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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tony Blair realises at last that he is FCUKED

The Daily Telegraph today report that Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac have agreed a deal to share nuclear expertise at the annual Franco-British summit in Paris.

Ministers, business leader and scientists from both sides of the Channel will meet to exchange knowledge and ideas, under the link-up.

The Boy Tony said the deal showed that both countries appreciated the "pressing and urgent" need to combat climate change ... no, no no, Tony , the Forthcoming United Kingdom Energy Deficit (FCUKED) looms large and you and your brainless bunch of shysters, hucksters and lacklustre series of "Energy" ministers have let the nation's energy supplies go hang.

The Boy Tony coninued: "The establishment of a British-Franco nuclear forum will allow us to discuss all the policy issues. One thing is for sure, this policy, for reasons of energy security, is right at the top of the agenda. Yes, because it is a moot point whether the UK will at some near time in the future run out of the fucking stuff.

Energy security - overseen by the JESS committee that hasn't reported as required ? Read "Where's Jess" at Vital Trivia in April.

10m Downing Street now have posted the deatils of the joint Chirac / Blair Press Conference here which won't tell you anyhting more .. apart from the fact that the uK is going to build 12 new nuclear power stations and having destroyed our own industry we are going to pay the French to build (and probably operate) them.

Wasted years, wasted time and higher costs.

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