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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Superintendant Peter Clark gets his men.....

London Transport CCTV footage shows that a group of 4 men carrying what are described as Army surplus backpacks who are from West Yorkshire men arrived in Kings Cross Station at approx 8.30 am last Wednesday 7th July. Some 20 minutes later 3 bombs exploded on tube trains which originated from there going East, West and South.

One hour later a third bomb exploded on the 30 London Transport bus then entering Tavistock Place.It is probable that the man on this bus was due to travel on a North Bound tube and was not destined to travel on that bus.

The four men are said to be British born, 3 from West Yorkshire and a fourth man possibly from Luton (see story below) where a suspicious car has been identified in the Luton Railway Station Car Park and secured for forensic examination. This may be a hire car, for which the owner apperaed today to collect. Documents and property found at the scenes of the bombings have been found identifying all four men, and other people from West Yorkshire. There is still insufficient evidence to say that three of the men died in the Tube bombings but it looks most likely that they did.

The parents of the fourth man who probably died in the bus bombing , his parents in Leeds, contacted the Police to notify he was missing on Thursday morning after the bombings.

In Leeds the Police have arrested one man, said to be a relative of one of the bombers, who is being taken to London. At least six properties are being searched and some property has been “made safe”.

Pic of Sayful Islam click here for story of Luton Muslim fundamentalists

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