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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Olympics 2012 - leave the country now

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) has started the process of designing a logo and identity for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has appointed AAR, a leading agency search and selection company, to help select a brand and design agency.

This is Londonists very appropriate logo idea - more at their website

You can also visit this l website and find this sort of entirely predictable news ...

2012 Aquatic centre cost proposals have doubled
December 1st, 2005

Already costs for the 2012 Olympics are looking like they are on the up. Proposals for the new aquatic centre, designed by Architect Zaha Hadid, (who previously designed the Mind Zone at the Millennium Dome) have doubled in cost, (originally £75Mn) since the hosting proposals.

The Guradian today also has a story which provides more information...

"A source close to the project to construct a 20,000-seat arena, with two 50-metre swimming pools and a separate 25m diving pool, said the final budget for the complex was likely to be £116m.

"This figure [£75m] always referred to the base construction costs only," the spokeswoman told the magazine. "The specifications of the building and the design, along with the estimated construction cost of the building, have not changed since Zaha Hadid Architects won the original competition."

She said inflation costs, professional fees and other contingencies would also need to be considered in calculating the total cost." (.i.e to be added)

Recent blogs on same topic here

Through the adjacent Google contextual ad I discover there is a Not the Olympics 2012 site here which has a thread up about this - well worth visiting.

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Stef said...

Writing as a London rate-paying fan of Hackney Marshes who was 100% dead set against the Olympic Bid, imagine my joy at reading this

It begins...

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