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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The BIGGER the BANG the Louder the Silence.....

Here is a an edited view of “New Dimensions” the semi secret role of the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) prepared by Merseyside FRS.Remember ..."UK Fire and Rescue Service has evolved beyond its statutory duty to fight fire. It is now a multi-skilled all round Fire and Rescue Service. (Office of the Deputy Prime Minster ODPM)Minister responsible for FRS Nick Raynsford (pic)

Since 9/11 an additional responsibility for the FRS is that of “New Dimensions” which compliments the already well established roles of operational planning and emergency planning. New Dimensions was launched following the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. It set out to review the Fire and Rescue Service nationally for its preparedness against a potential terrorist threat.

The programme is led by the ODPM and aims to that all Fire and Rescue Services are sufficiently equipped and trained to respond and deal effectively with major, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and conventional terrorist incidents not only locally, but also on a regional and national scale.

The changing nature of the terrorist threat mean we live with a heightened state of preparedness , for a number of years. In this new environment we must remain vigilant to new types of threat. Recent attacks have been on the least well protected targets. The principal threat at present comes from International Terrorism, in particular extremist groups, who have a much broader agenda and will use whatever means necessary to deliver their method of attack.

All other Fire and Rescue Services have in partnership with the Department of Health, accepted responsibility for the management of Public Mass Decontamination in the event of a Chemical, Biological or Radiological attack.

Following a thorough assessment of the potential risk, a new system of decontamination has been employed. To meet the needs of this system money was made available by Government, to purchase some of the best equipment available in the world. This includes portable shower units and specialist protective clothing.
We are also introducing additional vehicles to help us to perform this role. These vehicles will be an integral part of our capability to provide assistance at a range of emergencies (for example, they will also improve our ability to respond to a major incident at an airport or on the railways) and will be available for use at any incident where they can make a contribution. They will not be kept in storage only to be brought out if and when a major incident happens.

The improvements in public safety which these vehicles and equipment will provide should be made as soon as possible. We are, therefore, bringing them into service as soon as the vehicles and equipment are available and our crews have been trained in their safe use, rather than delaying until we have finalised the rest of this draft plan.

The 7/7 and 21/7 bombings were the first real terrorist threat, (on which his Worship the Mayor (pic) has been remarkably quiet)including the dreaded “Sarin” gas attack, (rumoured about in Rupert’s Rag the Times today for the House of Commmons) for the Tube to use this fancy new equipment, decontamination gear etc etc., (allegedly on a budget exceeding 700Mn Pounds Sterling).
So why was this not used ?.... (“mass decontamination Incident Response Units have been strategically positioned around the country “ .... Nick Raynsford MP Minister for the Fire and Rescue Service Fire and Rescue Service National Framework 2004/05)

Why no assuring messages that the bombs were only explosive and provided no further threat of gas, radiation etc., ? What did we get …Total fucking silence.

Yet another puzzle. Unless of course it was well known that they were not needed.

Get more information on London's Preparedness here


Stef said...

That thought struck my mind particularly after 21/7. All those preliminary accounts of bombs going off with a dull popping sound and releasing flour-like powder, yet little or no signs of major Hazmat procedures. Yes, that did seem strange...

Postman said...

Especially the bus, no evacuation of houses etc., enabling a guy living immediately by the bust to take interior shots, of Fitness First rucksack etc.,

V. odd.

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