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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

9/11 Mystery Flight 93 - Shanksville - Donetsk - what's the difference ?

STOP PRESS see later posting here when you have read this.
On 9/1///2001 Captain Jason Dahl taxied United Airlines Flight 93 Boeing 757- 200 at Newark International Airport, ready for its 8:01 AM departure but heavy runway traffic, delayed departure until 8:42 AM. Besides the 2 pilots there were 5 flight attendants and 37 passengers aboard.

The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology DNA lab in Rockville, Md., were later to identify their remains , from the crash site in Shanksville. Except the 4 alleged hi-jackers as Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller ( pay US$35,854 a year as coroner) explained "To make a DNA identification we need something from the victims or their family members -- personal effects, or blood samples -- to match," Miller said. "We don't have that kind of information about the terrorists."

Which chimed oddly with the report in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette of October 15th 2001, "It was as if the plane had stopped and let the passengers off before it crashed," Miller said.

At the crash site State Trooper Tom Spallone of Greensburg said the impact of the crash was so severe that the biggest piece of debris he had seen there is no bigger than 2 feet.

Eric Peterson, 28, was working in his shop in the Somerset County village of Lambertsville in the morning when he heard a plane - "There was a crater in the ground that was really burning," he said. Strewn about were pieces of clothing hanging from trees and parts of the Boeing 757, but nothing bigger than a couple of feet long, he said. Many of the items were burning.

Peterson said he saw no bodies, there also was no sign of life.

The crash site is now a National Park.

This is a photograph from the Library of Congress - there are some more here. Note how an airplane with some 5,000 gallons of fuel hasn't even scorched the grass round the crater ? No engines , no tail fin ...

Today's New York Time reports the crash at approx 2.30 pm local time of Pulkovo Airlines Tupolev 154 un Sukha Balka, near Donetsk in the Ukraine in which 169 people died. The plane fell from 36,000 feet and by Tuesday evening rescuers had recovered 30 bodies.

It is interesting to compare the specification of the 2 aircraft , the length and wingspan are virtually identical but the Boeing tailfin is 7 feet higher.

TU 154 Length: 48.0 m (157 ft) Wingspan: 37.55 m (123 ft 3 in) Height: 11.40 m (37 ft 5 in)

Boeing 757-200 Length: 47.32 M (155 ft 3 in) Wingspan: 38.5 M (124 ft 10 in) Height: 44 ft 6 in (13.6 m)

Now look again at the Ukraine crash site , engines littered about, parts of the tail fin fires burning evidently some time after the crash when fire trucks have got there and bodies recovered.

Now do you think Flight 93 crashed at Shanksville ?

More of the mystery details here

Later post here with more pictures and details
Mobile phone video of crash posted Thursday 24th August EST 9.16

The NYT picture Victoria Sinistra / Agence France Press - Getty Images


Anonymous said...

Never did.

Ed said...

Well ...Yes I do, And I also think the Easter bunny will bring me a basket of chicken eggs. I might also add,I think AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77 HIT THE PENTAGON.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hmmm...perhaps it crashed in the Twilight Zone.So what crashed there,if not UA 93 ? If it didn't,where is it ?

ziz said...

Of course if you accept that there was no plane hitting the Pentagon and none in the Shanksville black hole then the whole process of DNA identification of passengers / crew and return of small charred fragments of driving licences, etc., to grieving relatives is a complete fraud and fabrication. A plot of deceit of unimagineable proportions and savage callousness. A plot of such calculated dishonesty against the honest law abiding citizens of the US ..and indeed the world that it's enormity is too frightening for many to contemplate. Hence the curious remarks of Barbara Olsen's husband and others who understand what really went down on 9/11/2001.

You can believe one of two possibilities.

1. The official version

2. That neither flight ended embedded in the Pentagon or in a field in Shanksville.

Lord Patel finds the arguments for the latter case irrefutable.

You ask "So what crashed there,if not UA 93 ? If it didn't,where is it ?", I know what didn't crash but to answer your questin you must ask someone else...because somebody knows.Somewhere. The application of an electrical impulse to some of the more sensitive parts of Turd Blossom might yield a rapid answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

People just LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in their little world called DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL. Haven't any of you seen enough airplane crash sites to know that PLANES DON'T VAPORIZE, either in mid-air or on the ground. No one knows yet for sure what happened to any of these planes, but we sure as hell should know that it's not what we've all been told. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Why pick on Turd Blossom. Karl doesn't know squat about 9/11. His job was just to manufacture the election of GW into the presidency. Cheney and Wolfowitz and their ilk are the ones behind 9/11. They had been planning it long before Karl Rove and GW Bush came on the scene, they just got lucky that the two dopes would allow them into the agencies and departments they needed control of in order to pull it off.

Yeah, some towelheads pulled a fast one on us and got past all of our air defense measures. Oh wait, that was the one day where there were no air defense measures, unlike say on the day Payne Stuart's plane lost cabin pressure and killed all the passengers (which received 2 F16 escorts within 15 minutes of failing to respond.)

Wake up people. It's not like this is hard to grasp. There are criminals, some of whom were convicted (and pardoned by GH Bush) doing things with YOUR government that YOU WOULD HANG THEM FOR!

As George H Bush once said, "If the people only knew what we've done in their name, they would hunt us down and kill us in the streets"

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