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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lest we forget

Yesterday's march was massive. Reports with pics are everywhere, try these .....

Blairwatch report
Blairwatch pics
Nether world
Ellis Sharp
Septic Isle

Pic by Septic of the Cenotaph with children's shoes - now how does Sir Ian Blair deal with this pile of footwear - send in the street cleaners no doubt.

Let us not forget that the Cenotaph is to remind us of men sent to war who died as soldiers, the shoes must remind us of the inoccents who didn't ask to be involved, bombed, strafed, .....


The Antagonist said...

Lord Patel of The Internet spake thusly: "now how does Sir Ian Blair deal with this pile of footwear - send in the street cleaners no doubt."

Funny you should say that, that is precisely what happened! No sooner had the speeches in Parliament Square ended, in steams Westminster Council, in the form of large dustcart and the employees of a private firm, Onyx, to sweep all the children's shoes away. This process, no doubt project-managed by degrees to ensure that all traces of the demonstration were removed within the hour, however, was not allowed to pass without incident.

Upon spying yet another State clean-up and cover-up campaign, several members of the public who have yet to have their hearts torn out became insensed that the shoes representing the children slaughtered by the ZioNazis were being treated as rubbish and took it upon themselves to empty the assembled bags of swept-up shoes back onto the street. Man, woman, young and old alike rallied together, some with quite some fervour and a definite antagonistic nature towards the State's operatives - dustman and plod alike, for they are one - to ensure that, for a while longer at least, the children's shoes, unlike the lives of the Arab children that the shoes represented, were saved from yet that most contemptuous of beasts, State organs on overtime.

Overtime plod ("Stay there as long as you like, that's all I can say. I need some new tyres for my motorcyle, £200 each.") now slightly relieved from their duty of protecting the UK's terrorist-in-chief - instead of tearing down the gates and arresting the cunt for being the war criminal who would hang were the Nuremburg trials running today - handled the tense situation very well and ordained that the remaining shoes should be placed at the Cenotaph, conveniently and brilliantly already emblazoned with the chiselled in stone words, "The Glorious Dead", until all the plebs had fucked off when, of course, the shoes could all be binned as per the original plan; plod and street-sweeper get their overtime and everything is back to normal in time for raking in the usual Saturday night west-end profits. By Monday, it's business as usual and Tony won't even have to sneak in the back way.

This is, lest we keep fucking forgetting, the fascistic cancer of capitalism.

ziz said...

....and where was the Mayor of London ?

Perhaps the shoes could be taken round to Tavistock Square and placed by the bust of Weizmann and near the 7/7 memorial.

The Antagonist said...

Red Ken who was in Singapore on 7/7, many thousands of miles from Beverli's Olympic bus?

In fact, which of any of our public servants was actually in London on 7/7, apart from no-one of any import?

Regarding the subject of your post, The Antagonist's write-up of Saturday's event in London is finally live, complete with a picture or three.

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