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Friday, August 12, 2005

Children discover new way to injure themselves...

The latest household detergent, first launched in the UK, (we spend more per capita than any country for total household cleaning products) is the oddly, but accurately named liquid tablet. IT provides convenience, an easily dispensed constant pre-measured dose and delivers 50ml of a highly alkaline ( ph 9) liquid detergent or gel, wrapped in a polyvinyl cover that dissolves in the washing machine in minutes. Procter & Gamble were first with Arial Liquitabs to challenge rival Unilever’s compressed powder tablets, they have been joined in the market by Persil Liquigel Capsules. Early estimates in the UK reveal that liquid tablets have a 5% share of the total detergents market.

Today a report in The Lancet highlights the problem that the tablets are the right size and consistency for child experimentation to destruction – they also soften when moist . Such squeezing can result in spraying the face and eyes.

In a 6-month period, in one unit six cases of alkali eye injury in children aged between 18 months and 3 years, were recorded. Alkaline agents are toxic to corneal and conjunctival epithelial cells, limbal epithelial stem cells, and conjunctival goblet cells, fortunately all the children affected had their eyes promptly irrigated with water. All patients were admitted to hospital, and the duration of stay ranged from 2 to 5 days. All defects eventually re-epithelialised with apparently normal corneal epithelium.

Although the detergent packaging displays a warning that the contents are irritant, and that the product should be kept out of the reach of children, the risk may not be fully appreciated by users and product re-labelling and child proof packaging us suggested buy the reports authors.

A genuine customer comment..
From the Disney with a British Accent site ..

"Just a warning about liquitabs.
A friend of mine's 5 year old was playing with one about 2 weeks ago and it exploded in her hand. The liquid went all over her face and into her eyes.
When they got to hospital they were told that these liquitabs are so concentrated that it makes them the most corrosive of all washing tablets/tabs and the liquid had actually burnt the little girls corneas and she has had to have specialist treatment.
To be honest I never thought (a) they would explode (aparently the noise was aweful) or (b) they could cause so much damage. So please be careful."

..and for the smartarses out there...do NOT think its funny to put one in the lavatory cistern so that when it is flushed...

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Stef said...

excellent, I hadn't thought of that one - the days of clingfilm over the bowl are now in my past

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