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Friday, July 21, 2006

Jonathan Cook - The Human Shields of Nazareth

The Human Shields of Nazareth

Jonathan Cook is a journalist / wroter living in Nazareth - make a point of reading his pieces. Thie pice gives the lie to the BBC stories that Hezbollah was aiming at "Christian Nazareth".

Read about the real reason for the Hezbollah rockets hitting near Nazareth -

"Several Israeli armaments factories and storage depots have been built close by Arab communities in the north of Israel, possibly in the hope that by locating them there Arab regimes will be deterred from attacking Israel's enormous armory. In other words, the inhabitants of several of Israel's Arab towns and villages have been turned into collective human shields – protection for Israel's war machine.

Send him an e-mail to let him know we are reading what he says

Before the strike close to Nazareth late on Sunday night, several Arab villages in the north had been hit by Hezbollah rockets trying to reach these factories. No one at the BBC saw the need to mention these attacks nor the fact that "mostly Muslim" villages had been hit. So why did the strike against Nazareth – and its mistaken Christian status – became part of the story for the BBC?

Because Israel wants to portray Hezbollah, and its leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, as a crazed Islamic militia, as fanatical Muslims who hate Jews and Christians with equal vehemence. This is all part of Israel's claim that it is fighting George Bush's "war on terror." Predictably, the BBC obliged by regurgitating this piece of racist nonsense.

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