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Friday, August 04, 2006

A curious coincidence. Armageddon and kiddie porn.

The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command investigates child abuse and deals with paedophile issues across London. News released yesterday shows what an incredible job they are doing.

On June 2nd Mohammed Abdul Kahar, 23, was shot in an accident at his home in Forest Gate, in a raid undertaken by 200 police officers who had been wrongly informed that the premises contained some form of Armageddon weapon, involving "dirty" radioactivity, anthrax, ricin, and explosives, prbably to be worn by someone.

The informant for this massive and unprecedented raid subsequently turned out to be a prisoner known to Kahar with an alleged IQ of 69. This "intelligence" was described by Met Terrorist Chief Clarke as "solid".

Subsequent detailed forensic examination of the house involved was so thorough it is uninhabitable and means that the occupants are now guests of the Metropolitan Police at the swanky Crown Plaza Hotel in St.James..."This four-star deluxe hotel combines the best central London location with supremely comfortable accommodation, modern conference facilities and superb cuisine." says their website... at acost of £20,000 a month says the Sun.

Meanwhile examination including a computer and electrical equipment which had been seized during a search of a house and taken from the premises yielded evidence, which led to the arrest Mohammed Abdul Kahar yesterday, on suspicion of possessing child abuse images and making of, child abuse images. Making is a legal term for the copying or downloading of images from one format to another the Daily Telegraph tells us today.

There was no suggestion in reports that credit card payment evidence was involved in the case. James Clench in "The Sun" claims ..."A CPS source is said to have called the kiddie porn “high level”.

Perhaps it was just one of those unhappy accidents that the arrest was announced in tandem with the ICPP report that the police raid and subsequent shooting was an "accident". Otherwise we can be sure that the Met. and the CPS showed "dignity and sensitivity" .. although it is difficult to understand how SKY TV were aware days before the announcement of the arrest as their reporter claimed live on SKY TV News yesterday at approximately 3.30pm nor that the Sun wrote of impending charges the day previously naming and picturing Kahar.

Such a swift resolution of examination of a computer for pornography is remarkable as the technicians - who work closely with MI5/6 IT staff on this work are simply inundated with work - eg Lord Levy who is Tony Blair's personal envoy to the Middle East (Not that that fact gets mentioned a lot at the moment) and who has an office right next door to Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary in the Foreign office, had his computer seized recently.

Police, nationwide, claim they are often unable to arrest in these cases due to a lack of resources which often take many months to prepare. There is still a huge backlog from Operation Ore where the Police had over 7,000 names and adresses to follow up.

Let us just hope that in following up this case with such evident speed and diligence nobody got their hard drives mixed up.

Kahar who was released later in the day on police bail "strenuously denies" the allegations.

In January 2005 after the apparent suicide of a man arrested during the Operation Ore when over 7,000 UK residents were traced by their credit card records accessing a single website in Texas is the official Police attitude to arrests was given by ..

" .... Stuart Hyde, Assistant Chief Constable of the West Midlands and spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers on combating internet child abuse, said that the risk of suicide could not deter police from carrying out investigations. He said that officers treated suspects “with dignity and sensitivity” when arrested." (Times Online)

(Incidentally Stuart Hyde, has been appointed by Home Secretary John Reid as senior director for enforcement at the Immigrationa and Nationality Directorate (IND)( Guradian 26th July)where no doubt "dignity and sensitivity" will be his watchword.(see his pic above, when with the West Midlands Police)

Nice to see that The Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command which investigates child abuse and deals with paedophile issues across London has taken Assistant Chief Constable Hyde's policy to heart.

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