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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Political / Police skullduggery, censoring the blogs and Prime Minister Reid in waiting

Something stange has happened. Lord Patel posted "Lord Levy kidnapped by the Met." and shortly after he noticed that referrals (visitors to the site either from other blog links or by Google searches etc.,) on Lord Levy had totally dried up.

Try it, Google Blogsearch "Lord Levy kidnapped" use Technorati and there it is top of the list. Google any recent Postman Patel story (e.g China Biodiesel) and Google won't find it , but Yahoo / Technorati / AltaVista / Msn ... and many other search engines will. Try any recent story e.g China Biodiesel.

So for those people who worry about Google censoring in China ....don't worry, they do it in Europe too - or someone does. Tell your friends.

Anyway you will see from the photomontage that I have stolen from the Sunday Telegraph, they they have stolen the story from Lord Patel that John Reid is in position to seize the day, and the job of PM.

It is also evident that Lord Patel's exclusive about the deal between Sir Ian Blair and Tony Blair hs worked out on the square, which is of course pivotal to Reid's enthronement in the Arch - along with Peter Hain.

After the dramatic kidnap of Lord Levy, No 10 kecked their corporate trousers and realised that Mr Yates of the Met was playing hard ball, and Lord Levy, adroitly slipped the ball onto Tony.

So Cherie's ex partner at Matrix, now handily placed as head of the CPS has found a tame friend from the same chambers to decide after reading the IPCC report due out on Monday that Lo! (and beholden) No prosecutions for the Met over murdering de Menezes in broad daylight (unlike where the deal was done) are due - except for a small matter of breaching HSE rules.

You can confidently expect the IPCC will also find that Sir Ian hasn't a stain on his character about the way he handled the matter.Trebles all round in the Officer's mess - except that new chap Reid at the Home Office wants changes to the 7/7 "Timeline".

You can also expect the whole sorry saga of cash for Coronets, will, in the full heat of the summer simply dry into the dusty sands, and Mr Cameron and Mr Cambell will be much relieved as a result.... and Mr Yates can go off on a well earned summer holiday.

Thosw anxious to understand who will take over from Lord Levey as Middle East savant and fund raiser might look no further than Egyptian-born Jewish multi-millionaire (run out of Egypt by Nasser 50 years ago) Lord Cohen of Apax Partners.

Sucha a close fiend of the mean Scot from Kirkcaldy (and no mean benefactor to Noo Labour who have been so helpful to the BVCA the Vulture capitalists Trade Union) who it is said was so anxious he recived a Knighthood - and no doubnt assiduously promoted by his friend and Karaoke King the Toff from Totteridge.


For those who might object to the use of the term , "Lord Levy was kidnapped", that is exactly what it was, there was absoluteley no need to arrest and detain LL, just as in some CIS state or South American Republic, the Police simply acted to put the frighteners on him - and it worked.

To those who object to such tactics by the Police - just go and read the flood of legislation (Serious and Organised Crime Act 2005, which took effect Jan 1 2006 ) that alows the Police to do virtually anything they damn well want.

When the BBC reported (2 years ago on 19th July) the introduction by Tony Blair of a new tougher attitude to crime (resulting in the above mentioned legislation) he was reported to say,...

"For the first time in my political lifetime the politicians, public and police are actually on the same side," .

"Well, up to a point Lord Copper ...."


The Antagonist has a fascinating tale of fire raising which doggedly pursues Lord Levy at his mews office (allegedly caused by a cigarette left smouldering by staff) some time ago, and a huge fire adjacent to Colindale nick where he was "helping the Police with their enquiries" on Wednesday.

Summer Lightning ?


9.00 am BST and dear old Alvin was explaining at great length the details of Lord Levy's curious and very interesting handshake - what can he possible be on about, not that silly old nonsense about Masonic rituals and folks having their tongues ripped out ?


The Antagonist said...

S'all gone to cock, Postman. Google's been fucked for ages, try googling link:julyseventh.co.uk or just julyseventh.co.uk. Technorati's fucked too, aided by some nifty spam-techniques of the cross media marketing brigade of PRopagandists for the official timeline. S'been this way for some time and has shown no signs of getting any better.

Of course, they only do that sort of thing in China, right?

Anonymous said...

Use Clusty ( http://clusty.com/ ) for searching. Search histories aren't saved (unlike Google).

Anonymous said...

From this blogpost by Shaphan.

Government policy on blogs
From today's Downing Street press briefing [from Downing Street Says]:


Asked if the Prime Minister or the Government thought that the content of blogs should be controlled, the PMOS replied that he was not aware of nay proposals for a change of policy regarding blogs.

If 'nay' isn't a typo, that's a half-Scottish double negative, meaning the PMOS knows the policy's about to change. If it is a typo (for 'any'), it means that, as a commentator on DSS says, the government has a policy but they haven't yet told us what it is. Maybe it's their policy to read them, or to ignore them, or to draft legislation to outlaw them - whatever, I think we should be told.

The Antagonist said...

An update for you, Lord Patel of the Internet. Not only did London suffer two fires within 24 hours, it appears that so too did Iron Mountain; their first and earlier brush with fire was in the 24 hours prior to the London fires, in the far away province of Canada, long before the hallowed sound of Bow bells tolled the knoll for Iron Mountain's data, er, storage facility in Twelvetrees Crescent.

There has also been some speculation among those in the know regarding quite why the Bow incident might have occurred, something to do with prominent attorneys and socialites, no less.

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