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Saturday, June 10, 2006

GATSO terrists ... burn, baby burn ... The Fire this Time

Vandalised Gatsos - remarkable pics of destroyed (50,00 pounds a time speed cameras) GATSO speed cameras in the UK, at this site where the cameraman can happily turn up as the "necklace of car tyres and petrol burns".

Extraordinary - libertarian I maybe but this is mindless, senseless vandalism which can result in excess speeds and cost lives.

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The Antagonist said...

Speed doesn't kill, careless driving by idiots that can't drive at high speeds is what kills. Reference all the dead and injured by cars with blue flashing lights. Speed limits have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with how well controlled you are.

You might be in possession of car with 200mph written on the clock but the policeman in everyone's head will make most people drive on, or below, whatever the limit is. If you're not one that does this, you're not very good at following simple rules like 30, 40 or 70.

All CCTV and monitoring devices of state are just that and are aa costly and invasive assault on everyone. Not only that, they can't even give us pictures of the alleged suicide bombers in London, but they can regularly issue your granny with a speeding fine for being half-a-mile an hour over unsigned change in speed limits.

Burn, baby, burn! This daddy should burn like a good 'un!

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