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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The NEC - asleep at the wheel....

So, it's simply a matter of "internal communications". A go between , Zionist Lord Levy raises at least £14 Mn in "loans" to fund the election.

The parlous state of the Labour Party finances were known by the NEC. Had they suddenly been converted to a belief in tooth fairies, Magic Money Pits ?

Did the sweating Mr Dromey not see fit to ask Matt Carter where the moolah was coming from he was so gaily signing away ?

Was priggish Sir Jeremy Beecham a convert to the idea of "free money". Did no-one amongst the 650 odd Labour candidates ask where the hell all this money to spend came from ?

The National Executive Council need to do a lot of self examination before they start heaving half bricks.

This is what happens when you idly stand by and watch a clutch of greedy, power crazed millionaires fronted by a lying bastard like Tony Blair takeover the Labour Party.

Choose a leader who is a liar - expect to get lied to.

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Anonymous said...

How much more corrupt can a political party get than one that finances an election without the knowledge of the party Treasurer, who is presumably responsible for ensuring that campaign finance laws are adhered to. Blair appears to have been caught in flagrant contempt of the Honours (Prevention of Abuses)? For example, according to one major "lender", Dr Chai Patel, who gave the party a £1.5m loan, the loan "could have been turned into a donation." Moreover Dr. Patel admitted that he wanted "to serve" in the upper chamber.

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