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Friday, March 24, 2006

What hit the Pentagon on 9/11 ?

A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon
by Michael Meyer, Mechanical Engineer

To the members of the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven:(Scholars for 9/11 Truth)

I would like to give you my input as to the events on September 11, and why it is a physically provable fact that some of the damage done to the Pentagon could not have occurred from a Boeing 757 impact, and therefore the 9/11 Commission report is not complete and arguably a cover-up. I will not speculate about what may have been covered up, I will only speak from my professional opinion. But I will explain why I do not believe the Pentagon was hit by a Boeing 757.

Read the rest of the article here.

Increasingly the evidence and testimony that a Boeing 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon on 9/11 is mounting. This raises 3 key questions ;

1. What did hit the Pentagon ?

2. Where and how did the passengers and crew on Flight 77 die ?

3. Who organised the mayhem, death and destruction on 9th September 201 - a day that will live in infamy ?



ottershrew said...

The Powers That Be (PTB) are so scared about this story.

The Pentagon missile / drone attack is right where the official narrative on 9/11 really begins to unravel - even more so than with the demolition of WTC 7.

What the PTB describe as happening at the Pentagon on that day stinks and stinks of implausibility, i.e. Complete Tripe.

Facts, facts and more facts are what this is really all about, not some egregious conspiracy theory put out by the US government in which incompetent pilots make precision attacks in an airliner. Where's the evidence for this - is there any AT ALL? Where is the 757 for goodness' sake? Certainly not at the Pentagon.

Probably ditched in the sea, or landed at an airbase and all the passengers disposed of. What do they care about people getting killed? They love it - it's how they get their kicks! Have we forgotten that already? Hasn't the Iraq War taught us anything about how they operate?

It's such a shame that we've all bought into their pointless lies to such an extent, that we feel compelled to go along with this pantomime.

The Pentagon attack, IMHO, is right where we the people are being tested. Do we believe in the official account, or not?

Maybe this is the most vital question facing us today.

Postman said...

Which is why I keep going on about it. Prove the lies on this and everything else falls over.

The question is simple... and I find has touched a few raw nerves

If the passengers didn't die in the Pentagon where and how did they die ? If enough people ask this question maybe one day we will get an answer.

After all the CCTV fillums would prove the case immediately.

Not a single Senator or GCongressman ahs asked the question .

Lucretius said...

According to this report, the bodies were taken to the mortuary at Dover Air Force Base and 184 out of 189 were identified by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, working with the DNA lab in Rockville and many others. With so many people involved in the autopsies, it would likely have been difficult to fake the results. So we can be fairly sure that everyone listed as a passenger on Flight 77 actually died on 9/11. The five bodies unidentified could have been those of the alleged hijackers, since it would have been difficult to obtain a DNA profile against which to match samples from these corpses -- especially if the supposed hijackers had false identities, as appears to have been the case.

The bodies are said to have been badly burned in many cases. So we know not only that passengers on Flight 77 died, we know also that, in life or in death, their bodies were subjected to some kind of conflagration. So if Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, did it crash elsewhere? Was it landed elsewhere and then torched? There does not seem to be a scrap of direct evidence to support either of these or any other explanations. However, Professor A.K. Dewdney offers a seemingly plausible scenario os to how the Pentagon attack was carried out, how the bodies were disposed of and how they came to be burned.

stevenwarran said...

Dear Postman-- I've begun posting blogs about the Pentagon aspect of 9-11 being an Achelles heel. I'm a http://StevenWarRan.blogspot.com but you have to input yourself, my links had dirty tricks played on them. (A sign of respect?) To Lucretius: If nearly all the bodies could be identified, why didn't one piece of carry-on luggage or seat flotation device or mini bottle of booze survive the fire in recognizable form? Keep the faith! Steven W.

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