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Monday, October 31, 2005

Iran claims explosives from Basra used in bombing in Ahvaz

Iran news

10/30/05 Iran: Terrorists admit charges of bombing in Ahvaz
Tehran, Oct 30, IRNA-Iran's Ministry of Information said people arrested in connection with terrorist bombing in Ahvaz confessed to the bombing which rocked the city on June 13 and October 15. Under interrogation they disclosed many secrets about their connection with their ringleaders who are based in other countries.

"In one case, the terrorists admitted that they brought explosives from Basra."

The list of ringleaders who had trained and dispatched the terrorists to Khuzestan province was forwarded to the Foreign Ministry to seek their extradition from respective countries in line with United Nations Resolution on International Campaign against Terrorism," said the statement. (Tongue resting firmly in the cheek).

"Police force in Khuzestan province managed to neutralize several bombs upon tip-off from the compatriot tribesmen of the province on October 18 and October 28," it says here.

See report at Terrorism News blog 17/10/05 about UK Embassy in Teherean denying UK involvement in Ahvaz bombing. See Deficient Brain blog as well. (Both well worth looking at).

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