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Friday, August 05, 2005

Terror - It's a 12 step program

Our Dear Leader summoned the Press for their Monthly insight into his mind – evidently as he made clear , from the off, the pesky judges, courts and established law are making life difficult for him …

“Such action in the past has been controversial. Each tightening of the law has met fierce opposition. Regularly we have had defeat in Parliament or the courts. The Anti-Terrorism legislation, passed in 2002 after September 11th was declared partially invalid. The successor legislation hotly contested.”

The twelve stages of excluding and ridding our great and glorious realm, this sceptred isle from these septic clerics with their vile ideology and their followers he listed….

New grounds for deportation and exclusion are to be introduced after one months consultation. The new grounds will include “ (a) fostering hatred,(b) advocating violence to further a person's beliefs, (c) justifying or validating such violence.

Should legal obstacles arise, we will legislate further, including, if necessary amending the Human Rights Act, in respect of the interpretation of the ECHR. (Which is of course under the current Convention is impossible and would require the support of the 46 members of the Convention on Human Rights)

One other point on deportations. Once the new grounds take effect, there will be a list drawn up of specific extremist websites, bookshops, centres, networks and particular organisations of concern. Active engagement with any of these will be a trigger for the Home Secretary to consider the deportation of any foreign national.

Justifying terrorism
New anti-terrorism legislation in the Autumn including an offence of condoning or glorifying terrorism will be introduced this will be applied to justifying or glorifying terrorism anywhere not just the UK. The sort of remarks made in recent days should be covered by such laws… the remarks referred to are not identified. (re Nelson Mandela, Bobby Sands , Gerry Adams ? ... George Galloway ?)

No Asylum for Terrorists
Anyone who has participated in terrorism or has anything to do with it anywhere will automatically be refused asylum. (Does this include the people who hi-jacked an Afghan airliner and demanded to be taken to Stanstead who settled here subsequently ?)

Stripping citizenship
Extend the current powers to strip citizenship from those individuals with British or dual nationality who act contrary to the interests of this country. We will now consult on extending, simplifying and making such measures more effective for naturalised citizens.

Time limit on Extradition procedures
Rashid Ramda wanted by the French for the Paris metro bombing ten years ago is still here. This is unacceptable (although quite legal under current laws) Consultation will start (who with ?) on setting a maximum time limit for all future extradition cases involving terrorism.

Extending detention without charge to meet the requests of the Police.
Examining the possibility of a pre-trial process (?) and also examine whether the necessary procedure can be brought about to give us a way of meeting the police and security service request that detention pre-charge of terrorist suspects be significantly extended.

More special judges to be appointed
Lord Chancellor will increase the number of special judges hearing terrorist cases to expand court capacity.

Proscribing Hizb-ut-Tahrir & Al Mujahiroun

We will proscribe Hizb-ut-Tahrir and the successor organisation of Al Mujahiroun. We will also examine the grounds of proscription to widen them and put proposals forward in the new legislation.

Swearing allegiance
British citizenship procedures as well as attendance at a citizenship ceremony, will involve swearing allegiance to the country and have a rudimentary grasp of the English language (say, at least to the level of George W Bush). Hazel Blears in consultation with the "Muslim community", to establish a Commission to advise on how, consistent with people's complete freedom to worship in the way they want, and to follow their own religion and culture, there is better integration of those parts of the community presently “ inadequately integrated”.

Closing mosques
Consultation to take place on a new power to order closure of a place of worship used as a centre for fomenting extremism and will consult with Muslim leaders in respect of those clerics who are not British citizens, to draw up a list of those not suitable to preach, who will be excluded from Britain.(Woe betide those Muslims who want "gay marriages", female Bishops and want to argue against Abortion ... or Alcohol ?)

Border Security Measures
Introduce the proposed measures on the security of our borders, with a series of countries (countries not detailed) specifically designated for biometric visas over the next year. The Home Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office are compiling an “international” database of people whose activities or views pose a threat to Britain's security. Anyone on the database will be excluded from entry with any appeal only taking place outside the country.

As the Dear Leader stated, on more than one occasion …” Let no-one be in any doubt. The rules of the game are changing.”

...all we need now is for Leni Reifenstahl to do the video.

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