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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Evans Sent ....BBC splash Blair support again

2 May, 0925BST Ginger group By Mark SimpsonBBC News POSTED: Monday 2 May,0925BST
"He may look more like Charles Kennedy than Tony Blair, but TV presenter Chris Evans is siding with Labour.
The ginger-haired star introduced the PM at a Labour rally in Enfield last night, showered him with witty praise and then made a confession - he reads the Daily Telegraph.
Evans said it was unusual reading material for a socialist, but added that he liked the crossword and also wanted to find out what the Tories were up to. "They're not up to very much," he concluded, which went down well with the Labour audience. blah blah blah" click on link if you can stomach more New Labour speak

Here we go again, the BBC Blair Fan Club in full cry yet again, and the "entertainment industry" boosting Blair in a fit of mutual backscratching. In 1998 MORI undertook a poll for M&M's of the young voters and 7% wanted Chris Evans as PM...Tony would like a share of that so Chris is giving him a lift and also slippinf into gear with the BBC again anxious of course to boost the listeners.

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