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Thursday, May 11, 2006

7/7 and the Mossad / Zionist connection exposed

I haven't had the time or chance to read the reports about 7/7 yet today. There is obviously heavy traffic or the Home Office Webmaster is as good as the pricks who run the Immigration system.

I have watched the endless loops and interviews on TV and heard the news - I must say I don't know what JohnRreid is on but U want some. Remember that really nasty ratty scots bastard ? He is on double cold turkey Fags and Booze as well - silky as a car salesman.

They are all mad rattling the collection tin for the dwellers in the Purple Palace by Vauxhall Bridge.

Anyway here's one little thing to contemplate.

1. The bombs went off 9 'ish in London

2. Nothing was really clear until 12.00 'ish (not that anything is clear now)

3. Efraim Halevi was at school with Tony Blairs Baronetcy salesman and all round fund raiser and bar Mitvah party organiser, Lord Levy of the Stacked shoes.Halevi has retired from running Mossad, and he gets an article in the Jerusalem Post that day.

4. Jerusalem is 2 hours ahead of London. This is how it starts ,go here for the rest of the article There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution. We are faced with a deadly and determined adversary who will stop at nothing and will persevere as long as he exists as a fighting terrorist force.

5. Now if you follow the link you will find it is at The Information Clearing HOuse.

6. Go to the Jerusalem Post, it says the article is here ... you click on the link and all you see is ..."This article is missing" Well, well, well.

So how the fuck did Mr Halevi in Jerusalem write ..."
"There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution." blah blah

He must have the same crystal balls as EX Premier Netanyahu who was in London that day who didn't leave his hotel on instructions from another crystal ball gazer who said bombs were going to go off. WEll, well, well

Sounds like Odigo all over again.

Oh by the way Halevi also wrote ..."One historical irony: I doubt whether the planners knew that one of the target areas, that in Russell Square, was within a stone's throw of a building that served as the first headquarters of the World Zionist Organization that preceded the State of Israel. " now why would he mention that ? 52 people die in smoky tunnels under London and the first thing that comes to his head is the founding fathers of Zionism. Posted by Picasa

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