the belief that the British public were strongly anti-war.

The Front was a failure from the get go. In 2 months Ramsay McDonald ,to his lasting discredit had signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement, in which Germany was allowed to increase the size of its naval forces , up to 35% of the Royal Navy and also to build submarines - whose value in naval warfare , was up till then an unknown quantity.

The UK had omitted (deliberately and deceitfully) to discuss this with its Stresa partners and the front fell apart. The French naturally cried "perfide Albion" - and not without due cause, and Italy invaded Abyssinia (which bordered bordered French and British Somaliland) and used poison gas to do so.

The only thing that can be said in the favour of forming the Stresa Front was that it (deliberately ) failed to mention Germany by name so as to prevent antagonising Hitler because of the vague terms. It was also effective in keeping Hitler guessing at what Britain would do - which was easy because they had no plans for dealing with Hitler other than appeasement. Any such advantage however was lost by capitulation , appeasement and the almost immediate signing of the Anglo-German Naval Agreement.

It is unwise and silly to draw direct parallels with the situation at the United Nations today. But there are parallels to draw.

Israel, shielded, supported and supplied by the USA ( and a few island states in Micronesia) has repeatedly, endlessly and with no care or concern ignored it's obligations to the UN, it's neighbours, and various Geneva conventioms.

Nobody however wants to bell the Israeli cat. Excuses , just as they were for Hitler, can and are always found so that action is forestalled. Like Hitler Israel plays a game of splitting it's foes, dividing it's opposition. It develops a monstrous view of a racialist state, guided by a pure and unadulterated spiritual view of life and the nation and seeks total submission to this ideal by it's citizens and it's religious diaspora.Always parading their history of the Holocaust - shared with many other millions but unsung in the pantheon of Zionism, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the gypsies, the homosexuals...

The UN resolution which has been drawn up at leisure by the lawyers in New York, is like the Stresa Front. By circumlocution, by omitting the obvious and stating the unattainable in fine words they ensure its failure - the US because it wants to support the Zionist state and the rest because no-one wants to take up the burden either in terms of blood or treasure.

This mass myopia is endemic it appears, sedulously pushed by the likes of Blair who shares the common view of a common and mythical enemy - the twin scourges of terrorism and religious fanaticism which stoke the fires of a perverted nationalism... or is that simply a description of Zionism?

After the Stresa Front failed, the Austrian plebiscite was held in Austria, the Rhineland was occupied , then the Anschluss - all pre-planned from the first moment of success in 1933.

So far we are have only seen the first few moments of the Israeli plan unfolding and can only dimly make out the main events today and guess at future events. The UN proposal is merely a device to enable that plan to be taken forward.

Pierre Laval, letter to Jacques Barnaud (September, 1942)

If the Germans are beaten, General de Gaulle will return. He will be supported by 80 or 90 per cent of the French people and I shall be hanged.

Which is exactly what happened.

Monday, August 07, 2006

..and the Tooth Faery lives right under your pillow.

The Times reports today ....

"The British Government remains a staunch admirer of Dr Rice’s hard-headed moderation, however. Mr Blair and Dr Rice believe that the crisis could yet help revive the Middle East peace process — provided Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President, can emerge with their authority intact and are not undermined or replaced by extremists."

Pic : Lord Patel's friend Jack Straw on election night in Blackburn May 2005.

Yo Tony, Right on Bro !

Danger ! Worm turning.

It is difficult to feel sorry for Jack Straw. I don't. His obdurate and unyielding belief in the illegal invasion of Iraq is something for which he cannot and will never be forgiven . However we are now told by Simon Walters (Mail on Sunday 6th August 2006)
that the Bush Administration feared Mr Straw was in the pocket of Muslims in his Blackburn constituency. Which is true. They had him sacked.

Jack's alter ego, the shadow in the arras, Lord Patel of Blackburn (no relation) , said on Saturday: "I was very surprised when Jack was removed as Foreign Secretary and it is possible the Americans had something to do with it because of his views on things like Iran."

"Bush and Blair see nothing wrong in supplying Israel with weapons to attack Lebanon and yet they call on Iran and Syria to stop supplying weapons to Hezbollah. They are guilty of double standards." Right on Lord Patel.

Of course Jack did show a streak of independence as Foreign Secretary when he upset the White House by saying that threats to bomb Iran to stop it acquiring nuclear weapons - were 'nuts'.

The Mail now tells us that, that is exactly what they are planning.... and so did Harlan Ullman, father of "Shock and Awe" told us that on the BBC World Service this morning.

Last week "Honest" Jack week condemned Israel's carpet bombing of Lebanon as 'disproportionate' , a remark that was made after a meeting with Muslim leaders in Blackburn, a fact which did not go unnoticed by US diplomats.

A US source (?) told The Mail on Sunday: "Mr Straw's views did not find favour in the White House and its concerns were passed on to the British Government."

Four weeks after Condi's vist to the North West, (which the Mail says was master minded by Blair and not Straw), he was mysteriously and peremptorily fired.

American economist Irwin Stelzer, Rupe's rags go between to Blair says "The Bush team worried about the problems a British Foreign Minister faced when he depended for office on an electorate with a heavy Muslim component - something Rice noticed on her visit,"

You bet she noticed. I was there. I saw the total lack of support for Jack and his moll, and indeed the fierce, unrelenting, offensive reception . Everywhere. Do not believe that this was solely from the Asian electorate.

This much is true. If Jack turned up in Blackburn with Mrs Margaret Beckett (with or without her husband and caravan) they would get the rasberry as well.

Jack is not stupid. His supporters are not stupid. By being distanced from the insane policies of this Government , the slavish acceptance of US foreign policy, the indefensible role of the UK in supplying weapons of WMD to Israel , the passive support for Israel whilst they are sinking Lebanon , the confused and insane vision of islamo-fascist jihad - he makes a pitch for Tony's job that much more credible.

The worm has turned.

Pic. Jenson Button wins 1st Grand Prix !

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Text of UN resolution on Lebanon

Vital Perspective claim to have a copy of the text which can be seen here, with some supporting notes.

A useful exegisis by a lawyer is avialable here from Anthony D'Amato of Northwestern University School of Law.

His final comment is ...

"Every nation has a stake in the cessation of armed hostilities. But the real parties in interest in the Middle East crisis are Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Israel. Without the presence of the first three of these sitting around a table, the chances of a negotiated peace are low. The United Nations must pass some kind of ceasefire resolution; not to do so would be unthinkable. Yet the resolution as currently drafted does not have an aura of success."

It is because of this Lord Patel thinks the whole thing is unworkable .... but then that may well be the intention. A legal snowball to be roasted in the Lebanon.

Keep the lawyers busy in steamy hot New York while Israel stokes the fires of Hell on Earth - now equipped with Bunker Busters and shortly, F-22 Raptors. Watch out for them arriving at Lakenheath - on the way to Incirlik , Diego Garcia ?

Mossad's links with Tony Blair, No 10, Lord Levy and the Foreign Office

This guy looks like Uncle Werthur and should be force feeding the grandchildren with toffees. Maybe he does.

He is Efraim Halevy and he has been on BBC TV defending the actions of the failed Israeli State - which is not surprising because he used to run Mossad - Mrs Livni, the Israeli Forein Secretary was one of his staff at the time.

He is also a school chum (Hackney Downs) of the Karaoke King, My Lord Levy , Tony Blairs's "Personal Envoy" to the Middle East who has houses and business interest in both the UK and Israel.

Lord Levy of course has an office in the Foreign Office immediately adjacent to the office of HMG Foreign Secretary Mrs Margaret Beckett.

There is of course no Jewish Lobby at work in the UK and certainly not at the Heart of Government. To suggest that would be a scandalum magnatum as mi learn'd friends might say.
As proof - notice that since he was kidnapped by the Metropolitan Police and his computers seized, and documents removed from his house, you haven't heard a word of , by or from him. Which given the state of the Middle East at present might be considered odd. Or not.

Now why don't those smart journalists who throng Downing Street ask Tony what his tennis playing chum, the man quite scandalously said to be at the heart of "cash for coronets" is doing to help him solve the problems of the Middle East.

I wonder what the guys who work for Mr Desmond, pornographer , labour funder and owner of the Star and the Express must think ? Posted by Picasa

F -22 Raptor Stealth Fighter for Israel

Aryeh Egozi of Ynet News in an amazing report claims that the Lockheed Martin F22 stealth bomber may be sold (?) to Israel.

The US has not yet exported the F22 to any of its allies. Recently,and very quietly the House of Representatives on July 1st after an 11 minute debate has lifted its nine year ban on the sale of the advanced jet outside the United States.

The single-seater plane is armed mainly with air-to-air missiles, but also with the smart air to ground missiles in use by the Israeli Air Force.

Originally, the US Air Force wanted 750 , then that dropped to 350, then to 183. Each F22 costs (give or take) US$ 150 million.

The Israeli Air Force are said to have enthusiastically welcomed reports that the stealth jet could come to Israel. The F22 Raptor is the most advanced warplane in the world and is almost undetectable to radar systems. The plane’s stealth is achieved through the combination of its shape, color, composite materials, and various installed systems.There was also talk at Farnborough last month that Japan wanted to buy 100 F-22's

Which is of no use in the war on Lebanon because they killed every radar site when the radar guided S - 802 misile slammed into an INF corvette on July 13th 17 Km off the coast and another hit and sunk a Cambodian freighter 60 Kms off the coast.

So it might be useful over say , Syria or even Iran ?

The plane is now ready for combat say the manufacturers and the pilots ...""We're ready now," said Lt. Col. Wade "Troll" Tolliver, commander of an F-22 squadron at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia this week . "If the call and flag went up today, they could call us tomorrow, and we could deploy to anywhere in the world."

Of course it would be necessary that should any be deployed, US military personnel would be required to provide assistance / training in theatre - well it makes sense. Doesn't it ?

There is a subsidiary interest as senate, Under Sen Warner have been trying hard to keep a lid on costs of this runaway project and have refused multi-year funding - succes in theatre would help both the USAF and LM Fort Worth who rely on it for employing over 1,500 people.The F 22 program has 1,000 suppliers in 42 states. Sales overseas would help and of course success in theatre would be really welcome - remember also that Australia is re-evaluating their requirement for the JSF.

Joint US / Israel Missile Security program

Apparently , security officials said on Wednesday that the US administration would significantly boost funding of the joint American-Israeli program to develop anti-missile systems.

“The threat is on the whole world, and Washington understands that a solution must be found – and fast,” a souce claimed.

Even before the current war, the security establishment assessed that all types of rockets – starting at the simple Qassam all the way to accurate long-range missiles – would be the main weapon of terrorism used against Israel in the upcoming years - well they got that right - but they keep slamming into Israel at the ratwe of 200 a day at present. Desperate times, desperate measures.

For this purpose, the Defense Ministry decided to take up a joint offer by the Rafael Advanced Development Authority Ltd. and the American Raytheon Company to manufacture an unprecedented defense system, jointly funded (?) by Israel and the US.

The initial investment amounted to US$ 250 Mn. The project’s main aim was to develop a portable system that would quickly identify rocket launches and respond immediately by destroying the enemy rockets from an aerial platform. Not much progress os far judging by results in Lebanon.

Decisions like supplying Raptors to the Israeli mass murderes means far more than lawerly finely wrought UN Security Council Motions however authored or contrived.

Watch the magician , whilst he waves his hankie in your face is stealing your wallet.

Lest we forget

Yesterday's march was massive. Reports with pics are everywhere, try these .....

Blairwatch report
Blairwatch pics
Nether world
Ellis Sharp
Septic Isle

Pic by Septic of the Cenotaph with children's shoes - now how does Sir Ian Blair deal with this pile of footwear - send in the street cleaners no doubt.

Let us not forget that the Cenotaph is to remind us of men sent to war who died as soldiers, the shoes must remind us of the inoccents who didn't ask to be involved, bombed, strafed, .....

Glad you could come!

Europe’s first sponsored Masturbate-a-thon event in London

If you busy on the march in London yesterday you missed the chance – if you were going to come – well your chance has been and gone.

2 American sexologists, Dr Carol Queen and Dr Robert Lawrence, have run a Masturbate-a-thon in the US for the past 6 years and claim to have raised over $25,000 for women’s health initiatives and HIV prevention, education and treatment organisations.

In aid of global sexual and reproductive health agency Marie Stopes International obtained sponsorship from ID Lubricants (UK) ("ID Lube creates a more sensual experience" –Glamour Magazine) to sponsor the first such event in Europe on Saturday 5th August.

Odd timing, since San Francisco's Good Vibrations, the “big mama of the funky sex shop universe,” declared May National Masturbation Month five years ago.

Participants were invited to obtain sponsorship from friends and loved ones to financially sponsor them for every minute they masturbate during the Masturbate-A-Thon, or simply for having the courage to turn up and take part! Funds raised will benefit HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

All participants should have been 18 or over which is odd because when we had competitions ( a regular nocturnal event at school camp in Ladram Bay, Devon) we were a lot younger and the object was to be the first to ejaculate.

2 stars , both in terms of speed and, if I remember correctly, volume , emerged - one ended up as a Professor of Physics at a leading UK University and the other runs a very successful building company. Neither are bald or blind .

The publicity was beguiling …..

Drop Studios in Clerkenwell Road, London will be transformed into a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for participants, with soft lighting, softer furnishings, relaxing music and dedicated areas to suit all tastes, from solo booths, to men only and women only spaces, and a mixed sex area for the truly adventurous. - no touching of other participants and no fake orgasms !!
Things you might want to ask but didn’t really want to..

1. The organisers claim current masturbation records are eight-and-a-half hours for a man and six hours twenty minutes for a woman.

2. No. Flikr does not have any photos tagged Masturbate-a-thon .

3. Yes. The event was filmed by Channel Four as part of a series of shows entitled Wank Week.

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