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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The daily Mirror have given us some interesting information .. the 19 year old Jamaican who splurged £900 on exclusive scent yesterday, nor today their intrepid reporters have an unnamed source who tells them ...

By Jeremy Armstrong Daily Mirror 19 July 2005
The men who ran the Iqra Learning Centre in Beeston, Leeds - Mohammad Tafazal (AKA Taf) , army-trained Martin Abdullah McDaid and Naveed Fiaz - allegedly funded the store through grants to the Hamara Youth Centre, which received £589,000 in taxpayers' money made up of a £200,000 capital grant, a £200,000 neighbourhood renewal grant and a £189,000 EU building grant says the Mirror today .

Siddique Khan who died in the bombing was a regular companion of Fiaz for several years and the pair even visited our insider's home.

Keys to the "terror base" at 18 Alexandra Grove in Burley, Leeds, were regularly used by "brothers in arms" who came to the store and needed somewhere to stay.

The insider, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, also says McDaid asked for high-security encryption for their computer systems so it would hard even for government agencies to access e-mails.

He claimed: "Hidden Agenda and Think Again (£5 a throw DVD’s the Mirror obtained) even stole material from the Government's own websites and then used it in the propaganda messages against them."

He went on: "Taf would tell us about how he could get money from the Hamara and said it all came from Leeds city council, community grants and even EU funding.

"I could not believe all this Government money was being used to pump-out such anti-Government, anti-West propaganda."

He said that the address where the DIY explosives were allegedly found - 18 Alexandra Grove in Burley - was immediately known to me because that was the place that was used to house any 'brothers' who needed somewhere to stay."

Police know the keys were with bomber Lindsay three weeks before the attacks.
Khalid Khaliq, the Ikra assistant being quizzed by police, was not at his family address yesterday. A man leaving Fiaz's home refused to comment and his partner Tracey Corrigan declined to come to the door.

Tafazal has not been seen at either of his addresses in Leeds for several days.
Abdullah McDaid referred us to his London-based solicitor!!!, who has declined to return our calls for the past five days.

"I could not believe all this Government money was being used........"

It may surprise the Mirror and their readers to know that the Governments (includng the UK) have setup "sting" sites to entrap paedophiles... they have encouraged the development of dissenting voices .. a famous case was the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and "International Times" in the early 60's run by Jim Haynes ex US Army Intelligence...at the time the CIA have agreed they funded "Encounter".

Of course any such suggestion that this was the case in Leeds with the Iqra learning Centre would be far fetched, outrageous, without foundation, unsupported by evidence and complete nonsense.

Just like the idea that the 3 victims of the bombing from the locality , and their Jamaican friend were raging Jihadists and islamic fundamentalist seeking martyrdom.

Many years ago in the 60's there was an Alternative Bookshop in Leeds, near the Univerisyt, called Books of Leeds, which was funded and run by a lady who turned out to be the daughter of the UK Ambassador to Moscow. A chap who worked there, ended up in Pyongyang working as the official translator of the State newspaper in English of the DPRK, where I met him.

They attracted and supplied by post a nationwide audience for left wing and radical books .. Che , Regis Debray, the Spectaclists etc.,even Mao's Little Red Book.

Small world.

Footnote : Naveed Fiaz cannot be contacted by the Press because he was arrested by Police ( so far the ONLY person arrested) last Tuesday when they raided all the Leeds addresses, he is held under the Anti Terrorist legislation - no comment has been made by the Police. Now yer actual conspiracy theorist might make soemthing of that.... His brother, Ejaz is said to be a registered schizophrenic and moved to Luton from Leeds last year..

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